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War of Us - Version 2.0

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War of Us - Version 2.0

Post by Simply David on Fri 06 May 2011, 2:34 pm


Alright, so I decided on the following things:

1) We need a plot.
2) We argue too much, and that was mostly because the rules were really vague, and they were vague because I didn't want to get specific and just let everyone do whatever they wanted.
3) The stats are done in such a way that speed doesn't affect attack, and Magic Attack can be as high as anyone wants it to be.
4) Metaing should be allowed but the way the old RP worked it was easy to become too powerful even under my restrictions
5) That there is absolutely no way anyone should know who controls what territory IC unless there was an actual explanation, sign, map, something.

Please bare with me, this will be a long, drawn out explanation so that every little detail is covered. By covering every detail, I can lay in stone every rule beforehand so that there will be no arguments. There may be questions, but I'll be able to quickly and easily explain the answer to any and every question, with the possible exception of something I hadn't accounted for (which will then be accounted for of course).



We all live in a world that is very normal. Nothing ever seems to happen. Our little internet group all agreed to an offlline meeting because there was someone who was willing to pay everyone's way. The person in question was somewhat new, but we had complained in front of him that we wanted to meet, and he set everything up.

Everyone was given plane tickets to fly to New York, where the person lived. Something happened while we were flying there, however, and we all hit what was explained as 'turbulence'. Suddenly a flash of white light glowed and when you blinked your eyes to see again, all the other passengers were gone. You walked to the front of the plane to find the pilot, who was missing. However, the plane seemed to be flying itself. It landed right outside of a somewhat run down city, which from the sky was clearly miles and miles in size, bigger than any real world Modern City.

You step outside of the plane and enter the city, and behind you a barrier is formed. You pound against it and can't escape. So, with nothing else to do, you walk in towards the city. As you walk around you notice empty cars, lots of them, buildings that are somewhat broken down, large amounts of rubble everywhere, and even the occassional completely destroyed building.

Eventually everyone ends up in the same point in the city, a large crossroads. We all look at each other, and we all begin asking the same questions. The most obvious questions.

Suddenly there is a bright light and a person appears in the sky. "Welcome!" Shouts out the golden armor-clad being, who looked down on us all. "Gilgamesh?" Some of us ask, recognizing him somewhat. He smirks happilly at everyone.

"No, no, I only took his form for this world! I am the one who invited you all here through the internet! But more importantly, welcome to the World of Warriors!" He went on to explain the world's rules, stating that the city they were in was a testing grounds. While in this city, nobody can die. Well, we die, but we would respawn after a very short period. I'll get to the rules in a moment, and I'll give a detailed explanation. For now, let me continue the plot.

"Now, while in this world you will realise you are much more powerful than you've ever imagined was possible! In fact, back in your world, it is impossible," He gave a tiny Gilgamesh style laugh, "Remember that while dead you will be able to shape everything about yourself within the limits of the world! Now, so that you all have the chance to respawn, I shall kill you all now. Don't worry, you'll all respawn in a district of the city that will belong to you!" Suddenly a massive number of blades appeared behind him, and before we could react, he fired them all off, killing our only human bodies...



Next I'll explain our character sheet. I feel the need to explain each stat first so that I can simply use the terminology from here out. This will maybe be the longest part of the page, and also you can likely skim through some of it.

Appearance: Take not that you can appear as however you want, in case the Gilgamesh notice didn't make you realise that. If your body is not human, then it is likely that it will account for your Special Weapon. (Ask me ahead of time)

Health: For each point, you basically get 5 Hit Points. Health will not protect you from losing body parts, but rather decides how much damage it will take to kill you. This world's rules are like a game. The amount of hit points you lose is based off a calculation explained at a later point in this post. If you take enough damage, you will automatically lose the ability to fight, and likely die immediately in most cases. (If you want it to make sense that a punch kill you, having low enough health is like being a baby, so...) (Also it is true that enough pain can kill a person)
Assuming your being takes the shape of a normal human, the following applies:

Losing an arm: In addition to not being able to use it until reattached (See Hospitals below), it deals 30 points of damage.

