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Inception RP

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Inception RP

Post by DuchessofDementia on Tue 03 Aug 2010, 8:17 pm

(This movie is wildly complicated, but I'll try to sum it up as best I can)
The art of "extraction," or stealing thoughts from a person's mind while they sleep, is practiced only by a very few, elite professionals who are paid to be 'idea-thieves.' The art of "inception," the opposite of extraction, is planting a thought in someone's mind through dreams.
The people that populate dreams are called "projections" and are actually just bits of subconscious that are teeming inside the person's mind. They act as white-blood cells when they sense a foreign entity inside the dream (i.e., an extractor) and will become increasingly hostile against the invaders the more obvious the extractors make themselves. If a person invading a dream is changing the dream too much or making themselves obvious, the projections will all stare at them. This is a sign that you must blend in or stop what you are doing wrong, and quickly.
The only two ways to awake from a dream is either to be killed in the dream, or to be awoken by a "kick"--a kick can be anything from being toppled over to being splashed with water. However, the kick must be performed on your physical body, in the real world.
Extractors invade dreams by sedating the person they want to steal information from, then sedating themselves with IVs. They then use a mysterious and complicated machine to blend their consciousness into one mind and infiltrate the dream.
It is important that anyone who enters a dream carries a "totem" with them, a unique item that, when they have it, lets them tell the difference between a dream and the real word. (i.e., Cobbs from the movie had a top that, when he was in a dream, spun indefinitely; when he was in the real word, it eventually would topple).
Both inception and extraction are sensitive, difficult and dangerous, hence why only a few trained professionals actually attempt it. There are many roles that are necessary for a team to be successful in infiltrating a dream and tampering with it. These roles are as follows:

Extractors: These are the agents who generally take the lead when infiltrating dreams. They are responsible for blending into the dream and either stealing information or planting it. They must be decently combat trained, because they often must fight whatever hostility is encountered inside of the dream (and there are almost always is SOME hostility).
Point Man: Researches the subject whose mind they are going to infiltrate. This is important, since they must blend into this person's subconscious.
Architect: The architect designs the setting of the dream down to the last detail. They must be able to think on their feet. It is imperative that they not build dreams using their own memories, because then their own consciousness will begin to surface in the dream, which will jeopardize the entire operation.
Chemist: Chemists design the sedatives necessary for dream-infiltrating and frequently accompany the team inside of the dreams.
Forger: Forgers are masters of duplicity and disguise; they are so deceptive in the real word that they have the ability to assume the appearance of other people inside of dreams. This is an invaluable skill for a team to have, especially when performing inception.

The premise of the RP is this:
Dr. Cobb (Leo DiCaprio) has left his life of dream-thieving now that he has returned to his family. Ellen Page (Ariadne), who was traumatized by what she witnessed in Cobb's mind, decided she did not want to continue with the practice. The rest of Cobb's team disbanded as well. Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an extractor from Cobb's team, has elected to organize his own team to continue with his business of extraction. This RP is about his new team.

Post bio here,

Join, dearies.

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Re: Inception RP

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Tue 03 Aug 2010, 8:46 pm

Character Templates are posted separately from the RP to allow easier access for people to check new characters being posted especially when they come into the RP really late. I fixed that for you so no problem, I provided a link to where your Character Bios are in the first post also. They haven't been deleted, they were just moved to a new topic.


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