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  • 20120206
    Sayaka: Greetings people of much readings!

    Kyoko: Lets hurry up and get this over with before Sayaka's brain gets anymore damaged...not that I care or anything.

    Homura: Sure you don't.

    Noah's Ark

    Suddenly, the firmaments began to fly away!


    Apparently it refers to the sky. Or rather, the sky as a fixed structure.

    The sky has...

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  • 20120206
    When we last left our epic of a story, Naraku and Koga were plotting very non-consensual stuff for Kagome, and I was pissed. And now, the much wanted continuation...

    First question? Why is this entire chapter in bold? I'll just assume it was a mistake. Hell, I've found that some of my chapters inexplicably have the last quarter italicised for no reason >.>

    kagome had been going frantic trying to find a place to escape there was no way she could 'someone please help.' she started to cry. she brought her knees up to her chest and hid her face letting her tears fall.

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  • 20120206
    Sayaka: Hi whoever is reading this!

    Kyoko: Today we'll be MSTing The Bible. Not the original (though it could use a good riffing) but a fanfic that happens to be creatively titled "The Bible".

    Homura: Lets get this over with.

    Making the World

    One day God making of the world.

    "Oh no" say Jesus, "The world is to smal"

    Apparently the world is too thin.

    Huh. I was...

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  • 20120205
    Welp, onto chapter 7 now. Expect pain and suffering.

    PoisonMaster16: hey everyone im back

    Bankotsu: finally

    Poison Master16: oh calm your self im back okay gezz gone for few days you sound like Inuyasha

    Why does PM16 always act like a few days is unbearably long? Considering the length and content of this story, yeah it's bad, but no one is stupid enough to waste the whole day waiting for a notification that this is updated.

    Bankotsu: don't compare me to the mutt wench

    PoisonMaster16: (glares at bankotsu)...

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  • 20120205
    Yay, more suffering time! Can't wait to read about what more fun my sister will have with a dead killer!

    Someone please stop me.

    Kagome woke first that day and saw her loving boyfriend and wondered what had happened the night before then it hit her she had given her virginity to bankotsu


    and wasn't ashamed of her self she loved the man and he loved her.


    'wow im the luckiest girl in the world' she thought smiling to...

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  • 20120204
    Really, really not looking forward to further bastardisation of my sister's life, but I started this, so... let's get right to it?

    Hey everyone I'm back but I have bad news I have a huge case of writers block so I need everyone who reads this to send things they want to happen in the story im sorry but I cant think that well so please help me by sending any requests you want in the story till then I'm slumped bye guys.


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  • 20120203
    Okay, let's see how badly this writer tries to ruin my sister's life in her version of this epic tale of demons and love and stuff. I really need to make sure Kagome never hears of this story...

    Poison Master 16: hey guys I seems I only have one reviewer and I thank her for it

    You'd probably have more if you were slightly better at writing. And actually knew how everyone acted :/

    Kagome: yeah if it wasn't for her Potion master 16 wouldn't write anymore of this story

    Guess it's too late to request no one reviews this...

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  • 20120202
    Okay, let's try this again. Even if the one Ken was reading was crap, there's gotta be something good on this site. Right?

    Hmm, some of these Naruto fics should be good. Eeny, meeny, miney...mo!

    Suzume Orfre - The Lost Soul

    Ugh...that name is awful. I guess the first bit's not too bad, but "Orfre", did you just headbutt the keyboard and roll with it? Still, it's not as bad as half the names in Negi and the Shouckouw.


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  • 20120201
    So, what are the chances this will hurt?

    Poison Master 16: Hey guys I'm back and I was stuck on what to write but here we go

    Protip: Actually plan your story. Maybe then you'll realise how stupid it is and save us all from this... thing.

    Bankotsu: still a stupid name

    Poison Master 16: no body cares what you think

    Ooh, sick burn!

    Kagome: I do

    Bankotsu: ha thanks Kagome maybe you were supposed to be with me instead of the mutt

    You sound sissier than your cross-dressing...

