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A nap that led to a nightmare.

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A nap that led to a nightmare.

This happened while I was sitting on my chair, with my laptop in my lap, and I just sort of... fell asleep. I was asleep for maybe two or three hours, though as usual my dreams don't really feel like they happened until the end or that they were very short anyway. You guys should consider this a bit of a treat, I usually forget my dreams! Even though this one creeped me the fuck out.

I was, as in many of my dreams, living in a different house than I am currently. My siblings were in the odd back yard and they were trying to play with a cat. I walk back there and the cat had ‘already decided to leave’ but I wanted to pet the cat. So I reached up the thing it had been climbing to get away and picked the white cat up.

It wasn’t happy about this, and kept painlessly trying to escape. As it tried to get away I got it in my head somehow that I wanted to bring it inside, but something told me that it was because of the black cat that was keeping it away. They didn't get along, it seemed. Well, for some reason I seemed to be determined. As in many of my dreams, I was acting like someone completely different from how I’d have acted realistically, as I know better than to put cats that don’t like each other near each other, especially while holding one.

In any case, I tried pushing the white cat through the little kitty door (Like a Doggy door on the bottom of a normal door) and then the black cat cam up and began hissing at me and the white cat hissed at it.

This was terrifying, for some reason, and I couldn’t move to react. The black cat hopped up and stood on me and hissed directly in my ear while the white cat continued only hissing at the black cat, but the black cat seemed to be taking it out on me. It was at this point I realized this was a dream, and decided it was time to wake up. To do so, often in my dreams I simply think something is going to happen (Whether I want to think it or not) and it will happen (With no exceptions). This time, my thought was that as soon as I said “Ok, ok, you guys can just go wherever,” the white cat would jump to my left and escape and the black cat would jump off as well, leaving behind scratching pain.

What actually happened instead, despite my thoughts having never failed, was I woke up, and I thought the cats were still on me, and I still couldn’t move. I panicked as I suddenly felt small scratches on my body all over and they didn’t exactly hurt, but what the fuck was happening? And I couldn’t move, which was far more terrifying than the random scratch feelings because, uhm, I can’t even respond or get help. So suddenly I’m freaking out and doing everything in my power to remember how to make my body move and I finally manage to move my leg and then I awake from this nightmare easily enough from there. Except, I didn’t feel like I really was still asleep, as my eyes were even slightly open. I have no idea what the hell this was about but once I did wake up I was able to move and things were fine. Pretty creepy though, seriously.


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