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Post by Simply David on Mon 29 Apr 2013, 12:14 am


Flame: While at first appearing to be a regular and harmless boy, one should not underestimate the fearless Creator of the Forum. Actually female, her true power comes out when you piss her off. An inferno of destruction is all that’s left of anyone who dares to spam or act like a douche on the forum. She often has to deal with her three perverted admin generals, much to her distress.

Phazon: This phazon powered android is capable of creating any kind of machine, and has a great number of weapons in his body. He can manipulate phazon itself to his whims. His perverted tendencies often distress the group, such as when he takes the time to create a massive heart shaped bed for everyone to sleep on simultaneously, for example.

David: A butler whose sparkles shall serve the forum to their best ability, and so will he! His abilities are all butler related, and tend to involve food, candy, or drink as well. His attitude is often passive, but will show his perverted side when everyone least expects it. He is at all times either flashy and in the way, or quiet and to the side.

Molly: This whip baring lover of fine women will never allow someone horrible to join the group, ever vigilant of new people’s sexuality and preferences. If there’s someone she doesn’t like, she punishes them with her whip. If there’s someone she does like, she will seductively punish them with her whip! If ever there is a chance, she will be sure to flirt with Flame as well.

In honor of our new chibi avatars~

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Have you seen this girl's bear Tibbers?
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