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A Hopefully Merry Christmas

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A Hopefully Merry Christmas

Post by Simply David on Thu 23 Dec 2010, 7:15 pm

In the north pole, there is much merriment and happiness. Santa's elves are busy working on the year's last rounds of toys as December Begins, making the last minute preperations for Christmas.

As all of the elvin workers worked, Santa was checking his list. He was shaking his head, saddened by the latest act of naughtiness, which put little Tina Turner on the naughty list.

Mrs. Clause was busy making hot cocoa for the elves, which makes the work go by so much easier.

Everywhere around the North Pole people were preparing for Christmas.


However, some parts of the world were not so merry. There was one individual who was quite against this 'jolly, happy season', in preference of many other holidays. This individual hid in the shadows at this time of year, disliking the feelings in the air around this season.

He decided to call upon some particular individuals who would help him with his master plan, something he'd been working on for quite some time. He called them all to a particular cave in Siberia.

"Each of you have your own reasons to be here, I'm sure," Said a creepy and likely male voice, "However, our goal is still the same: to defeat Christmas and remove all the goody goody feelings it has," He was in the shadows, hidden from view.

(I would ask that nobody attempt to see him, it's a secret)


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