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Fanfic Recommendation Thread

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Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 5:11 pm

This thread is reserved for the posting of fanfics and/or linking to fanfics. You can discuss about the fanfic and make suggestions onto improving the fanfic if the poster is the writer of said fanfic.

Please leave any sexual content out. We have a 18 area for a reason.

Story Index


  • Destiny Strikers
Emo Girl

  • Ghost Heart
Obi Shinobi

  • Tales from New Hope

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Destiny Strikers

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Thu 22 Jul 2010, 11:06 pm

Episode 1: A Hero is Born
Flame: Wait what!? I don't want to be the hero!

Part 1:

Narrator: Many years ago there was a brave warrior who traveled the Naruto forums in search of a great power. He was destined to protect the land from the tyranny of an evil king, but as fate would have it, the warrior disappeared. Never to be heard of again. The land that was once beautiful and lush, was destroyed beyond repair due to the kings greed and need for power. The people were miserable. Now eighteen years later, the curtain rises on a new generation....

*Flame lays out on the roof of her clay home staring at the sky*

Flame: *sigh* So hot out... and not a cloud in the sky... damnit.

*Kitty runs up to the home calling out to Flame*

Kitty: Onee-chan! We're going to be late for work! Stop slacking off!

Flame: *sits up and swings her legs over the side of the house* Do we really have to go? I mean it's not like they're going to miss a couple of girls.

Kitty: *scowls* Now Onee-chan, you know what the warden will do if he catches us skipping out on work. Now hurry up and get down.

Flame: Fine, whatever you say, Mother. *rolls eyes as she jumps down onto the ground*

Kitty: We have mining duty today, so don't forget to grab your helmet.

Flame: Yeah, yeah. *walks into shed and loud crashing noises are heard* *yells out from shed* I'm okay!

Kitty: -_-;;; God, I wonder who here is really the eldest.

Flame: *comes back out wearing a helmet on her head and carrying a pick ax* So are we ready to go or not?

Kitty: That's my line. =_=

Part 2:

*Flame and Kitty are within the deep catacombs of the mine* *They are monotonously hitting the pick axes against the rock*

clang clang clang

Flame: *pauses from her work to drink a bottle of water* Why must we work in the hot, clammy mine to find almost non existent diamonds?

Kitty: It's the wardens orders. We can't question them.

Flame: I have half a mind to walk up to that warden and knock him one good. *dramatic fist clench*

Kitty: Shh, watch what you say Onee-chan. What if the warden or one of his spies were to hear us?

Flame: Let 'em! I'll... *suddenly a crash is heard in one of the other tunnels*

*A soft voice is heard*

Voice: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll fix it. I promise.

Flame: Is that...?

Kitty: *grabs Flame by the wrist and pulls her down the tunnel* That sounded like Ran-chan. We should see what happened.

*another voice is then heard* *a gruffer, meaner voice*

Voice 2: You damn idiot! That'll set back work for another week!

*Flame and Kitty and arrive just in time to see the Warden slap Random across the cheek*

Flame: *clenches her fists and steps forward*

Kitty: *glares intensely at the Warden*

Warden: Stupid little bitch. I should leave you to rot in this mine for that! *raises hand to slap Random again but is stopped when Flame grabs his wrist*

Flame: *looks over to Random* You go on and get out of here, Ran-chan.

Warden: Unhand me you wretch! *pulls his arm out of Flame's grasp*

Random: *eyes widen for a moment then looks grateful at Flame* Thank you, Flame-san. *runs over to Kitty*

Kitty: Onee-chan! What are you..?

Flame: It's alright Imouto-chan. Just go, I don't want you to have to see this. *Stares down the Warden with a harden glare*

Warden: *spits* Fine, if you want to be punished instead then just stand still for me! *pulls off whip from his hip* *cracks whip at Flame before she has time to dodge, catching her on the arm*

Flame: Aaaaghhh! *clutches her arm and falls to knees*


Random: Flame-san!

Flame: *stands back up while still clutching arm* I'm fine, just get out you two!

Kitty: But I...

Random: Come on, Kitty. We'll go get some help. *tugs on Kitty's sleeve* *Kitty hesitates for a moment looking at Flame* *Flame grins and gives her a thumbs up with her good arm* *Kitty nods* *Random and Kitty run off down the tunnel*

Warden: Well, now that the distractions are gone! FACE YOUR PUNISHMENT! *cracks whip again*

Flame: *jumps back just in time* You... you heartless son of a bitch. That will be the last time you ever hit anyone!

Part 3:

Warden: Big words for a little girl, but let's see how you handle this! *lashes out whip again, catching Flame in the leg*

Flame: Agghh! Damnit! *falls to one knee* *hisses* Son of a bitch.

Warden: Hn, insubordinate weaklings like you don't deserve to live. *lashes whip again hitting Flame on the cheek causing a small cut*

Flame: Ahhh!*blood trails down her cheek dripping down from her shin onto her clenched fist*

Warden: *throws whip to the side* *forcefully grabs Flame's chin and gets a good look at her face* Ah, I remember you, FlameHaze17. The pitiful child the Tengu family found and raised as one of their own. They were always softhearted fools, till the very end. Foolishly risking their lives to save the others when the mine caved in.

Flame: *spits in the Wardens face* Don't you dare talk about Mom and Dad!

Warden: *face turns red in rage as he wipes the spit off* Stupid bitch! *suddenly pulls an overly large chainsaw sword from his back* DIE! *swings down sword at Flame*

Flame: *rolls to the side and grabs a broken pole next to her* *shoves the pointed end into his chest*

Warden: Gah! H-how.. could... *falls backward, dead*

Flame: *pants while struggling to her feet* Did I just...? *hears the sounds of the warden's henchmen storming through the tunnels* Oh shi- *is about to run but pauses* *glances at the sword still clutched in the warden's cold dead hands* *quickly pries it from him then takes off down the tunnels*


*meanwhile outside in the town*

Kitty: *runs down the street* Help! Someone help! Onee-chan is in trouble!

Random: *runs with Kitty holding onto her hand* Please somebody help.

*people peer out, but nobody rushes out to help* *they saw the henchmen run up to the mines and are too afraid to go up and see what is going on*

Kitty: *tears stream down her face* Please! Can't anyone help! Onee-chan may die! Don't you even care?!

Random: It'll be okay Kitty-chan we'll find hel... umph *runs into a tall bearded man*

Spidey: What's this I hear about someone needing help?

Kitty: My Onee-chan, she's in the mine fighting off the town's warden all by herself.

Spidey: *pats Kitty's head* Don't worry kid, we'll help out. Unlike, certain cowards in this town. *villagers suddenly duck their heads back into their home* *Spidey turns his head to the back* Hey, Uppie, looks like we're in for a little fun!

Uppie: *appears out from a food stand, licking a lolipop* Ohhh, do I get to smash stuff? Do I? Do I?

Spidey: *thumbs up* You betcha!

Part 4:

*Flame runs down the tunnels, picking random directions to go in* *behind her she ran still hear the henchmen come after her* *soon she comes to a dead end*

Flame: Damnit, I knew I should have taken a right. Tch, looks like I have no choice.... *she turns holding up the chainsaw sword in a fighting position* BUT TO FIGHT MY WAY OUT!

*the henchmen charge in and have her surrounded*

Henchmen 1: You'll pay for what you did to the Boss!

Henchmen 2: Yeah! We're gonna fry your ass!

Flame: *smirks* I like to see you try. *Flame swings her sword, but isn't used to the weight and ends up falling over* Woah! *she tries to get back up* That didn't go as well as expected... *she gets kicked in the gut by the henchmen*

Henchmen 1: Stupid bitch, we'll show you a thing or two! *lifts up pick ax and is about to hit Flame with it when suddenly a thunk is heard and the henchmen falls over with wrench clanging down on the floor*

*there's a bright light at the other end of the tunnel and Flame can see the silhouette of two people* *The people step up and reveal themselves to be Spidey and Uppie with Random and Kitty appearing from behind Spidey*

Spidey: Oh look Uppie, it's second rate henchmen who won't live till the next episode.

Uppie: Are we gonna play whack a henchmen?

Spidey: I was hoping to play torch a henchmen, but whack a henchmen sounds good.

*Spidey and Uppie proceed to kick henchmen ass*

Kitty: *runs to Flame's side* Onee-chan are you alright?

Flame: *stands up, struggling a bit* I'm fine, though who are those clowns?

Spidey: *punches in a henchmen's face* We're your saviors!

Flame: Riiiight... *walks away* Come on Kitty, Ran-chan, we'll just leave it to these guys.

Random: Shouldn't we help.

Kitty: Yeah, Onee-chan, after all they were the only ones who would come to your rescue.

Flame: *sighs* Fine.... whatever. If you guys insist. *Flame swivels around and charges, brandishing her chainsaw sword* *screen freezes just as she is about to slice a henchmen in two and the episode ends*

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Destiny Strikers

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Fri 23 Jul 2010, 12:44 am

Episode 2: Time to Fight the Monster of the Week!

Part 1:
*The scene begins outside the mine. Flame is sitting on a large crate while Uppie is rubbing salve on the whelp on her arm.*

Flame: *flinches in pain* Ow, that hurts. Be more gentle will you!

Uppie: *smiles pleasantly while putting more salve on the wound* If you don't be still, I'm gonna hit you with my hammer.

Flame: *eyes widen as she turns her head to look at uppie, then turns her head back facing forward* Okay I'll be good.

*At that moment, Random walks up and stands in front of Flame, fidgeting*

Random: Ah... umm... *bows* Thank you so much for saving me.

Flame: *laughs and pats Random on the head when she looks up bewildered* No worries Ran-cah. I only did what I wante- *suddenly a loud thump is heard* *Flame sways left and right for a bit before falling backwards off the crate* @_@

*Uppie is then revealed to be holding a hammer in her hand*

Uppie: *grins* I told you I'd hit you if you didn't stay still.

Random: O_OU I-is she still alive?

Spidey: *walks up and access the situation* Yeah, she's a alive... probably...

Random: Probably?! O_OU

*Kitty then returns from her trip to town to get medical supplies*

Kitty:Hey guys I got the- *she notices Flame knocked out on the ground and drops all the supplies* Okay, who knocked my Onee-chan unconsious? =_=*

Uppie: *hides hammer behind back and points to Spidey* He did it!

