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My OC for the poll on Tv Tropes

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My OC for the poll on Tv Tropes Empty My OC for the poll on Tv Tropes

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Fri 28 Jan 2011, 2:33 pm

(Note that this character is formatted for TV tropes)

'''Akumu Bakuto'''

*''Devourer of Dreams''

*Ability: The power to manipulate and devour dreams and nightmares.

*Boss Theme: ''Rem's Sleep ~ Endless Dreams''

*Stage Theme: ''Sanctuary from the Nightmare''

Akumu Bakuto has for many a century been trapped in the world of dreams. Her very existence has always and will always revolve around the dreams of others. Of course, overtime, you get bored with a world of make believe. To her, life was dull when you could make what you want happen with a simple tweek of the dream or nightmare. No, she wanted something more than that. She wanted freedom, to return to reality where things didn't always go your way, where she could have proper challenges in her long lived life, where she could meet real people and make real friends.

So one night, she attempted to communicate with someone through their dreams. She had hoped this person would hear her pleas and find a way to free her from the dream world. But alas, it seems this person had completely misinterpetted Akumu's message and caused many problems for Gensokyo along the way. Thus, our protagonists had to solve this 'incident'.

On the evening following the incident, Akumu visited the protagonist in their dream. She had taken an interest in the one who had defeated the person who was supposed free her. Maybe they could free her from her prison when the other person could not?

After everything was said and done, it seemed that freeing her from the dream world was a much more simple matter than she realized. Never had she considered just willing herself out of the dream. She felt quite foolish for overlooking this simple solution to her problem.

*Appearance - Akumu is a small, petit girl with shoulder length, messy, black hair that looks as if she has a constant case of bed head. She wears a bluish gray cloak with a hood that has the appearance of an elephant's head, including a small trunk and tiny tusks. On the cuffs of her cloak and matching pants is a tiger patterned design. Her eyes are completely obscured by the hood of her cloak and are rarely seen, but when they are, they are as blue gray as the cloak she wears.

*Personality - When Akumu first meets the protagonist, she gives an air of mysteriousness. Naturally, this is just a front to make herself appear more interesting. Once defeated and the hood comes off, you'll see her for what she truely is,an enthusiastic and imaginative girl who is just bored with her life in the dream world. She never meant any harm when indirectly causing the incident, and sincerly apologizes for her descrepency.

*Spell Cards
**''Dream Sign "Extension of Waking Life"'' - A spell card designed to reflect eventa that have occured during your time awake. In the case of this hypothetical game, it mimics a more complicated pattern of the Stage 6 Boss' spell card.
**More to be added later

**As her name, appearance, and ability suggests, Akumu Bakuto is based off of the Japanese baku, a spirit that eats dreams and nightmares.

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