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Weapon List Empty Weapon List

Post by Tom Wed 11 May 2011, 6:42 pm

Cutty, slashy, shooty, bashy! The fastest, and probably most efficient, way to kill an enemy is to smack them around with a lump of metal/wood/space-age material. Welcome, to the Weapon List!

Weapon stats
Might: In addition to your Attack/Magic Attack (depending on the weapon) and then modified by the roll and your target's defense/magic defense, it all comes together to equal damage output.
Hit: Modified by rolls, condition of the situation, and yours versus your target's skill, it all comes together to make a percentage chance of if you hit or not.
Critical: How much chance you have to critical. Critical only comes into play if you actually hit. This number is the percentage chance of a critical, as well as whatever other modifiers there are at the time. A critical will double damage dealt.
Range: 0.5 is the range of your fist. 1 is the range of a short melee weapon. 2 is the range of a long melee weapon such as a lance. 3+ is long range, too far away for a melee attack. If a Range is 1-2 or 3-6 it means that it include the numbers mentioned, and the numbers between them.
Special: Some weapons have a special effect. This is where anything not able to be explained in stats is mentioned.

Weapon name - Stats - Special - Damage Type - Rarity


One of the first entirely militaristic items, and the first choice weapon of the majority of heroes, swords are versatile, capable of stabbing and cutting. Although they are mainly for the Hero class, the Big Guy might use an especially large sword. They vary from the fastest to the slowest, longest to shortest, but are always melee.
Hero's Sword - Might: 3| Hit: 90| Critical: 3| Weight: 3| Range: 1| - Cutting/Stabbing - Common


Pole weapons that are heavier than a spear, lances are used by Lancers (o rly?) and are rather slow. They are unsuited for throwing, and have potential to abuse a shield, with their great range, which is among the greatest for close combat weapons. They can only stab for sharp damage.
Heroic Lance - Might: 2| Hit: 100| Critical: 4| Weight: 4| Range: 2| - Stabbing - Common


Extremely simple and versatile melee weapons, used throughout the ages for many things. They deal blunt damage and can be used to increase magical abilities, mainly by the Smart Guy.
Smart Staff - Might: 1| Hit: 60| Critical: 10| Weight: 1| Range: 1| - If used for a spell, then +1 Magic Attack for that spell. - Blunt - Common


Long ranged weapons that are used by the Chick mainly, they are slower than most other ranged weapons, probably weaker than the rest, and have poor range in comparison to many. They deal stabbing sharp damage.
-Might: 3| Hit: 85| Critical: 1| Weight: 1| Range: 3-6 (+1 for every point of skill above 7)| - Stabbing - Common


The Big Guy can be expected to haul one of these around. They often have the highest damage per hit, but lowest speed, and deal blunt damage. Some are actually axes, which deal sharp damage.
-Might: 6| Hit: 60| Critical: 1| Weight: 8| Range: 1| - Blunt - Common

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