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Dragon Slayers

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Dragon Slayers

Post by Simply David on Sat 26 Feb 2011, 5:55 pm

This world was once a war-torn world, where humans and dwarves and elves fought eachother for dominance of the lands.

However, a massive beast rose from a mountain, and cried out a declaration of war against all creatures. The humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs (etc...etc...) put aside their differences, to come together, and slay this massive beast. However, their efforts were futile.

One day, a man mastered the art of sleeper magic, and managed to lull the beast to sleep. However, he warned that there was no way to kill it, as attacking it would awaken it, and simply anger it.

A prophecy was told, speaking of the sleeping beast being slain by a group of heroes far into the future. Over time, many smaller versions of this beast arose, raking the world, causing disasters.

Dragons, there were called. Beasts that breathe elements upon the world in harsh ways, and devour anything in reach. However, a guild arose, combining the knowledge and skills of all the races, to fight back the dragons, protecting the world as best they can.

However, they became arrogant. They tried to control the weaker people. Some were against this, and began other guilds. There are now three guilds renowned for their skills in killing dragons: The OmniGuild, which is the first; The Sol Guild, the first guild resulting of the break from the Omniguild; and the Luna Guild, which is a mysterious and powerful guild.

You were born into this world, and your dream is to be one of the great heroes who slay the FirstBorn, a dragon mighty enough to devour the world...

A few quick notes:

This will be turn based battles.
This will have a level up system that will be very very simple.
I will use dice to determine hits/misses.
I will be controlling the dragons and NPCs most of the time.

Character Skeleton:

Class: (See below)
Sub-Class: (See below)

Stats: (Distribute 36)

H.P.: (Each point adds five) (Hit Points represents how much damage you can take)
Strength: (Increases how much physical damage you can deal out and how heavy your weapons can be)
Endurance: (Decreases physical damage done to you)
Perception: (Affects your ability to notice things and to hit or avoid attacks)
Luck: (Affects everything)
Speed: (Physical ability to move, how many times you can attack in one turn, and how quickly you can get around)
Magic: (Increases how much effect you can have with your magic)
Affinity: (Pick one element: Fire, Water, Wind/Lightning, Earth, Light, Dark) (This effects your resistance and personality, and encompasses every sub-element)

(Resistance is a seperate set of stats that I will be doing based on affinity and race. It will be increased only by what you wear and if you survive multiple attacks of the same element)

Weapon skills: (Pick up to three weapons that you use, or the element you use as a mage, then put it here and put an E for it) Example:

Long Sword: E
Big Guns: E
Traps: E

Smith Skill Level: F (Everyone starts at F and eventually works up to SS)
Tailor Skill Level: F (Same as above)

Extra note: The smithing is optional. You can just buy weapons if you choose, and early on getting weapons you yourself didn't make is actually recommended.

Character Classes:

There are three main classes: Warrior, Mage, and Normal.

Warrior has unnaturally high physical stats, capable of great physical feats. Whether he's fast and agile, strong enough to lift boulders, shoot a target five miles away with a pistol, or cut steel, the warrior is your physical go-to guy. The Warrior has a lack of talent for the use of magic or traps however, and therefore relies heavily on these physical abilitiies (whichever they may posess). Warrior can, however, use lesser magical tools to cast spells. (Such as tomes and Staves)

Mage has amazing magical abiliity. But before you dismiss this as your usual mage, take another look. Rather than being able to cast a variety of spells (Which they can if they're holding a magical weapon) they have complete and total control of a single element. This is known as 'Dragon Slayer Magic', and grants the user total immunity to that single element, and in fact they are empowered by it. They also can control and cast a large amount of the element around as spells.
Quick example: Someone who has fire element Dragon Slayer Magic can create fire from any part of their body, and throw it at enemies or just hit the enemy with a fire covered weapon or fist. Your affinity doesn't have to be your element, they can be different.
Extra note: After you have levelled enough, you may learn a second element.

The Normal is physically and magically not as good as either of the other two. However, he's stronger than the mage and much smarter than the Warrior, having to adapt to using average capabilities in a not-so-average world. They use traps, guns, bombs, ropes, wires, caltrops, magic stones, blades, fire, water, and anything else that might help. This world being so far advanced in technology means that there are many options available in the technology department. Many Normal Dragon Slayers have gone on to be pilots, learning to fly planes for air strikes, or mechas for directly grappling with the Dragons. However, piloting anything takes levels and levels of training to master, so along the way they always master all kinds of traps and tricks.

Sub-Classes are simple enough. Once you've chosen which of the three main classes you are, you pick a specialty, and your class is based on that specialty. You wanna carry around a massive sword? Barbarian might be for you. You want to tote around a couple of pistols? Gunslinger sounds like a good class. Like traps and throwing knives and pitfalls? Ninjas are popular.

Mages are the easiest: Your sub-class is your element.

One final note involving classes: I'm working on the idea of androids, but I'm not sure how the levelling up system should work for an android considering they have a pre-built way of fighting. If you have suggestions, feel free.

Smith and tailor work is when you craft and make things with materials you gather as you travel. Often, dragon scales and skin and even various organs can be used for crafting as well.

Firstly, I'll list the way the stats are done for Weapons:

Weapon type:
Materials used:

First, I'll list the metallic materials. (I'll start this tonight then finish tommorow if I can. If not, it'll be done soon)
Basic materials:
Bronze: This is the most easily forged of the metallic materials. It has the least durability, and the least Might.

Materials will be explained in more detail later, but for now know that there will be many and each have their own advantages and level of difficulty in forging.


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Re: Dragon Slayers

Post by ScorpionWins on Tue 01 Mar 2011, 10:16 pm

Name: Gorgo Gazerstone
Race: Giant
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Appearance: Tall, broad, red-skinned, and bald.
Guild: Sol Guild
Personality: Rather quiet and often unwilling to speak.
Bio: Gorgo was a baby giant, left to a Dwarven smith. Due to his foster father's harsh demeanor, he learned not to talk back, or step out of line. He respected his father, but the dwarf died unexpectedly in a dragon attack when he was young. Gorgo shortly thereafter joined the guild, learning diligently.
Class: Warrior
Sub-Class: Barbarian

Stats: (Distribute 36)

H.P: 8
Strength: 10
Endurance: 8
Perception: 1
Luck: 1
Speed: 8
Magic: 0
Affinity: Earth

Weapon skills:

Giant Blunt Weapons: E
Axes: E
Giant Swords: E

Smith Skill Level: F
Tailor Skill Level: F
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