Spidey: *sarcastically* Yeah, I did it. Not the girl obviously hiding a HUGE hammer behind her back. *Spidey then hears a clicking sound*

Kitty: *is pointing a machine gun at Spidey's head*

Spidey: O_O;; W-where the hell did that machine gun come from?!

Kitty: I got it off one of the warden's henchmen. But that's besides the point, now you shall pay for hurting my Onee-chan!

Spidey: But I was being sarcastic!

Kitty: ... *places finger on trigger*

Spidey: .... *takes off running like a bat out of hell*

*Opening music begins playing and soon it cuts to the opening scene*


*opens up to Flame sitting on the edge of her clay roof from behind* *camera angle turns around her until it faces front showing her smiling while one arm is slung around her raised up right knee* *wind blows and Flame turns her head as the camera pans up into the sky, showing the logo as the trumpets in the song sound*

tokidoki arawareru mabushii hikari ni taore souna hitomi maketaku ha nai kara

*Flame is shown leaning against a jeep, Kitty sitting on the trunk swinging her legs back and forth* *Random appears over a hill and waves at them*

otona no sekai de ha atari mae no koto toumawari no imi wo tsukama nakucha

*scene changes to show Spidey working on a mecha when Uppie suddenly appears from the other side of the mecha grinning causing him to jump in surprise and trip over his tools falling backwards*

kanashi manai de, hora yureru mirai wo

hajime kara omoi dashite

*A mysterious figure (Makai) stands atop a cliff watching Flame, Kitty, and Random with his arm crossed* *Flame turns her head but the figure is gone*

dare demo ureshikute hashagi dasu youna

hanabanashii shunkan ni mata deaeru hi ga kuru yo

mou ichido SURANPU wo nuke dasu tame ni ha

yaritai koto wo ima sugu!

kangae sugizuni jibun wo hiraite

*Flame is seen pointing her finger and yells at Ultimo while her sword slung over her shoulder* *Ultimo runs his hands through his hair and grins tauntingly while flourishing his rapier* *Two mechas then crash down in front of them blasting at each other* *Rayne is seen in one mecha then Spidey is shown in the other*

imadoki no shakai ja mitomerarenai to mamorareteku michi mo tozasarete yuku kedo

*Obi is shown sitting on a throne leaning against one of the arms with his chin resting on his fist* *A dark and knowing grin appears on his features as one of his followers kneel before him*

egaki dashita mirai souzou shite miyou haya okuride yume wo motome nai de

*Pie appears next to Obi* *She is wearing a cloak, shrouding her face in darkness* *The camera angle then moves to reveal the kneeling follower to be Dtecno who winks at Obi* *Obi then scowls*

yasuragi no hito toki ajiwai nagara

yukkuri de ii hazuna no

*Lightening strikes* *Flame and Makai stand in front of eachother looking as if they are about to fight* *They both run at the same, charging* *Their weapons collide causing an explosion*

tokimeki wasurezu ni odayaka ni susumu

aikawarazu mainichi ha kigaru ni ha ikanai kedo

tameshi ni doryoku demo shite mitara II ne

yarenai koto ha tobashite!

hitotsu hitotsu nara KURIAA dekisou

*Kitty is seen shooting at goons with a machine gun while Random is casting spells with her staff* *Uppie then jumps out of nowhere swinging her giant hammer at the goons before landing back down on the ground* *The scene the shifts to show the group standing in front of the mecha* *Flame has her sword stuck in the ground with both hands placed on the hilt* *Kitty has her machine gun in one hand slung over her shoulder* *Random holds her staff with one hand while looking down shyly* *Spidey stands behind Random and Kitty ruffling their hair* *Makai stands to the side, a little away from the group with his arms crossed* *Uppie stands between Makai and Flame when she suddenly glomps Makai, causing him to fall over* *scene ends with the others laughing*

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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by The Wicked Xen on Sun 25 Jul 2010, 12:30 pm

Ghost Heart

Opening Song:
*guitar intro* *the show's logo appears, bordered by black roses and ghostly hearts that throb to the beat of the music. It all wavers like an old silent film*

PLASTIC na taiyou ga KARAKORE sareta aoi sora ni umekomarete ukanderu okashi na sekai ~ The plastic sun is embedded, floating upon the color-corrected blue sky in this strange world

*Emo, wearing a black and red corset dress, is shown slouching on an elegant high-winged-back chair, a black rose in one hand and her cheek resting on the back of her other hand* *Obi fades in standing at a slight angle on Emo's left, facing her right but looking into the camera. He's wearing a dark trenchcoat and his hands are in his pockets* *Flame fades in. She's wearing dark red shorts and matching top, causing her to look like a boy. She stands at Emo's right, her arm draped over the back of the chair* *Makai fades in. He's wearing travelers clothes and is sitting at Emo's feet, an arm draped over his bent knee* *all four have ghostly hearts over where their hearts should be and they are throbbing to the beat of the music*

*at the piano, the screen goes black and there is a flutter of red rose petals going from left to right*

Kimi to boku ga deaeta no wa douse kamisama no kimaguresa ~ The encountering of me and you must be the God's whim

*There is a crowd of faceless people, their colors shifting randomly.*

Doku iri ringo ame kajiri na gara odorou ~ Let's dance while biting those poisoned candy apples

*One person suddenly appears in the midst of the crowd. He wears a mask that is all black with a wide white smile and happy eyes. He's wearing an elegant suit with a top hat and black gloves* *close up on his face and the smile on his mask grows wider and thinner*

Sugi toori tsumasaki de egaku ai kotoba ~ Transparent tiptoes are writing my words of love

*a black rose bud is shown and it blooms only to burst in a flurry of petals*

Moeagaru negai wa kaze ni note ~ The burning wish is riding the wind

*One by one Random, Kitty, Old, and White step into the scene from the right, throwing spells at some unseen enemy*

Yozora nagareru ano kumo no you ni ~ Like that cloud which is looking at the night sky

*Mamo is shown gathering magic in his hands, his eyes serious* *camera sweeps around Mamo to show Shiro who releases a ball of yellow light into the air*

Konna hoshi no yoru boku wa utai kimi ga odoru ~ I am singing and you are dancing

*Kid and Rayne are shown running from something* *Rayne trips and falls but Kid helps her up and they run again as Pie appears behind them, throwing a spell at an unseen enemy* *Her spell obscures the screen*

Dare ni mo kono sugata wa mienai ~ Nobody can see this figure

*close up shot of Emo, wearing a red dress and lying on her side in a patch of dark thorns*

Dare ni mo kono koe wa kikoenai ~ Nobody can hear this voice

*camera is now looking down at Emo as she turns onto her back* *the colors shift, her dress now turning black while the patch of thorns turn into a bed of red roses*

Yoru ga owaru koro ~ When the night comes to an end

*Emo looks up when she notices that someone is reaching out for her*

Boku wa tonari kimi wa inai ~ You aren't here, beside me

*That someone is Obi. He's struggling through a sea of faceless souls with wavering colors and who are grabbing at him, preventing him from reaching Emo* *He yells Emo's name and reaches a hand out for her*

Tada sore dake ~ That is all about it

*After a second's hesitation, Emo reaches up for Obi and there's a close up as the two grip hands*

Nee, tada sore dake ~ Nee, that's is all about it

*Emo is pulled up and the screen fades into white*

*guitar outro* *there are shots of Makai, Flame, Obi, and Emo (in that order)* *The song ends with the scene in the first verse where Emo is sitting in a chair, only it shows a whole room with everyone there* *Flame, Makai, and Obi are in their predetermined spots* *Random and Kitty are standing next to Flame, their arms linked* *Old and White are sitting at Emo's feet next to Makai* *Pie is standing at Emo's left, next to Obi* *Mamo stands back to back with Obi and has Shiro at his side* *Kid and Rayne stand near Kitty and Random*

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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by Obi Shinobi on Wed 28 Jul 2010, 12:30 am

Tales from New Hope


My name is Obi – this is my story and my city.

New Hope – a megatropolis built from the remains of Earth’s once-great cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, Istanbul, Berlin, Paris, London.. the list could go on, but no one would care. Gone are nations, religions, boundaries, oil; we are now a conglomerate of corporate allegiances that live and breathe nuclear power.

The tensions in the Middle East started it all of course.

After World War 3 erupted smack-dab in the center of Israel, the world burned; oil and religion were the first to go. The machines of war sucked the oil wells dry and filled them back up with blood – battlefield’s lines blurred and citizens became soldiers. No longer did army fight army, but citizen fought soldier, soldier slaughtered citizen; humanity turned on itself and faith in higher power was no more. Prayers were whispered before receiving a bullet in the head and that was the closest thing to faith anyone had anymore.

Without a higher cause, nations crumbled or were devoured by other more powerful nations; everyone was being forced into a desperate place and eventually tactical nukes came into play. The world blossomed in nuclear fire for one brilliant minute.

All those big players fell on that day: July 4, 2027. Ironic that the United States of America held that date in such high regard; July 4th would mark both the beginning and end of the proud western power.

The world fell into darkness and the mighty corporations of the time: Tycom and Geneco LLC, went underground – locking themselves and their resources in giant bunkers they’d built deep in the Earth’s crust. Their resources included those few rich investors who could cough up the greenbacks to get a cozy condo hundreds of feet below the disaster on the surface. Everyone else was left to their own devices; those poor people, the victims, began a new life in the wastes – a dark, unthinkable existence that would turn everyday people into predatory creatures.

After the nuclear fallout it took nearly half of a millennia for humanity to rise from the ashes and reach again for the stars. The corporations rose to power immediately, lording their resources over humanity as they paid the dime humanity needed to build again. Tycom and Geneco LLC eventually combined to create the N.H.C (New Hope Combine), and an empire of Man was birthed.

On September 21, 2473 the “world-city” New Hope was completed and the N.H.C went on to colonize other worlds. We hear they have trees on some colonies, but neither I, nor 75% of New Hope citizens will ever leave this rock. We are all part of New Hope now; this maze of sky-scrapers is our jungle and we its wildlife, and we are wild.

