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ouran charrie templet.

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ouran charrie templet. Empty ouran charrie templet.

Post by ed_lover<3 Sat 15 Jan 2011, 10:44 am

ouran charrie templet. Alipretty




discription:Yummi a 17 year old girl she has been liveing with her grandmother because,her grandmother wanted Ymmi to leave a happy successful life so,she took her away from her parents and, has been training her to be a gracful yung lady ever since she was 5. Even though Yummi may never see her parents again she thinks its for the best so she has always belived what her grandmother has told her "keep your head high and look down on thoughs who don't". Now she is being sent to Ouran high school were she will fill her grandmothers dreams, or so she hopes.

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