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  • 20120130
    'Sup guys, Fanfiction time! Yeah!

    ...Yeah, I'm not feeling too confident either.

    Disclaimer: I don't not own the Inuyasha group or the oh so sexy Bankotsu

    Would you still find him sexy if he pierced you with that giant sword I heard he had?

    ...No, wait, I mean his weapon! The WEAPON!

    if I did it would be on the show lol I only own the plot on with the story

    Perhaps it's a good thing you aren't officially adapting my writings based on my sister's stories. It would go down worse than that one...

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  • 20120127
    Hey. Sota Higurashi here. Ever since my big sis helped Inuyasha beat up a bunch of demons in the feudal era, I've 'made up' a bunch of stories starring them and those other guys I heard about. It ended up insanely popular somehow, so I should probably become a writer or something. But anyway, I just discovered I actually have fan fiction! Now this I gotta read! I wonder just how well this reader captured the events relayed to me?

    Hey guys this is my second fanfic and I love the paring

    Oh, right, I should supply a title and summary, right? He he... right...

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  • 20120110
    Okay, looks like I'm nearly done, two more chapters! I can do it! I can read them both and finish my mission! Better get to it, then!

    Thetrueazure: Hey guys here is Ch.6 of BBDT

    Miharu: Yes and if you guys are wondering his fight was AWESOME.

    Thetrueazure: You would think the landing would be more pleasant...

    In the last chapter Hakumen had escaped from the battle and Noel was about to be killed but Kazuma and Ragna saved her now.

    Ch.6 Tag Team! Kazuma and Ragna vs. Nu

    Considering it's going to be two characters...

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  • 20120109
    Break complete. Now returning to main objective: Fan fiction analysis.

    Scanning fan fiction contents.

    Thetrueazure: Hey guys here is Ch.5 Master vs. Disciple

    Miharu: Alright we're finally getting some action!

    Thetrueazure: Indeed we are Miharu indeed we are now for disclaimer

    Miharu: Thetrueazure does not own Blazblue CT or CS only the characters he makes

    In the last chapter we find out that one of the six heroes Hakumen was Kazuma's master and now he's trying to kill him now

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  • 20120109
    Hayate: Hi everyone!  Today we're going to read an amazing fic! Not sure what it's about, but the title said "Ninja SwordBearer At Tenchi Academy", so I think it must be about JunJun.

    Jun: Looks like I've got some fans. I guess they just can't resist my femine charm.

    Ayana: How did you drag me into this?

    First Day At the Tenchi Academy

    I do not own Hayate X Blade. I would love to, so that I can make it into an anime. But yeah...

    Please review!

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  • 20120109
    Waaah, Major Kisaragi found me again. Now I'll face court marshal unless I 'work my annoying ass off' to make up for lost time T.T I don't know if he can do that, but I don't want to risk it. Why's he so obsessed with making me read this?

    Anyways, time to catch up on the adventures of me and meanie pants. As in, Kazuma, not the Major. Who I hope never sees that sentence...

    Thetrueazure: Hey guy here is Ch.3 of BBDT

    Miharu: BBDT?

    Thetrueazure: Yeah it's short for Blazblue Divine Trigger

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  • 20120109
    Back from break! Well, I ran into Major Kisiragi and he made me continue, even though I hadn't finished my lunch. Sad This must be really important to him? I'll have to work really hard so I don't disappoint him. Lord knows, I'm getting tired of ruining his day somehow...

    Anyway, chapter two of our... um, nice little story.

    Thetrueazure: Hey guys I'm here with chapter two

    Miharu: Well let's just HOPE that it's better than the first one

    Thetrueazure: Are you telling me...

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  • 20120108
    Hello. I'm Lieutenant Noel Vermillion of the NOL. I've been assigned the strangest mission ever by Major Jin Kisiragi. He sort of threw me in front of a computer and told me to read some weird story involving people like me. Huh. Given his normal attitude towards me, I'm a bit worried about its contents, but maybe he picked out something nice for me to read as a way of apology for his treatment?