Like in any of the ancient cities, there is always someone who does not wish to obey the commands of the ruling power. The N.H.C labels us miscreants or gangs, but we all have different titles. We are murderers, thieves, marauders, barbarians, heroes, saviors, protectors, guardians, Thorns, Children of Anarchy, the Crazy 88, Jets, Yakuza..

People from every walk of life have banded together in these mean streets of New Hope; these streets seek to devour us, but there is strength in numbers.

It is now December 1, 2489; I am 19 years old and a member of the Crazy 88.

Like I said, this is my story and my city.

Obi Shinobi
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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by Obi Shinobi on Thu 29 Jul 2010, 1:21 am

Tales from New Hope


I feel old as I look out over District 3, the self-appointed “Chinatown” of New Hope. What was once a promising financial hub is now a slum of high-rise apartment complexes, gambling dens and dark alleys, or so I’ve heard? Chinatown has always been the same as I’ve grown up; dirty and dangerous – those two words can describe about everything you’ll see if you look off the Super-Highway into our personal slice of hell.

A stained window is all that separates me from the cold wind blowing outside, and I shrug instinctively under my leather overcoat.

Behind me I can hear Phazon rattling away at his computer; the rhythmic beat he types out on his keyboard mimics my thoughts – sporadic and never-ending.

“Hmm..” I hear him muse to himself, “-this is a little more vexing than I’d anticipated.”

I turn from the window and raise a curious eyebrow, “Problems?” I ask, hoping my request isn’t beyond the hacker’s skill.

Phazon has never failed me to date; he always finds the information I’m looking for and his prices are always reasonable. He says he gives me a ‘friendly discount’, but that’s bullshit. I don’t mind paying a full price for full information though; these days it’s hard to find an honest hacker.

“No, not really any problems, just..” he pauses and pushes his thin-rimmed glasses back into place, “-going to take a tiny bit longer than expected.”

“This encryption is new; I’ve never cracked something like it before, so I need to try a few pokes at its shell and see how it reacts,” he finishes while turning to shrug at me.

It makes sense and I can tell he isn’t stalling for time; the information I want is about an N.H.C prison so I’d come prepared for complications. You don’t just hack into a prisoner mainframe without running into a few clever roadblocks.

“I have faith, kid; you’ll crack this thing,” I offer reassuringly, giving the teenager a tight grin.

Hell, if anyone can stick the pipe to N.H.C and their cyber police, it’s Phazon. When I was his age I was getting into fist-fights down by the docks; Phazon on the other hand is making a tidy fortune and raising a daughter.

Smart kid.

I tense as someone knocks at the door, but relax again as little Isis pushes through the door and dashes across the room to hug my legs.

She squeals my name excitedly and smacks her head against my knee, “Obi! Mmfff!”

“Isis, sweetie, you’re supposed to be in bed..” Phazon scolds. It’s funny hearing him scold his daughter – makes him seem a lot older for some odd reason.

“Monsters under my bed!” Isis replies, releasing me to turn and huff indignantly at her father.

Phazon snorts and rolls his eyes comically, giving me a tired look. I know he loves his daughter, but he also loves his job and I can guess what he wants.

“C’mon squirt, I’ll get rid of the monsters..” I offer, scooping Isis up by the back of her pajamas.

I let her dangle just above the floor as I exit the room and she giggles hysterically, little hands desperately seeking a hold as she tries to resist being hauled off to bed,“Nooo, Obi! They’re monsters in there!”

A smile tugs at my lips as I haul her down the hall to her room and toss her on the bed; she’s a lucky girl, having a room to herself. When I was her age I was sleeping under the Super-Highway, curled up next to a stray dog trying to keep each other warm.

“Monsters!” she squeals, diving under the pink covers.

I laugh and get down on my hands and knees, pretending to look under the bed, “They must’ve heard me coming. All gone.”

As I straighten back up, Isis pokes her head out from under the covers and smiles at me knowingly, “I know there aren’t any monsters.”

“I know you do. You just like bothering daddy, hmm?”

She nods and yawns; her eyes threaten to droop, but she blinks and holds her eyelids at bay – defiant to the last. I can’t help but ruffle her mousy hair, earning myself a frustrated huff as she swats my hand away.

“Goodnight, squirt..” I coo, turning back to the door to shut off the light.

Isis accepts my departure and waves tiredly as she buries herself beneath the covers, only the top of her head showing above the pillow.

There are times I wish I was a family man, but those times are few and far between. I couldn’t be a dad to Isis like Phazon; my life is dangerous enough for me alone, much less anyone else.

Not anytime soon, pal, I promise myself, looking at my big, scarred hands as I shut Isis’ door softly and head back to the living room. These hands were made for killing, not raising children.

Phazon turns and greets me with a grateful smile as I enter his place of work, “Thanks man.”

“No problem.”

The teen rolls his neck and points at his screen, “This thing’s a bitch. It’s going to take me a while..”

Not entirely unexpected; I had planned to be in this part of town for a few days anyways. This delay would allow me to finish up some errands before I head back to 88 territory.

“I’ll drop by tomorrow then?” I ask, wondering just how confident Phazon is about this job.

Like always, he doesn’t disappoint and simply shrugs at me, “Bring donuts and coffee. I’m staying up late.”

I love this guy. He is rapidly becoming my ace in the hole; none of my enemies know about him, and I plan to keep it that way. Information is like drugs on these streets; the good stuff is hard to find and expensive to get, but if you ‘know a guy’, then you become the big-shot in the neighborhood.

“I’ll bring Isis some chocolate-glazed.”

Phazon nods and turns back to the screen, “She’d appreciate it.”

Without another word I slip out the door, making sure to shut it tightly and wait till I hear Phazon come and lock it behind me. He has yet to forget, but I stay for a few minutes just in case.

Satisfied that I’m on the right track, I feel something akin to excitement light up my chest – I feel bubbly. The person I’ve been looking for is being held by the N.H.C, I can feel it in my gut; Phazon will find out for sure, but I just have this feeling..

She has been getting away from me for years, but now the N.H.C has cornered her for me. Those prisons of theirs are no fun-houses and I feel sorry for her, but on the same note I’m glad she’s in lock-down. It’s been hell trying to get information on someone that barely anyone knows or cares about, but she matters to me – a lot.

So caught up in my reminiscing, I don’t stop to check the street as I exit Phazon’s apartment building.

I catch sight of a suspicious car parked across the street, when something metal smacks into the back of my head. Stars explode before my eyes and I tumble forward down the steps, twisting my wrist in the process and knocking my shin.

“Hello, darling..” a woman’s voice drones from behind me, and I hear the distinctive sound of a gun being holstered.

My skull throbs and I blink to clear my vision as I try to stand, but I’m forced down again as someone puts their knee into my back. There is a pause, and then I feel hands frisk me and they find the revolver tucked into my belt.

“He’s packing,” a second voice observes – this one unfamiliar and definitely male.

I see a high-heel step into my vision, barely hidden underneath navy blue khakis. I follow the leg upwards, until an all-too-familiar face greets my view; a smirk is written across the woman’s lips as she nods at the person holding me down.

Detective Katie “Pie” Pierce, head of Chinatown’s Homicide Investigation unit; she’s N.H.C’s voice and strong arm in District 3.

“How’s it going, Obi?” she asks, her tone perfectly tuned to be polite, yet forceful in one go.

I shrug and cringe as her lackey pulls me up and slams me backwards against some poor bloke’s car. The wind is driven from my lungs as he plants a sucker-punch in my ribs.

“-fuck you, scumbag! Let’s get to talking, hmm?” he spits, his words laced with venom.

I think this kid has something against gangsters like me – just a guess. Someone must’ve fucked with this guy on a mental level at some point, and now he was more than happy to take out that rage on me.

“Mamo, he can’t talk if he can’t breathe,” Pie comments cooly as she lights a cigarette.

I look this Mamo over and rack my brain for a file. I like to keep tabs on all the N.H.C goons walking my territory; it helps to know what you’re up against before you step outside.

Mamoru Ookami, junior detective out of N.H.C Police Academy. Top of his class. Martial arts champion during school year. One known family member: Arun Ookami, daughter, wife Yuki Ookami: deceased.

That explains it; someone killed his old lady and left his girl without a mama.

“Listen to your superior, kid, she knows a thing or two,” I rasp, trying to blink through the throbbing in both my head and ribs.

I can tell he wants to punch me again, but he reluctantly backs away, hand drifting down to the standard-issue pistol at his side. My piece is a little flashier: a custom engraved six-shooter with pearl handle, but it doesn’t do me much good when it’s sitting on the ground behind a police officer.

“So..?” Pie murmurs, taking a drag on her cigarette, thin fingers motioning for me to talk.

“Just visiting an old friend, Pie, just visiting an old friend..”

She smiles knowingly, like a cat cornering a mouse, “This Phazon character is a good friend, hmm?”

Inwardly I grimace; my enemies do know about Phazon then – that isn’t welcoming news. Still, she doesn’t know why I’m here.

“I babysit from time to time..”

Pie laughs and looks me over, “I don’t take you for the babysitting type, murderer.”

I squint a little and tilt my head, letting her know I don’t approve of the nickname. I’ve never once killed someone who didn’t deserve a bullet in the head or a knife across the jugular; hell, the city should pay me for the amount of scum I’ve put in body bags.

But no, we both know why she’s dubbed me a murderer.

A few years back, Pie and a couple of her jolly colleagues busted into a Crazy 88’s safe house. Her partner caught a stray bullet in the face, and because I just happened to be in the back room counting money – armed I might add – she booked me right away and hauled me off to prison.

My lawyer got me out after 4 months, pretty easily considering no one had hard evidence against me, but Pie didn’t let it fly. The woman has a reputation as a hound-dog; she doesn’t give up the chase. In her mind I’m as guilty as can be and she’s just waiting for another chance to book me.

We’ve been playing this game for months. Fucking persistent woman..

“When are you going to just leave me alone, detective?” I ask curiously.

Pie shrugs and drops her cigarette, crushing it beneath her heel, “When you fess up.”

I sigh and shrug dejectedly; there isn’t a point in saying anything. Every time we run into each other, a similar rendition of this exact conversation happens. I’m not going to admit to something I didn’t do, and Pie won’t hear reason.

