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Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only]

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Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only] Empty Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only]

Post by Ragna the Saviour on Sat 20 Sep 2014, 9:10 pm

A war spanning a millennium…

The plains wash themselves free of the stains of time.

Order and chaos stir once more…

In this long lasting hell, there are only a few who stand tall. Blades drawn, they charge toward the new future.

Those who sacrifice themselves... those who fight to preserve, those who fight to change…

Across the fragments of this world, they are linked by an invisible force. A ‘will’ that connects everything. That unbreakable connection is in great danger. When this happens...

Those who seek the throne will fight, those who protect it will hold their ground…

That ‘will’, that voice calls out to them to protect it. For one-thousand years this continues. New warriors arise, new adversaries rise to take it. Be it for power, be it for change -- one thing is certain. They will fight to claim it.

Some of these events were never meant to be.
That is why they find it in this haven.

Starcrossed Place.
This is where they are called.
This is where they will fight.
This is where their fates will be decided.

“I can’t stand this.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because if we lose, what will happen to us? What will happen to everyone?”

“The same thing that always does.”

“What? What do you mean ‘always’?”


“Don’t just shut up like that. Tell me. What’s going to happen?”

“Everything will return to how it was meant to be.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit!”

“... Let go of me-”

“NO. I won’t let go. I’m not ever going to let go. If this happens again, what are we… what WILL we do?”

“We’ll see each other again. You don’t have to worry about that. We’ll forget, yeah, but it’s only for a little bit.”

“A little bit? I can’t even wait that long.”

“You know what’s selfish.”

“I don’t care! I’ll be as selfish as I want.”

“I guess that’s fine. The world is ending, after all.”

“... Can’t you be more optimistic? Maybe things won’t turn out like this. Maybe we can be together for just a little-”

“You know that won’t happen.”

“‘You know’... ‘You know’... is that all you can say? Is that all you can say to rub my face in this?”


“Let me have… just one happy dream, dammit. Just one. Why does this have to happen? Why in the hell does everything I work for fall down around me? It isn’t FAIR!”

“It’s alright.”


“You wanted to hold me, so now I’ll hold you. Until the very end. How’s that?”

“... Alright. Okay, you win. I’m not happy about it but… as long as we see each other again. I can live… with this.”


… …
… … …

Chapter 1; The New War

A city, a part of a fragment of the city called Vale. A metropolis city by modern standards. Cars litter the streets, but only shady silhouettes can be called its denizens. No noise as you’d expect. No one rushing to work, no one rushing to school. It was only a shell of its true self.

The silence is disturbed.
Sounds of erratic steps on the sidewalk.

A girl with platinum hair dances through the streets. She leaps, sways and dodges a swift blade of red. It follows her every movement like a snake trying after its prey. “Can you NOT try to- Ah!” the sword nicks the blue girl’s hair. A white mallet with decorative casing rips up through the air. The hammer part meets the sword head on. The force of the swing wasn’t enough to break it - no, it was enough to deflect it. “We can talk this out, can’t we?”

Her attacker, a girl known as Tomoyomi, doesn't heed her words… instead she continues the attack with more force than before.

Meru does what she knows.
Dodging and parrying to save her skin.

A horizontal slash at the head.
She ducks.
A second slash at the side.
A sway.

The third strike comes down for her head.
Meru counters with an upward swing. The thin sword of the assailant is knocked away. An opening. The girl takes advantage. Her mallet tears through the air, smashing the girl in the side.

Spit leaves Tomoyomi’s mouth. Another hit leaves her stunned long enough for a third - or that’s what Meru thought.

The red-eyed girl recovers to soon. She slashes horizontally.

What she expected was blood.
What she got was the sound of metal smacking metal.
The hammer stands there, balanced on the ground with the head acting as a counter-balance. The dancer’s foot makes an arc through the air, smashing straight into Tomoyomi’s neck.

“Keh!” her eyes go blank.

“Hup!” Meru flips backward while pulling the hammer off the ground. She could perform another strike to smash the girl into the pavement. That’s all it would take to end the fight. Instead she hesitates on what to do, how to do it. There had to be another way around this, right?

Elsewhere in the city, a boy with black hair and blue eyes faces down his opponent. A blonde girl who likes to fight with her fists.

Currently his sister, the one on the opposite side, Tomoyomi - was getting her ass handed to her. Oh well, that wasn’t any of his concern. He’d have to smack some sense into her sooner or later. That was Meru’s job right now.

His eyes, his focus, his spirit was focused on this fight. Not unlike the feeling he gets when he’s fighting Hibiki. A long time friend, comrade and sparring partner. This kind of fight gets his blood boiling.

“Let’s not waste any time!” Hiroshi got into a fighting stance. His hands out, his legs parted.

It was time for the fight to begin.

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Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only] Empty Re: Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only]

Post by Ragna the Saviour on Sun 21 Sep 2014, 3:45 am

Chapter 1-1, Hiroshi Vs. Yang

"I like the way you think!" the blonde haired girl stated, her fists met each other as her gauntlets expanded to cover her forearms. She got into her combat stance as she was ready to close the distance. Several meters separated them, and she could close that distance in an instant. What she was wondering is, could he? Probably, but she didn't want to wait. Like he said, why waste time?

She punched towards the ground behind her, firing a round that then sent her flying forward, using her legs to help the movement. Her jump was high, and she would land right in front of her opponent should he not stop her.

The violent movement through the air was all Hiroshi needed for a counter attack. He took a step small leap forward. Enough to gauge the distance, enough to counter. His fist flew straight into the air. The momentum collected from the punch was already vicious. His closed fist was guided upward. The intent of the attack? Have Yang’s own speed deal the damage. If it hit, it’d likely cause Yang’s body to volley straight back through the air. But what would happen? Only time knew.

Yang realized he wasn’t gonna let her do as she pleased. She reacted quickly, striking forward with her fist to fire a flaming shot right at where he was aiming. It would be enough force to slow her down and possibly hit him at the same time.

Hiroshi smiled. The shot was instantaneous. He didn’t try to dodge it. Instead he projected a barrier with his right hand, redirecting the shot into the ground while throwing his weight into his other hand for a punch. He didn’t try to dodge, he wanted to meet Yang head on.

Yang responded to his smile with one of her own. She didn’t dodge this counter punch, she could tell it would go better for her this time than the last one. She threw all her weight into punching back into him from her otherwise defenseless position in the air.

Hiroshi followed through with his punch. He brought his other arm up to mitigate the pain from the second punch. He diffused the shield, knowing that it would just exert more energy than needed. A large ‘crack’ sounded through the broken air. He pushed most of his weight into his monstrous punch. The two separated under the stress of each blow. Hiroshi slid back and Yang flew through the air.

Yang caught herself and fired a shot sideways, flipping to land on her feet. She grabbed at her ribcage, “Hah, you’re not bad,” she quickly recovered and ran at him full force. She wouldn’t use anything quite as flashy this time, she was going to take him seriously. But she just couldn’t stop smiling, this was a good fight.

Hiroshi didn’t show anything regarding his own throbbing arm. Pain was part of battle, “You either. Might even match up to my sparring partner.” Hiroshi didn’t move again. He got back into his fighting position. The only thing that changed was the spacing between his legs.

“Alright, here we go!” As Yang got close, she struck first with a hard hook from her right.

His body reacted immediately. He leaned to the left while raising his own right hand. His body became a blur as he threw a powerful punch straight into Yang’s stomach.

This didn’t matter much to Yang, she just let the hit go through to land her own hit on his chest. She flinched but only for a second, and not until after her own punch hit.

Yang’s blow managed to smack into Hiroshi. His other arm reeled up to block the brunt of the hit. It was a struggle, but one that he could easily break away from. He threw his leg forward just a little bit. He angled his foot till it was just behind Yang’s own. When it hooked, Hiroshi pulled it. It was like a rug falling out from under Yang. He followed up with a powerful punch aimed straight downward with the fist that he already smashed her stomach with.

Yang could barely react as she found herself heading towards the ground. She crossed her arms to block the blow, and as it sent her crashing into the ground, she quickly punched the ground on her left with her right fist, blasting herself towards her right and rolling along the ground. She regained herself, standing just a bit away.

Hiroshi followed her movement perfectly. He matched up to her escape attempt then lashed out with another ferocious blow to her stomach.

Yang was surprised, taking another strike to her stomach, but she forced herself to stand her ground. She struck with her right fist, then her left fist, attacking somewhat wildly.

The boy threw out his own strikes to match Yang’s. Their fists collided, sparks blasted out. He kept on attacking without stopping. Stopping meant losing. He didn’t mind if he lost if it was an amazing fight like this was turning out to be, “Nice weapon you got there.” he complimented while the exchange of blows continued.

“I’m just impressed you aren’t using any yourself,” Yang commented, striking with all her force as explosive punch after explosive punch landed on Hiroshi, while his own punches hit her back. It was an amazing battle to behold, pure violence as they struck each other again and again. As this went on, Yang’s strikes only grew stronger and stronger, hitting harder every time she was hit.

Hiroshi not once flinched. His skin singed under the flaming blows, his body scarred and blood seeping out from the blunt wounds. “Let’s end this…!” He grit his teeth while throwing more blows. This time, he pulled back. His hand closed in at the center of the flurry of powerful throws. A sphere vacant of air formed.

Hiroshi’s punches were choreographed into a ‘circle’ of sorts. The vacuum the two created was void of air. The boy pulled his hand back to manipulate it, “DRAGON’S…” the suction pulled both Hiroshi and Yang forward. “SUMMIT!” a punch greater than anyone before it plowed straight into Yang’s chest.

Yang realized she was going to hurt and couldn't dodge or even block as she was sucked in by the force. She did all she could to focus all of her aura into her torso, into her front. As the blow struck her, she toppled backwards, sliding across the ground.

For just a moment, it looked like the fight had been decided, but then she carefully stood back up. She faced Hiroshi, covered in bruises with bits of ripped clothing. Her eyes had changed color, and her hair was floating upwards. She had come back with the full power of her Semblance. She rushed Hiroshi with enough force to leave a crater behind her, striking straight on with her right fist as she let out a scream of frustration.

This is what he wanted. This fight was great. This girl was able to keep up with him, match him blow for blow. This is what makes the art of battle beautiful. A struggle like this. The smile on his face broadened. Blue energy streamed off his body as Yang flew forward. Claws of miasma formed on his hands. He threw his hand up to grab Yang’s incoming strike. As the Savior Connection coursed through his body, it healed every injury in almost an instant. It wasn’t a conscious ability - it was the power of the connection itself. He couldn’t contain himself. “I haven’t had this much fun in a while.” he almost laughed when he said that. He was almost in a state of euphoria. “Let’s see how far we can take this!”

Yang was surprised he stopped her punch, and for a moment they were stuck there, but then despite her frustration she couldn’t help herself but grin, “Yeah, lets DO IT!”

With her fist in his hand, she attempted to fire a shot point blank into it.

The veil of energy took a lot of the damage that would’ve went into Hiroshi’s arm. The transparent blue fire violently burst out from Hiroshi’s body. It wasn’t a ‘force’ that could knock away, instead it was a display of power. The link was getting stronger each passing second. “Let me show you what I can do!” immediately the energy in Hiroshi’s hand grew. The claws expanded outward. He leaped back, letting go of Yang’s hand. After he got some space he ran forward again. His body spun into a corkscrew. In that second, he became a blue drill of energy with the only purpose of barreling into Yang.

Suddenly, small pillars of ice shot up from the ground between Hiroshi and Yang. Just as quickly, the ice exploded to force back both combatants. Heels clacked against the asphalt as a petite, white haired teen walked up to her teammate. "When I said to keep her distracted," she said, pointedly waving her hands over the destruction, "I didn't mean to destroy all of Vale while you were at it!"

Hiroshi blasted through the ice, but quickly reined himself in. He leaped back through the air landing near Weiss herself, “Ah, sorry, got a bit carried away.” he wasn’t the least bit sorry.

Yang had been ready to fire herself backward but found herself being blasted back by ice. As she caught herself and landed on her feet, she thought she recognized the ice. Sure enough, it was her.

“Oh great,” She pointedly glared at Weiss while she talked to her new teammate.

Hiroshi looked at Yang then to Weiss. He could feel the tension exchanged just at a glance. He stayed quiet since he could feel it was personal.

Weiss remained oblivious, or rather ignored, Yang's glares. Instead, opting to chastise Hiroshi instead. "Carried away, he says!" Weiss exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air, "You... you... ugh, nevermind. I couldn't find anything here, it must be in another part of the Kingdom."

