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Battle Royale:Roleplay

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Battle Royale:Roleplay

Post by Arconious on Fri 02 Mar 2012, 9:14 pm

Arc was pacing his room, quite bored, he hadn't had anything interesting to do since he had left Caradis, which hadn't entirely been by choice. He sat down at his computer, and before he could do anything, he was falling on his rear on a sandy beach.

"What the F just happened?" Arc was more than mildly confused, looking in all directions, he saw that he was on what appeared to be a very large tropical island

"Welcome Arc, to Battle Island, the location-" A voice boomed into existence around Arc.

"Where the hell am I?" Arc said, ignoring the voice and continuing to talk to himself. He spun around a few times and started towards the forest.

"ARC, WELCOME TO BATTLE ISLAND" The voice boomed even louder this time, echoing off of every surface imaginable.

This time Arc heard him, and responded, "Hello, So this place is Battle Island huh? Sound like the location of a terrible reality tv program."

"Well, its kinda a reality program, but I prefer to think of it as a gameshow, and you and some of your friends have been selected to participate."

"Ughhh, really, I hate gameshows, can I just go back to being bored in my room?"

"In short, no, in long, no, that would break the rules I have set in place for the island, once someone enters the island, they cannot leave until the END of the program"

"That is a stupid rule" Arc replied bluntly, then followed with, "Well, since I'm apparently stuck here, I guess I should find out what is going on with this "Program" of yours"

"Alright, finally, I can start to explain things," The voice replied happily, "This is Battle Island, the location of game of life and death. You and some of your friends have been selected to participate, as well as a few others. You and your friends are labeled as "Heroes", the others, are "Villians". The goal of everyone involved is to kill, everything."

"Waaaaiiiit, seriously?" Arc quickly demanded

"Yes, seriously, but you all respawn, in a random location on the island of course, to prevent camping."

"I respawn?"

"Yes, when you die, you come back to life as you would be if you were back in perfect health, with all of the experience and knowledge you had before you died."

"Bloody Convienient, Anything else I should know?"

"No, the only rule of the island is that you cannot leave, anything else is permitted. So play the "game" as you wish." The voice finalized.

"Alright, Well, I guess I should get moving." Arc started towards the woodline and stopped, "Do we get weapons for this?" As he asked, one of the few lazy clouds left from the front of the sun, and his shadow clearly showed a swordhandle on his back, and a distortion on his opposite side. He grabbed the handle, and pulled out his old sword, "Nice". He shethed his sword, and headed into the woods, quickly disappearing into the underbrush.

(OOC, Guys, you can make any feature you want on the island, castles, towns, forests, whatever. After we get a few locations found, I'll make a map. Also, you don't have to have this much dialogue with the voice, I wanted to try to get things clear here, so enter as you wish. Enjoy everyone Smile )

(OOC2, I forgot to mention villians(Non member characters) don't get this scene at all, because they already know this information.)

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Re: Battle Royale:Roleplay

Post by Simply David on Fri 02 Mar 2012, 9:55 pm

As David continued typing things into his computer, having started yet another story that he knew, based on his record, he'd never actually get finished, he found himself typing on air for a moment. "Wait, what?" He was standing outside of a tower on a hill surrounded by forest on all sides except one, which was just a sheer drop to the ocean.

Suddenly a voice boomed and explained everything to him, and when it was done he became rather excited, "A fight to the death? And after death we can do it again? This is awesome! It's like I'm in an anime!" He ran into the tower to see if anyone was there. Upon finding it empty, he sighed. Then, he cheered up. He had a base of operations! And it was like divine fate that he would get a badass tower to boot!

"Alright! I now declare this tower... uhm... Eh, I'll name it later. Boundary Field time!" He began covering the tower over with various spells that would keep out intruders, and would alert him if someone came within several meters of it.

"Alright, and now to go in search of anyone who might be a fun challenge!" He then proceeded to leave the tower and head into the forest, to who knew what awaited him!


Jack Breeze had the pleasure of standing above a very deep canyon. He took in a deep breath, "Ah, what a different sort of life, eh Caster?"

"HM!" Atlas showed his teeth, "INDEED! Things are very different here and there's no grail like I was promised, but this world offers totally new options! A battle, for honor alone!" He welcomed a chance to show his worth upon a battlefield once more. Something he had not had enough opportunities in life to do. Though he had failed in life, this gave him chance to try something new and see what happened.

"Well," Jack said, "Good to know the Great King I summoned is enthusiastic! NOW!" He shouted, "BRING IT OONNNNNN" His voice echoed deeply into the canyon and back out, capable of being heard for miles; a challenge to those who would take it as such.


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Re: Battle Royale:Roleplay

Post by ScorpionWins on Fri 02 Mar 2012, 10:08 pm

Kage found himself on a tropical beach out of nowhere. Shame too, that foxy lady he was talking to at the liquor store had just invited him to her hotel room - apparently being a French tourist, which he found sexy - presumably for some naughty time, but lo and behold, he's on a goddamn island in the middle of nowhere.


"...just fucking great." Replied Kage, lighting a cigarette.

One explanation later and Kage had decided to lean against a tree taking long drags on his cig. He pulled out his shotgun (which was on his person for reasons unknown) and fired it upward, blowing several coconuts off a tree. He slung his gun back over his shoulder and chopped the top off a coconut with his machete, grabbing it and slurping down the contents. With a contented sigh, he walked inland, into a forest - much better cover than a beach. He opened a second coconut as he walked.

"At least they have some good palms here." He muttered.
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Re: Battle Royale:Roleplay

Post by Dr. Phazon on Wed 07 Mar 2012, 8:37 pm

Sitting at the work bench in his lab, Phazon was contentedly tinkering with his arm, about to replace the mini-generator for the weapons in that arm with a new, more efficient model. Having just unhooked the old one, Phazon was reaching for the replacement when suddenly, he wasn't at his work bench anymore. He wasn't even at his lab anymore. "Aw man, seriously? Not this again." Phazon grumbled to himself, rather irritated by this development. 'I could have sworn I took out the quantum flux teleportation unit last month after it dropped me into a biker bar during my sho-'

His thoughts were suddenly cut off, however, by a booming voice. "PHAZON, WELCOME TO BATTLE ISLAND." With his sensors not detecting anyone nearby, Phazon stood there and waited for the voice to continue. And continue it did, on a long spiel that you've already read. When the voice finished, Phazon asked, "So, this is like a field test for my new power generator, right?"

"Er, yeah, sure. Whatever you want to call it, kid. Just break some heads." Phazon would have done an affirmative arm pump, if it hadn't been for his arm being unsealed at the moment. Wouldn't do for some thing to fall out in the field. "Alright then, I'll get on that right as soon as I finish insta-" The doctor ceased the moment he noticed that he didn't have the new generator in his hand. Apparently, he must have been teleported just before he grabbed. "Well. Scratch that. I'll get on that right as soon as I finish putting my arm together."

With that done a short while later, Phazon took a moment to survey his surroundings. A large grassy plain extended out from him in all directions, very flat and full of vibrant flowers. "Well, before I start breaking heads, I guess I should make a base of operations. I think I can make this work." he commented, as his arms suddenly morphed into shovels.


"This village stinks of civilization." said Gaius, who was currently standing at the bottom of said village's well. "I must purge it." he continued. And then he did.

"Good, not a soul remains. I may yet clean the blight of mankind from this beautiful sphere."
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Re: Battle Royale:Roleplay

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