“Should we tell him?” I hear Mamoru query, his dark eyebrows knit together in a curious frown.

My ears perk up and I can’t help but look to Pie expectantly. She knows this has gotten my attention, and I can tell she wants to lord the mystery over me; it’s just her nature to dangle the worm before the starving fish.

“Nah, we’ll wait till he wants to talk about something other than babysitting..” she finally says, turning her back to me as she bends over and picks up my gun.

If she wasn’t such a hateful bitch, I might have pursued her in another life. With that hourglass figure, teasing grin, and legs that never ended – Pie wasn’t an unattractive woman, in fact she’s quite a looker.

Despite my throbbing skull, I manage to look her over as she retrieves my weapon. Mamoru, true to form, notes my wandering eyes and plants his fist in my stomach again. I crumple and reach out to grab onto the vehicle to keep from falling over.

Bastard. I’m beginning to not like this young detective.

“You know who he is right?” I hear Pie ask her partner as she walks over, the click of her heels on pavement echoing in my head as my ears ring. She grabs my hand and slaps my gun into it; it’s lighter, so I know she’s taken out the bullets.

“He’s a gangster, one of those Crazy 88’s that shot your partner..” Mamoru rattles off like clockwork.

I straighten myself up and suck in some air – my lungs are grateful.

“Your daughter, Arun..” I start to say, pausing to suck in another breath, “-how does she like her school?”

Both officers look at me; Pie’s features are calm, but the new kid -- I can see the rage building.

“What the fuck did you say?” he hisses, fists clenching till his knuckles are white.

“Officer Mamoru, you’re new to these streets-“ I state, not waiting for a reply as I continue, “-I’m sure running around with the detective will enlighten you a bit, but let me tell you right now..”

I can feel a little rage building, not just at this man, but the system that birthed him.

“I don’t like being punched. On these streets.. cops and robbers play nice until ordered otherwise. If you don’t learn to play nice, I’ll see if a few of my boys can drop by your home and play a different game with your pretty daughter.”

I’ve never been one to drop empty threats. I have a soft spot for kids, which is well-known, but when you’re pushed, you can only fall back so much before you have to push back. The Crazy 88’s push hard.

“Are you threatening my partner?” Pie asks, turning back towards me, her gaze hard. Mamoru is shaking now.

“Just passing on some wisdom, detective..” I reply calmly, tucking my gun back into my belt.

I turn my back on the officers and walk away, gritting my teeth through the pain in my knee. Don’t let them see you bleed..

The saying has been a constant in my life, because if you bleed in Chinatown, the sharks will come.
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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by The Wicked Xen on Mon 16 Aug 2010, 11:24 am

Ghost Heart


A storm was underway; the sky was thick with ominous dark clouds and lightning flashed in the distance like marks of an angry artist. Thunder rumbled, shaking ones bones and reverberating one's soul like the beat of ancient drums that pounded out impending doom. From the clouds rain poured down and wind blew, pattering onto and shaking the glass panes of the windows of the infamous Gothika Manor.

The Gothika Manor. It sat alone on the forested hill that overlooked the town of Bielefeld, like an intimidating sentinel. Since it was first built five generations ago, it had been subject to many rumors. Some say that the first master of the house was a necromancer who was killed by his undead creations. And from then on his descendants studied necromancy and dark magic as a family tradition, even going as far as kidnapping townspeople to use them as subjects for their magical experiments.

But of course, there was no solid evidence for such a thing, so the Gothika family was left well enough alone. They barely ever leave their sanctuary anyway and it’s because of this that rumors still swirl around the heads of those souls still living in the manor.

However, on this stormy night, the fate of one young Gothika will change, all because of one little childish mistake.

Emotive Gothika could be described as a strange little girl. But then again, she grew up in a strange family. Her mother was a painter who envisioned death and destruction in the most vivid of ways. Her father was a magicer who loved to experiment with his magic, be they ordinary household cleaning spells or more gruesome torture ones that he uses on death row criminals (which just might add to the rumor of the family experimenting on people with their magic, but never had he kidnapped an innocent townsperson). Adding to the family was the staff that only consisted of two people: Anthony the butler and Mary Anne, the maid, both of whom has been working for the Gothika family long before Emotive was born.

This really was quite strange since Anthony and Mary Anne looked like they were in their early twenties.

On that stormy night, Emotive - or Emo, as she insists on being called - was sitting on her bed, her bedside lamp sending a soft glow through the plainly decorated bedroom. Despite being only five years old, Emo always had the habit of staying up past her bed time, sometimes playing quietly with her toys or even reading books that no ordinary children her age should be able to read. Tonight she was reading a book on magic, one that she took from her father's study. She knew that her father wouldn't mind her taking it without permission because she was set to begin her magic training soon anyway. Might as well have an early start.

As the night grew late and the storm (which the little girl barely noticed) waged on, Emo's drowsiness finally caught up with her. The grandfather clock standing at the end of the hallway outside chimed a total of twelve bells, signaling that it was already midnight. Seeing that she was getting very sleepy and a headache was forming at her temples for staying up so late already, Emo decided that it was time to call it a night. Setting aside her book, she switched off her lamp, plunging the room into a darkness that was only interrupted by flashes of lightning, and she settled into her large bed, snuggling beneath the heavy covers before closing her eyes and attempting to fall asleep.

But sleep eluded her. Even though she felt incredibly tired, her brain would not just shut down. Something was itching at the back of her mind, a feeling that told her that tonight was not going to be an ordinary night.

It was then that she heard the voice.

Come little children
I'll take thee away
Into a land of Enchantment

Come little children
The time's come to play
Here in my garden of Shadows

Emo's brown eyes slowly opened and she stared at the ceiling of her four-post bed. The voice that was singing a melancholic song about children, sounded ominous and almost hypnotic, but it also sounded distant, like someone was singing it from down the hall. Of course, Emo wasn't convinced that anyone inside the house was singing. Partly because it was in the middle of the night, but mostly because there was a strange echo behind the voice, something that none of the other residents in the house possessed.

Sitting up on her bed, Emo looked around her room, cautious and wary, but still very curious being the child she was. Hoping that she will find the source of the singing, Emo slid out of her bed and padded quietly to her bedroom door, opening it with a creak that made her wince slightly, and stepping out into the dark hallway.

She was not afraid of the darkness. She grew up in it after all, lived in it, and was practically born in it. She learned that she had nothing to fear in the darkness for she can turn darkness into an ally. That's what her father said anyway and she knew that her father was always right.

Follow sweet children
I'll show thee the way
Through all the pain and the Sorrows

Weep not poor children
For life is this way
Murdering beauty and Passions

As Emo padded barefoot down the lightless halls, hearing thunder rumble, rain fall, and wind blow against the thick walls, she noticed that the sounds failed to muffle the singing voice. And yet, she could still tell that the voice was still very much far away from her. Now she was even more determined to see just who it was that was singing; there was just something magical about it and, despite the feeling that she was further walking into dangerous territory, Emo continued her plight, her curiosity outweighing her cautiousness.

She soon came to the large flight of stairs that ran through the center of the manor. There was a tall window on the landing that revealed the heavily storming outside. Lightning flashed again, illuminating the landing where Emo stood, and it was followed by the crack and rumble of thunder. Emo found herself shivering slightly at the sounds; she had always been fascinated by the dangerous quality and beauty of storms.

Turning away from the window, Emo descended the stairs, being careful not to stumble. She noticed that the voice was getting louder as she passed the second floor (her room being on the third floor) and it was the loudest once she stepped off the stairs and onto the ground floor.

Hush now dear children
It must be this way
To weary of life and Deceptions

Rest now my children
For soon we'll away
Into the calm and the Quiet

Emo knew where the voice was coming from now. It was coming from outside, perhaps just right behind the front door. How she knew, she had no idea, but she could feel it and it was practically driving her crazy. She slowly walked to the door, her small hand reaching out to grasp the brass doorknob. Once she felt the coldness of the metal on her palm, she hesitated for half a second before twisting it and pulling the heavy mahogany doors open.

The symphony of the storm grew louder as the doorway to the outside was revealed. Wind blew around Emo’s little form, sending her hair and nightgown into a disarray, and thick pellets of rain accompanied the wind, splattering onto the oak floor and soon turning Emo a shivering mess.

But she didn’t care about the state of her clothes or how cold she felt. At the moment, her eyes were transfixed on a dark figure that was walking towards the house, stepping forward with purpose.

And then she knew. The singing voice was coming from this distorting figure that looked like it was a walking shadow.

Come little children
I'll take thee away
Into a land of Enchantment

Come little children
The time's come to play…

Emo blinked, and then the dark figure was suddenly standing in front of her.

Here in my garden of Shadows…” that voice sang in an echoing baritone that seemed to make Emo’s bones hum.

Thunder boomed and lightning flashed again, allowing Emo to scrutinize the figure before her. He was tall, lanky, and was wearing an elegant black suit with matching gloves and a top hat. His clothes were hardly affected by the harsh-blowing wind and rain and his top hat stayed perfectly glued on his head, almost like they were spelled in place.

Another flash of lightning revealed to Emo that the man was wearing a mask that covered his entire face; a theatre mask that was entirely black save for the white eyes and grinning mouth.

Emo felt a shiver rack through her body again, though she was sure that the cold wasn’t the cause of it.

“Who… who are you?” Emo asked timidly, her brown eyes looking curiously – and fearfully – up at the masked man.

The grin on the mask widened – certainly a spelled mask to reflect the emotion of the one wearing it – and the man swept into a low elegant bow, snatching his hat off of his head as he did so.

“Sweet little girl,” the man said, his deep echoing voice eerily loud despite the raging storm. “I have naught a name, but a title; the title of a Duke.”

Emo’s eyes widened considerably. She had never met a duke before, but she was sure that dukes weren’t usually this… odd…

“What are you… what are you doing here?” she asked.

The Duke chuckled deeply as he placed his hand on the top of his head again. “I’m just here for one, simple thing,” he said, fingering the brim of his hat, looking unusually happy with that mask on his face.

Then, in a flash of lightning, Emo was staring straight into those inverted U-shaped eyes, the Duke’s face just inches away from hers. A cotton-glove-covered hand encircled her slim throat, not choking her, but squeezing it enough for her to have trouble breathing. It was then that Emo felt true fear spike her heart and dozens of panicked questions flew through her young mind. Am I going to die? Is he going to kill me? What does he want? Will he hurt my family? What does he want…?