“Nothing?” Hiroshi sighed, “Well, I bought you the time, you didn’t find anything.” he put a hand to his chin, “I think we’d have better luck if we searched together, but that’d just leave other places open for enemy search.” It was a pretty hard problem to find a solution to. They had numbers and so did their adversaries. His eyes turned back to Yang where he smiled, remembering the little scrap they just had, “So what do you want to do? Continue?”

Yang shook her head, “Nah, you two do whatever you want. I don’t want anything to do with her right now,” she was still glaring at Weiss. Was she seriously ignoring her? Then fine, she can just ignore back.

Hiroshi already got that there had to be some kind of grudge between the two. He doesn’t bother pursuing that, “So Weiss, we’re off the hook.” he looked back at his partner. He was primarily admiring her white hair and blue eyes. Maybe she was best girl material?~ Only time would tell.

Being the petulant child that she was, Weiss continued to ignore Yang even when directly mentioned. Though, she did side glance at the blonde, her eyes flickering for a moment before she steeled herself and looked at Hiroshi, "Let's go, then. We're not gonna find anything standing around here all day chatting."

Hiroshi combated with his own priorities. The fight was important, but Yang was already done with it judging by what she just said. “Alright,” Hiroshi said while letting the Savior Connection recede until it was at rest. The aura of blue dissipated as he took a few steps back toward Weiss, “Lead the way.”

Yang sighed as her hair settled down and her eyes changed back to their normal color. She watched the two of them walk away, a strange mixture of emotions swelling up visibly on her face. She then turned around, and walked off in her own direction with just the slightest limp.
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Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only] Empty Re: Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only]

Post by Simply David on Sun 21 Sep 2014, 5:23 pm

Suddenly a bullet pinged off of the raised hammer Meru was holding, “Hold it right there!” came the young boy’s voice from the top of a nearby car. He was raising his two pistols and had them aimed right at her.

Meru looked back toward the new boy that had just arrived. Yeah, he was obviously on the other side - an enemy. “Hey, wait, I don’t want to beat her down. I just want to talk this out!” she raised her hands trying to dismiss any violence with her flailing hands. She wasn’t holding the hammer so that was evidence enough she didn’t intent to attack.

“Huh?” Jr. was confused by her actions. Was she lying? “What’s your angle, lady?” he didn’t put down his guns. He was ready for anything, he was used to people fighting to the death.

“I’m only after another person. I don’t have a beef with you or anyone else.” the Wingly looked down to the unconscious Tomoyomi then to Jr., “She attacked me, I was just defending myself.”

Well, this wasn’t what he was expecting, “Who are you looking for?” He hopped down off the car and made his way over to Tomoyomi, keeping an eye on Meru. He just had to make sure she was ok.

“MMmmm.” Tomoyomi was still conscious, just in a lot of pain. Wasn’t much blood, just bruises on her body. The only blood coming out of her was self-inflicted to power her sword as they were slash marks, not caved flesh.

“I’m looking for a man named Lloyd.” she said the name while going up to pull her hair up. “Has platinum hair like me. Carries a ...glowing sword?” Was that the way to describe it? Well, there was no other way for her, so she just said it that way.

“Lloyd, huh?” He recognized the name, he was on his team, “Well I don’t know where he is right now, but I’ll take care of her so you just get out of here,” looking at Tomoyomi he could tell she wasn’t too badly hurt. He guessed she had really held back after all. Well whatever, he had to get her awake and ready in case someone else showed up. There had been explosions off in the distance.

“Thanks.” Meru nodded while making sure to keep her eye on Jr. as she started to walk away.

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Post by Ragna the Saviour on Mon 22 Sep 2014, 10:42 pm

Chapter 1-2, Unlikely Arrivals 

A trio were walking along a mountainside, odd hanging buildings visible all around. The boy, who was identifiable for his red hair, rubbed the back of his head, “So do you know this place?” He asked.

One of the two girls with him responded, “Oh yes, though I never came here personally. My grandfather had come here during a … time of war, however,” she smiled in a way that made Shirou uncomfortable.

"Okay, that was totes not creepy at all. I am definitely not crawling with all kinds of goosebumps," Roxy commented, quirking an eyebrow at Azula while attempting to take inconspicuous steps faaaaar away from her, "So other than to like dive off these cliffs because that seems hells of safer than that creepy ass smile, why are we here again?"

“Oh you’ll see soon enough,” Azula said simply, “Also, I have no idea what you’re talking about. My smile isn’t creepy at all,” She put her hand on her chest, feigning being a little hurt.

Shirou sighed. He wasn’t sure how he had ended up going with her out here, but it was better than sitting and doing nothing he supposed.

"Thank you for that completely convincing argument. I am so convinced right now," The rogue rolled her eyes and stepped closer to Shirou, "Holy shit, she's going to kill us. We should like, be ready to run the hell out of here 'cause she's defs luring us into some dark scary temple place and is gonna stabby stab at us. I am immortal and I am hella scared for my life right now."

Shirou gave a side eye at Azula but nodded to Roxy, “Yeah, I get what you mean. I think we’ll be fine, though. You don’t have to worry,” he patted his chest with a smile. Despite literally everything about the situation he still felt like he could give confidence to others by saying he’s protecting them.

"That's really sweet, but you'll totally die more horribly than me," She patted Shirou consolingly on the shoulder.  

Shirou sputtered and had a very slight misstep, but he regained himself quickly. Man, she said some weird things, “I’ll be fine!” he assured her, trying to defend himself.

“What are you two talking about over there?” Azula seemed to have only just noticed the large distance the two of them had somehow made between her and them, “Honestly…”

"We're just comparing our rad techniques in dealing with murderous psychopaths!" Roxy replied with complete and utter honesty as she winked at Shirou, "So are we close to whatever the fuck you wanted to show us? As fun as walking on precarious cliff sides are, I think we should get back to, you know, finding our fragmentmacallits."

“Yes, I think we are,” the side of the mountain opened up to one of the hanging buildings. It was a wide floor that in a normal building may have been the ceiling, “I’m certain what I am looking for is somewhere in this building,” she began looking around.

Shirou looked around a bit, “So what am I even looking for…” he mumbled a bit as he walked into the building. He had to take a moment to appreciate the oddity of the building itself as he walked around. It was actually a very sturdy structure. Then something caught his eye, “Hey, what’s that?”

Azula turned to see what he was pointing at, and her face lit up. It appeared to be an old man, though he was crystallized and unmoving, “Perfect! Now little Zuko will never see his uncle again,” She created a ball of fire in her hands as she walked towards him.

"Oh fuck, shit, no nonononono," Roxy cursed, stepping in front of Azula, "This isn't cool, please crazy psycho girl, please tell me this isn't what I think it is. I am gonna be so pissed off if it is. Just fuck." The girl didn't want to resort to violence against her own teammate but if she was about to do... well, something like she was obviously trying to do, then she would have no choice but to stop Azula.

“Are you trying to stop me? You do realize that this is an enemy fragment, it’s best to do away with such things,” she rationalized it quite clearly, she thought.

Shirou also stepped forward however, getting in front of Roxy, “What are you doing? He can’t even defend himself!” He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Was she really attacking some old man who was completely defenseless? “I can’t let you do this,” He stated firmly.

“You too?” Azula pouted. Well neither of them could really stop her as far as she was concerned. She put out the fire in her hand to make it look like she had stopped, but only long enough to see at least Shirou drop his guard. She quickly sidestepped and threw a ball of fire towards the old man, past the two of them.

However, Azula made a slight miscalculation. Unlike Shirou, Roxy hadn't let down her guard for a second. Ever perceptive, the moment she thought Azula was gonna try something, she sprung into action. The girl charged into the firebender, tackling her into the ground and throwing off her aim. The stench of singed hair invaded Roxy's nostrils to let her know she may have gotten herself a little bit burned from this stupid stunt. At least the old man was okay, for now.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” Azula shouted, pushing Roxy off of her. She quickly stood up and assumed a combat pose.

A man with platinum hair walked onto the scene. His eyes were focused on the three ‘compatriots’ as they came onto the domain of Chaos - or rather, the Western Air Temple. “It’s about time.” Lloyd walked out into plain view. “Azula, isn’t it?” his voice was calm as you’d expect from such an otherworldly presence.

“What? How do you know me? Who are you?” Azula responded to the newcomer with malice in her voice. She changed her pose to point her aggression towards him in preparation.

“My name isn’t important.” he pulled up a blade of transparent yellow. It burned the air as it moved into position. “I’m only here to do a job entrusted to me. That’s it.”

Shirou was slightly reeling from how quickly she had outdone him, but after seeing Roxy thrown over he moved to help her stand up, “You okay?” He asked, making sure she hadn’t been burnt or something too badly.

"Yeah, just got an order of extra crispy I didn't ask for, I'd complain to the manager but it looks like someone beat me to it," Roxy nodded towards Lloyd once she stood up, "Shit, I should of known this is why we came here. I could have stopped her sooner." Roxy frowned, glancing at the old man fragment.

Shirou wasn’t happy with the fact he was currently teamed with someone like her, but this new person could be a problem as well. He looked at the crystallized old man. Was there a way for Shirou to free him out of that, stop Azula from killing him, and get away from this new guy? He was probably asking for too much but he had to try and think of a way to handle this situation.

“So you’re someone’s doggy, eh?” Azula smirked, “Did Zuzu send you here? You really shouldn’t bother working with someone as weak as him,” She gestured towards the fragment, “So are you going to get in my way here? Because if so then I’ll have to take you out first,”

“Don’t be so conceited.” again, Lloyd was dismissive. He stepped in front of the fragment while still holding the Dragon Buster upward.

While the other two was distracted, Roxy suddenly reached for Shirou's hand to spread her voidy thing and make the both of them invisible. "Come on," She pulled him towards the fragment, "Let's get him out of here before she tries to hurt him again."

“Wh-” As she grabbed his hand, he felt his face burn a bit and almost didn’t walk with her, “Why are you holding my hand?!” He asked with a little too much force.

Azula, meanwhile, decided to get the fight on the road. He wanted to ignore her? Fine, “Haah!” she sent a ball of fire directly at Lloyd, then swept her foot to send another wave of blue flames his way.

Lloyd moved to the side as if he was an illusion. His feet didn’t move as he dodged to the side,“Too slow!”

"You're totally blushing, aren't you? Aw, that's so cute, but now is not the time for flirting so get your mind outta the gutter, Shirou," Roxy continued to drag the sputtering boy to the fragment, but not before looking back and winking, "But we can totes flirt later if ya wanna."

Shirou was definitely not used to this, and he couldn’t stop blushing if she was going to talk like that. What was she thinking anyway? He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he almost didn’t notice they had made it to the old man.

Roxy placed one hand on the fragment and moved Shirou's on to it as well, "Imma try to move to the other side, so keep your hand on it cuz I'm not sure if my voidy powers will still work if there's not something connecting us," After saying that, she moved over while keeping her hand on the statue so that she was now adjacent to Shirou, "kay, now push him towards me and we can like hold a side of him each and carry him out."

Azula angrily squinted at her opponent, and sent a couple more waves of fire with some well placed punches and kicks.

Lloyd ducked down low, weaved to the side, and spun around to display his agility. The flames passed him by, not even singing the hair on his head. When the opportunity came up, he threw the Dragon Buster out in a horizontal slash.

Azula dodged the attack by ducking under the blade, then moved backwards to put some distance between them. She continued to create waves of blue fire, trying to throw bursts that were unavoidable by regular dodging.

Lloyd guided his blade through the oncoming waves of fire. The breaking air followed by each slash was enough to mitigate the incoming blue flames. They dispersed around the blade as he prepared for the second and third waves. The continued dance of fire and blade had no victor. Lloyd only defended while Azula continued her attack.

As the two fought each other, Shirou nodded invisibly to Roxy and began to push the the old man towards her. Something seemed different though, “You know, a young man shouldn’t push his elders around like that,” Shirou was astonished to find that the old man was awake, and immediately let go of him, making him visible once more, “But since it’s towards such a lovely young lady, I’ll forgive it this time,”

"Woah!" Roxy yelped, also letting go of the man and since there was no point in hiding now, she became visible again. "You're quite the charmer. Like, goddamn, I think Imma swoon. Er, wait, shit that's not important. I'm losing my train of thought. How are you free? I didn't know we could..." She glanced nervously over at Azula and Lloyd. How much longer till they noticed? She brought her attention back to Iroh, "So, uh, you're not gonna try and fight us right? Cuz we so totes saved your life and you should give us a free pass."

