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War of Us - A virtual Reality Role play - signups - workingsubtitle

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Re: War of Us - A virtual Reality Role play - signups - workingsubtitle

Post by White Mage Slave on Tue 10 Jul 2012, 2:51 pm

Player Sheet:

Name: Tam


Gender: Female

Powers: Tam has a variety of powers based around "White Magic".

1) Healing: By coming into contact with someone, especially by using her hands, Tam can heal wounds and even "resurrect" the very recently killed. If the wounds are too great, however, it can't be done.

2) Barriers: Tam can erect barriers around herself and others. They can reflect outwards, inwards, or both, as well as specialize in what they reflect. They only last a limited time, and it is possible to shatter them.

3) Buffs: Tam can cause a target to become faster or stronger. This only lasts a limited time, and is not a drastic boost.

4) Holy light: Tam can generate holy light to attack targets with, either as a bright flash or as a more focused laser. It is most effective against unholy creatures, but it can be effective against objects too.

5) Overhealing: Tam can overcharge her healing magic, resulting in gross mutations, rapid aging, and cell death. If the target breaks away, it only affects a limited area, so multiple attempts may need to be made to cause death. This may exhaust her far faster than her other spells. This only works on living creatures.

Personality: Tam is a very intelligent, though quiet, person. She tends to like to observe things rather than directly interact. She does, however, interact if it is of immediate interest to her, and it may be hard to get her to stop. She absolutely can't stand it when her friends are hurt, and attacking her friends is the best way to make her very, very angry. Though a White Mage, she often jokes about going off the deep end and becoming a supervillain. That she has several plans on how to go about this should it happen worries some. Highly competitive, she'll only admit defeat when literally all options are exhausted, and will actually accept her defeat with grace.

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Re: War of Us - A virtual Reality Role play - signups - workingsubtitle

Post by Ragna the Saviour on Sun 22 Jul 2012, 5:55 am

Name: Ragna


Gender: Male

  • Imagine Breaker: Ragna's face houses a powerful entity known as the Invisible Thing. Through his face, he is capable of canceling out any supernatural or magical attack, no MATTER how strong. However, the Bag of Holding that is around his head is sealing this awesome power.
    Mystic Eyes of Death Perception: Ragna's eyes house the Mystic Eyes of Depth- I mean Death Perception. If he can percieve it, he can kill it.
    Bag of Holding: The bag housed over Ragna's head that seals his awesome and amazing powers. This bag is amazing and it houses awesome powers. That's it. Bag of Holding basically says "FUCK YOU BITCH." and doesn't allow the power to be used, sadly. The bag is a bitch like that.
    Drake Sword: This is a sword from the game of Dark Souls. Ragna's Strength and Dexterity aren't high enough to use it, so he just lobs it around like a dead weight.
    Estus Flask: This is Ragna's made mode of healing. Has to find bonfires to refill it though.
    Thompson Contender: A badass gun that he shoots at things and makes them hurt. Ragna's pretty much ONLY way to fight.

Personality: Where to begin. Ragna is overly a nice guy and loves to tamper with people. A bit sadistic, and a bit of a masochist to to balance that out. He tries to help, but he gets backstabbed a lot but despite that, he's not cynical.

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