“I want…” the Duke whispered, as if he read Emo’s mind, “to see if you’re the one…”

The Duke chuckled again, this time sounding more crazed instead of amuse, and his grip on Emo’s throat tightened. Emo struggled, her tiny hands clawing at the Duke’s gloved one to no avail, but then she felt a searing heat burn into the skin of her throat and it took only a second for her to decide to scream.

And scream she did. She screamed until she was hoarse and when the burning stopped, she collapsed from the pain, easily falling into a state unconsciousness. The Duke, seeing that his task was complete, dropped the girl onto the cold, water-covered floor, not caring about her state and more interested in what would happen next. Feeling a little giddy at the thought, the Duke turned on his heel and walked away from the manor, happily singing his little song again.

Not long after, the rest of the Gothika family appeared at the front door, having been woken by Emo’s pained screams. They of course wondered many things about the horribly situation in front of them, but the one question that truly occupied their minds (and angered them immensely as well) was who was cruel enough to mark the little girl in such a painful?

For on the left side of Emo’s neck, burnt into her skin like she was just some form of cattle, was a curvy letter D. It was a scar that she will carry throughout her life.

And it was the start of everything.
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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by PiePerson on Thu 19 Aug 2010, 12:26 am

MiSpLaCeD; Into The Woods

A story that makes hardly any sense until the very end.

Chapter 1

Curtain up, cue spot lights….

On the far left, the home of CINDERELLA, Cinderella is cleaning the floor, frozen

In the center, sits JACK in his cottage, he is inside milking his cow, Milky White, he is also frozen

On the far right, is the home/work place of the BAKER and the BAKER’S WIFE

Tom: Once upon a time...

Obi – Wait a sec, what’s going on? Once upon a time? Are we some kind of fantasy world…?

Tom – Yes Obi, we somehow got trapped in some crappy ass American Musical,

Obi – I don’t feel like singing,

Emo – I feel like a pauper…

Tom – You are one, we’re in ‘Into The Woods’, I’m the narrator, and you’re Obi’s wife

Obi – Sweet! Guess it’s just you and me now Chibi Vader *winks at Emo*

Emo – Oh, I wouldn’t say that… *glances to her right to see White and Kitty in their own little sections of what appears to be a stage*

Kitty: I wish… (CINDERELLA starts to clean the floor)

Tom: In a far off kingdom…

Kitty: More than anything!!

Tom: Lived a young maiden…

Kitty: More than life…

Tom: A sad young lad…

Kitty: More than Jewels….

White: I wish! (JACK is milking his cow)

Obi -*snickers*

Emo - *Elbows Obi* SHushh! We’re up next!!

Tom: -and a childless baker…

White: More than life!

Obi & Kitty: I wish…

Tom: -With his wife…

White: More than anything!

White & Kitty & Obi: More than the moon!!!

Emo: I wish!

Obi: I wish we had a child!

Emo: I want a child!!

White: I wish my cow would give us some milk…

All: I wish!!


Obi - Okay, okay, so, I’m a baker… and I have no kids, and my wife isn’t giving me babies… my life sucks.

Tom - It’s a play Obi, as in, you’re an actor in this play. The opening is supposed to be sung, so we all just kinda spat out a bunch of words instead of lyrics. From here on out, you can make the part your own, you know, improvise.

Emo - Alright, I get. Obi and I are a couple, Kitty is Cinderella, and White is Jack! From Jack and the Bean stalk. Cinderella just wants to go to the festival, and Jack wants his cow ‘Milky White’ to give his family milk, and we want a child!

Tom – Correct Emo, ‘Into the Woods’ is basically a compilation of fairytales.

Kitty – I get to be a princess!! I wish… lol ^-^

White - …I have a cow

Obi- *snickers* Yes, and you milk her real well!

Emo - *sigh* So how do we get out of here?

Tom - *shrugs* Follow the plot, see where it takes us…

Pie – Alright, sounds like fun!! I saw this play, and I love my part!! Step aside guys, here’s a true actress at work!!


Kitty: The king is giving a festival… I wish to go to the festival…and the ball! More than anything!

*CINDERELLA’S STEPMOTHER and her two daughters, FLORINDA and LUCINDA enter*

Pie: You, Cinderella want to go to the festival? Ha! You make me laugh.

Rayne: The festival?

Wolfie: The kings festival??

Tom: Poor Cinderella, her mother had died, and married-

Pie: Cinderella, you are much too ugly and homely to go to the festival, I mean, really.

Tom: …Right, he had married a woman with two daughters of her own, Florinda

Wolfie: Look at your hair!

Tom: and Lucinda…

Rayne: Look at your clothes!

Pie: You disgrace our family in those dirty robes!

Tom: All three were quite beautiful on the outside, but total bitches on the inside. (And apparently they were good at rhyming >.>)

Pie: Yes, yes Cinderella, we ALL know that you want to go to the festival, to dance before the prince!

Rayne: Whore.

Wolfie: *glances at Lucinda* …Yeah.

Pie: *evil laughter* You should thank me, if you were to go, you would a total fool of yourself!!

Wolfie: You’re no cleaner or prettier than this dirty floor!

Rayne: Whoops! *she kicks over Cinderella’s bucket* Missed a spot!!

Pie & Rayne & Wolfie: *hysterical laughter*


Obi – Wow Pie, that was… interesting.

Tom – Yeah, you certainly made it your own…

Pie – Told ya. *Flips hair*

Emo – Sweetie Pie isn’t so sweet in this play.

Rayne – Oh my god!! This is so cool!! I always wanted to be a bitch!!

Wolfie – x3 It is kinda funny, I mean, I have my own slave now!! Very Happy

Kitty – That’s easy for you to say, I’m the one being picked on, I don’t even know what’s going on!!

Obi – Yerp. *confused*

Pie – Don’t worry, The opening is the hardest part of the play, from here on out, it should be a lot easier to understand, but yes, it is kinda

Emo – I get it…

Obi – Pfft, whatever.This isn’t my kind of movie anyways.

White – Play, actually.

Tom – I’m the narrator, sooo I know everything.

Pie – And I just know, so, the next scene is with Jack, and his mommy.

Tom – I don’t think anyone is playing his mother…

Pie – So she’s just an ominous voice?

Tom – Pretty much.

Obi – I gotta pee…

Emo – *facepalm*

Mamo – Me too,

Emo – Mamo?? Where did-? How did-?

Rayne – Hi Mamo!!

Mamo – *noms cookie on way to the bathroom *

Emo – Damnit, now I’m confused.

Pie – That wasn’t even the end of scene one… Mamo isn’t supposed to be here till like, scene three.

Emo – Woah, not even done with scene one?

Tom – It’s complicated.

Emo – This conversation is far more confusing than that last song… or whatever it was.

Woflie – I kinda gotta pee now too…

Tom – Alright guys! Pee break! Take five!

*everyone except Emo rushes to the bathroom*

Emo – I’m so confused!! T~T
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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by Whitepulse43 on Tue 31 Aug 2010, 12:17 am

Opening song

During the intro play, in screen is view of sky and grassland. Cloud's move like fastfowarded and the screen fade's in white color, Op logo fading in also to white background.when intro play is coming at end, logo fade's away.

What did I really lose that day?
Screen turn's into dark steel prison cell with bunk at left side of wall and figure sitting on floor leaning at wall opposite of camera. Figure wears, baggy trouser's and shirt and has no shoe's. On top of the baggy shirt is metal vest placed on figure which locks arm's behind and wear full face mask with black color. Screen slowly zoom's up at scene before changin.

Somehow, I forgot it
Picture has zoomed back showing metalic bar's of prison.

In one weeping night, little by little, we fell apart
View of inside house at Flame who leans at open window wind blowing her hair, then view fading into Obi and Cathy, Emo and Wolfie, then Mamo and Pie

But somehow we remained, not able to leave

Somewhere, in light breakable soul
Two faceless guard's are escorting the prisoner from start at hallway with stone floor, screen then changin Flame, Emo, Obi and Pie who look like are prepared for battle.

There is goodness
Screen return's to prisoner now much closer view at face covered in mask, then screen changin into Kitty, Ran, Makai and Cathy who are also prepared looking with serious face.

Covert in words
Man with blond hair covering his left eye sitting at his desk leaning on his table hand's together looking over them. looking toward camera.

A ant view of person who has four other's behind him standing. Covered in shadow, move's hand over the camera same time changing the camera.

We will never unite, so farewell
View change's into Flame, Cathy and Mamo fighting Droid like enemies, Flame wielding Katana and cutting through droid's, Cathy using spear impaling droid and then smashing it agains't other droid's and Mamo using blade's with boomerang like structure made of steel.

Because fate has other things waiting for us in future
One droid tries to attact Cathy from behind but is shot down with red flash, view turning at Obi wielding rifle and shooting several time's with smirk on his face.

In this world without you
View change's into White fighting agains't Enemy with green long hair bangage crossing his face and collar around his neck linked to his ear with gold chain.

I will run....
White dodge's to side avoiding the powerfull punch which shatter's earth creating large crater.

And i will overcome this pain that i had in the past
White stand's up and dust beging to circle around his feet froming cricle wthi spark's of electricity.

Screen zooming at eyes when blue aura gather's around, and eyes glow blue.

Screen fade's into white color then change's.

At music outro everybody are taking their stands at outside side by side, in sun light.



In hall way with several metal doors with numbers above them walked two guards in red and blue uniforms with the tag 'Vancom' written on them. The other guard was wearing a cap which fit well with the uniform.

"I can't wait till my night shift ends." The other guard groaned, giving a small jab to his shoulders. Both of them stopped at a door with 'S-175' written above it.

The guard with the cap stepped forward and slid metal plate aside at the door so he would be able look inside the room. "Yep, still there," he said as he stepped aside to allow his colleague to see.

The man stepped forward and looked through the peeking hole into a dark cell room. At the back of the room sat a person leaning against the wall in baggy white prison clothes, a metal vest which locked their arms behind their back, and a full face mask. Their head was leaning forward, giving the impression of sleeping.