The old man, Iroh, laughed heartily, “I see no reason to fight you two. Though things do seem to be getting pretty ugly in here,”

“Uncle?!” Azula cried out, “How did you-?” Without any further hesitation, she began charging up a lightning bolt. Unfortunately this would leave her pretty open to an attack.

“Let’s finish up.” Lloyd became a blur as he closed the distance between the waves of fire and Azula. The blade was thrust forward straight at Azula’s stomach.

Azula gasped, though not from the attack itself. Shirou had full on body slammed her out of the way of the blade, taking the blade to his side but it hadn’t cut very deep, “What are you-”

“Stay back a second,” Shirou interrupted her, standing up. Things had gone a bit differently than he had imagined, but this was the part where he had to stand up and fight to protect the others, “Trace… on,” he connected his magic circuit, then created a pair of blades in his hands.

Lloyd didn’t seem to care either way. He didn’t follow up on the attack. Instead he took a few steps back to gauge the distance. The Dragon Buster’s blade pointed to the air - or rather to the other side of the valley.

Shirou was a little confused, was he pointing at something? He looked in the direction the blade was pointing towards.

“CALADBOLG!” The sound barrier broke. A spiral of death descended from the sky. It tore into the ground, causing a powerful explosion. Debris and dust blasted upward from the impact. There through the smoke was a man with slicked back white-hair and armor not of the modern era. His eyes were a stirring silver, focused only on the boy - Emiya Shirou.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuck," The Rogue bit her lip and cast Iroh an apologetic glance before rushing in and grabbing Shirou by the arm, using her voidy powers on him and then Azula once she was in reach, "That was so dumb, that was so so dumb.” She began to float up, doing a fairly good job of carrying two humans, "I can't believe you did that."

She phased through the ceiling, pulling her two allies through it as well, "This was such a fucking bad idea."

Lloyd didn’t do much with the retreating party. They were invisible, intangible - even if he did choose to chase after them, what then? Nothing to be gained. Afterward he glanced toward Iroh, “So you’re his fragment.” he displayed cursory interest while walking past the old man.

“Hm. I suppose that’s what I am,” Iroh stroked his beard in thought, “This destruction, are you really his teammates?” He looked on at the crater in the side of the once-sacred air temple building, a little sorrow in his eyes.

“Not by choice.” Lloyd stopped walking past then turned on a foot to look down into the valley. The wind current wasn’t harsh. It was a cooling breeze that quelled the heat of battle. “Do as you like.” he said while he started walking again, “Your personal affairs aren’t of any concern to me.”

Meanwhile, the sniper on the other side of the valley had already moved from his position. Unlike Lloyd, he wasn’t going to lose the boy that easily.

Iroh nodded, “I agree, we shall go our separate ways. Still, I thank you for saving me from my niece,” He bowed his head a moment to Lloyd, then made his way out of the temple.
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Post by Ragna the Saviour on Tue 23 Sep 2014, 1:43 am

Guar Plain

A large plain rolled out into a valley with large jagged rocks breaking the monotony of the smooth cliffs. It was a massive expanse that seemed out of place in the war of fragments and worlds. Hiroshi looked up at the blue sky with a smile on his face. It was a nice change from the dank, cloudy sky from the city back in Vale. “This is better.” he said, “Much better.”

Weiss turned her head sharply, looking up at her male comrade with a hard glare. Or she would have if not for the fact she felt something squish under her heel. Please don't let that be what she thought it was, "Eugh, this is not better! This is horrible! Why are we even out here? We're not going to find anything pertaining to either of us here! It's just a waste of time."

“Experiencing nature’s never a waste!” Hiroshi grinned, “Come on, take in the fresh air, be content with the world around you.”

“No,” Weiss replied, flatly.

“Eh,” he shrugged, “Guess it’s your loss,” he continued on his walk ahead of Weiss with his eyes still fixated on the sky.

The white haired girl sighed, "Can we just get out of here? I don't know, let's find your fragment! Quite frankly, anything would be better than 'taking in the fresh air'."

“Where do you think we’re headed?” he stopped in his tracks, “Come on, Weiss, you should know I don’t do anything without reason.” She didn’t know him for that long, so of course she wouldn’t know something like that.

"Yes, your reasons are to be infuriatingly vague and make my hair miraculously whiter in my attempts to figure you out!" She pinched the pinched the bridge of her nose, "I think I'm going to get a migraine."

“Your hair is already perfect,” he cut through whatever other concerns Weiss had to compliment her hair, “Your eyes are even more splendid.” his legs moved, he got down to a knee while placing Weiss’ hand in his own.

"Wha- I-," Weiss sputtered, staring down at the kneeling boy, heat rising to her cheeks, "D-don't use flattery to get out of this!" She snatched her hand from him and purposely stomped past him, "We're looking for your gate, right? Get up and let's find it already!"

“Ah, thought that would lighten the mood.” he stood up, recovering from the rejection with record speed. It obviously failed but he holds his head up high, “We’ll find it, it’s not going to go anywhere. If it’s been taken over by the forces of Chaos, we’ll just beat them down till they decide to leave.” The logic was as simple as it was sound. If it’s already been taken, take it back. No problems.

The girl rolled her eyes and huffed. Her previous embarrassment evaporating, "I don't get how easy going you can be about this. We have no idea what our enemies are capable of."

“Because these things always work out in the end,” he put a hand to his chin, “Or rather they do for me.” he looked to Weiss with a comforting smile, “It’s not luck, it’s experience. I’ve dealt with big threats before.”

"Well, that's swell for you, but normal people tend to not have things go the way they want it," Weiss frowned for a moment before shaking her head, "Look, things may have worked out for you in your world, but... we're not dealing with just your world anymore. I don't even know why I'm bothering explaining this to you."

“Worked out for me... Probably not the right choice of words,” he said, “Not completely, anyway, I was talking about the situation more than myself,” he only realized the mistake in his word choice after he said it. “As long as people were able to smile, I was happy, content.” he scratched the back of his head.

"Fine, keep being an easy going oaf. It's not like I'll be able to change your mind. I'll just be the only sane one on the team and consider the situation as dire as it actually is."

“That’s what you’re here for.” he made sure to keep up pace with Weiss as the two traversed the Guar Plain. He continued to look around for anything that would resemble a fragment. After realizing that he wasn’t going to find anything just by scanning the field, he focused more on his walk.

Weiss resisted the urge to roll her eyes yet again, "Speaking of our team, isn't this one of our territory? Why haven't we met one of our own yet? I specifically made planners and diagrams showing who was supposed to patrol where and when! Why does no one take my very well made diagrams seriously?"

“Would they KNOW they’re well-made?” Hiroshi asked her the question while looking back in the direction they came, “And come to think of it, where did that other girl… Meru, yeah, where did she go? She was in Vale fighting my sister, then she just up and vanished.” a hand fell on his hip as he remembered the other white-haired beauty. Wasn’t as ‘graceful’ as Weiss, but she had her perks. Hibiki would certainly be proud.

"Of course they would, anyone with eyes would see how perfect my diagrams were," She refuted. When Hiroshi asked about Meru, she paused then slapped her own forehead, "I... forgot she was even with us. I was going to send her to the next destination I planned on the timetable! Ugh, now I'll have to rearrange everything looking for a replacement."

“Go with the flow, less frustration that way. I promise.” Hiroshi threw in his own two cents, despite the probability of making Weiss even more angry.

Weiss gave him a withering glance, "No. All suggestions from you will henceforth be discarded."

“That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?” Hiroshi didn’t think much of Weiss’ insult as she didn’t think much of his suggestions. It was a relationship that was almost perfect in harmony. “So then, what are we going to do? Go back after her? Keep going?” Since his suggestions would be thrown out, it was now Weiss’ responsibility to formulate a master plan with the power of her charts, graphs and logic.

"Oh please, like you even care," Weiss replied back to his comment on her harshness. When the topic of Meru was broached again, she ran a hand through her bangs and considered her options, "Before we split for the fight, you said she'd be able to handle your sister fine, right? In that case, I think she can take care of herself. Besides, she's probably left Vale by now, no point in going back."

“Meru is a lot faster and more combat ready than my sister,” he picks up the pace with his walk, “So yeah, she should be fine.” Hiroshi’s intuition told him he didn’t need to lift a finger. Meanwhile, the missing girl had been floating up in the sky while trailing after the two of them. Her transparent wings faded as she landed on a patch of grass nearby.

“I’m here!” she sprinted over, waving her hand.

“And speak of the devil.” Hiroshi looked toward her while glancing back at Weiss.

"Combat ready..." Weiss could see the war flashbacks of an unsettling girl with orange hair. How did Ruby even become friends with a girl like that? No wait, she was mistaking Ruby for someone with common sense again. No, no, don't think about Ruby, that only brought back bad memories.

Suddenly, her train of thought was interrupted at the arrival of a certain perky wingly, "There you are! Where have you been?"

“Busy looking for someone!” Meru bowed in apology, “Sorry if I made you worry.”

“Wasn’t worried at all. Knew you’d be fine.” Hiroshi said with a dismissive hand.
"Well now that you're here," Weiss rummaged in a pack at her side and pulled out a sheet of paper, "As you can see on this chart, it's your turn to patrol Amity Park."

“Ahhh.” Hurray, more work! “Okay, okay, I’ll get right on it,” her wings burst out from her back once more as she searched for the right direction. Not even a moment’s rest and she’s back at it. “Bye, everyone!... Again!” and ZOOM, she was off. It must be convenient to be able to fly like that.

“Back for a second then gone again,” Hiroshi put his hands in his pockets as he saw Meru fly off toward Amity Park.

Weiss nodded, "That's what being productive looks like. Take notes, you might learn something."

“Notes never did me any good in school.” he shrugged, “Always got perfect grades.”

"Of course," Weiss snorted indignantly before her eyes caught a shock of pink in this green, grassy plain. On further inspection, she spotted a girl laid out on the ground, heaving in exhaustion. Not far from her, was a red haired boy. She instantly recognized them as her teammates and started walking towards them.

“Believe what you want.” he shrugged. Didn’t have any intention of boasting about his academic prowess even if it would get a rise out of Weiss. “And we have some more arrivals. One for two.” he started on his walk over to the exhausted Roxy, “Not bad.”

Shirou was laying there staring at the sky for just a moment. He had to let his mind wander back to what he had seen, and where he was right now. The sky was way too pretty for what they were in the middle of. Finally he sat up, “Roxy, that was really fast thinking,” he tried complimenting her on getting them out of there when even he hadn’t been able to react fast enough.

"Yeah, I know, my skills are tight as fuck," Roxy gave him an easy grin despite her lack of energy, "Holy tits, I am tired. Let's agree to never go anywhere miss psycho tells us to ever again. Where did she even go-?" She had looked around only to stop abruptly when she spotted Weiss charging for them. And probably frothing at the mouth. Definitely frothing at the mouth.

"You two! What are you even doing here? I sent you both to Fuyuki!"

Hiroshi kind of smiled at Weiss’ jump to being ‘punctual’ and ‘following her orders’. Just reminded him of a certain someone back home, except much less desperate, “You can calm down you know, you’ll get worry lines that way.”

“Wha-” Shirou was startled by how quickly he found himself getting yelled at. Well this felt sort of familiar now that he thought about it, “We, uh…” suddenly he felt bad for not following directions. He may not have preferred her being the leader but he had agreed to do what she said.

"You stay out of this," Weiss snapped at Hiroshi then turned back to the two on the ground, "Well?"

"We were going to, honest! But you know that creepy bitch, the one who looks like she should be the headliner on a newspaper. Be all 'Psychotic child murdered family of 4 more on page 12' and she wanted to show us something so we followed her to Chaos territory... alone. Okay, we're defs dumbasses for that," Roxy admitted with a frown, "Please don't be mad, we're sorry and we'll go to Fuyuki right away, right Shirou?"

Hiroshi did as Weiss asked; he stayed out of it.

“Yeah,” Shirou responded immediately, “I mean, that’s my place so it should be fine,” he felt like he probably said that back when he originally agreed to it.

"Yes, I know, that is why I assigned it to you and expected the both of to get there promptly before any of our enemies attempted to take it over! You're blatantly disregarding how important our mission is, Ru-" Weiss stopped mid-rant and cleared her throat, "I suppose I'm being a tad harsh. Fine, I-I'm not mad, annoyed, but not mad."

Roxy heaved a sigh of relief and gave Shirou a thumbs up. Then turned back to Hiroshi and Weiss, "Oh, before we, like, get the hell out of here, you should know... psycho girl is bad news. Way bad news, worse than I assumed. She tried to kill some poor old man and that wasn't cool. It was so uncool. So yeah."

“So a second murder-happy girl to look out for?” he said while nodding toward Weiss, “Got it. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.”

