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  1. PiePerson
    Humor : Pie likes Drama, but is currently on a diet. She is now using Irony, a back-fire free Drama substitute.
    Usergroups: Team Drama
    Rank: Drama Queen
  2. RandomHyuuga
  3. Rayne
    Humor : Blind guy makes his way to the bar and asks the barmaid "Wanna hear a blonde joke?" The barmaid cocks her shotgun and says "I'm a blonde and I have a gun, the 2 girls on your right are blondes and they are tag team wrestlers, the girl on your left is a blonde tattooed head to foot and rides a harley and the girl behind you now is my bouncer, a blackbelt and is also a blonde. Sure you still want to tell that joke?" The blind guy says "Not if I have to repeat it 5 times."
    Usergroups: Comedy Club, Het Fans Gather!, Team Drama, Yaoi Fans Unite!, Yuri Fans Assemble!
    Rank: Kid Hero

Rank: Growing Demon
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