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Inception RP: Character Template

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Inception RP: Character Template

Post by DuchessofDementia on Tue 03 Aug 2010, 8:26 pm

Bios should look like this:

Job (Extractor, Chemist, etc.):
Appearance (can be a URL or a description, either is fine):

Like this:

Name: Arthur (last name unknown)
Age: 25
Job: Point Man/ Extractor
Totem: Loaded Die
Appearance: (man standing is Arthur) http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=3
Handsome, charming, smooth-talking and mysterious, Arthur is both a
flirt and a genius. He rarely shows his emotions and is always
History: Little is known about Arthur's past. He is a
gifted martial artist and was the best fighter on Cobb's team, once
killing several men in hand-to-hand-combat...in zero gravity.

Name: Sage McCloud
Age: 21
Job: Architect
Totem: tiny navajo keychain
Appearance: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=2
Personality: Brilliant but shy, Sage is somewhat antisocial and itnroverted. She has trouble making friends and can be short-tempered.
History: Sage has an estimated IQ of 190 and has been marked as a genius since her childhood. A foster child, she was bumped from home to home, eventually finding a permanent family in New York. She developed a great bond with her foster sister, Cynthia. When her foster mother died, her foster father progressed into alcoholism and eventually began to abuse Sage and Cynthia. When Sage was twelve and Cynthia fifteen, Cynthia made Sage swear to a suicide pact. Cynthia planned for them both to jump from the top of their apartment building. When the time came to fulfill her pact, however, Cynthia jumped, but Sage couldn't. She is still haunted by her sister's suicide, and self-medicates with Xanax and oxycontin to control her depression. She throws herself into her work and is a talented martial artist, excelling at tae kwan do.

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Re: Inception RP: Character Template

Post by The Wicked Xen on Tue 03 Aug 2010, 9:18 pm

  • Name: Axel Rhodes

  • Age: 19

  • Job: Forger

  • Totem: An old silver bangle that shines like new when in a dream...

  • Appearance: What she looked like under the disguises...

  • Personality: Tricky, a bit sarcastic, and has a thing for disguises. She likes to look different everyday, though she favors being a bit dark (i.e. being emo, goth, etc.). But despite her various disguises, her personality always retains the cheerful and happy side of her.

  • History: Her parents were criminals on the run, therefore she had been subject to various disguises and personality changes. This is where her passion for "dressing up" stemmed from. When she was thirteen her parents have finally been arrested and she was put into a foster home. Fortunately for her, her new foster parents were financially well-off and she was able to buy all the clothes for her disguises. Everyday she would go to school looking different, which brought her a bit of ridicule from her schoolmates because she would be labeled as a poser, but she didn't mind because she always fooled them into thinking that she was a new student. She has also studied martial arts (though is not an expert) and knows how to handle a gun.
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Re: Inception RP: Character Template

Post by Rayne on Tue 10 Aug 2010, 6:56 pm

Name: Shayla Rhodes

Age: 18

Job: Chemist

Totem: A small silver bracelet with a wooden eagle attached

Appearance (can be a URL or a description, either is fine):

Personality: Shayla could be commonly know as a...quirky type of person. Although a bit naive, she is very trustworthy, witty, and loyal to those that she cares about. She maybe slightly sensitive as well.

History: Most of Shayla's history is unknown to her. All she knows is that she was adopted to a middle-class family and her life has been pretty much normal for the most part.
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Re: Inception RP: Character Template

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