Shirou gave a sigh of relief along with Roxy, then nodded in agreement with her about Azula, “She may keep trying, and who knows what she’ll try next,” then he stood up, patted himself down, and gave a look around, “Uh, where exactly are we now anyway?” he asked nobody directly. The place seemed to go on for miles, and there was some sort of strange structure in the distance.

“Guar Plain,” he remembered that blonde boy - what was his name? Ah right, “That’s what Shulk called it.”

Weiss once again rummaged through her pack and pulled out another sheet of paper, shoving it into Shirou's chest. "It's a map, use it," She ordered, not bothering to explain where she even got it.

Roxy quickly got up and peered over Shirou's shoulder to get a look of said map, "Damn, you have waaaay too much free time." A quick glare from Weiss silenced her from further commentary.

Hiroshi started jogging toward the direction that Roxy and Shirou came from, “Hey, Weiss, come on!” The two of them had to go through the Western Air Temple, through Elysium then breach the gap to the World Tree. Hiroshi ‘knew’ there was going to be something there now. He just knew.

Shirou took the map, and looking it over was dumbfounded at how detailed it was. He was starting to learn that maybe he shouldn’t be surprised by such things from Weiss. Hiroshi started to lead Weiss away so he turned to Roxy, “Well, guess that’s it then? Ready to go?” he asked.

"You two, Fuyuki, understand?"

"We so got this, no need to worry!" Roxy then nodded to Shirou, "Yeah, let's blow this popsicle stand!"

Sighing, Weiss turned and began to follow Hiroshi, calling out to him as she did, "Don't you dare leave without me!"
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Post by Ragna the Saviour on Thu 25 Sep 2014, 11:03 pm

Chapter 1-3; Wingly and Ghosts

It was peaceful in Amity Park. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and water shot up from the fountain into a beautiful spray. It seemed like nothing could touch the scenery.


There was a crash and debris flew everywhere. The fountain was completely destroyed, the pipe within bent and dripping water on a white haired male's head. "Anyone get the license on the truck that hit me?" He asked to no one in particular as his head swayed in a daze.

“Yeah, it was 911,” a man with light blue skin floated over the ground towards his younger self, “Or at least, that’s the number you’re going to need,” he raised his hand towards the boy and it glowed bright in preparation to fire a beam of ecto-energy.

There in the sky zoomed Danny’s fellow teammate Meru, sent on a mission from a very haughty heiress who had no sense of restraint. Though the Wingly girl can’t fault Weiss for her decision. It was dead on, in fact, since Danny was already in danger. The girl blasted straight through the sky with her hammer up. She performed a few flips forward before smacking the hammer straight down on the side of Dan’s head.

“Agh!” Dan went flying into the ground, and from his position there he turned his head to look up, “Ahhh, so he has backup. Good, this was going to be too easy otherwise,” he gave her his smirk and fired a beam at her.

"Don't forget about me!" Danny intercepted him, firing his own ecto beam at his evil counterpart.

Meru, not wasting anytime, sidestepped the beam while flying straight at Dan with her hammer at the ready. She performed a spinning motion, throwing her weight into a powerful strike. The head of the hammer inched closer to the enemy’s head for another powerful strike.

Dan simply went intangible and went underground, avoiding both attacks. He then reappeared from the ground behind Meru, “You know, some would say I’m cheating for outnumbering you,” three more Dans appeared from the ground surrounding Meru and Danny, “But then, I don’t really care,” The four of them went in, aiming punches at the two’s heads and bodies.

Suddenly, Danny was surrounded by a green energy field, protecting himself from the oncoming attacks.

"I didn't think I'd get rusty in my old age, but you are definitely proving me wrong," Danny quipped, suddenly blasting ice beams at the clones from his hands. These would freeze them completely if it hit them, "Bet you never knew we could do that, huh?"

“What? I don't remember being able to do that-” the two clones that had come for him were frozen, but the other two had avoided the attacks.

Meru followed suit. She threw her hammer up into the air then smashed it straight down to the ground, making sure to dodge out of the way of the incoming blows. Stalagmites of ice burst up from the ground, pointing their sharp edges in every which direction. Another swing with the hammer smashed the newly formed icicles into an array fire that went everywhere; the ground, nearby buildings and even the sky.

“You too? It’s getting way too cold around here,” The points had just barely missed stabbing through him. The two frozen clones shook and finally broke free of the ice, sending small shards about.

The four clones came back together, “Maybe it’d be best if I finish this quickly,” now a single person again, he took in a deep breath, then let out a haunting ghostly moan, sending out waves of sound capable of breaking down walls, “OooooOOOOOOoOOooOOoooo!”
Danny put his arms in front of him and tried to hold his ground. However, it was not enough and he was soon pushed back by the force of the attack, slamming the teenage boy into a tree with a loud thud, "Ugh, I really didn't need another crash course."

Meru put everything into guarding against the onslaught of ghostly energy. She smashed her mallet into the ground to help hold her ground. She skid across the ground only a few feet, still being able to stand despite the strength of the attack.

“Hm,” Dan finished his attack, and took a breath, “I guess you’re tougher than you look,” he frowned at the still standing Meru, then shrugged, “Well, it’s been fun,” he made a portal behind him, “I won’t lie, I really only came here originally to incapacitate my younger self. I didn’t really account for anyone else being here,” he stepped through the portal, “I’ll be sure to drop in on you next time,” with that the portal closed and one could hear his laugh left behind.

“Get back here you big fat chicken!” Meru yelled as the portal closed and she approached where Dan was once standing. She smashed her hammer into the ground in the spot of his retreat. Afterward she looked over to Danny while venting her own frustration with a loud sigh, “Oh! Are you alright?” she walked on over to see if the ghost boy needed any help.

"Except for the possibility of a concussion, I'm fine... hopefully," Danny answered, standing up as two rings of lights quickly flew over him and changed him back to human form, "Looks like he escaped to the ghost zone, if we want to follow him, I may know a shortcut there."

So what was she going to do? Balance her duties that Weiss had given her or go with Danny, disobeying her comrades orders?

The choice was a difficult one.

“Lead the way!”
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Post by Ragna the Saviour on Fri 26 Sep 2014, 1:13 am

Ghost Zone

Dan floated around the Ghost Zone. He kept an eye out, looking around for any sign of activity, “Doesn’t seem like little me’s gotten the ability to make portals, that’s good. Should buy me some time,” he made his way through the zone, not entirely sure what he was looking for.

Meanwhile, Danny led Meru to the portal in his parent's basement and soon they were also in the Ghost Zone. Everywhere they turned, all they would see was an expanse of green and floating rocks. "Okay, so finding him will be a little hard than I thought," Danny noted, looking around the area, "Any suggestions on where we should go first?"

“You’re asking me?” Meru’s brows went up, “I’ve never been here before.” She put a hand on her chin then looked out at the green expanse, “Okay then, splitting up is a bad idea, so let’s stick together.” Meru gave Danny a smile then looked forward, “Follow me!” she put more power into her wings then flew in the direction her instincts told her too.

"Good idea, I don't think I'd be able to find you again if we split up," Danny nodded in agreement, then she was flying off, nearly leaving Danny, "Woah, don't just fly off like that. The Ghost Zone is pretty unpredictable, who knows what you'll run into if you're not careful." Just as Danny said this, a giant ectogoo ghost floated past them, "Eugh..."

As Dan moved around the familiar territory, he realized that there was just too much ground to cover. He needed a better idea of where to go. He decided to multiply himself, but just before he did he heard a familiar sound. A box came flying at him and he swatted it away, “I AM THE BOX GHOOOOST! BEWARE!” a chubby looking ghost appeared and waved his arms around very menacingly at Dan. He gave a soft chuckle, then a very serious face as he raised his hand and blasted the little guy off into oblivion, “I’LL HAVE MY CARDBOARD VENGEANCE!” the ghost shouted as he went flying who-knows-where.

“Now, where was I?” Dan created his clones, then went off in search of any clues to where his fragment should be.

Meru eyed the glob of ectoplasm move on by while regulating her own speed to match up with Danny’s, “Getting excited, sorry.” she apologized. She heard the sound of a ‘blast’ off in the distance, pulling her head up in that direction, “Did you hear that?”

Danny nodded, "It sounded like a desperate attempt to be threatening. Let's go check it out!"

Dan’s clones scoured around, until one of them came upon a large pink football floating in the open, “Well this seems suspicious,” he moved the football and found a ghost portal, “Well would you look at that! All those years looking for Vlad’s portal from this side and now I find it when I don’t want to destroy it any more. Go figure.”

The Wingly girl flew further and further into the Ghost Zone until she happened upon a poor burned sod. He’d be known as the Box Ghost in the other world and Danny would, of course, recognize him. “Is he alright?” she said while turning toward the white-haired phantom boy.

"I'm sure he's fine," The half ghost answered, before looking down at his semi-enemy, "Hey, did you see an uglier version of me around here?"

“What? Uh, I will NEVER reveal that information to, uh, YOU!” he raised his hands, trying to look menacing but failing even more than normal since he was a little beat up, “B-BEWARE!”

“Are you SURE he’s alright?”
"Well, okay, maybe he's not all there but I'm pretty sure he was always like that," He turned back to the annoying ghost, "I can't exactly threaten to shove you in a thermos but... I can... uh... oh! I'll destroy all the boxes in Amity Park if you don't tell us where he went!"

“AHH! No, don’t hurt the boxes!” The Box Ghost seemed genuinely worried, “Look he went that way ok?” he pointed in a direction off to his right, “Now, I have to go. BEWARE!” he gave one last threat as he floated away backwards, but ruined his exit by bumping into a floating rock on the way.

Meru laughed at the degenerent ghost before blasting off toward the direction that he pointed, “Let’s go, we can catch him if we’re fast enough.”

Dan’s clones returned to him, and he reached forward to the portal before him. He opened it without much trouble, and went beyond it. Sure enough, it was the laboratory in Vlad’s basement. Looking around, he saw something shining. Wait, was that…

“Now whose idea was this? Is this some sort of joke?” He looked on with a sign of anger in his face. What he saw was the fragment of his humanity, ripped from him once before and promptly killed. To see it alive again was something he couldn’t quite comprehend.

He reached out and touched the fragment, not being able to really control what he was doing. He was simply… surprised. His human self began to move, and looked at him.

“You’re… real, aren’t you?” Dan said, looking at him. Then he smiled. He would kill him again now, just as he did once before. Danny looked on in terror, remembering who this is immediately, but there was something Dan had never taken into account.

The tenacity of his own humanity.

Danny jumped right into Dan, forcing them to fuse back together, “What, how did you-” Dan cried out, and his body began to glow furiously.

As this was happening, another figure jumped out of Vlad's portal. "It's the end of the line, Da-" He stopped, staring wide eyed at what he was seeing, "Oh. My. God."

He turned to his ally who would have definitely followed after him through the portal, "What's going on?"

“No idea why you’re asking me.” Meru replied while staring at the spectacle.

“AHHHHH!” Dan was screaming, it seemed almost like he was being tortured as he was glowing brightly and his appearance was changing somewhat. When the light finally faded and Dan was just standing there, he looked far more human than before, with pale skin and black hair.

He turned to Danny, “I…” so he had been followed. He had expected that, right? But he didn’t feel right. This isn’t how things were supposed to go. In a burst of anger he threw his hands forward pointing at Danny, but nothing seemed to happen, “Agh, this can’t be happening!” he focused and finally two halos of light surrounded him and he recovered his previous appearance. “...There, that’s better,” he tried to play it off, but it was clear something was wrong.

“A transformation?” Meru mumbled while taking a look at Danny. Didn’t this guy keep referring to Danny as his ‘younger self’? Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.

"You're uh... looking more alive than usual, dude," Danny was completely dumbfounded. Did his evil future self just get his humanity back? How was he even supposed to deal with that? He guessed he would still have to kick his ass, though. He clenched his fist and glared at the older male.

“Well, I’d absolutely love to stay and show you why fighting me will always end with you losing, but I think something just came up,” Dan knew that this side of the fragments shouldn’t connect to anything, so he would have to make his way past the two of them and through the portal. He would have an easy time escaping after that.

“You’re not running with your tail between your legs again.” Meru raised her hammer up, pointing it straight at the enemy, “Let’s take him down.”

"Right!" Danny replied getting into a combat position.

With a smirk Dan found that he certainly still had control of his powers, he split off into two and flew at them, but feinted around them while intangible, “Maybe next time!” he fused back together and flew through the portal, quickly making his escape.