Losing a leg: In addition to not being able to walk like you've been, this will deal 35 points of damage to you.

Losing a head: Assuming you survive this, your body will not be able to move entirely the way you want it to. It deals 200 points of damage. Your blood loss rate is high and so you will die quickly if you didn't already.

Losing blood: Over time this will deal a single point of damage to you every post for each major open wound.

Powers you can gain from high health!: At 30 and higher, not being able to breath can be ignored, though strangling still causes pain and therefore damage. Having high enough health can result in surviving the most fatal of wounds as if they were nothing. At 0 health you are sickly and therefore cannot function as a proper healthy human being.

Physical Strength: This effects both your offense and defense physically. It affects how much you can lift, how many points of damage are required to harm you physically, and how much damage your own physical attacks can deal. Suffice it to say quite simply that at 0, you can lift nothing and the wind can push you (a gentle breeze mind you), and at 1, you can lift around 25 pounds and any physical attack will guarantee hurt you a good deal. By comparison, at 25 you can lift just around 30 tons and you can ignore weaker sharp damage. The scale is somewhat gradual until you hit ten, after which the amount you can lift goes up and up.

Your Defense is at it's strongest in the bones and muscles. So, if someone with precisely equal strength to you tries to cut you with a normal sword, then you will be cut but it may not cut the bones. Excessive speed may allow them to, however. If someone with less strength than you tries to cut you, and you have 25 or higher strength, the blade will only pierce your skin if they can make their attack come up to at least 5 below your strength or better.

Speed and Agility: Both are seperate stats, but they have the same rules for each point towards their stat. For each point, you gain 1/30 of Mach 1, which is approx. 25 MPH.
Speed: Movement speed from starting point to ending point. Example: While running full speed, your MPH. Example: Your MPH from the point you jumped from to wherever you're going.
Agility: Movement of your body, your attacks, and your reflexes. Example: The speed of your punch or melee weapon. Example: How fast something moves when you throw it (This is also affected by physical strength). Example: Someone attacks you, higher agility allows for better chance of dodging/blocking.
Accelleration: While Running, the average between your agility and your speed is the speed you can reach in a single post. This means that in your second post, you can reach top speed (if you can't in one post). This only matters during combat, so if you are moving around on your own you can reach top speed fine, just fine.

Magic Defense: This is your tolerance of the supernatural. The higher it is, the better you can defend against magic, weird science, and anything that is completely out of the ordinary, the exception being physical attacks. Physical damage and Magical damage are very seperate things in this world. Your ability to defend against magic will be directly proportional to the power behind the effect to begin with, which is based off the user's magic capacity.

Magic Capacity: In the previous War of Us, the limit of our powers was our imagination and whatever I deemed to not be allowed. Well, all that is over now. Welcome to Magic Capacity!

Capacity is the amount of magic you can put out in a single move (post), or a single Spell you might say. This will be similar to attack, except that the amount of attack power you put out can be increased.

There are two sources of mana you have access to: Yourself, and the world. Within yourself, is your capacity. Within the world, is limitless, but the amount you can access cannot exceed your own Mana Capacity. Therefore, you can effectively double your magic attack by taking a little time to charge. However, the length of time necessary depends on how much capacity you have as well.

The power of your 'spells' is dependant on the amount of mana you put into it. A list of examples of both Weapons and Powers will be given towards the end of the post, so take a look at that for examples of how your Mana Capacity effects specific powers.

When charging, you can charge up to 15 Mana with a single Action point, but you cannot use the spell (no matter how much mana you gather) until your next post.

Action Points: These don't go on your character profile. Rather, these are equally given out to everyone for each of their posts. It's very simple, basically it limits the number of things you can do in a single post so that you don't get to charge up an entire spell and toss it forward.

