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After Ragnarock

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After Ragnarock

Post by Shelke on Wed 27 Feb 2013, 10:39 pm

Research notes: year 3333- Dr. Abilsel

His abilities are far beyond that of any creature I have ever seen. Lately my flowers and plants have reacted strangely to this beings presence. I have tested feeding parts of my plants to other experiments and have collected no evidence of anything strange.

3334- Dr. Abilsil.

I injected a monkey in the neck with a liquid extract from the plant' seed. Each plant type does something different to the subject but it is unstable. I have dubbed this research DNA shift, as very powerful psychic powers have been used by each injected creature. I have made special shift collars to keep the subject from going through mutation, however if the power is abused one can be turned into a monster. The subjects who ate the flowers all mutated and became horrible monsters, but have extremely powerful abilities. The monsters lost all form of reproductive organs but some mate A sexually and others mate via a form of pollen like spores in the air to make hybrids. Most of the monsters are either male looking, female looking or androgynous.

Sai (Written in blood instead of pen.)

I killz doktorz.

At first this new technology became readily available and the doctor was steeped on in the way that he never became recognized for the shift collar and his discovery. Sai, being the first monster in the world was perhaps a far off traveler of sorts with no way of leaving, It all was unknown. The shift collar became an expensive item that usual household cleaning tool, a hacker's dream, a computer nerd's fantasy. The military tried to use it but it was too weak so they weaponized it. The government wanted more control over everyone's lives so there were subliminal messages and conspiracies of mindcontrol. It was all out of control. Then the first wave of mutations happened and the people became afraid. Sai lead the army of monsters for a long time and over a long period of time humans decided they needed to improve the collar, so they did all of them were made military grade.

The humans made androids and biodroids some AIs that ran their great cities defenses. Then came a being, named grey born of human origins. He ate a flower, which gave him high pyschic power and was a great scientist, he used his highly honeed and trained mind and met the creatures on the highway. He cast them into the darkness then used a power that was extremely rare. It's name was Tetra it can only be used by those skilled in three things, science, magic and psychic power. He used it to take Sai and spread his foulness around the newly destroyed city before dyeing himself.

Years later the android and biodroid rebellion started. It started when a biodroid, a human, and an android all mining for diamonds were caved in. The human was saved in time but to save the human they purposely collapsed the structure on the biodroid and android. This outraged even some humans with robotic parts. No one really knew what it meant to be human and have a soul. Some people who were semi-mutated were still acting humane. The lines were blurred and then another war was almost started. It was sure after the last one this was one of the few remaining. It ended when the first new flower of the season of spring bloomed and all the people agreed that each life was important. The flowers were strange, like the alien ones at Dr. Abilsil's lab long ago.

Android, biodroids and humans fixed the city up and it became a grand high tech castle, as if a symbol of future and past combined. Taverns and houses surrounded it and everything was new. The highway was abandoned and the monsters were left there.

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