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Disgaea RP

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Disgaea RP

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Fri 14 Jan 2011, 3:40 pm

Welcome To Evil Academy

Hello new students to Evil Academy, school to the demons of the underworld. Classes will consist of.. well who cares! You shouldn't be going to class anyway. Evil Academy prides itself on having the lowest attendance rate ever, so feel free to stay in your dorm playing video games all day long. Remember to always lie to your parents and trick your classmates every chance you get and you just might be lucky enough to become a honor student! So please have a wonderfully horrible time at Evil Academy.

P.S. Avoid delinquents at the school at all costs. They are a bad influence, and not the good kind of bad either.
Anyway, as describe above, the setting is a school where we are all new first year students attending it.


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Re: Disgaea RP

Post by Whitepulse43 on Fri 14 Jan 2011, 4:07 pm

"Ora, ora, ora oraa! Come get me you pathetic wannabee's!!" Xelerio howled with blood lust and grinning maddly at group of demon's who were gangin up against him. Waving side to side fist at his side's.

"Tch, what the hell is this guy!?" One of demons panted while wiping blood from corner of mouth.

"Your pissing me of!!" He exclaimed as threw his fist's at his opponents. Grabbing one demon from the ground and threw it against other's.

"Give me all yo got!" He kept howling.

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Re: Disgaea RP

Post by GenericSpider on Mon 07 Mar 2011, 1:15 pm

"Excuse me," said Jennifer, as she walked out of the school library, which happened to be nearby due to contrived coincidences. "But could you please shut the hell up? You're causing a racket, and people are trying to study,"

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Re: Disgaea RP

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