For each post, you get three action points. Any single action takes up a single action point. Talking does not count as an action. Multiple attacks can, in certain cases, count as a single action. Charging up a spell takes up action points, up to fifteen per action point. Remember that you can charge up only as much as you naturally have, coming up to a maximum of doubling the magic power you put into a spell.


PART FOUR! CALCULATIONS (If you want, I can do all calculations for you during combat. For the most part, damage will be dealt as if it were a real world situation, but for some people the damage dealt will matter because it will equal the difference between winning or losing):

Damage dealt: Ok, so here's where things get a little complicated. Basically, the formulas are:
[Damage = Attack - (Defense or Magic Defense)] OR [Damage = Continuous effect - (defense or Magic defense)]
[Attack = (Physical Strength + Speed of the attack) (* or +) Variable] OR [Attack = Mana Spent * The actual effect of the magic]
[Variable = Sharp or Blunt Damage] AND/OR [Variable = Added effect that is not magic] [Sharp Damage can cause open wounds, while Blunt Damage will knock the other person back]

"Speed of the attack" can be simply agility or Speed, depending on the specific attack. NOT BOTH IN MOST CASES!
The number placed into Strength, Speed, Defense, Magic Defense, or Mana Spent are numbers that directly connect to our stats. Meaning, if the speed of an object is (insertnumber) MPH then instead we will put the number of speed that correlates to it.



Ordinary weapons:
Anything you can get in the real world (our earth).
Nothing with magic, the exception being a bag of holding for your items, or what I call an 'infinity orb', which is basically a bag of holding that puts the item to your hand.

Ordinary Vehicles:
Any model of car/truck/van/etc. from the real world
Any model of Helicopter
Any model of Tank

Special Weapons and Powers that are not allowed (This list is likely to grow over time):
The ability to negate someone else's powers or weapons. This world is a free for all of insanity, let's keep it that way.

Special Weapons and Powers with limitations (This list will also likely grow):
Teleportation. How it is limited can be quite varied. Magic Capacity is required to be at five or higher for you to have any teleportation.

Familiars/Clones: If you summon a familiar, then the rule is simple: If you summon one, then his stats are equal to double the mana you put into him. To summon more than one, you'll have to spread your mana, and so they'll be weakened by 1/4. Summoning three will result in each having stats equal to your Magic Capacity, and so on in this manner, with a maximum summoning number of five. You choose how many you summon, and how the stats are spread, in your character post. Also, special powers/weapons they have should be limited. Just like with actual powers for you I'll take it on a case to case basis.
If you summon more than one type of familiar, but you can only summon one at a time, then the limit is up to four types of familiars.
If one dies, then you have to wait four of your own posts before you can summon it again. (They are counted seperately if you have more than one and they die at different times)
If you have a weapon that transforms, it gets forty points. All the other rules follow the same as above.

Multiple forms. If you have a weapon that changes forms where each form has it's own advantage, the maximum number of forms is four before there is a downside.

Changing Stats: If you are only increasing them, and it is a constant effect, then you can increase by up to six.
If you are increasing them for a short duration followed by a cool down, then the bigger the boost and the longer the usage time the larger the cool down. Maximum boost time: Three posts.
If you want to control your stats freely, as in during the game you can change your stats from one set up to another setup, then you have a limit. First off, the change would cost an action point. Second, due to the possibility of over-boosting a single stat at a time, you have to limit your stats to a maximum of 20. (Unlike the old RP this RP gives out the super powers gained from stats at 25, so this does mean you'll miss out on those possibilities)

One last note is that, adding downsides of your own choosing can cause some of these to work differently. Like if summoning a familiar makes you lose stats, then the familiar can possibly have more stats. Decide for yourselves how to do it, and I'll give you the y/n if it is or isn't allowed.



In this world, we can see vague stats on our enemies, very vague, that basically tells us if they're faster, stronger, have more magic, etc., though we won't be able to see what kind of powers they or their weapons have until used. You have to look directly at them though.

