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Umineko X- when the seagulls cry cicads

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Umineko X- when the seagulls cry cicads

Post by beatrice_fan on Sun 05 Jun 2011, 10:26 am

this rp is a mix of the two series that ryukushi made- umineko and higurashi. It is where higurashis places is where all umineko characters end up. Anyways, the hinamziwa syndrome doesnt exsist, and there are three look-alikes- rika, bernkastel, and hanyuuu @.@ ohg god, and lambdadelta and beatrice and battler and keichii and, well, you get it.

canon characters rped-

beatrice, hanyuu, maria, lamdadelta, rena and satoko.- yours truly

pm me for an higurashi and umineko character

fan characters rped-

akaska- witch- silver witch- beatrices sister and battlers lover- me
kirna- human- cicads- renas lost sister and likes george- me
pm me for the fan characters sheet!

anyways, hanyuus gonna have a lot of trouble, rika and bernkastel are free for anyone who wants them

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