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Anime Super Heroes!

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Anime Super Heroes!

Post by Simply David on Sat 19 May 2012, 10:00 pm

In the city of Townsville- ok ok.

In a busy city on the coast of Japan, there was a notorious goup of pirates at work. They were known as the Black Cat pirates, and while they could be spotted due to their rather odd choice of wear they often went undercover to perform their deeds. Today, they were just exiting a bank having taken the money inside.

"Hahaha! Nobody messes with the Black Cat Pirates!" one of them said as they stepped out of the bank, "Thank you all for your money losers~"

However, down the street a ways, a lone figure stood. He prepared to battle the fiends before him. His style of preparation seemed to include his knees shaking however.


Have you seen this girl's bear Tibbers?
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