Among us, we all automatically know the names of each other.

We do not know where everyone else is, but we all know who owns what territory. If a territory suddenly belongs to someone else, you automatically know about it.


PART SEVEN! CHARACTER PROFILE(highlighted for convenience):

Use this for your characters. Congrats! You've read everything except territories, which is exactly like before!

Name: (what you wanna go by, use your most often used Nickname or whatever)
Appearance: (You can use your Avatar if you want, give a description, or provide a picture)

Stats: (for a reference) (Spend 60 points) (Yes we started over, only 60)

Physical Strength:
Running Speed:
Magical Defense: (Defense against any sort of Supernatural ability)
Magic Capacity:

Weapons: (anything normal)
Vehicles: (Anything normal)
Special Weapon:
Special Power: (Within Reason, choose any special Power. I'll rule out based on a case-to-case basis what's allowed, also follow the rules from above that I specified)



(Copy/Pasted. A few things may be out of place or make no sense, just know that if anything beyond this point contradicts anything before this point that it is a mistake. Please point it out)
Territory System: Hello everyone, Phazon here. David and I were brainstorming for this RP and came up with what I like to call the Territory System. It's basically what's going to reward you for winning fights, and it also may serve as a shallow excuse of a plot device.

The way the Territory System works might be a little complex, but if you want to ignore it completely, you probably can. The basis of it is that if you defeat someone in battle, you take their Territory. And, if you are battling someone while in a Territory you control, it will have some form of effect on the battle, usually in the form of a stat boost for you!

The following is a list of the ways you can get Territory:

1) Everyone starts off with a piece of Territory of their choosing.
2) Entering a neutral piece of Territory allows you to claim that Territory as your own.
3) Defeating someone outside of a Territory they own will allow you to take one Territory from them, specifically whichever Territory they own that is closest to you when the fight is over.
4) Defeating someone inside a Territory they control allows you to take both that Territory and whichever other piece of Territory they control that is closest to you when the fight ends.

As you can see from the above list, you are risking a larger loss by fighting in your own Territory. However, you do have a reason for why you may want to fight within your Territory anyway, a home-turf advantage so to speak. This advantage comes in the form of Territory Bonuses, additional effects that will be applied when you fight in a Territory you control. Most often, this will come in the form of a stat boost applied directly to you. Some of the Territory Bonuses, however, will create a Battle Condition rather than give you a stat boost. Battle Conditions apply to everyone in the battle, not just you. Some are positive and some are negative.

Additionally, you can rename a Territory you control. When doing so, do it in the actual RP, not the site chatbox, to make sure David or I will see the change and can update everything accordingly. This spoiler contains a map of the city, divided into its Territories. Each Territory will be colored in to match the color of its owner, so as to make it easy to see who owns what. The colors are also listed inside.


Red Territories belong to Simply David.
Dark Blue Territories belong to Dr. Phazon.
Light Blue territories belong to Flame.
Purple Territories belong to Rayne.
White Territories belong to Whitepulse43.
Black Territories belong to Emo Girl.
Pink Territories belong to Tom.
Green Territories belong to RandomHyuuga.
Darker Green Territories belong to Kage.
Please note that no territory is actually taken yet, and I shall recolor everything accordingly. Everyone gets to claim one to start in, anyone who owned a territory before has first dibs on said territory.

Now, on to the Territory Bonuses themselves. First, I'll explain how to understand what these boosts mean. For the stat boosting Territory Bonuses, it's easy to figure out how much of a boost you are getting. First of all, take the total number of Territories you control. Each boost has a percent and a stat listed with it. Take that percentage out of the number of Territories you control, and then add that new number to the corresponding stat.

For example, say you own 6 Territories. Which ones they are isn't important. If you are fighting in one of them, and it give a 100% Health Boost, then that means your get +6 to your Health stat, since 100% of 6 is 6. Likewise, if the Territory gives a 50% Health Boost and a 50% Attack Boost, then you get +3 Health and +3 Attack, because 50% of 6 is 3.