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Chapter 1-4; Heroes
The Sky Gate

A place of azure blue with ironworks and bars tarnishing the checkered landscape. The strange island is connected to the Emerald Forest through a very thin strip of land that allows for smooth passage. There beyond the gray area lies the city of Fuyuki.

A girl with black-hair and hardly any clothes sat there. She stared intently at a Fragment. A fragment that was precious to her, that could help her team win. That’s all she did was look, glance, cast her eyes into it. No interest, no action taken. The girl in black just squatted, just looked, just remained.

Shirou and Roxy had made their way through the emerald forest, and were currently in a gray desert. Shirou felt like now would be a good time to take out the map and look it over. As he did, they walked into a checkered landscape, large iron bars marring the scenery, “Ok, so the map… says…” he turned it around, trying to decide which side was the top. Something was wrong with this map, “Ok, no… this map lost me.”

"Oh em eff gee, you don't know how to read a map. That's precious... and also kinda sad," Roxy giggled at her dense friend. Really, it was like being with a smarter Jake English. "Here, lemme see that," she reached over and grabbed the map from Shirou, "'Kay, looks like we need to go this way."

She pointed over to the left, "Y'know, all these chess motifs reminds me of home. I'm half expecting a little carapacian buddy to appear."

To the left that Roxy pointed was that still girl. Her eyes didn’t lift themselves off from the Fragment even for a second. Though how close was the pale girl? A few feet away!

“Oi…” Shirou felt like he’d messed up that he couldn’t read it and then she could. When he looked in the direction Roxy had pointed, he noticed someone, “Huh? Who is that?” it hadn’t crossed his mind to prepare for an attack, rather he simply wondered who this girl sitting in front of him was. They had somehow gotten very close to her without noticing and that was odd, but just went to show how unnoticeable she had been.

"Huh?" Roxy took a better look at the direction she had pointed and blinked. How did she miss that the first time? "Uh... Iuuno... errr... I think she's on our team? I pre' sure I remember seeing her before... kinda. If she turns out to be an enemy, this is officially gonna be my shittiest day ever and lemme tell you, I was once woke up in a dungeon and then got some freaky magic high that gave me the worst hangover ever."

The girl in black stared up at the two newcomers and didn’t say so much as a word. Back to staring at the fragment… then back to looking at them. “You’re allies,” she said, her voice a fine monotone. “Where are you going?” BRS didn’t move from her Fragment.

“Uh,” Shirou scratched his head and looked at Roxy, then shrugged. If she was an ally, that’s all there was to it really, “We’re heading to my house, actually, in Fuyuki. We’re going to see if we can find my fragment,” even though he still didn’t quite get what it would be, he knew what he was going there for.

"Mhm!" The rogue nodded vigorously, "And maaaaybe we can head over to LOPAN later for my fragment... though I dun wanna run into my momdaughter again." Roxy frowned for a moment, remembering the sour encounter she had with Rose before deciding to travel with Shirou. She always knew her mom/daughter was really passive aggressive, but she thought their reunion would be something a little happier. To get her mind off it and also so as to not worry Shirou, Roxy plastered on a smile and looked down at BRS' fragment, "So... uh... whatcha doin, exactly?"

BRS pointed to the white shine of the floating crystal in front of her. It reflected the image of a silver-haired girl with fiery red eyes. She had large gauntlets that looked much too big for her. It was kind of an odd spectacle. “Watching a friend,” she said while poking the projecting crystal with her black sword.

Shirou looked at the fragment curiously, “Who… is it?” he had to wonder why she hadn’t released her friend yet, surely she’d want to?

“STRENGTH,” the name was a pretty simple one. It was also an obvious namesake, “...” The black-haired girl kind of knew what the ginger boy was thinking, “A hassle.”

Roxy blinked, this girl was not much of a talker, was she, "Okay, if you say so miss short, dark, and skimpily clad. If you wanna sit here and poke yer friend like some boy straight outta of a 90s movie who just found the dead body of a fat kid then... uh... I don't fuckin know, whatever floats your aquatic transportation device."

Not sure how to exactly articulate herself in this situation, Roxy rambled on about shit the other two would barely comprehend. Even unconsciously using stilted troll vernacular.

Shirou raised an eyebrow at the girl, but looked at Roxy with actual bewilderment. You’d think he’d be used to how she talks but some things she says still throws him off. He looked back to the girl, “Are you going to free them?” he asked, pointing at the fragment.

“Eventually,” the girl stated while taking another glance at her two teammates. It was something that BRS felt like it would really be a hassle. If she were to ‘free’ STRENGTH, she’d have to go through out the fragment. Fight, decimate, keep going until she ‘corrected’ whatever was in there. This was only true for fragments of friends or possible allies. Those with a direct connection to the fragment can merely absorb it as it is part of them. Those who free Fragments through nontraditional means probably get something of the same result. Instead of fighting and seizing, she stared at it with a sense of longing and purpose.

"I see..." Roxy didn't see at all, but she supposed couldn't just get involved. As long as no harm was coming to the fragment, it wasn't really any of her business, "Do you, like, wanna come with us to Fuyuki?"

The only response was silence. Her blue eyes met Roxy’s then she nodded, “Okay.” she grabbed her large gun up into her hand while facing in another direction, “I can lead.” She started walking toward the direction of Fuyuki which might be in the different direction shown on a certain heiress’ map.

Shirou realized they had another person with them again. At least this time she didn’t seem like a psychopath who would lead them on a murder spree. Wait, he hadn’t ever caught her name. Well, it was only polite if he introduced himself first, “My name is Shirou, it’s nice to meet you,” He said it with a bit of hesitation, like he wasn’t sure about introducing himself.

“Black Rock Shooter,” she said while tilting her head to the said. “She...rou,” she mumbled, “Sherou. Sherou. Sherou…” she cleared her throat, “Shero.” After deciding that was as best as she was going to get, she started on her walk again.

"That is a hell of a mouth full, Imma just call you Rocky," She replied suddenly wrapping an arm around BRS, "We can totes be Team On The Rox, I'm Roxy by the way, Roxy Lalonde."

“On the Rocks…” only after saying it did the pale girl understand it. A smile formed as she looked back toward Shirou, “Faster.”

Shirou went faster as BRS dictated!

Fuyuki City

The battered, strange desert transitioned into a large rural area that extended out over the horizon. The streets were empty save for strange shadow figures that walked the streets. They were currently in the area of Fuyuki that had a majority of Eastern Style houses rather than Western. Somewhere among them was Shirou’s own home. The group came upon a roadway leading to the Emiya Residence. To their right they would find a wall with rocks protruding out of the wide. To their left a smooth fenced in house. Above the sky was clear and blue, much like the Guar Plains off to the west.

“Ahh,” Shirou sighed, the feeling of familiarity setting in. He had never experienced going to distant lands before, so seeing his hometown was making him feel … well, there was definitely something wrong with it. The emptiness, the shadowy figures. He almost let himself get caught up in the scenery, thinking he was home. But really, he knew he wasn’t.

“Yeah, this place definitely makes me feel wrong,” he let his thoughts slip out without really noticing.

“Feels like home,” Rock’s feelings were on the opposite end of the spectrum. The desert she was staring at STRENGTH’s fragment in. That was a place she called home before this fiasco started. The dreariness, the listlessness of the environment - it was perfect for her.

Roxy glanced at Shirou and patted his shoulder, "Heeyyy, buck up! I'll defs get you back home, I dun know why but I get this feeling everything will work out." She furrowed her eyebrows, recalling someone telling her something similar to this. A memory flashed before her eyes of long black hair and a sword before it went all fuzzy again. Ugh, why were her memories so jumbled.

“Ah,” he hadn’t meant to let that out, “I’m fine,” he tried to keep her from worrying. She really didn’t need to, after all, “Ok, just around here,” they rounded a corner, and weren’t far from his home at this point.

Rock continued following after Shirou.

However, when the redhead rounded the corner. There was a man standing there with his arms crossed. He barred entry into the house with presence and his body. He opened his eyes as the man came closer, “I’ve already found her, Emiya Shirou.” The weight of those words only had meaning to the aspiring hero of justice.

“Wha…?” Shirou was confused for only a moment, then he glared at him. Yes, he knew, “Get out of my way, Archer,” he said, giving him the old title he used during the war. He stood his ground, preparing himself.

"Ohhhh boy," Roxy looked from the ginger haired boy to the newly arrived tan man, "Usually I'm all for total hotties appearing before me, but not when they kinda have this thing where they want to kill the hotties I call friends sooo... is there anyway you two can kiss and make up and not have to kill anyone?"

A blade of black and white appeared in each hand. Archer ran forward in a burst of speed while bringing down both blades in an X-formation. Rock, of course, moved forward to stop the descending swords with her own. After sparks flew from the collision, both broke apart.

"I'll take that as a definite no."

Shirou gritted his teeth as Archer dashed forward. Even though his friend had interrupted the attack, he was preparing himself. Connect the circuits, focus… the link was made and two blades, identical to the other man’s, appeared in his hands. Normally he may not have stood a chance against Archer, but this time he was outnumbered, “Archerrrr!” he went in, and attacked his ideal self from the side, his blades creating the same X-formation Archer’s had made.

Sparks from the impact. Archer’s own blades intercept Shirou’s with a wide-swing to the outside. There was an opening and he went for it, “Do you really think your blade creation is on the same level as mine?” the man swing both blades down with indignation. The goal was to cleave straight through Shirou’s shoulders down to the spine.

CLANG! Shirou’s arms were up, his blades blocking EMIYA’s. Unfortunately for him, his opponent wasn’t one to bluff and he could feel his blades breaking in his hands, as well as his own muscles crying out for release.

Rock winced while she took another leap forward. She held her blade up, ready to enter the fight to help her friend…

OR she would have, if not for the chain that burst up from the ground to hold her legs in place. It was a special black with a mix of disgusting green. From the alley nearby walked a girl all too familiar to her. Green horse protruding to the sky, black swampy hair and sickening green eyes, “I found you~!”

"For the record, I do not know you, I am just an innocent bystander and not an accessory to the sexual assault charges you will inevitably receive," Came a calm, feminine voice as another girl appeared from the same alley Dead Master did.

"Oh nononono, you weren't supposed to be here," Roxy lamented, instantly recognizing the girl to be her mom/daughter. She had hoped she would have more time before she'd have to deal with her again.

“AHHH!” The standstill that Shirou and Archer had experienced for a moment ended, with Shirou’s blades breaking and him jumping backwards. He quickly made another pair.

“You’re a fool!” Archer quickly made up the distance of Shirou’s jump while going for another slash combination toward the teen’s stomach.

“...” Rock slashed the chain that was binding her leg. She walked back toward Roxy to get between the newcomers and her comrade. “Go away,” her eyes met Dead Master’s.

“Not without you,” Rock’s assailant pulled out a large scythe with a toothed blade. Its head pointed toward her targets. “I’m going to take you home, tie you up and have my way with-”


A ‘rock’ flew straight past Dead Master’s head. Her hair danced in the wind, “Watch where you’re aiming.”

"Is nopeing the fuck out of here still an option?" Roxy asked to no one in particular. However, the quirk of Rose's eyebrow was like a silent dare for her to run. Goddammit, she guessed grabbing Shirou and Rocky and just booking it wasn't going to be an option.

"Nevermind the walking psychotic lesbian trope over there, you're not planning on leaving already, are you mother?" Rose smirked, causing the other Lalonde to cringe. Fucking passive aggressive mind games, Roxy couldn't just run away and let Rose win, but couldn't fight her either.

That's when Roxy noticed Rose taking out her strife specibus. Acting quickly, Roxy took out her own laser rifle and two blasts of light collided with each other.

Another clash of metal on metal could be heard as Shirou’s and EMIYA’s blades clashed again. The sounds rang out again and again, with EMIYA closing in with fatal blows, and Shirou deflecting them, losing his blades, and making them again. Their fight was like a dance of blades and sparks.

Rock stared at the steel dance performed by Archer and Shirou. There wasn’t room for her to intervene and it looked like it wasn’t evenly matched. If she entered the fray, that meant getting blind-sided by Dead Master and Rose, “Retreat?” she looked back at Roxy.

“No no, you aren’t going anywhere!” another chain burst out from the ground. This time BRS was able to slash it in half before it contacted her skin.

"I concur with my mentally fragile ally here, I’m not letting you leave," Rose stated putting more pressure on Roxy by powering up her majyykal beam further.

Roxy gritted her teeth as she was slightly pushed back, her feet sliding against the ground, "I thought... you didn't know her?"

"Touche," Rose pursed her lips. Her mother had won this round, but not the next. With that, she brought her second needle into the fray and doubled the power of her blast.