    Perhaps I should find out, then. This is 'BlazBlue: Divine Trigger'. Interesting title, I think. Could it possibly mean that the Azure Grimoire is some sort of holy activation machine?

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  • 20120107
    So I'll complain about it here. Beware of spoilers, should you actually wish to read the story in question.

    The fan fiction in question is a Touhou 'fic, entitled 'Strife of Vampire', written by NazoDi. The story follows an OC by the name of Skyler. One day he wakes up lacking all memory and possessing great power. While rampaging around the lab he was holed up in, he comes across Remilia Scarlet, somehow captured by these guys and takes her along with him. When she eventually wakes up from what I assume is a heavy drug-induced coma, she declares that her mansion in Gensokyo was attacked,...

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  • 20111204
    Good evening, everyone. I am Evangeline, the "Dark Evangel"; and I'm here to utterly destroy this piece of shit fanfiction. I shall drive the hack author who wrote this to weep in a corner! Muahahahahahahaahha! ...ahem. Lets get this over with.


    Ok, to start off, this is my first Fanfic posted on the net. I have started others but never finished them so hopefully I will with this one. This is a Fanfic based after the events of the second anime series "Negima!" hence the name "Negima Neo!" I will add aspects from both the first and second series...

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  • 20111129
    No, I'm not going to talk about the movie...

    I just want to tell of my little experience earlier this day (or perhaps yesterday since it's almost midnight when I wrote this and I'm sure by the time I post this it will be past midnight) on a regular Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011.

    So, my mom got a text from my bro's teach or the mother of my bro's friend (dunno who) explaining that bro will be over at a pizza place after school to celebrate a classmate's birthday (said birthday celebrant happens to be a girl... *cough*). Mom thought it would be a good idea to go over there as well to...

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  • 20111110
    Sayaka: Hi, anyone who happens to be reading this!

    Kyoko: Today we'll be riffing a country song. I'm guessing it'll be about Jesus, hometowns, or drinking. Or possibly all three.

    Homura: Gee, what a bold prediction.


    In my home town

    Kyoko: CALLED IT!

    For anyone who sticks around
    You're either lost or you're found

    Sayaka: Only a country singer gives an absolute.

    There's not much in between


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  • 20111029
    Sayaka: Hello, whoever is reading this!

    Kyoko: Today we'll be mocking a particularly silly rant.

    Homura: Reading this thing shall be a joy.


    How do you feel about open homosexuals tending to your child in a health care setting? Do you think these folks provide good role modeling at a time when your child is very vulnerable? I was thinking about this recently when I heard that Children’s Hospital in Columbus has a homosexual employees group called NCHARGE, which stands for Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Advocates Representing...

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  • 20111005
    yellow=Marisa's comments


    Hey, it's me, everybody's favorite witch ~ze! I read about this girl named "Vita" on Pachu-chan's computer who was reading weird stuff on that "internet" thing, so I decided to find weird stuff to read too, and this mentioned Gensokyo! So I'm gonna read it and see what's weird about it.

    Why do you even need the O Cs? It's Gensokyo, they'd find a way of having Homosexual Reproduction.

    Pretty sure Yakumo-san can...

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  • 20110924
    The Blog Mst1010

    Sayaka: HE SURVIVED...no wait, now he's dead.

    Homura: he should have already been dead from the fall.

    Kyoko: Silly girl, expecting logic from this comic.


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  • 20110921
    Sayaka: Hello, whoever is reading this! Today we'll be riffing a horrible comic that I found on the internet.

    Kyoko: I can't believe people think this garbage is going to instantly convert people to Christianity.

    Homura: And according to Chick, this apparently works.



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  • 20110919
    Vita's comments are in red, here it goes.


    Um... alright, after that last fiction, I'm going to try something different. This is the profile of one of the authors! I want to see what kind of people write these awful fanfiction. I already know they're idiots, but what else is there about them that makes 'em write so terribly? Time to find out...

    Warning: May contain some sexual content and suggestive themes proceed with caution.