If the number of Territories you control cannot evenly be divided into the percents needed, then round them as appropriate. For example, if you control 9 Territories and you are fighting in an area you control that gives a 50% Health Boost, 25% Attack Boost, and 25% Speed Boost, then you get +5 Health and not +4.5 Health, because 4.5 rounds up. Likewise, you will get +2 in both Attack and Speed because 2.25 rounds down to 2, not up to 3. The exception to this rule is if rounding would yield a stat boost of 0. If this is the case, you get +1. You will always get a minimum of +1 from each boost your Territory gives, even if you control only that one Territory.

Additionally, everyone has a certain level of Health Regen, and which level they have is determined by how many Territories they control.

0-2 Territories: Health Regen 1 (Small cuts and bruises will heal over a short period.)
3-4 Territories: Health Regen 2 (Small cuts and bruises will heal very quickly.)
5-7 Territories: Health Regen 3 (Small cuts and bruises heal instantly, and more serious wounds can heal over time if you aren't in combat.)
8-10 Territories: Health Regen 4 (Small cuts and bruises heal instantly, and more serious wounds can heal slowly during combat.)
11+ Territories: Health Regen 5 (Same as Health Regen 4, but crippling injuries can also heal themselves if you aren't in combat.)

You only get the Territory Bonus of the Territory you are in, and only if you own that Territory (although Health Regen applies to everyone everywhere at all times). The exception are Battle Conditions, which are a different kind of Territory Bonus. They apply constantly to anyone in that Territory, regardless of who owns it. There are currently 8 Battle Conditions:

Flight - Anyone in this Territory can fly freely through the air.
Defensive Inversion - Anyone in this Territory has their Defense stat swapped for their Magic Defense stat.
Beligerent Land - Anyone in this Territory will find that the very Earth itself hates their guts. The land in this territory will attack everyone who enters it, regardless of who owns it. You control the land and say in your posts how it is attacking your opponent, but you may not use it defensively because your character isn't controlling it and the land wants your character dead, too.
Downtune - Anyone in this Territory will fell weakened. This is because they get -5 to all of their stats. A stat that would be lowered to less than 1 in this manner is lowered to 1 instead.
Peanuts Everywhere! - Anyone in this Territory will have their weapons turned into peanuts, thus forcing them to find a different way to fight. The weapons will respawn in your hands when you leave the Territory. Peanuts can be eaten for a small health boost.
Magic Off - Anyone in this Territory will find that their magic no longer works. This is a land of SCIENCE!

The last two Battle Conditions are Locked Key and Gateway, which are special and different from the others. Rather than affecting battle, they affect the very nature of the RP itself! By which I mean, they are the ultimate goal of all this fighting.

Gateway - This Territory is the entrance and exit of this city, which is locked shut via magic barrier and can't be opened. The barrier extends all around the city, including both above and below. However, the King/Queen of the city can remove the barrier from this location.
Locked Key - This Territory cannot be entered except by a person who controls 11 or more Territories. However, after such a person has entered and taken control of this Territory, it becomes open for all people to enter. The owner receives +10 to all stats. This becomes the site of a final battle royal with the everyone participating. No more respawning is allowed until it's all over. Last person standing becoming the owner of the Territory if they weren't already, and also the King/Queen of the city. The new King/Queen can then lead/kick everyone out of the city, and we move on to a bigger map where we fight over cities.

One last note on Territory bonuses is that you can be battling either in the middle of a Territory, or right on the edge of two Territories. If your are battling in the middle of a Territory, the Territory Bonus is applied as normal. If you are fighting on the border of one Territory and the next, however, things get a little more complex. First of all, both Territory Bonuses are applied. Stat boosts only go to the owner of the particular Territory that provides it, but both Territories' stat bonuses will be applied to their respective owner. Any Battle Conditions of either Territory will apply to the fight.

