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The Kingdom of Random Roleplay - Character creator

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The Kingdom of Random Roleplay - Character creator

Post by Simply David on Mon 04 Apr 2011, 2:24 pm

Everyone knows we've been sorta roleplaying this in the Chatbox and those of you who don't know can join in anyway.

Rankings for positions (So far):

The Great Queen of the World Flame
The Kind King of the Country David
The Princess of Sweets Candy
The Knight of the Royal Family Molly

Non-Ranked but important people:
Squire of the Knights White
Jester of the Court Spidey

Enemies of the Kingdom:
The fierce Dragon Tom
The evil Warlock Ghostie


I have the positions there, but go ahead and make your character yourselves if you want.

We have yet to actually come up with a story, but for now we'll go with generic stuff like the Princess being taken by the evil Warlock.



Age/Apparent Age:




Bio: (Please be cheesy and generic)


Have you seen this girl's bear Tibbers?
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Re: The Kingdom of Random Roleplay - Character creator

Post by Whitepulse43 on Wed 06 Apr 2011, 4:57 pm

Name: possessor

Gender: ????

Age/Apparent Age: ???

Postion/ranking/job: None

Appearance: Golden iris and black, resembles hunch back monster razorsharpteeth framing in inhuman face.

Personality: Sadistic, cold, cruel collective.

Bio: A long forgotten evilspirit sealed inside urn, use to take over bodies, when mortal body decays it leaves it and takes another one. Dies when mortal bodydies in battle. feed's on Dark emotions.

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Re: The Kingdom of Random Roleplay - Character creator

Post by The Wicked Xen on Mon 11 Apr 2011, 3:33 am

Coolio! X3

Name: Emotive Gothika

Gender: Female

Age/Apparent Age: 18

Postion/ranking/job: The Overlord of the Dark Lands


Personality: Despite her dark appearance, she is cheerful with a hidden sadistic streak and a love for beautiful men (especially with other beautiful men). She can be deadly serious though when the situation calls for it and gets annoyed easily when she's interrupted in the middle of something. She has the tendency to hit people, even girls, but she won't kill anyone unless there's a very good reason to.

Bio: Emo is a human turned demon who was born in the Dark Lands and loves it immensely. She believes that not all dark is evil and has trained hard to be able to climb the ranks to become the next Overlord. The last Overlord was the one who gave the Dark Lands its evil reputation. He was powerful and evil, but Emo easily defeated him with a mind attack, showing him various man on man scenarios that had him frothing at the mouth. Emo sent the former Overlord to death and took over the throne, making the Dark Lands a less evil place to live but still keeping its shady reputation. There are still plenty that try to overthrow her, but surprisingly there are many homophobes in the Dark Lands and they can not protect themselves against Emo's perverted mind. Her weakness has also been carefully kept secret, with no one but Emo herself knowing it.
The Wicked Xen

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Re: The Kingdom of Random Roleplay - Character creator

Post by ScorpionWins on Sat 23 Apr 2011, 10:38 pm

Name: Ghostie The Sorceror

Gender: Male

Age/Apparent Age: 487/20ish

Postion/ranking/job: Evil Wizard


Personality: EEEEEVIL!

Bio: The wizard Ghostie was once a nice wizard. Ages ago, however, he was exiled from the kingdom for being an evil wizard. Since then, he has achieved eternal youth in order to strike vengance at the king. And the queen. And everyone related to them. And in the immediate vicinity.
Growing Demon

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Re: The Kingdom of Random Roleplay - Character creator

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