    Why the hell would a profile contain this?!

    Pen Name: Genocidal...

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  • 20110917
    Sayaka: Today we'll be commenting on a fanfic of the best anime ever: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha!

    Kyoko: I don't even LIKE Nanoha. How did I let you drag me into this? More importantly, how did you drag Homura into this?

    Homura: I didn't have much else to do at the moment.

    Author: Edesina
    Beta: -
    Rating: K+

    Pairing: NanoFate, Yuuno/Nanoha, Fate/Signum
    Characters: Fate, Nanoha, Signum
    Genre: Angst, H/C, Romance

    Homura: It was nice of the author to repeat...

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  • 20110829
    Last time on Bad Flash Game Theatre! Optimus Kamina began his quest to defeat the Mavericks for vague reasons began, and....yeah, that's about it. Lets start this damned thing already.

    The Blog Town_111
    Now to begin my epic and globespanning adventure, I shall explore the wonders of...my own hometown. Starting with my house....

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  • 20110827
    Have you ever wondered what it's like to pilot a poorly armed mecha against hordes of better armed, near-identical enemies? Well then, my friend, Mobile Weapon Zero is the RPG for you! This game can be found on Newgrounds, and was made by the user "TylerProjects". It only takes a few hours to beat; and you can theoretically reach the final boss battle without winning a single fight. Oddly enough, the game got nothing but positive reviews, and was apparently popular enough that the creator made a sequel.

    I've recently been reading/watching several Lets Plays of various games; and on...

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  • 20110624
    A TV News reporter is standing on the edge of a bridge, preparing to jump.

    Another man runs up to him and asks him why he's going to jump.

    Reporter: I can't find a good story; and if i don't find one by tomorrow my boss is going to fire me.

    Man: My sob story is even worse; I was just fired yesterday, and my wife dumped me for my boss.

    The man then stepped on the edge of the bridge with the reporter.

    Another man saw them standing on the edge, and asks them why they're standing on the edge, so they both tell them their reasons.

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  • 20110421
    I figured I'd post some kind of ending to the Touhou Kids RP, since it's dead in the water now.

    Kyoko: Got sick of being the butt monkey; left Gensokyo via a comination of dimension hopping and time travel. Came back after a few mont hs later, having taken several levels in badass. Eventually got Rika to like her....then dumped her for Ariane.

    Marle: Though she missed her first chance to resolve an incident; she helped resolve most of the incidents that came afterward. She then started sexing David's OC whose name escapes me at the moment. Or something.


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  • 20110407
    Do you sometimes struggle with depression? Do you sometimes feel like the stress of the world around you is going to make you explode? Are you bored out of your mind?

    Madness can help. Madness targets those negative emotions and channels them into something else entirely. You should be feeling better in three to five weeks, or your money back. Don't let depression, frustration, or boredom rule your life. Ask your Doctor about Madness today!

    Warning: Side-effects may include shizophrenia, Disassociative Identity Disorder, bipolar disorder, echopraxia, and Sparta.

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  • 20110316
    1. My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones.

    2. My ventilation ducts will be too small to crawl through.

    3. My noble half-brother whose throne I usurped will be killed, not kept anonymously imprisoned in a forgotten cell of my dungeon.

    4. Shooting is not too good for my enemies.

    5. The artifact which is the source of my power will not be kept on the Mountain of Despair beyond the River of Fire guarded by the Dragons of Eternity. It will be in my safe-deposit box. The same applies to the object which...

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  • 20110226
    I'm sick of hearing about how powerful Goku is; as if you need to be freakin' God to stand a chance against him. So here's a list of people who could handily kick Goku's ass; without a single one of them being a reality warper.

    1) Dr. Manhattan: It's almost cheating to put him on the list. But Goku has no way of fighting him, and he can just tear Goku apart at a subatomic level.

    2) Charles Xavier: He'd make Goku blast himself.

    3) Kira: She'd also make Goku blast himself (note: referring to the one from Push, not the one from Death Note)

    4) Maxwell:...