Fighting on the border of a Territory you own and a Territory your opponent owns is considered as fighting within your own Territory. This means that if you lose such a fight, the victor receives whichever of the two Territories belonged to you, and also the closest Territory you owned when the fight ended.

Listing of Territory Bonuses and Conditions:

Udagawa Back Streets: 100% Agi Boost
Cat Street: 50% Health Boost, 50% Def Boost
Miyashita Park: Flight
Molco: 100% Health Boost
Towa Records: Peanuts Everywhere!
Miyashita Park Underpass: 50% Health Boost, 25% Spd Boost, 25% Agi Boost
Shibu-Q Heads: +1-3 All Stats
Spain Hill: -Something Besides Health Regen-
Cadoi City: 50% Agi Boost, 50% MDef Boost
Shibuki Main Store: 100% MDef Boost
Tipsy Tose Hall: 50% Atk Boost, 25% Def Boost, 25% MDef Boost
Shibu Department Store: 100% Def Boost
AMX: 100% Spd Boost
Center Street Entrance: 50% Atk Boost, 50% Spd Boost
104 Building: Magic Off
A-East: Beligerant Land
Statue of Hachiko: 50% MDef Boost, 25% Health Boost, 25% Agi Boost
Dogenzaka: 50% Spd Boost, 25% Atk Boost, 25% Def Boost
West Exit Bus Terminal: 50% Health Boost, 50% Agi Boost
Station Underpass: 100% Atk Boost
Scramble Crossing: Downtune
Trail of the Sinner: Locked Key
Pork City: Gateway

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Re: War of Us - Version 2.0

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Fri 06 May 2011, 3:23 pm

Name: Nazrin 'Naz' or Flame

Stats: (for a reference) (Spend 61 points)

Health: 7
Physical Strength: 8
Running Speed: 7
Agility: 8
Magical Defense: 24
Magic Capacity: 6

Weapons: An army rifle with a bayonet, a sawed-off shotgun, a few explosives, a hidden dagger, and a metal bat.

Vehicle: A military jeep with machine gun in the back

Special Weapon: Ring case- (Each ring can only be worn one at a time and cannot be changed in the middle of battle)
Power Ring: 6 point increase in Physical strength
Stamina Ring: 6 point increase in health
Mystic Ring: 6 point increase in magical defense.
Pyro Ring: Gives all normal weapons except explosives gain a fire property, surrounding the bullet or melee weapon in flames and causing burns to the opponent.
Venom Ring: Gives all normal weapons except explosives, the ability to poison the opponent.
Hawk Eye Ring: Gives the wearer the ability to see much farther, can even see through the walls of buildings.

Special Power: Unlimited Barrier Works: The ability to call forth many barriers of any shape or size. Barriers can be used for movement, protections, or trapping the opponent. Can decided what comes in out of the barrier without having to use force. Once a barrier is made, I cannot change it's size, I can however still move it around, but only equal to my own speed stat wise. To break a barrier you must hit it a certain number of times depending on your attack vs my magic defense. 2 hits for equal attack to my magic defense, one hit for 2 points greater attack, 3 hits for two less attack than my MD, 4 hits for four less attack and so on and so fourth. Also, when a barrier breaks my agility always decreases down to 1 for 3 seconds causing a slow reaction time.

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Re: War of Us - Version 2.0

Post by Simply David on Fri 06 May 2011, 3:42 pm

Name: David

Stats: (for a reference) (Spend 60 points) (Yes we started over, only 60)

Health: 10
Physical Strength: 15
Running Speed: 3
Agility: 17
Magical Defense: 15
Magic Capacity: 0

Weapons: I has bombs! Lots and lots of bombs hidden in my infinity orb.

Vehicles: A silver Sports Car with a black stripe.

Special Weapon: A Talking Metal Ball attached by a chain to a hammer with a spike on the top. Oh, and the hammer, ball, and chain can change to any size I can handle, and provides me with +4 Mana capacity. It also transforms into three other forms (Transforming to anything takes an action point), each of which are useful for various reasons:

Version 1: Dagger: It changes shape and connects to my hand, and can change between being a sword or a Ball. It increases my Physical Strength by 6.