"Makes me sometimes wonder why he's here," he said his thoughts out loud.

"Heh, like I care. Tomorrow he will be someone else pain after he gets transferred." The other guard said, taking his cap off from his head for a moment to wipe his forehead with his sleeve. He then placed the cap back on his head. The xeno lamp above them gave a few flashes causing both guards to look up at it.

"The janitor should really change that lamp, it gives me creeps everytime" One of the guards said looking at it as a small sweat drop rolled down the left side of his temple.

"Oh, don't be such a wuss." The guard with the cap said moving back in front the door to slide the metal back while still looking at the roof lamp.

"Like you're one to talk," His colleague said wiping sweat off with his sleeve too.

"Gaaaaaahhhhh!!" The cap flew off the guard's head as he fell on his back. He had turned his head toward the cell door to slide the cover back, and was scared half dead when the prisoner stood at other side of the door, with black full face covering mask, looking through the hole which was quite impossible since eyes were covered by the mask. The guard didn't even hear the prisoner walk to door. The prisoner just stood there silently looking through.

The other guard burst into laughter when he witnessed his colleague being scared like that.

"Who's the wuss now ?" The guard asked holding his stomach and laughing.

The other guard picked his cap up from the floor grumbling, then slammed the metal door shut with full force right infront prisoner's face. Both of them kept walking down the hall, the other still laughing, while the inhabits at the other cells woke up from the ruckus. The prisoner stood there still at same spot where he looked through. He then leaned his head against metal door.

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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by Whitepulse43 on Fri 17 Sep 2010, 4:49 pm

Psych Overdrive
Episode 1


A spherical droid floated backwards making fast maneuveral movements,”Announcement: Error! Error!! Combat data miscalculated! Re-calculating the data! Chance's of survival -!”

Before droid was able to finish its sentence, it was destroyed.

“Slim...” Flame said, slashing her katana to clean all additional dirt off. She stood in a middle of huge room, the floor filled with destroyed combat training droids.

A female computer's voice was then heard in the room,”Combat simulation finished. Previous best time: 8 minutes and 5 seconds. Current time: 7 minutes and 38 seconds. Congratulations, you have made new best time, in this simulation. Thank you and have a nice day.”

Flame gave a small satisfied smile. It was then that she heard the sound of clapping coming from behind her, near the entrance. She turned her head toward the source of the clapping and saw Emo, Obi and Random giving their approval.

“That was amazing Flame,“ Random said.

“Hmm.. not bad, thou I could have done that better,” Obi smirked.

“Yeah right, even after 13 attempts you still couldn't beat that record,” Emo scoffed.

“What was that?” Obi asked, thinking he had heard wrong.

“You heard me. You. Have. No. Chance. To. Beat. Flame's. Record” She said with grin, moving her finger with each word she said.

“Alright settle down you two.” Flame said, ceasing their argument.

“Oh, Flame. If you're finished with your training, would you like to join us for lunch?” Random asked hands clasped together as she tilted her head to left with a smile on her face.

“Yeah, I'll be there in a minute,” Flame said and placed the katana, she held, into the sheath on her back.

“Ooh, too bad! Captain sent me, has something to discuss with you.” Obi said.

“What!?” Emo and Random said together out loud.

“You could have told us earlier...” Random muttered.

“Oh, I didn't tell you about it?” Obi said placing hands behind his neck, mock confusion etched upon his face.

“No, you didn't!! You did that on purpose!!” Emo yelled, hitting Obi several times on his shoulder. It, however, didn't seem to have any effect.

“Hmm, maybe...” Obi mused with sly smirk, looking at the other direction.

“I guess I have no choice then.” Flame sighed exiting the training room, leaving. Obi, Random and Emo all looked at her back as she walked away. Emo glared at Obi and then stomped on his toes when he wasn't looking. Obi yelped, holding up his hurt foot while hopping on one leg to keep balance.

Flame walked down the marble hallway which had several open windows, a warm breeze blowing in. Birds flew outside in the building courtyard, filling it with their chirps.

Walked past several other door's and was greeted by other fellow soldiers wearing uniforms. She soon stopped in front one of the doors.

Flame gave took small breath in and knocked on the door once. She waited for a moment, before she heard male voice telling her to come in. She then opened the door and stepped into an office with a large window on the opposite wall. It gave a view to the outside courtyard. There was also an oak desk in-front of the window and a man sitting behind the desk.

The man had dirty blond hair which covered his left eye. The one visible eye was green colored and he wore a black tailored suit. He leaned both of his elbows to the desk, his fingers intertwining together, his hands covering the lower portion of his face.

“Captain Ashworth .” Flame said and saluted when she stood in-front the desk.

“You don't have to be so formal, it give's me a bothersome feeling when I'm addressed so formally” Ashworth said rubbing back of his neck with his right hand looking slightly bothered.

Flame frowned her brown's whens she stopped saluting at Ashworth “I have said this once and I'll say it again, get use to it.” She said with pressuring tone.

“*Sigh* Like I would win argument against you in this matter.” Ashworth said lazily and leaned back on his chair.

“Now about the reason I called you....” Ash worth opened his desk's drawer and gave clipboard to Flame.

“Few week's ago Vancom made prisoner transferring to other facility, the exact reason was never made. Four prisoner's vanished during the transfer and the guard's apparently killed. For some odd reason, Vancom refuses to give the info about the missing prisoner's.” Ashworth explained while Flame read the clipboard's page's.

“ Any lead's?” Flame asked while she kept reading the page's.

“None at moment, but that's not why I called you. IDAB want's to monitor another prisoner transfer.” Ashworth said. Flame looked at Ashworth little confused about what she just heard.

“Monitor a prisoner transfer?” She repeated.

“Well, more like participate in it. This prisoner was suppose transfer along with other four, but since they couldn't spare few more guard's, his transferring was pushed by two week's.”

“Why does IDAB want to participate in prisoner transfer? Shouldn't we suppose to search the missing one's?”

“We believe that Vancom has something to do with it, so IDAB demanded to participate in this transfer.” Ashworth leaned his elbows on the table putting hand up together covering again lower portion of face.

“To use it as excuse to infiltrate one of the Vancom facility's to search evidence.” Flame said understanding what was the true priority.

“That and secure the transfer.” Ashworth said dug a sandwich out of desk drawer. A large sweat appeared on Flame when she witnessed how laid back her captain was to just dig up his lunch from drawer in a middle of serious conversation.

Ashworth took a bite out from the sandwich and spoke while his mouth was full making impossible to understand. “Can't understand a thing you just said.....” Flame said large sweat drop appearing again.

Ashworth swallowed the piece of sandwich and spoke again. “ Man called Marick will talk to you at pick up facility near “Cahalion Canyon”. During pick up he give's an a envelope among transferring paper's. In that envelope has information about the prisoner's, transferring reason and something else, it's not clear what.” Ashworth said.

“Understood.” Flame said and saluted.

“Good, now I believe your friend's are waiting for you?” Ashworth said gesturing toward door. Flame looked at room's door and opened it. Causing Obi , Random and Emo Falling from doorway. All three of them were eavesdropping at door before Flame opened the door.

“ Hello~” Emo said on top of pile.

“Ouch! Hey Emo your elbow's pressing against my side...” Random groaned under Emo.

“ Get off me, I'm suppose to be on the top.” Obi murmured from under the pile being pushed down.

“It's nice that you all decided to join us” Ashworth said calmly smiling and placed his sandwich on the table, causing Emo,Obi and Random look up at Flame and Ashworth.

“It was her idea!” Obi and Random said together pointing at Emo.

“No fair!!” Emo protested.

“I though you all went to lunch.” Flame said looking at all three of them.

“I suggest that you talk about that other time, they will be attending to operation as well and I'm sure that I don't need to tell again about the mission.” Ashworth said leaning back on his chair.

“Sir!” Emo, Random and Obi stood instantly up next to Flame and saluted. When all four left room, Ashworth reached out for his bread which he had placed on the table.

“Huh...?” Ashworth looked at table lazily, and he didn't see sandwich anywhere.

Obi turned sandwich around in his hand's looking at it and sniffed. “Where on earth did you get that?” Emo asked as they walked down hallway with Random and Flame. Obi simply shrugged and threw the sandwich out off window into bushes below.

(Time skip)

Emo watched out off window how lush scene outside passed them when they flew with the chopper in a valley. Little by little lushness decreasing as they kept flying. Obi yawned while he leaned back on his seat hand's behind neck. “Don't doze off Obi, we're nearly there” Flame said while she also looked out from chopper's window.

“C'mon, we're talking about one single prisoner here, I bet I could kick his ass easily if he would try anything.” Obi boasted giving a small smirk. Random leaning her head back looking at chopper's inside roof, slightly tired looking.

“It's good to keep your eyes open.” Flame stated as the lush scene ended suddenly changing into a desert canyon like. Approaching a landing hangar of Vancoms Cahalion facility which was designed to prisoner's air transport. The facility's location was secluded from civilization at the desert where sand storm's blew.

IDAB chopper landed inside hangar into cover from sandstorms which raged outside. Several Vancom aircraft's were in hangar guarded by guard's in red blue uniforms. Two of the guard's standing near large blast door which lead out from hangar's into facility.

Obi gave long whistle when he stepped out from chopper into hangar.”They got the latest vehicles here” He said looking at the transport's. He was followed by Random who yawned and rubbed eyes, she was little tired from the trip. After her came out Emo then Flame both looking around the hangar they stood in.

They were approached by clearly a high ranking guard who few moments changed his eyes from Obi to Emo to Random to Flame. “We received message from the IDAB that four soldier would come, I presume that would be you four.” Guard said with stern voice looking all four with no clear emotion on his face.

“Yes, here are the authorizations” Flame said handing papers to guard, who few moments looked at them.

“Everything seems to be in order, follow me and try not to fall behind...” He said with slight sarcasm in his voice leading all of them to blast door.

“Is it just me or do I fee like we're not welcome here?” Emo muttered so that only Flame could hear. Both guards standing both side's of door saluted as they approached, the officer leading all four. As the blast door's opened, the area changed into more confinement like. They walked in the at hallway which had window at left side on wall showing that they were the upper level of the jail.