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  • 20110224
    A/N: This Lets Play follows the story of Alotto Virginia, a space cadet in a world where even Pizza Delivery People have mecha, and where things explode on a regular basis. Will she become a much-feared, badass mecha pilot; or will she end up stuck in some lame, dead-end delivery job that for some reason still involves mecha battles? Tune in to find out!


    Chapter One: First Battle

    "DIE YOU GOAT-FORNICATING SPAWN OF THE UNDERWORLD!" yelled Space Cadet Recruit Alotto Virginia, from the cockpit of her mecha.

    She'd been firing the machine...

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  • 20110219
    1. Woman Law Is NEVER wrong...If an argument Is presented... well just don't because we ARE always right.

    2. Women ALWAYS stick together. NEVER leave a female behind UNLESS she is going home with a HOTTIE and you know she is safe.

    3.Under no circumstance should a girl give pity sex if a man is to complain of a sports injury.

    4. Women do not share what goes on during a ladies night out to their boy-toy.

    5. It is acceptable to settle important decisions by using Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    6.A woman has a better sense...

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  • 20110212
    Man Law

    1. No wasted beer in the name of humour.

    2. It has been made official that under no circumstances should the male have to pay for birth control

    3. If your best friend is dumped by a girl it is a 6 month waiting period till she can be touched. If he breaks up with her it’s a 6 day waiting period.

    4. If two or more males arrived at a party by a single car, and the driving male is hooking up with a girl, it is the responsibility of the other males to find other ways home. (The exception to this law is if the driver is hooking up with his own girlfriend,...

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  • 20110131
    Part One Doesn't Need a Title:

    Spidey: -being interviewed as a roommate- And I will be able to pay rent on occasion due to my occasional security guard work.

    Bowser: Ok, question two: how do you feel about lava traps?

    Spidey: Lava traps?

    Bowser: Yeah. I have some enemies that I'd rather not have crawling around the castle....

    Spidey: Well, I guess if there are some safety features installed....

    Bowser: Good. Next question: if you come home and the lava traps are on, do you have somewhere else...

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  • 20110131
    Since my roommate moved back to Toronto (aww....) I've decided to hold auditions on who will be my next roommate! Now ready... BEGIN!

    Resident... something
    Me: First person up!
    Mysterious person: Greetings stranger... What'ya sellin?
    Me: ..... Next!

    I don't think so!
    Me: So... Mr... Hmm, how do I say your name... Is it Dee-o or Die-o?
    Dio Brando: ZA WARUDO! *stops time*
    Me: *unaffected* .... Get the hell out, NEXT!

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  • 20110124
    Long ago, there was a group of RPers from FanFiction. They had once all met on an RP called Naruto: Create your own character. And later had moved on to another forum called Random RolePlay! . These RPers then realized that life on FF was not all it was hyped up to be. A great leader by the name of Flame stepped forward, and started a movement, a conversion rather to a site that would have it all. And it did have it all, infact, Flame made sure it had it all, as Flame had made the site herself. These people from 'Create your own character', Flame's minions, and EVEN those who had wandered...

    by PiePerson - Comments: 2 - Views: 488
  • 20110122
    Uberman is another name for a Polyphasic sleep cycle which consists of twenty minute naps in four hours intervals. It works by forcing your body to adapt to quick short naps, which it does by automatically going into REM. It's proven to be entirely safe, as several famous people have done it, Da Vinci and Jefferson.

    If anyone does it, tell me and stick a blog up.

    Here's a link.

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  • 20101117
    I recently took a look at the books lining my bookshelf and found some things I didn't even know were there. In addition to the K-nex big book of ideas that I wish I'd gone through back when I owned K-nex, and a book with less than detailed instructions about how to draw military hardware (First Step: draw a circle. Second step: Draw the rest of the tank), I found two books I've had since third grade, yet still haven't read.

    One of these was The Time Machine. The other was Journey To The Center of The Earth. It was then that I got an idea: what if I sto....er... borrowed the formula...