Version 2: A gun shape that launches out bubbles shaped like the mustached ball from the original form. Each Bubble will explode on contact, with the explosive damage of a physical attack equal to 12. While in this form, it gives me +2 Agility.

Version 3: Gargoyle: A massive beast that appears to be made of stone. While summoned, my own agility and speed is reduced to two each.

Gargoyle's stats: (Total 48- The downside previously mentioned allows me the extra points) (You can use this as a premise, half the points you give up can be spent on the familiar)

Health: 2
Physical Strength: 20
Running Speed: 1
Agility: 5
Magical Defense: 0
Magic Capacity: 20

Special Power: The last three forms of my Special Weapon. These forms are very powerful, and therefore require a mana payment of four to use them. They follow the same rules as item familiars. After changing to one, they stay that way until I'm done using them, then it goes back to the original form before I can change it again. Just like before, each transformation takes an Action point.
(Extra note: In case you didn't notice, that means I can't change from versions 1-3 to any of these forms because I'd have 0 mana)

Version 4: Combat Jelly: Once activated, I'm suddenly encased in a gelatinous goop that is bigger than my body and is immune to most attacks. My own stats are all reduced to zero while inside, and only I can be put inside it.

Combat Jelly Stats: (Total 70)

Health: 0
Physical Strength: 35
Running Speed: 0
Agility: 0
Magical Defense: 35
Magic Capacity: 0

Version 5: Alice: A beautiful woman is summoned who is capable of healing all my wounds, curses, poisons, etc. There is nearly nothing she can't heal. She floats above me and waves her hands to perform these actions, giving her 1 agility, and reducing my own speed and agility down to 1. She can heal others as well. It takes TWO action points for her to return to the original form, unlike every other transformation which takes 1. Also unlike most familiars, she only has one action point, so she can only heal one person for each of my posts.

Version 6: Puss in Boots: A cat appears, walking on two legs (WITH BOOTS in case you didn't catch that), and carrying a variety of small items with special effects. He has a saber that turns into a giant fish, the fish being able to deflect most ranged attacks, and small dolls that will replace me if I get attacked while he's fighting. My own speed and agility is reduced to 0 while he's out. When a Doll replaces me, I'm put right at his side. Changing to Puss in Boots takes two action points instead of the usual one.

Puss in Boots Stats: (total fifty)

Health: 5
Physical Strength: 10
Running Speed: 6
Agility: 20
Magical Defense: 5
Magic Capacity: 4

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Re: War of Us - Version 2.0

Post by Whitepulse43 on Fri 06 May 2011, 3:57 pm

Name: White


Stats: (for a reference) (Spend 60 points) (Yes we started over, only 60)

Health: 10
Physical Strength: 10
Running Speed: 10
Agility: 15
Magical Defense: 5 (Defense against any sort of Supernatural ability)
Magic Capacity: 10

Weapons: Dragunov Snipe rifle, Makarov pistol, Katana
Vehicles: Volkwagen off-road 4x4 vehicle
Special Weapon: Tri-beam Laser rifle which uses microfusion cells as ammo and shoot's three lasers at one. three shooting modes each one as amount laser shot out in single shot.
Special Power: Teleportation leaving smoke after image, can only teleport if not touching ground, can see the area where is teleporting and can teleport heavy objects along if touching them or teleport others along.