"Ah shit," The other girl cursed, giving up their really anime laser duel by doing a roll duck out of the way.

“Trace… ON!” Shirou chanted aloud, and began to create his blades faster, keeping up with Archer the best he could. The strain was starting to get to him, but he fought through it.

“Those blades will cut nothing!” the broken hero was able to keep up with the rapid tracing, however that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to win - to kill his past self. To reset the charade, the tragedy that was his life. The vision of the battlefield. The swords through his body while he stood atop the hill of blades alone. That final vision is to remove those blades, remove himself from that solitude.

But that also means weaponizing it.

I am the bone of my sword.

Archer’s own reinforcement strengthened. It became faster, stronger. The two pairs of Kanshou and Byakuyas continued their dance. Breaking, reforming, striking.

Shirou knew what those words meant, because he too knew of the hill of swords. This was his ideal, his goal, to save everyone. With this, he could save everyone he cared about…!

I am the bone of my sword.

Though his words echoed EMIYA’s, they meant something fundamentally different.

Steel is my body and fire is my blood.

The life given by one who sacrificed everything.

Steel is my body and fire is my blood.

This life willing to give up everything for those who matter to him.

"I have created over a thousand blades."

The blades meant to take the lives of others for the greater good.

"I have created over a thousand blades."

These blades created to protect everyone he sees.

"Unknown to death, nor known to life."

The lives lost all for a single ideal.

Unaware of loss, nor aware of gain.

This one life to protect many.

Have withstood pain to create many weapons.

Hands stained with fire and blood.

Withstood pain to create weapons.

Hands empty of regrets and sorrow.

And yet those hands will never hold anything…
The end of a hero’s fruitless ideal.

Waiting for one’s arrival, I have no regrets,

The beginning of a hero’s wondrous dream.

And so, as I pray…

Unanswered in the end.

This is my only path, my whole life was...

The prayer of a single man.

Unlimited Blade Works!!!

The world shattered.
Where Dead Master and Rose stood, it caved under their feet.
Where Rock and Roxy stood, it inverted to black.

The fragment of Fuyuki had been destroyed and reformed in that instant. A burning fire burst from the two fighting. It desperately tried to reform. Where Shirou stood and back was a field of endless swords protruding from the ground. Where Emiya stood, a mechanical sky of gears and cogs. A dank sky eclipsing a beautiful horizon with its haze.

BRS lost all attention on Dead Master, instead she looked at the two fighting. The reshaped world reminded her more of home than the shadow figures that walked the street of the town they were just at.

Dead Master smiled, “It’s beautiful in a strange way.”

“You’ll never save anyone!” Archer ran straight at Shirou with his blades up again for another round. They both cut straight down. “Not yourself, not your comrades - you’ll only regret your choice in the very end!”

Shirou shook his head, “I will save them! I have to!” his blades clashed again with Archer’s, but the fight looked only slightly different now, “That’s what I’m here for!” the blades they used seemed to change, each time a blade broke they pull another one from the endless supply surrounding them.

"Holy shit at all the swords, goddamn I should grind more so I can actually use some of them," Roxy remarked, marveling at the landscape. Had Shirou really created this place? Damn, this power would be hella useful if she could actually use anything besides guns.

It was a good thing Rose was distracted by the swords too, or Roxy would have been blind sided, "The sheer magnitude seems awfully queer."

"Aw fuck, he better not, I am not getting vagblocked again by another neon sign that says 'back off this dude is hella gay'," Roxy turned to her mom/daughter. Wait, why wasn't she attacking her? "Uh... you're not gonna fight?"

"Oh, that's right, I almost forgot," Rose once again pointed her needles at Roxy causing a torrent of mental curses within said girl that would make even a sailor blush.

Rock tried to help Roxy, but another blast of chains broke her away from her comrade. After that, she let it go. Dead Master had to be taken down a notch. Rock burst forward with her insane speed. She immediately appeared behind her mortal enemy with sword at the ready. Metal rang against metal as the scythe from before blocked the hit, “Let’s see if I can beat you this time.”

Blades of legend, blades of man.
Blades each of different design, different origin snapping under the pressure of the two combatants.

Shirou swung.
Archer dodged, countered.
Shirou dodged, smashed blades, repeat.

The dance of death had no victor in sight.

Archer finally broke away from his past self, “That’s all you can do! An instinct, a drive to become a hero of justice!” he charged back in with renewed vigor, “All because of a borrowed ideal!”

“That… may be true…” Blades clashing, bodies in motion, Shirou fought back with his blood, sweat, and purpose, “But it’s my ideal now!” The momentary hesitation is gone, he matched Archer’s vigor for several more clashes.

There was a brief pause, and Shirou stepped back. He took in a breath, “Trigger, off,” he released the limiter, let out the energy from his arm. This wasn’t the same arm he remembered, it was his arm, but it held the power despite that. He brought forward a broad axe-sword, and held it above his head. The blade seemed far too heavy for him to hold, but he held it high with but a single arm.
The acceptance of the borrowed ideal? No, there was nothing to talk about now. It was time to end the fight once and for all.

The materials needed for a holy sword weren’t available. Of course, that could be remedied. A recollection of every blade inside the Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works. A process, the smiting of a fragment of the true Holy Sword. Archer searched and searched, piecing together the mental framework. Energy built up in his right hand as a replica of Excalibur had appeared. “Let’s see you withstand this fragment of a holy sword!” he pulled the blade up with two hands. Magical energy poured out from the blade, illuminating the area around Archer in ethereal light.

Shirou stepped forward, and in an instant began his attack…

Nine Lives Blade Works!
Excalibur Image!

Nine in the head smashed down on a trigger. The axe-sword ripped through the air at nine points on Archer’s body. Blood, black mist and torn flesh spilled through the air.

The holy sword’s blast tore through the flesh like paper. The explosion of the blast tore through Shirou’s shoulder down to his stomach. Now his arm was nothing but dangling flesh. The blast range of the blade blasted out and into the split horizon of the two joined worlds.

"Shirou!" Roxy called out when she saw him get cut into so horribly. It was enough to distract her and get blasted by one of Rose's majyyk beams. Ow, fuck, that hurt like a bitch... but it didn't kill her. Rose was holding back on her. That... that was good. Well, except for the being in pain part with a extra side of smokey and charred. "Ghhhh... uuuuucck, mom, next time I'd rather have a time out than the ass spanking you've been giving me."

"Duly noted and filed under 'mommy kinks'," Rose replied in kind, but Roxy could see the way the seer's eyes flitted over to Shirou and Archer. She was just as concerned as Roxy was.

Rock and Dead Master matched blades for a few moments before looking over at the display of raw power between the two men. Rock was concerned, however wasn’t very good at showing it. “Eyes on me!” Dead Master slashed in a wide arc. Rock dodged.

However, despite Archer and Shirou’s injuries.
Despite maybe even losing their lives.

The two of them stood.

“Emi...ya… Shi...rou,” Archer gurgled blood from his mouth. He fall to a knee, trying to remain conscious.

“Ar...cher,” Shirou was doing no better, and almost simultaneously with Archer, he fell to his knees as well.

“I will… not… lose… to an idiot like you,” the red-man struggled. He fought as hard as he could. Both fighters could hardly be called human anymore. Blood, organs and fluids strewn about on the battlefield.

As the two stared each other down. the world rippled like water. The ‘combined Reality Marble’ vanished. Everyone was returned to the former battlefield of the Emiya Residence.

Rock tussled with Dead Master until landing a good hit on her leg, “Ahh!” she cringed from the pain. That was enough for her to sprint over to Shirou. The boy looked like a zombie. Flesh was contorted, muscles torn and bones blasted. She pulled him up into her arms while looking at Roxy, “Retreat!”

"Got it! Rosie, take care of your teammate, 'kay?" Roxy then disappeared from sight, taking up to the sky so she can keep track of BRS easier and follow her.

Rose made no move to stop or follow them. "You don't have to tell me that," She muttered, making a move towards Emiya. She doubted he'd want her help but she couldn't leave him there to bleed out either.

Shirou’s vision was a blur, he could barely make out anything in front of him besides his foe. That’s why when he was picked up he was startled… no, that wasn’t the only reason. It hurt like a bitch, too, “Wai..t,” he tried to stop her, he tried to remember why he was fighting.

That’s right, in this moment, at this location, the reason he fought was to save the ones he loved. What kind of superhero was he if he couldn’t go in there right now and take them with him? He had no strength to even fight the grip of the one carrying him, however, let alone the two enemies who had shown up.

The two teams separated to tend to their wounded. Shirou left with his regrets and Archer left with his own failure.

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Post by Ragna the Saviour on Fri 10 Oct 2014, 1:46 am

Chapter 1-5; The World Tree

The area was the same as it’s always been. The large tree reaching its branches up into the sky, reaching up for miles until piercing beyond the atmosphere. Hiroshi walked through the beaten path leading down to the cabin. There was something peculiar there. A maiden, half-naked with sharp ears tended to the clothesline just behind a small looking cabin, "Messiah, I'm back."

"Hm?" she perked up to see the young boy coming, "Ah, you are."

Hiroshi looked back to Weiss to see if she was following after him, "Coming or what?”

Weiss stopped dead in her tracks, her jaw practically unhinging at the sight of the scantily clad woman, "I... what?" She tried so hard to articulate herself, but the words just would not come. What could she even say to this? Who even was this?

“Hey, you there? Yo?” Hiroshi walked over to the heiress while waving a hand in her face.

“Are you okay?” Messiah walked on over to check on the girl’s well-being. A hand went up to check her temperature just to be sure.

Her eyes widened and she took a step back when Messiah touched her head. Loathe as she was to admit it, she was completely flustered from the surprise and embarrassment, "I-I'm perfectly fine. I just... didn't expect anyone else to be here." She sent a glare at Hiroshi, blaming him for not warning her first, "I'm Weiss, Weiss Schnee, it's...  a pleasure to meet you...?"

What was with the stare? Hiroshi just shrugged, “This is Messiah.” He fumbled around for the right words to describe her.

“Hiroshi is right,” she smiles heartily, “You can call me his caretaker. I raised him from when he was a child.”

"You raised... him?" Weiss looked incredulous, "I can't possibly imagine what it must have been like. You have my condolences."

“I did,” she nods, “But he mostly makes his own decisions.”

“I’d like to think I’m responsible enough for that,” it was true. Most of what Messiah had done for Hiroshi was simply support him like any mother should. Making his own choices, fighting for what he thought was right. Always the job for Savior!

"Riiiiight," The white haired girl didn't sound the least bit convinced by Hiroshi's claims of being responsible, "I'm going to assume the reason you brought me wasn't just to meet your 'mother'."

“There was something I wanted to show you,” Hiroshi said while pointing to the large tree stretching to the sky.

She looked around the area. It didn't seem that odd. A big tree and a simple cabin, so what exactly did Hiroshi want to show her? She was already planning a strongly worded lecture if he was just bringing her here to waste time.

“It’s inside the tree,” Hiroshi points straight up. “We’re climbing. Get ready, alright?” the boy ends in a sing song tone. He thrust himself forward into a powerful leap. He landed on a root that leads straight up the trunk of the tree. With that he started on his run and leaping exercise further up the tree.

“Take care of him for me,” Messiah said to Weiss with a warm smile, “He could be a handful, but he’s really good at heart.”

"Wait, what do you mean we have to climb?" Her voice almost rose to shrill levels. Not that there was any point in asking, it would surely fall on deaf ears. Weiss sighed, "I'm not sure if I'll survive long enough to take care of him. I feel as though some stress related ailment is in my immediate future."

Shaking her head, Weiss walked up to the tree and began the daunting task of actually climbing it. Well, she cheated a bit. Her glyphs came in so handy for these kinds of situations.

Hiroshi darted from side to side while making quick work of the climb. He went faster and faster still. One leap, crouch and then another, “You sure you’re going to be able to keep it up, Weiss!?” Hiroshi yelled out to make sure that the white-haired girl could hear him clearly.

"Of course I am," Weiss snorted, making another glyph to propel herself up to the next branch. She really hoped they wouldn't have to do this long. She didn't want to waste her energy by using her semblance so much, especially when she had no idea what was on the inside of this tree. Who knows what kinds of dangers Hiroshi was getting her into.
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Post by Ragna the Saviour on Sun 12 Oct 2014, 11:30 pm

The ascent up the tree ends only after a few minutes of high-speed climbing. A root extends out that reaches down into the stomach of the tree. The bowls of the 'tree' are lined with blue veins that continue down into the darkness below. Hiroshi held one branch with one hand as he placed one foot against the inside of the tree, "Alright, now we're going down!"