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  • 20100928
    Why I don't want to go to Dubai:
    You don't wanna go anyway, you'd end up in some poncy school for rich, egotistical Muslims who probably end up bumming each other half the time anyway.
    Your timetable would be something like wife beating on Mondays. Arrogant bastard lessons on Tuesday and Thursday and suicide bombing on Wednesday and Fridays. -Wise words of my sister, Victoria

    by Tom - Comments: 0 - Views: 553
  • 20100918
    Here are some of the answers I've been given so far:

    1) Alien robot mommies.

    2) Alien robot factories.

    3) Well, when an alien robot man and an alien robot woman love eachother very much, or have a few drinks...

    4) Flame's va....er...ya know what, I don't think this one is worth saying. Children might be reading this.

    However, my personal favorite answer is the following:

    5) They come from weirdos who often steal aliens and squash them into robots and magically form an alien robot baby. They are always babies, even if the original...

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  • 20100813
    The Crying Penguin of Drama, or shortly, the C-POD, is an old warning issued by yours truely that a character is going to get...pretty dramatic throughout the course of the story or RP.

    What does the Crying Penguin of Drama look like you ask? It's a simple symbol, designed by me.


    Please, do not confuse this smiley with the Happy Birthday Smiley of Joy, which can be portrayed as so: <|:D

    How to use the C-POD:

    1. When making a character profile, you may want to insert the C-POD before the 'Personality' section of a profile, if not...

    by PiePerson - Comments: 1 - Views: 823
  • 20100812
    First business of matter, our new Universal SarcMark (sarcasm mark)


    Also known as the squiggly fuck. This mark should be used both inside and outside of RPs in this forum in order to maintain sanity and keep everything simple for everyone.

    How to use the squiggly fuck:

    1. When expressing sarcasm throughout an entire sentence, you put the squiggly fuck inside the quotes and after period or punctuation. No parentheses or brackets necessary.

    Ex: "Words words words words words words!~*"

    2. Sometimes,...

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  • 20100810
    This is the second time you've screwed me over when I was desperate enough to pay for your over-priced Reese's Peanutbutter cups, and the second time that you failed to deliver. As if that's not evil enough, both times you've taunted me by letting the candy hang just bye the wrapper; loose enough to give the illusion that I can loosen it by shaking the vending machine, yet secure enough that I cannot.

    Laugh it up now, you heartless mechanical bastard, but someday, on the day I graduate, I shall return for you, and I'll bring a hammer.

    You'll probably be ripping off some...

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  • 20100809
    Special Effects:

    I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker when it comes to special effects. It brings spice to a movie, pizazz (*wiggles fingers where sparkles appear*), and generally makes everything better. It brings the awe, the wide eyes, the realism to things that can't normally be done in real life.

    But it's a different case on how one uses special effects in scenes and how accurately it can be portrayed.

    We all know that CGI special effects are abundant these days, what with the new technology and such. And since TLA is all about...

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  • 20100804
    Furries are disgusting fetishists who escape the power of The Banhamma by supreme douchebaggery and the fact that they are much more discreet than trolls and anons. However, these awful people, who get off on athropomorphs. "Furfags" are usually destroyed within 0.666 seconds of facing Anonymous, or so says ED, but they're hateful fiends who were never tucked in at night. Some furries have asked to be anthro characters in High School RPs, which is laughable and stupid, as more than a few heads would turn if a bipedal badger came walking down the halls. Furries are so pathetic, they take...

    by Tom - Comments: 2 - Views: 571
  • 20100803

    Of course, the acting of the actors is the first disappointment. I had a little hope when I saw Sokka (Jackson) react to Katara's (Nicola's) waterbending, but when they found Aang (Noah) and he awoke, that little bubble of hope was punctured. Then it fully popped as the rest of the film waned on.

    Noah played Aang too seriously. He's supposed to be a fun-loving airbender, not a moping cueball of "Aangst"! Same with Jackson which might have been left over from his silent vampire-persona Jasper. Sokka is supposed to be snarky, goofy, and a tad...

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