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Re: War of Us - Version 2.0

Post by Dr. Phazon on Fri 06 May 2011, 4:38 pm

Name: Phazon
Appearance: http://mamaliberty.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/phoenix-firebird.jpg

Stats: (for a reference)

Phazon: (Spend 60 points)
Health: 20
Physical Strength: 6
Running Speed: 7
Agility: 7
Magical Defense: 0
Magic Capacity: 20

Weapons: Any rubble Phazon picks up with his big talons can be dropped from the sky onto your head. Possibly Probably while burning.
Vehicle: What the deuce does a phoenix need with a vehicle? Fine, Phazon can transform into a broken down car on cinderblocks, with all the paint peeled and stuff, and no motor.
Special Weapon: "Form of Phoenix" - Phazon is a phoenix. He is constantly on fire, even if completely underwater. He is immune to damage from fire and cold. He can fly. He has a cool, pointy peak that will hurt you. He can still talk, too.
Special Power: "Mythical Buddies" - Phazon can summon various buddies to help him in his conquests. Though there are several buddies for him to choose from, he can only have one summoned at a time. The buddies do heal themselves over time when unsummoned, but cannot come back from the dead or be replaced, because buddies are once-in-a-lifetime.


Name: Genie and Lamp
Appearance: http://www.bidulz.com/images/genielamp/genie-05-c-hr.jpg

Special Power: "Wish Power" - Genie can grant wishes, although because he isn't a full-power genie, he is limited in the wishes he can grant. He cannot grant wishes to kill people out right, but can grant most other wishes. Also, once he has granted three wishes in total, he cannot grant any more, even if he is resummoned.


Name: Dragon
Appearance: http://image.spreadshirt.com/image-server/image/composition/15116617/view/1/type/png/width/178/height/178/moss-chibi-dragon-tanks_design.png

Special Power: "Dragon Breath" - Dragon has various kinds of breath attacks, including but not limited to: fire, ice, electricity, wind, and earth. Don't ask how breathing earth works, it just does. He spits rocks or something.


Name: Ogre
Appearance: http://blogs.theage.com.au/screenplay/troll1.jpg

Special Power: "Luck of the Ogrish" - Ogres are very lucky creatures. If Ogre misses an attack or gets hit by something that should kill him, then there's a 50/50 chance the attack will connect anyway or Ogre will somehow survive, respectively.


Name: Chibithulhu
Appearance: http://warnanimation.com/ChibiCthulhu_Big.jpg

Special Power: "Eldritch Power Beyond the Mind" - Chibithulhu's total stat points are equal to twice Phazon's. However, there is a heavy price involved in the summoning of such a being as Chibithulhu- Phazon is eaten by Chibithulhu during the summoning process. It also requires three action points to perform. Chibithulhu will only stay around for three of my posts.

Kill/Death Record: 0/0
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Re: War of Us - Version 2.0

Post by ScorpionWins on Fri 06 May 2011, 9:54 pm

Name: Kage

Stats: (for a reference) (Spend 60 points) (Yes we started over, only 60)

Health: 1
Physical Strength: 35 (29+6)
Running Speed: 15
Agility: 15
Magical Defense: 0
Magic Capacity: 0

Weapons: Four handguns
Vehicles: None
Special Weapon: Blade body - Being a four armed robot made of cutting implements, Kage's Physical Strength is increased by 6.
Special Power: Arm Myself - Kage can recreate his arms indefinitely, and shoot them off his body like weapons.

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Re: War of Us - Version 2.0

Post by Tom on Sun 08 May 2011, 9:50 am

Name: Tom

Stats: (for a reference) (Spend 60 points) (Yes we started over, only 60)

Health: 10
Physical Strength: 10
Running Speed: 10
Agility: 10
Magical Defense: 10
Magic Capacity: 10

Weapons: None
Vehicles: None
Special Weapon: Shape shifting box of doom - copies all of the target's weapons, vehicles and special weapons. Automatically activates upon use of Transform.
Special Power: Transforming Blob- Can transform into a copy of the target, giving the user the same stats and abilities. As a gelatinous blob with no definite shape, the user is immune to all forms of damage until transformed. However, the user can be poisoned, with the poison damage occurring after transformation. The user cannot transform back to the blob during combat, but can transform during combat.



"...his brain was much larger and developed because he was a male bear, and thus far superior to a female of any race."
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Re: War of Us - Version 2.0

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