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Knights of The Round Table

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Knights of The Round Table

Post by GenericSpider on Mon 23 Aug 2010, 12:18 pm

This is an RP based on the legend of King Arthur, and his knights. It will no doubt involve quests, anachronistic weapons and armour, gratuitous violence, and probably a bit of ye olde butcherede English.

The characters include:

King Arthur: He's the King of England, the man with the shiny swords (Excaliber and Caliburn, though the latter is broken), the hero of the story. (Taken by Spidey3000)

Sir Lancelot: Supposedly Arthur's greatest knight; Queen Guenevere's booty-call. Somewhat of a Gary-stu, though his Stu-ness is usually played for drama. (Not taken)

Queen Guenevere: Arthur's wife. How much she actually loves him depends on who happens to be writing the story, or in this case, whoever ends up RPing her. Oh, and Lancelot is her little b1tch, though whether or not they actually...er...consumate their "affections" is also up to interpretation. (Not taken)

Gawain: Most badas$ knight, though he was briefly wimpified by the French in favor of Sir Gary-Stu...I mean Sir Lancelot.

Gaheris: Gawain's younger brother. (not taken)

Gareth: Gawain's other younger brother. (not taken)

Mordred: Gawain's brother, and, in some interpretations, Arthur's son. Considering he's Arthur's nephew, these interpretations would make him an incest baby. Either way, he's heir to the throne, and tends to be a magnificent bastard (no pun intended). The legend usually ends with a large battle in which he and Arthur fight to the death, resulting in him dead, and Arthur mortally wounded. (not taken)

Agravain: Gawain's other other other brother. Tends to be a jerkass, sometimes as evil as Mordred.

Sir Pellinore: The man that broke Calliburn (the sword in the stone) by accident when sparring against Arthur. Is constantly hunting the Questing Beast. (not taken)

Percival: Sir Pellinore's son, and (originally) the one who found the Holy Grail. Somewhat naive. (not taken)

Sir Kay: Arthur's foster brother, and one of his earliest knights. Major butt-monkey. (not taken)

Sir Hector: Arthur's foster-father. (not taken)

Merlin: Do I REALLY need to explain who Merlin is? Do I? Really? Fine; he's basically a wizard, and the Obiwan of sorts to Arthur. (not taken)

Nimue: Merlin's deceptive disciple. Usually ends up either killing him, sealing him in a tree, or trapping him in a cave. (not taken)

The Questing Beast: Freakish monster with the body of a leapord and he head of a snake. Sir Pellinore is constantly chasing the damned thing, but never seems to catch it, if it even exists. (not taken)

The Lady Of The Lake: She's this lady, in this lake, that gives Arthur Excaliber after Pellinore breaks the sword in the stone.

Morgan Le Fey: Arthur's sister, but most certainly NOT Mordred's mother. Also, in quite a few versions of the story, she's the main villain, and a manipulative b1tch to boot. And in some versions, she's the hero and Arthur is the bad guy, but this is certainly not one of those versions.


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