“Stand back for the moment....” Officer said as he approached two other guard's who guarded elevator which leaded to lower part of jail. Both guard's saluted and stepped little aside as the officer punched in the elevators door code, opening the elevator's door's.

“Please keep your distance to prisoners and their cell's, Warden's order's” Officer announced when elevator's door's closed then pressed the lowest number “5”. Causing elevator to ascent down. Elevator had reinforced glass windows, which through Random and Emo watched how some guards escorted some prisoner's at walkways, and how at one walk way a three man group jogged down the walkway carrying assault rifles then disappearing to other hallway, out of sigh.

“Level five~” Computer's voice announced through elevator's radio as the door's opened, all getting off at that floor.

“We have to change elevator once more before we reach the changing point.” Officer said his back turned on them. The hall way they walked was bit different with few cell's along the way. Red force-field's keeping inmate's in. As they kept walking they noticed how some prisoner's were badly bruised or cut, indicating how inmate's were treated in the prison.

“Do you often beat up prisoner's like this?” Flame asked with slightly disgusted tone.

“When it's necessary to keep order in this prison....” Officer simply replied as they kept walking.
When they reached another elevator with two more guard than it was at upper level. As they once more ascended down with elevator, they arrived to a huge blast door which was guarded my two turret's and two highly black armored guard's with laser rifles.”This is as far as I can take you.” Officer said coldly.

“What do you mean? Your suppose to take us all the way to the prisoners cell.” Flame said crossing her arms.

“Your paper's allow you to go as far as A-level security areas. The area beyond is S-level security area so you have to wait here.” Officer explained with slightly annoyed look.

“Well that's just bullshit.” Obi protested, causing both blast door guard's raise their laser rifles aiming at them and ready to shoot if they would force them self's in.

“Don't worry, you'll get your prisoner....” Officer said opening the blast door into a much larger elevator.

“Very well....” Flame said placing arm in-front Obi as clear sign to back down. As the officer ascended in another elevator, all four waited patiently as they elevator was soon coming back up. When the blast door's opened again, Officer had come back with five other people. One looked like another high ranking officer, the other three were part of HDGC (High defense guard corp) wearing full fledged combat armor and helmets, rifles aimed at the fifth person wearing a metal jacket which restrained arm's back with six rod's added to jacket's back and metal bracer's added to increase the safety, and also wearing a full face mask which covered entire face and back of the head.


To Be continue

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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by GenericSpider on Sun 19 Sep 2010, 8:19 pm

So-Called-Super-Powers, Part 1:

Obi: -observes the rest of the group- So, you're the group of new, potential super-heroes I'm supposed to train and lead into battle, eh? Well, I'd better get started with introductions. When I point to you, you'll tell me your name and superpowers. I'll start with...You. -points to Spidey-

Spidey: I'm the GenericSpider sir, my powers are...

Obi: Let me guess: proportionate strength and agility of a spider; possibly with some form of webbing. Correct?

Spidey: Well, sort of. You see...-turns into a spider...a regular sized spider-

Obi: Uh, wonderful. -turns to Flame- And you?

Flame: Flamehaze, sir. I have the power to create smoke. -sighs- Yeah, I know, my power sucks.

Obi: Meh, certainly beats turning into a Spider. -turns to Random- Aren't you a little young to be a super hero?

Random: Yes; yes I am.

Obi: Ok...name and powers?

Random: Random sir. My powers change every five minutes, or every time I tell someone what my powers currently are.

Obi: I see...what are your powers currently?

Random: Well, I have telekinesis, sir. -struck by lightning and engulfed in light- Er, scratch that sir. Now I have heat vision. -powers change again- OK, now I have mind-control. -flash of light- Water bending. -flash of light- the ability to talk to monkies. -flash of light- ESP -flash of light- Omnipotence...hey, I could use this to simply make my powers perma... -flash of light- Damn it. Now I've got the ability to...

Obi: We get it, we get it. -turns to Cathy- And you are?

Cathy: Creaper sir. I'd rather not discuss my powers sir. I want them to be a suprise.

Obi: Then what use are you as a super hero?

Cathy: I also have the magical ability to make people dead with a toothpick; and that's without my super powers.

Obi: I see....-takes a step back from Cathy- And you are?

Whitepulse: Whitepulse sir; I have the power to create light...

Obi: OOh! light control! Can you shoot lasers?

Whitepulse: No; I haven't got that much control over my powers yet. I can light up a room though.

Obi: -facepalms- Man, I have got my work cut out for me...

In a world torn between Team Edward, and Team Jacob, I have one thing to say:

Go Team Godzilla

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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by Guest on Mon 04 Oct 2010, 10:53 pm

Opening Theme
Starmine by XL Project

The opening begins with a slightly far view of Cathy laying down on the side of a grassy hill under a tree and looking up at the sky at night with Emo sitting beside her, Flame standing with her back leaned on the tree, and Phazon sitting beside where she's standing.(0:00-0:08). It zooms in on Cathy's face with her eyes closed, seemingly asleep(0:09-0:13). Her eyes suddenly go wide open (0:13-0:15) and it zooms out and changes its view to the sky, several fireworks going off in different colours while the logo fades in (0:16-0:25). It shifts its view again towards Cathy, quickly zooming into her left eye as if entering it as a flash of light from one of the fireworks surrounds the view (0:26-0:28)

The light from up above the ground, Ah~
The screen fades in from white and zooms out from Cathy's eye to see that she is laying down the same way she did in the hill, except now under the gates of the Hakurei Shrine in the early morning.

It's not happiness, it's just a trap!
The view fades quickly to Cathy's side as she sits up and looks around quite anxiously.

Even so, I clung to it desperately
The scene flashes to a dark bamboo forest and shifts to a side view of Flame as she is leaning on one of the bamboo plants with her arms crossed.

To this effect on everyday paradise
A rabbit jumps up to Flame's arms and the view shifts to her back, showing Reisen Udongein Inaba and Tewi Inaba sitting beside where she's standing and the house of Eientei in front of them with the full moon over it.

A soaked and battered spirit in exchange for life
The scene flashes and changes to a forest pathway near a village now in the morning with Phazon standing with his hands in his pockets and looking up into the sky. The picture revolves around him and shifts to the sky while Mystia Lorelei flies across the sky above Phazon and the sun shines to cover the picture fully with a white light.

Yes, I already have nothing I can do but blame.
The scene fades in from white and shows a front view of Emo standing calmly with her eyes closed on what seems to be another dimensional space with the background looking like a purple distorted space with red eyes scattered around it (somewhat like the gap made by Yukari Yakumo). The picture revolves to a view behind her to reveal Yukari Yakumo standing a few feet in front of her. The view changes to Emo's face, opening her eyes and looking at Yukari with a somewhat hypnotized state and the screen fades to black.

(0:56-0:58 sound transition)
Four vertical panels fade in, each with part of a side view of Cathy, Flame, Phazon, and Emo's faces with their eyes closed and their own sceneries mentioned in the background. The screen fades to black again.

Even so, despite my love for you, I can't find "reality"
The scene flashes and shows a wide open field with starry skies, trees and mountains bordering its edges. Cathy, Flame, and Phazon are standing in the middle of it, looking up at the sky. The picture shifts to the sky and purple flames appear in the sky. As the flames disappear, Emo emerges from it and looks down towards them.

This preciously bound journal, just touching it brings tears to my face
Flame jumps to the left side and skids to a stop. She stretches her arm towards Emo and glowing red orbs spiral around Flame. She makes a swiping motion with her arms outwards and the orbs multiply greatly as they fly towards Emo.

On this ship that's lost its bearings I light a beacon of atonement
Phazon stays where he is and pulls out a spell card, it glows and disintegrates as several glowing bird-shaped projectiles dashes towards Emo at high speed, sending shock waves as they dash through the air. Cathy jumps towards the sky, reaching her arm out.

Like a starmine it shines,
Emo looks at the incoming attacks without much emotion and raises her right hand, a pentagram appearing in front of her and pale violet lasers shoot out of it in a spider web-like pattern with a large beam firing at the center towards Cathy.

Steering a course towards the starry sky
The scene goes to the approaching giant beam's view, going towards Cathy. Her eyes go wide open in surprise. The picture slowly zooms into Cathy's eye, a large bright light slowly filling the screen and eventually turning it fully white with a flash.

The picture fades from white and zooms out from Cathy's eye to a view of her head. She is now back to laying down on the grass at night still with the surprised look (1:25-1:28). She sits up and the view changes to her side, the same people are there in the exact same places as the intro, looking at Cathy somewhat confused by her actions (1:29-1:32). Cathy looks towards Emo and Emo smiles at her as she smiles back and the scene turns completely dark.(1:33-1:38).

Chapter 00 - The Glowing Flowers In The Sky
It was summertime, the season when students were free from the worries of the hectic school days and were free to do what they wanted until next fall. It was also the season where the summer festival would be taking place. Cathy stood in front of the calendar in her room and pulled off the cap of a black marker. She crossed out one of the dates and then circled the one beside it. The one she circled had "summer festival" written on it in capital letters. She closed off her marker again and put it on her desk.

"So it's tomorrow... the day I've been waiting for!" she said with a giggle as she looked at the calendar that she had marked.

It was the start of the summer festival the next day. Of course, she was not just looking forward to seeing the festival itself. She had planned on meeting with two of her friends from school, and she will being her older sister with her. As she kept wondering about what to do once they were there, she heard a knock on her door.

"Cathy, are you still awake? I have something for you." said the voice outside her door.

Realizing who it was, she walked over to the door and unlocked it. As she opened the door, she saw her sister standing in front of her, holding a box tied with a red ribbon. Cathy looked somewhat confused as to why she was being given the box.

"Eh? It's not my birthday, Emo nee-chan." she said with curiosity.

Upon hearing that, Emo smiled and shook her head.

"Well, you said that you might want a new yukata so I bought you one. Come on, open it." she said as she handed her little sister the box.

Cathy quickly took the box and untied the ribbon. When she opened it, she saw a neatly folded light blue yukata with a red sash to keep it tied. It had small white flowers as a design. She had to admit, it was really nice for her sister to buy her something like that without her directly asking. In fact, her sister had always been nice to her. They did not have anyone else to look after them after their parents died in a car accident. Since that time, Emo has been taking very good care of Cathy and also helped her get out of depression from their loss. It wasn't surprising that her sister was able to buy her something too, since Emo has been taking part time jobs here and there to support them both.