Weiss glanced down into the tree, "Are you sure it's safe?"

Something about this tree gave her an ominous feeling. Maybe it was that it was hollow inside or that it unnaturally blue veins. Either way, the heiress wasn't entirely sure if she could trust Hiroshi. But what choice did she have? She came all this way, might as well see it to the end, "After you, I suppose."

Hiroshi didn't say anything more than that. He leaped down straight into the trunk of the tree. His hair moved with the current of the wind. "It's going to be a hard landing so be careful!" Hiroshi shouted at Weiss.

"Please, what simpleton doesn't know the proper landing strategy," Weiss remarked mostly to herself as she didn't say it loud enough for Hiroshi to hear. She hopped down, jumping from glyph to glyph with unneeded amounts of style and grace. "So what is in here that's so important for me to see?"

"Memories," Hiroshi wasn't the type to keep an answer from someone unless he wanted to have a little fun. Since now wasn't the time for games, despite the fact that Hiroshi DID want to see Weiss flustered - he refrained. This was too big of a reveal to screw up. "Memories of the past war," he looked to the thin veins on the tree that went up and down its trunk. "This tree is a lot more important than most think."

"Really?" Her eyes trailed to where Hiroshi was staring. Did this tree really contain something like that? "Why show me...?"

"Not to say I don't appreciate it, but what's so important about the past war?"

Hiroshi hesitated. What WAS so important about it? The fact was already there. He had his memories while no one else did. No, that statement isn't entirely correct. There was one other on the side of Order that had their memories. It wouldn't be wise to reveal that now because of prying eyes. "What happened and how it ended, obviously!" He yelled out while they sunk deeper into the darkness.

"Well, Au Courant did mention there being remnants of the old war still hanging around," Weiss mused, recalling her past conversations with the strange being, "It wouldn't hurt to glean some info about the past wars in case we come across one of these remnants."

"You talked to Au Courant about it?" Hiroshi was surprised that Weiss had that kind of tact. To be fair, he didn't really know her that well until now. Hell, even in the present he only knows her a bit better than before. "Pretty smart of you," Hiroshi compliments as they make their final descent. The blackness of the abyss pulls itself away to reveal a large expanse of 'water'. It's a strange place almost as otherworldly as the area where the war is taking place. It doesn't seem to have any limit. The only thing they can see is an azure blue sky and the strange liquid ground that reflects it. Their descent slows down and their landing is as light as a feather. "Here we are," he looks straight up at the otherworldly sky. "The bottom of the World Tree."

"Did you expect me to go into this war blind? If we are going to win, then we will need every advantage available and that includes information," Weiss huffed as if the mere suggestion that she wouldn't was an insult to her intelligence. Once they landed, she looked around for any indication of what they would be doing next, "How exactly are we going to 'see' these memories?"

"Honestly, yeah," Hiroshi answered while taking a few steps into what could be called the 'center' of the special space. The lights in the sky that resemble stars start to revolve around if only slightly. "The same way we'd interact with fragments. You grab one and 'see' what's going on inside of it."

"Which one do I grab or will any suffice?" Weiss questioned. Admittedly, she was completely lost here and didn't want to be foolish by grabbing the wrong memory.

"Here, this one-" Hiroshi reached out to a particular 'star' while moving toward Weiss. "I'd brace yourself, it's probably going to be pretty heavy."

Weiss nodded, taking the 'star' from Hiroshi. A feeling of trepidation washed over her as she glanced into the object in her hands. Gulping down her anxiety, she steeled herself for whatever she was going to see. Even that didn't prepare her for what she was looking at. Death, destruction, betrayals and a plan. All these images flashed before her, filling her senses as if she was actually there experiencing these things. What seemed like hours, when really it was only minutes, she looked back up with a gasp.

"You... wou were on Chaos?" was all she could manage to say to what she just saw.

Hiroshi nodded, "I was and things changed." The memories of the past were regretful, but he had to move forward. "I ended up doing some really dumb stuff, but now I'm working toward a different goal."

"Dumb is putting it lightly," Weiss closed her eyes. What she saw, would she be able to even look at Hiroshi the same? He obviously changed and who knows what effect chaos side on his mental state. If what she saw was true, then there was definitely some... alterations to some of their mental facilities. She reopened her eyes and looked at him with determination, "I shouldn't trust you, what I saw... that was not a person I could trust... but against my usually impeccable common sense, I am going to trust you on this. I want the truth, about everything, so I am going to help you."

“I know what you’re thinking,” Hiroshi threw himself back to the time during the previous war. That ‘darkness’ that eroded his consciousness wasn’t from any outside source. No, it was from his own core. From his own ‘soul’ to put it that way. “That was all from experience. Accumulated experience from spending so much time here. You really don’t have a clue what it’s like to remember every single conflict … that I’ve participated up until now.” Was he trying to justify his behavior? No, not at all - it was just a simple act of getting his partner to understand those feelings. “I was …” he stopped there before looking away.

It all came swarming back.
The blood, the destruction - what he had done…
The full weight pressed on him. He convulsed, putting a hand to his mouth.

“Crap,” he wiped his mouth, “I was a monster, Weiss, I won’t deny it… But that doesn’t change my intentions. I want to end this struggle once and for all.”

"I doesn't matter," She cut in, "The things you did in the past, I mean, I still have my doubts and will be keeping my eye on you. I'd be an utter dimwit if I didn't, but I realize that if we want to stop this, then we'll have to work together."

After a moment, she sighed, "Do you think that dol- I mean, Roxy, has any memories of the past war? If she's on our side then maybe..."

“If you spoke to Au Courant, I imagine you already know the answer to that,” Hiroshi was relieved that Weiss was still going to work with him regardless of the circumstances. “But if not, then yeah, she was the one that helped me to the side of Order in the last war.”

"Hmm, I'll keep that in mind. I'm sure we will need her help," Weiss cupped a hand under her chin, mulling over all this new information, "Where do we go from here? How are we going to stop it?"
“I can’t say much about that now considering there may be prying eyes,” the boy looked around him. It was possible - a slim, very slim chance that they may have an uninvited guest. “For now, we’ll move forward. Sounds simple enough, right?” Hiroshi started walking toward a thin-veil of light that pierced the expanding blue ‘sky’.

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Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only] Empty Re: Novus Dissidia; Break [Chapters Only]

Post by Ragna the Saviour on Sat 18 Oct 2014, 12:51 am

Chapter 2-1; Dark and Light

The Emerald Forest. A place with Grimm - or rather, it would be a place where Grimm propagate with one another. Now it's just an empty forest with a pair of people walking through it. A tall, black tower of a man with messed hair and armor... and a nun with an affinity for teethed, bladed weapons.

The elven-looking man stared through the trees, a placid frown on his face. He was either deep in thought or angry - it could be pretty easy to confuse the two.

Next to the man; the nun looked absolutely tiny. This nun was currently grinning madly at the thought of a whole forest full of monsters to slash up.Normally she would have had to keep the chainsaw in a special suitcase unless she was absolutely sure there were supernatural monsters about.

However, there were supernatural monsters all around at the moment, and no Mother Superior around to tell her to put the damned chainsaw away before she put someone’s eye out. Thus, she was currently holding the chainsaw tightly to her chest; as if worried the thing would float away if she let go.

“So, think we’ll get to show off soon, Jekyll?” she asked.

Hyde didn’t say anything, he merely shook his head, “Does not really matter to me what we are given the opportunity to do. I want this war over as soon as possible.”

“Well, of course I want the war to end,” said Mary “But I can’t help but be a bit excited. I don’t get to cut loose that often,”

“Often?” Hyde scoffed, “I can relate.”

“Yeah, I have this boss. She’s kind of a hard ass,” said the nun. “It’s always ‘Mary, you need to train harder’ or ‘Mary, being chosen by a holy weapon doesn’t excuse you from chores’ or ‘’Mary, stop picking fights with the miko in the middle of a battle’,”

She sighed.

“She also makes me keep the Chainsaw in a suitcase most of the time,” she muttered. “What’s the point of having a holy chainsaw of righteous asskicking if I hardly ever get to use it?”

The phrase ‘holy weapon’, even the prospect of worshipping a God made the man narrow his eyes, “Those that seek higher power…” he thought for a second. Back to another ‘war’. The words wouldn’t come out so only somber silence remained.

“Uh, you alright?” asked Mary.

“As fine as I will ever be,” he stared down at the nun while continuing on his walk.

“If you say so,” said Mary.

“Hmph, at least you show tact,” the elven male looked through the forest. “Seems we are not alone here.”

“...that’s usually what people say before something jumps out and attacks them,” said Mary, as she raised her chainsaw; and got into a fighting stance.

“A surprise attack?” a black orb formed in Hyde’s hand as he held it out, “We can fix that.” Purple lightning crackled from the orb as it grew bigger in size. What was the intention? If there were no places to hide, there couldn’t be a surprise attack.

“Is whatever you’re doing something I should get out of the blast range of?” asked Mary.

“Correct,” and then the beam fired off into the distance. It pierced trees, burned grass and ground down to their base particles. It burrowed through the air till hitting a mountain - which it drove a nice hole through. Eventually the beam disappeared off into the horizon. “Now for a sweeping motion,” the Voidborn said while building up another ball of ‘energy’.

Mary stared at the destruction that had been brought about by the blast. She then looked to her chainsaw. She had no idea how she would even begin to deal with an enemy with that kind of power. She was suddenly very glad that Hyde was on her side.

“Come out,” Hyde commanded as he raised his hand.

Two small hands reached out, in the universal sign of surrender, “Yikes! Ok, hey,” A girl came out from behind a tree, trying to smile it all off, “Maybe we could avoid doing that again?” she suggested.

“This is why you shouldn’t sneak up on people with death lasers,” said Mary. “Anyway, who are you and why shouldn’t Mr. Walking Death Star here start firing lasers at you?”

The nickname was something lost on the man, but he chose to charge up the orb still in his hand. “Even if she answers, her fate is sealed.”

Yang just rolled her eyes at the tall man. It wasn’t that she wasn’t impressed by his power, she just wasn’t impressed with his attitude. Instead she answered Mary, “Because! I have my own all ready to fire!” She winked at Hyde then rolled out of the way behind a tree.
Small beams of light came in from both sides. They were thin like strings. Beams of white energy that could be seen as the opposite of Hyde's own.

Hyde reacted immediately. He threw out his own shower fire to neutralize the incoming beams of light. “Nun, move!” he commanded while manifesting a floating, black blade at his side. Explosions came from the impacting energy attacks, obscuring the vision of every fighter.

Without a word, Mary started to run at full speed towards Yang. And full speed for her was somewhere past the sound barrier. Her plan was to grab the girl, slam her against a tree; and hold a chainsaw to her throat till everyone calms down. She rushed towards the girl rather quickly; and reached for the girl’s collar as she went past. However, she missed; and only managed to tear out a small chunk of hair.

“Uh, whoops,” she said, suddenly stopping. “I really need to work on my control,”

Yang was startled at her speed, kind of reminded her of someone. Somehow the enemy had missed her though, but… then she saw it. Some of her hair in the nun’s hands. Yang’s face changed from fairly playful to completely pissed off, and she let out a scream of rage as her eyes turned red and her hair caught on fire. She went straight into EX Mode and went flying at the Nun with her own burst of speed, fist pulled back and gauntlets ready to blow her away.

It was the nun’s turn to be startled as the girl she was fighting suddenly had a burst of speed; and very nearly punched her face in. If she’d been a second slower jumping to the side of the attack; she was fairly certain her head would have just been punched off. Clearly she was fighting some kind of demon in human guise.

“So, I guess I’m fighting a demon,” she said, pulling the cord on her chainsaw.

The weapon roared to life. It was soon surrounded by a white light as the blades began to spin.

“Prepare to be excorsized!” she yelled, charging at Yang.

Yang turned, fire spreading from her hair and fists. She met the nun’s charge head on, ducking and weaving to the side to avoid the chainsaw, then attempting to deliver a blow straight at her abdomen.

Just as her chainsaw missed Yang’s head; Mary noticed the punch coming. However, it slammed into her before she could dodge; sending her flying backwards. The force of the blow caused her to slam into an inconveniently placed tree with enough force to crack the bark. The then fell to the ground; and very nearly lost consciousness.

However, she wasn’t going to let herself go down without at least getting one good blow in. So she instead got to her feet.

“I know an old lady,” she said, holding her chainsaw in front of her. “That punches harder than you,”

“Oh really? I’d love to MEET HER!” She was still very angry but she couldn’t help but respond, even so she immediately dashed forward to continue the fight. She jumped lightly off the ground and slammed her fist into the ground in front of the nun, creating an explosion.

