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Survival Quest?

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Survival Quest? Empty Survival Quest?

Post by Simply David on Fri 15 Jan 2016, 9:45 pm

I had this idea of creating a quest of sorts where the players are forced to make choices that can easily end their life, or save it. The ultimate goal is escape from the madness of the situation, although I don't have all the details yet.

Players have to outwit the writer (presumably myself) and survive the situations they're faced with. Typically choices wouldn't allow customs, but some situations will require customs.

The ultimate goal of the whole thing, really, is to have a character with very little customization as they run from, outwit, outmaneuver, and overpower various threats through various means. In a way, it's like a horror story, but the intent wouldn't really be to scare.

The key ingredient to my idea is that I have this world sort of formed in my mind, and what the threats will turn out to be. Nothing would be randomized, I'll know the right answer before giving the choice in any situation. The world is difficult to survive in and has a lot going on, with almost everything intending to kill the 'player', but everything in this world is something I've designed before the start.

Any thoughts on this? Tips for how to do it? Where I should do it if I start it up? Also, links to any other similar quests so I can see what's been done before.

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