"I love it, it's really pretty. Thanks, onee-chan." Cathy said as she put the box in her closet.

"Oh, remember to sleep early. You don't want to keep Flame and Phazon waiting. Good night, Cathy." Emo said as she closed the door and walked to her own room.

Cathy flipped her light switch off and got in bed and under the blankets. She closed her eyes and sighed, trying to fall asleep. After a while, she opened her eyes and sat up. She looked around her room and her eyes ended up looking at the calendar. It was hard for her to fall asleep. She was very anxious to meet her friends in the festival. Slowly, she laid back down and covered herself completely with the blankets.

"Who am I kidding... I can't sleep!" she said in an annoyed voice.

The night passed by and it turned into day. Cathy was still under the blankets, fast asleep this time. She felt herself rocking back and forth gently. It was like she was in the sea, moving with the waves. She realized that it wasn't that when she slowly started hearing her sister's voice calling out to her.

"Cathy... Hey, Cathy... We're going to be late...." her sister said in a tone that's easy to hear but not too rough to give her a bad wake up.

When she heard this, she suddenly sat up wide awake. She quickly grabbed the clock beside her and stood up. It said "12:00 PM". They were supposed to meet at that time. She quickly started leading her sister out of the room.

"Kyaaaaa, I'm late!" she said as she closed the door after leading her sister out.

After ten minutes, she was able to change into her yukata. She got out of her room and saw her sister near the front door of their house, waving to her and gesturing that it was time to go. She quickly ran down the stairs, almost slipping and falling down, then got to the front door. Cathy put on her slippers and then faced Emo, panting a little.

"Hahh.... I'm sorry, I think I forgot to set my alarm. Hehehe...." she said while scratching the back of her head.

"Well at least we can go now. Come on, they're probably getting annoyed now waiting in the festival." Emo said as she led Cathy out of the door and then locked the door after exiting.

They eventually made it to the festival and they saw Flame and Phazon standing there, looking around for them. Flame was wearing denim shorts and a shirt and Phazon was wearing jeans, a brown suede jacket with a white undershirt, smart-looking glasses and a brown cap. Cathy felt a little nervous because of her tardiness. However, all she had to do was apologize and maybe it would be all better. She waved to them and shouted.

"Heeey, I'm here!"

The two turned around and looked at Cathy with a little surprise. Flame sighed and shook her head after seeing Cathy. Phazon simply stood there with a neutral expression.

"Geez, you're so late that I thought you actually forgot." Flame said with a disappointed tone.

Phazon shook his head and shrugged. "I was expecting it to be something like this. Cathy has always been late for our meetings. It really is highly unlikely for her-"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it..... I'm sorry, okay? I just forgot to set my alarm but I knew we were going to meet today, honest!" she said as she bowed apologetically.

"You know... I really don't like getting cut off when I'm talking." Phazon said while looking at Cathy with a serious face.

"Hey, let's just get going and enjoy the festival, okay? We need to pass time until the fireworks show. Imouto-chan's been looking forward to it since the start of summer." Emo said as she went beside Cathy.

They all agreed and then started roaming around the different booths and stalls in the festival. Time passed by quickly as they were enjoying themselves. Eventually, it turned to night and the sky was dark. There were no clouds, which made it perfect for seeing the fireworks. To get a good view, they walked up a small hill near the site of the festival. As far as they know, they were the only people there. Once they reached the top, Cathy fell back and landed on the soft grass. She closed her eyes and sighed. It was very relaxing. Emo sat beside her, Phazon leaned his back on a tree and Flame sat beside the tree. Not long after, the fireworks began to light up the sky. Cathy sat up and looked at them in amazement.

"Wow, they look just like giant flowers!" she said as she kept staring.

"I can't see it, the tree's blocking my view." Flame said as she stood up and sat beside Cathy. "Don't mind me, just trying to find a better view."

Cathy looked at Flame who was already looking straight at the sky. Her face turned slightly red and she smiled. This is the best night ever... I hope nothing ever goes wrong... she said as she kept staring at Flame. The next thing that happened somewhat confused her. Flame's relatively calm and carefree expression turned into something that showed worry, even slight fear. Cathy turned to look at Emo and she was having a worried expression too. She felt someone pulling on her arm. When she looked up, it was Phazon.

"Hey, you three, get away now! That thing's getting dangerously close!" Phazon said as he managed to help them all up.

Cathy looked back as they were trying to get to cover. It was one of the fireworks that went astray and was headed towards them. Everything happened so slowly. She felt her body fall back. She tripped on a tree root and her vision was slowly starting to get filled by the glowing light. Right then, she felt something strange. It was as if someone was pulling her arm into the ground. Before she knew it, blinding light filled her eyes and she fell unconscious.


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Re: Fanfic Recommendation Thread

Post by The Wicked Xen on Thu 14 Oct 2010, 10:38 pm

Ghost Heart
Chapter 1

Bielefeld was a rather boisterous town in the day. Carts of various goods rattled down the cobblestone streets, merchants shouted out prices of the goods in their stalls, street performers did their routines in the sidelines, hoping to earn some money for food, and the regular citizens went about their daily routines, chattering with friends and acquaintances. All in all, it looked like a pretty normal town, but in Obi Shinobi’s profession, appearances can be drastically deceiving.

You see, Obi had a rather peculiar and dangerous job. He’s an “exterminator” sort to speak and he’s damn good at what he does. His life is usually on the line, but there were times where he got tame cases that were easy to handle. This case wasn’t one of them, but he had heard the same story many times before.

Strange creatures lurking the streets at night, preying on unsuspecting victims and leaving no trace; it was nothing new, yet Obi liked a challenge and this was proving to be a formidable one. He had already asked around and almost everyone had said that the creatures were probably experiments of those elusive Gothika family members who lived on the manor on the hill. Obi had researched about this mysterious family, but only got the gist of their history; the family has been around since the town was founded and has been around ever since. Nothing much was known about the family members themselves. It was like they wanted to remain mysterious and foreboding.

Obi snorted. Nothing good ever came out of being mysterious and foreboding. He himself was a rather open person, but he could be serious when the time calls for it.

With his hands shoved deep in his coat pockets, Obi made his way through the streets, just idling by. He liked being in crowded places like these, made him feel less alone. He stopped a couple times to watch the street performers do their thing, but nothing really caught his eye… at least not until he heard two loud voices.

“Come one, come all!”

“Feast your eyes on the amazing Majestic Flame!”

“Watch as she plays with fire but never gets burned!”

Obi looked around and saw two young girls waving their hands about and beckoning for an audience. They had already gathered a crowd who were whispering amongst each other, wondering what was behind the curtain that was set up behind the two girls. Obi raised an eyebrow at one girl who wore what looked like fake cat ears and a tail with a little red ribbon and gold bell tied on it. But they shouldn’t be able to move so realistically if they were fake…

“Ladies and germs!” said the other girl who wasn’t wearing any animal appendages. “Here you are; The Majestic Flame!”

The curtains were pulled apart and there was a collection of gasps while Obi himself just raised both his eyebrows. Standing behind the curtain was another girl but she was completely on fire. She looked like she was some fiery creature that stumbled out of the center of the Earth.

Flame (an appropriate name) swept into a low bow and then snapped her fingers once she straightened. This caused her fire to be extinguished and she stood there in her red, rather boyish attire, looking pretty for all and showing that she was indeed not burned (and neither was her clothing to Obi’s slight disappointment). There were awed expressions on the faces of the audience and a round of clapping which caused Flame to sweep into a bow once again. Obi however snorted a little and rolled his eyes, knowing that this Majestic Flame girl was most probably a magicer.

Magicers were rare to see these days, their numbers having dwindled over the decades, but when one shows up to entertain the masses it rather demeans their reputation as noble guardians of the magic arts. It was really a shame too because now that science was getting in the way of ancient beliefs, it was only a matter of time until they truly become extinct.

Obi continued to watch as Flame summoned fireballs and began juggling them. First it was three, then four, then six, then ten, until there was a high arc of fireballs being juggled over her head. The onlookers applauded again, easily awed by a talent that anyone can do with enough practice.

But something odd was happening to Obi. He felt mesmerized by the fireballs being tossed up then down, up and down, again and again. The flames crackled in their forms snapping out sparks as they moved through the air. Their varying colors of orange, yellow, and red blended together and apart, never staying the same. It truly was magical fire that can not be conjured any where else.

And then Obi was seeing something different. In the blink of an eye, he saw the fire being overlapped by something else. Wiggling green tendrils coated the flames, weaving in and around each other, melding and separating. The green tendrils was not the fire, yet still was the fire. And the longer Obi stared at the magical fire coated in green (or maybe it was green all along?) the more painful the pounding behind his eyes got. With some effort he forced his eyes away from the juggling fire girl, but the green refused to leave. He could now see it everywhere; tiny ones wriggling through the cobblestone streets, much larger ones flitting through the air, and they were even in the people too, some more then others. His vision shifted from normal to seeing these green things and the pounding in his head just grew harsher. He wanted it to stop, he willed it to stop, and fortunately, stop it did.

As Obi blinked his eyes into focus, he realized that he had dropped to his knees right in the middle of the crowd. Thankfully no one was paying any attention to him for they were too engrossed in Flame’s fiery act (she was now spinning fire hoops around her hips while still juggling, which is quite a feat). Lifting a hand to rub his temples in an attempt to ease the dull throb, Obi stood and let out a sigh of relief. He has been experiencing these little… episodes for a while now and he honestly had no idea why. He remembered having them as a child but they occurred very rarely. Nowadays they were frequent and he was reluctant in confiding anyone about it.

Taking a deep breath and glancing around again, he turned and walked through the crowd, suddenly feeling very tired. As he walked he didn’t notice the pair of blue eyes following him.

Smirking at her new discovery, Flame gathered all of her fire and swung her arms about in a graceful arc before throwing it into the air in a flurry of flames, making shapes out of them like fireworks. She had thought she was only going to do her usual routine in this town for a few days, but now that she found someone just like her, she wasn’t going to leave so soon without getting to know that man.
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