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Touhoumon World Link: Atori's Journey

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Touhoumon World Link: Atori's Journey

Post by VineStar on Fri 16 Mar 2012, 2:56 pm

Hello all, my name is Atori Fudomine.

I am on a quest to discover the mysteries of the Boneka that have popped into the world!

I have created a log about my adventure, which I will update at intervals. Please support me as I go about the region and have wacky hijinks!

My story started off in... the back of a moving van. Sometimes I wonder about mom and her cheapskate ways. Anyhoo, as I got out and explored my new house, mother told me to go visit the neighbors. After some talking was done, I heard a scream of terror!

Rushing out, I then had to save a grown man... from a little umbrella ghost Boneka. With the three in the bag, I chose the one that looked the strongest, aka the Gatekeeper, C Elly.

With my new partner, Professor Birch was saved and thus my journey began!
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