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The Wheel of Un-Boredom

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The Wheel of Un-Boredom Empty The Wheel of Un-Boredom

Post by Dr. Phazon on Sat 11 May 2013, 1:52 pm

Spin the Wheel of Un-Boredom to become un-bored! Roll a die or use random.org to find something to do!


1. You're a cat. Go to the chatbox.
2. You're a super-kawaii-desudesu-uguu moe. Go to the chatbox.
3. You're an anon who found the forum on Google. Go to the chatbox.
4. You're a Russian world-champion wrestler with a heavy accent. Go to the chatbox.
5. You're a massive troll. Go to the chatbox.
6. You're a person with a typing quirk. Go to the chatbox.
7. Start a CYOA about magical girls.
8. Start a CYOA about aliens.
9. Start a CYOA about a high fantasy realm.
10. Start a CYOA about a steampunk school.
11. Start a CYOA about a virtual reality MMO.
12. Start a CYOA about whatever.
13. Start a crossover CYOA.
14. Start a stat-based CYOA.
15. Start an RP about Magical girls.
16. Start an RP about aliens.
17. Start an RP about a high fantasy realm.
18. Start an RP about a steampunk school.
19. Start an RP about a virtual reality MMO.
20. Start an RP about whatever.
21. Start a crossover RP. Again.
22. Start a stat-based RP.
23. Take a wiki-walk.
24. Challenge someone to a wiki-race. 3rd Party gets to pick the start and finish.
25. Google your own name and the names of people you know.
26. Go play with Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button for a while.
27. You have to use a search engine you don't like for the rest of the day.
28. Download a new internet browser and use it for the rest of the day.
29. Play Minesweeper for the next hour.
30. Play Solitare until you win.
31. Go to Icanhazcheezburger.com.
32. Go to Fanfiction.net.
33. Stare at a clock for five minutes while doing nothing else.
34. Go ruin something from your childhood with Rule 34.
35. Go find hot yaois for Emo.
36. Go find hot yuris for Molly.
37. Go find a new VN for Flame.
38. Go find a new manga for David.
39. Go find a new anime for Random.
40. Go find a new webcomic for Magey.
41. Go find a new game for Phazon.
42. Go find something new for yourself.
43. Change your text color in the chatbox to something eye-searing.
44. Change your text font in the chatbox to something hard-to-read.
45. You've lost The Game.
46. You've got the In My Bed Curse.
47. Take a nap.
48. Ragna will decide the fate of this one.
49. Go play a game.
51. Go play a game with someone else.
52. Go LiveStream a game.
53. Discuss Pokemon strategies and tactics with Tom next time you see him.
54. Discuss Magic: the Gathering with Phazon next time you see him.
55. Discuss art tips and techniques with White next time you see him.
56. Discuss the history of yuri in anime with Flame next time you see her.
57. Discuss Zelda fan theories with David next time you see him.
58. Go watch a Let's Play on Youtube.
59. Go listen to Vocaloid videos on Youtube.
60. Go watch people do dumb stuff on Youtube.
61. Go watch people do awesome stuff on Youtube.
62. Go reply to random comments on Youtube.
63. Organize a forum movie-night.
64. You are worshipping a sun god.
65. Go outside.
66. Talk about dreams.
67. Doki doki heart~!
68. Do something nostalgic.
69. Right behind you.
70. Time for Whose Line Is It Anyway? reruns.
71. Ponos to vagooo and jam it in!
72. Ishiggy-diggy!
73. Organize numbers 0-20 in descending alphabetical order by color.
74. You are now conscious of your own breathing.
75. Za Warudo!
76. Do you hear the sound of the silent rain in my heart?
77. Write a short essay of at least one page (standard format) on a topic of your choice.
78. In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad idea.
79. Das Uber Kitteh, mein fuhrer! Heil!
80. Create erotic content in the medium of your choice.
81. Start playing a Pokemon game.
82. Start playing an old-school, retro-hard game.
83. Start playing a Yugioh video game.
84. Start playing a nostalgia game of your choice.
85. Start playing an actual game in the Meat World. Preferably with other people.
86. Eat something new today.
87. Go somewhere new today.
88. Watch something new today.
89. Read something new today.
90. Play something new today.
91. Start reading Gunnerkrigg Court.
92. Start reading Seven Deadly Sins.
93. Start reading Rewrite.
94. Start watching TOME.
95. Start watching Jormungand.
96. Start reading Scape-God.
97. Start reading Mondaiji.
98. Start reading Crimson Spell.
99. Start reading Hentai Kamen.
100. One by one, do everything on the list.
Dr. Phazon
Dr. Phazon

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The Wheel of Un-Boredom Empty Re: The Wheel of Un-Boredom

Post by GenericSpider on Sat 11 May 2013, 3:28 pm

GenericSpider carried out 1 launched of one Lottery (Image not informed.) :

In a world torn between Team Edward, and Team Jacob, I have one thing to say:

Go Team Godzilla

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