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20 Days of Alternative Selves

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20 Days of Alternative Selves Empty 20 Days of Alternative Selves

Post by The Wicked Xen on Tue 21 Aug 2012, 8:29 am

Draw yourself each day as what you’ve been suggested to become, and give as much information about your new persona as you wish. It doesn’t have to be you! It can be an OC or a character you’d like to AU-ify. Have fun!

Day 1.
Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight you are the one called Sailor—! Wait… You ARE a Sailor Scout, but I don’t recognise which one. Tell me again?

Day 2.
You might be dead and gone, but your heart was strong and pure enough to leave behind a Nobody! What’s your name and are you in that AWFUL organisation by any chance?

Day 3.
Claws, paws and a lot lot mores. It’s time to make a fursona, but you don’t nessecarily have to have fur. Any animal! Get going!

Day 4.
Hogwarts is letting in students from around the world now, not just British kids. You’ve taken off the Sorting Hat, but which house did it yell to the Great Hall?

Day 5.
The city of Genericville under threat, but are you the one causing the trouble or fighting it? You’re the superhero or villain this time!

Day 6.
Got your running shoes and Pokedex? Good! Pokemon Trainer, it’s time for you and your team to go catch em all!

Day 7.
Yo, ho, yo, ho, it’s a Pirate’s life for you! Captain, shipmate or swabby? What’s the name of the ship you sail on and what does it’s flag look like?

Day 8.
Oh no. Well, we you knew it would happen. You told everyone the Zombie Apocolypse would come and now it has. But are you surviving? Or are you a zombie and ready to kill?

Day 9.
Come on, grab your friends! It’s Adventure time with You the human and your animal sidekick!

Day 10.
What a fine night on Alternia. Your lusus is calling for you, my Troll friend! Better see what they want before you get culled.

Day 11.
Time to be an elemental Bender. What nation would you be from if you were in ALTA or Korra?

Day 12.
It might or might not be October yet, but today you’re gonna hang out in Halloween get up. That is, until you become what costume you were wearing!

Day 13.
John Egbert has a wowwipop on his head when he’s like it, but now it’s your turn. You’re a trickster version of yourself. How did that happen?

Day 14.
Kapp’n only just dropped you off in your new town, and Nook already has you working for him. It’s Animal Crossing! Are you a human or are you an animal resident?

Day 15.
Now this is the best. You’ve become any fantasy creature you take a liking to today. You could be a centaur, you could be a dragon or an orc or an elf or anything! Whichever you choose.

Day 16.
Today you’re Ponyvilles newest resident. And what a lovely cutie mark you have! What’s your talent, and are you an Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus pony or Alicorn?

Day 17.
You’ve already been an adventurer with your sidekick, but now you’re a themed Prince or Princess. Make sure the Ice King or Queen doesn’t nab you!

Day 18.
You’re running late, there’s toast in your mouth you’re probably going to fall over. Time for school as an Anime character! Do you fit into any of the stereotypes of a character from Gakuen anime? It’s not like you need to or anything… b-baka!

Day 19.
Killed but brought to Quest Bed in the Nic of Time, you find yourself to have gone God Tier! What’s your title?

Day 20.
You’ve escaped from Deviantart covered from muzzle to tail in colors and accessories. Today you’re a sparkle dog! Woof, woof! What do you look like?

Optional - Day 21.
Boring! You’re back to your usual self. Draw yourself as you are right now.
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