The twins of black and white made themselves known, "It's Hyde, it's Hyde!" the black one spoke.

"It is, it is. Shall we forgive him?"

"No, his sins are much too great. Too great."

Immediately a large palm met the twin's face. It crushed. It pressed. The captive teleported.

"Speak for yourself," Rem ripped through the air in a wide arc. It tore the trees in the way of the slash clean through. The being called 'Lorelai' floated higher into the air while forming magical circles of light for a second wave.

"Tch," Hyde rocketed into the air. The Seeker Sword orbited around Hyde like the Moon does the Earth. With each revolution, the blade became more dangerous. Beams of light fell from the sky. The dark sword redirected each laser to different points in the sky. "Face your fears!" An orb of black built up in the elf's hand. He pressed it against the black Lorelai's face - causing it to explode.

"Pain is all you know, rage is all you are," a series of white energy blades stormed toward the armored man.

Some pierced his neck, some his arms. They didn't hinder the charge of the broken Hyde.

The blade carved an arc in the air. The white one teleported out of the way. "Run while you can!" Hyde created another ball of dark energy and threw it straight at his target. Another teleportation - this time he appeared behind Hyde.

"You can-"


Something unexpected.
A powerful uppercut that dislocated the jaw.

The sword vanished. It reappeared at odd instances around the white man's body. The blade teleported repeatedly while stabbing into the flesh. The head, the legs, the stomach, the legs, the neck. The combination finished with a powerful downward slash that knocked the injured pale male into the forest below.

"Hatred is who you are, who you are meant to be," a violent wind picked me, throwing through the air. He flipped in a struggle to get his feet back onto the ground.

As Yang drove her fist towards the ground; Mary could tell that nothing good was about to happen. Hence she put as much distance between herself and Yang as she could. When the explosion came; she was already out of reach of the flames.

Soon as the attack was over; she rushed forward at full speed; and thrust the weapon at Yang’s torso.

“RAAAGH!” Yang cried out, and decided she’d only barely dodge the chainsaw, letting it skim her, so as to catch the girl off guard and in any case it’d just make her stronger. Her body moved forward easier than she thought and she was startled to see that the chainsaw had completely went through her as if it weren’t even there. The momentum was already there however, so if the Nun didn’t dodge then her fist was gonna send her flying again.

The nun quickly ducked under the fist; and kept moving  until she was out of Yang’s punching range. She looked to the chainsaw to see that it didn’t have a drop of blood on it; and realized her mistake.

“Oh sonova fuck,” she muttered.

Her chainsaw wasn’t going to be much help here. The best she could manage with it would be to destroy the girl’s gauntlets. She doubted that would hinder her much. She could try to take the girl down with hand to hand combat; as her mountain moving technique had been improving lately. However, she doubted she could muster the strength to deal with the girl’s raw power.

She couldn’t beat the girl without the chainsaw. Doing so would result in her being reduced to a bloody pulp.

“Well...it’s been fun, see ya,” she said, running away from Yang.  

“HEY!” Yang fired off shots from Ember Celica, but they would inevitably miss their target. She would have chased but the nun was too fast and not to mention it was way too close to the trigger happy kamehameha guy.

Hyde continued his brawl with Lorelai. Both swarmed him maneuvering themselves with precision. Playtime was over. They combined hands, flipping through Hyde’s attempts at slicing them at the same time.

Steel crashed against light. “You will NOT WIN THIS FIGHT!” He lost once to this abomination in the past. It wasn’t happening a second time. Hyde’s strikes became more erratic, less predictable.

“Let’s end this.”
“Let’s end this.”

Both Lorelais spoke in unison. A large shower of arrows entered Hyde’s throat, stomach, limbs - it was payback from the impaling blade attack the elf performed earlier.

Black, ‘dead’ blood came from the wounds. They didn’t inhibit Hyde any - he simply raised his blade up to go for another round as the nun passed him back.

“A retreat?” he mumbled while looking in the direction that Mary was running from. To be honest, he didn’t want to see that kid getting hurt. Not that he would really admit it. “Dammit,” he shook his head while leaping back, probably to get in the way of the pursuing Yang and Lorelai.

Yang ran up, coming closer to the fight between the twins and elf. It looked like Hyde was intending to help the nun retreat, “Oi, you gonna run too?” She put up her fists, ready to fight alongside Lorelai. She was sure her partner was gonna win but with the both of them together it’d be easy.

“No, this is the part where I never learn,” the Seeker Sword Rem floats apart from Hyde, pointing straight at Yang. Energy builds up in his hand. With one swift motion, a ball of ‘void’ goes into the air. It’s very small, but it doesn’t seem to do much more than float. At least until it starts firing shots of black straight at Yang. It’s a semi-automatic self-firing orb!

Hyde commands the Seeker Sword to fly STRAIGHT past Yang in a blinding display of speed. Lorelai, of course, was charging in from that direction.
There goes the white one’s head.

The third motion was Hyde sprinting straight at Yang with his hand building up residual magical power.

“Whoa!” Yang sidestepped the first couple shots, then did a couple of backflips, then use her gauntlet to shoot behind her to dash forward fast enough to continue avoiding more of the shots. Hyde was moving directly towards her, so she used a couple more shots to build up more momentum and went flying straight at him with her own fist raised, rather than power building up, it was like it was built up ever since her hair had been damaged. Her fist was covered in fire.

“AAAHHH!” She cried out, planning to meet him head on.

“Enter the Void,” Hyde stopped his charge on a dime then leaped back. With the charged up hand, he threw out another orb. It was different from the rest. It wasn’t a physical attack… instead…

Well, the air from all around them started to get sucked up. Leaves started to leave the trees from nearby to become one with the abyssal mass. Twigs, leaves and grass all got gobbled up by the otherworldly darkness.

To ruin the fun, a blast of mana entered the dark hole to completely counteract it.

“Victory isn’t meant for you, not at all - please, Ms.Yang, show him the fist of justice~” above Yang floats the white Lorelai with its hands cupped to its cheeks.

“Tch,” Hyde narrowed his eyes. Options were limited so he pulled up any other energy he built up then thrust his arm forward. It was a blow of terrific power. Hyde thought of Lorelai’s face as he put his all into the attack.

That rage, that hate - he let it consume him just for that instant.

Yang gave her partner a nod of appreciation before finishing her charge. She saw the punch coming for her, and could tell it was gonna hurt, but she just forced herself through the punch and landed her right fist into his face. She then brought up her left fist, taking the damage from his blow and empowering her anger through her semblance, increasing the force further, and further and further with yet another blow, and another.

Yang moved her body side to side with each blow, letting loose all of her pent up power.

Mary returned to the battlefield just in time to see her partner getting pummeled. She rushed towards the blond; hoping to get an attack in while she was distracted. She wasn’t sure she’d do much more than buy Hyde a chance to get an attack in.

She jumped into the air; attempting to hit Yang with a super fast, all-or-nothing drop kick.

Hyde narrowed his eyes as he did his best to move out of the way of each blow. His body was the biggest advantage he had. No matter what kind of blow his body took, as long as his vessel wasn’t damaged - he could probably live through it.

“Can you HIT HARDER THAN THAT?” he still had the furious power left in his hand. He threw it forward with all of his might…though right there, the nun performed a drop kick.

The arm burst forward, hopefully enough to break Yang’s furious barrage. The elf reached out, grabbing Mary as she came in. He pulled away with one foot, spun around three times then threw Mary straight at Yang’s stupid blonde head faster than the initial kick.

One second, Mary was flying at Yang at moderate speed (for her anyway). The next, she was flying at the girl at a ridiculous speed. However, she’d been trained for similar situations to this; and quickly pointed her foot towards Yang’s face; and prepared for a rough landing.

Yang hadn’t expected the man to tank her hits so well, but even more than that she didn’t expect the nun to come back, “Crap-” Too late she found a face full of foot. She got sent flying backwards, skidding across the ground.

“Girl, keep that twin fool busy,” Hyde commanded while making the Seeker Sword Rem reappear in his hand. “... And go get your weapon back.”

“Uh oh…” Yang’s fire was dying down. This was bad.

Mary, meanwhile, had already retrieved her chainsaw. Those seconds without it in her grasp had seemed to go by forever.

“I’d be mad at you if that wasn’t completely awesome,” she said, before charging at Yang, and raising her chainsaw as if to swing it at the girl.

However, instead of swinging it down; she increased her speed and swung her elbow downat the girl’s head.

Hyde looked down at his hand - more specifically the wrist - where a red ribbon was neatly tied. That was right! He had a reason to fight! That’s more than enough reason to end this little coil right now. An aura of black built around the man as he stormed straight for Yang. Lorelai swooped on down to get in his way.

“No, no, I won’t let you~” a barrage of white spears. Hyde sidestepped and continued on. Some of the spears stabbed through his body, yet he didn’t mind. He teleported Rem to the Nun’s side to accompany any strike that she made against Yang.

After that, he turned to face Lorelai with a smile on his face, “Now we continue where we left off, scum.”

Yang stood up and prepared for the chainsaw attack, but the attack was not what she expected. The Nun’s elbow glanced the side of her head as she pulled back. She took a deep breath and focused, working herself up some more, “Come on Yang, gotta kick her ASS!” Yang quickly began trying to punch the Nun, but to her surprise the other guy’s sword started blocking her punches, resulting in her hands hitting nothing and slightly getting cut up.

Rem quickly spun after the last block, coming in to throw Yang’s arms up for a parry.

Mary saw her chance, and rushed at Yang. Though she couldn’t quite bring herself to drop the chainsaw and fight without it; she did remove one of her hands from the handle. Since the chainsaw itself wouldn’t strike down her opponent; she would instead have to put her faith in her fist. She focussed all of her energy into her free hand, clenched it into a fist, and drove it towards Yang’s abdomen.

If it weren’t for the sword throwing her off, and the constant misinterpretation of blows due to her foe holding a chainsaw, she’d have probably stopped the punch. As it is, she took the hit right in the gut. She stood her ground however, refusing to budge from the blow, and threw her fist forward for a hard left hook.

The nun quickly brought her chainsaw up to block the blow. The force of it knocked the weapon out of her hands; as well as knocked her on her ass. She quickly got to her feet, and rushed for her blade.

Rem teleported away from the attempted blow. Instead it appeared right behind Yang and thrust straight into her back for an attempted stab.

Yang barely realized in time that she was about to get stabbed, moving just slightly to avoid a fatal stab wound, “AGH!” Even though she was bleeding, it almost seemed like she didn’t care, “I swear I’ll GET YOUR POINTY EARED ASS FOR THIS!” Scratch that, she clearly cared.

She threw her arms sideways, creating a fiery explosion centered around herself.

The nun turned her attention back on Yang just in time to see her firing off another blast of fire. She quickly made as much distance she could between herself and Yang; just narrowly avoiding being roasted.

Yang was almost thankful to the sword for speeding the process up, but she was too pissed off to really notice. She stared down the nun, then fired off a shot behind her for momentum and dashed right at her, fist first.

Mary quickly used her chainsaw to deflect the fireball; but made no move to run from Yang. If she could dodge Yang’s first punch; maybe she could get in close to deliver a knock out. Or something. She didn’t exactly have much of a plan at this point.

The sound of electricity crackled. Rem rotated in place where Yang once stood. A very large ball of ‘void’ built up from the center of the twirling blade. Hyde managed to fight off Lorelai long enough to get close to the nun named Mary.

“Stop right there, girl!” Hyde threw an orb of energy straight in front of Yang’s path.

“Sh-SHIT!” She fired at the ground in front of her and managed to create a large crater before flying directly into the ball of energy, standing in the bottom of it.

“Moron,” Rem released the blast. Instead of the blade going to impale to Yang, no, it was the hilt. The very blunt hilt of the sword burst forward with untraceable speed. The sword curved up in an attempt to hit Yang’s spine. If it hit, it would carry her STRAIGHT up into the sky with a little ‘twinkle’ when out of sight.

“Gubweh-” Yang let out a somewhat gross sound as she was sent straight into the sky, never to be seen again until she lands.

“And that … is game,” Hyde released a breath as his pulsing ‘aura’ died down.

Meanwhile, Yang’s teammate Lorelai watched with a hand cupped over their eyes, “That was a 10/10, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes, yes, 10/10. Shall we rescue her?”

“Maybe, maybe - fragments will be found.”

And their unfollowable conversation ended as they both vanished into thin air.

A certain blonde landed in the arms of a frozen Faunus. Open arms ready to accept anything - especially freedom.
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