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Post by AnnoR Mon 30 Jan 2012, 1:39 am

Miraculous Existences: A Miraculous Existence is an item that is both a miracle in nature, and able to cause a miracle. Such miracles can vary in nature, from items of healing to weapons of unlimited destruction. There are two types of Miraculous Existences:

*Artificial: Artificial Miraculous Existences are artificially-created miracles, items fashioned by those with high amounts of magical or holy power. They are capable of causing miracles, but must be fueled by something, be it an actual object or something abstract. The Throne of God and Excalibur are examples of Artificial Miraculous Existences.

*Natural: Natural Miraculous Existences are miracles that occurred naturally, or were caused by natural magical phenomena. They are capable of causing miracles, and have an unlimited amount of power. However, some of the most powerful Natural Miraculous Existences can burn enough power that they become unusable for hundreds of years at a time. Some examples of Natural Miraculous Existences are Caliburn and Tsubame no Koyasugai Kara.

*Grading System: E(+,++,+++), D(+,++,+++), C(+,++,+++), B(+,++,+++), A(+,++,+++), EX(+,++,+++)

*Known Miraculous Existences:

-Violet=Impossible Request

***Arondight: B
***Butsuzō no Ishidzukuri Fukazara: A
****A simple stone bowl that was once crafted and used by Buddha himself, this miracle can produce a barrier of astounding strength. The barrier is neigh impenetrable, though sufficient amounts of power may shatter it. The user cannot move while using it, and it is fueled by the act of meditation.
***Clarent: B++
***Excalibur: B+++
***Fragarach: B
***Frankenstein's Monster(Living): D
****Frankenstein's Monster is an artificial lifeform. He is a humanoid male constructed from the bodies of the dead. Powered by electricity, his very existence is a miracle. He is an incredibly fast learner, as well as extremely strong and resilient. He is believed to currently live somewhere in the arctic, occasionally going into Canada to purchase batteries.
***Heaven's Typewriter: C+
****The Thompson's Machine Gun that Amitiel wields is in fact a weak Artificial Miraculous Existence. It runs off of lethal potential(specifically that of the bullets loaded into it, though it can run off of anything that has lethal potential and is placed inside it), allowing it to create a miracle. This miracle is converting anything loaded into it into holy energies. These energies are highly dangerous, especially to the supernatural, and even moreso to demonic entities.
***Kasai no Nezumi no Shitsunai Chaku: C+
****A robe made from the pelt of the fire-rat of China. It offers protection from all forms of heat and fire, as well as weak resistance to magic. It is fueled by the will to survive.
***The Lance of Longinus: B
***The Throne of God: EX+

***Avalon: EX
***Caliburn: B
***Gae Bolg: B
***Heracles(Living): A
***Kusanagi no Tsurugi: C
***Yasakani no Magatama: A
***Yata no Kagami: B
***Tsubame no Koyasugai Kara: EX
****As a Natural Miraculous Existence, Tsubame no Koyasugai Kara(A cowrie shell hatched from a swallow's egg) can create a miracle itself. However, it may only be used once every five hundred years. Said miracle unlocks a world within Hisako's memory, creating a landscape of the moon. Here, but only here, she may alter reality as she sees fit.

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Post by Rain Mon 30 Jan 2012, 11:42 am

Name: Morgan le Fay

Age: Old

Gender: Female

Race: Demihuman Sorceress/Fey

Urban Fantasy RP: BECAUSE WE SERIOUSLY NEEDED MORE RPS GUYS - Page 2 A253e158cce5c0146f8a9a4d960206ad7c2dd838
At default. Remember, Morgan is a known shapeshifter--whilst this is certainly the right shape for her own form, the size is a complete mystery.

Personality: Morgan... well, she's always been a seductress and someone you can't quite trust. Whatever she's doing at any point in time is something of a mystery; her motivations are an unclear mess. It used to be that she had her heart set on the throne... then times changed and now nobody believes that Arthur existed, or that she exists. It's... rather annoying, in her opinion.

She's set on collecting all the items associated with the old Round Table, for some reason, and will stop at nothing to achieve this.

Brief History: See Arthurian Myth. She's spent the time between then and now collecting artefacts and practising her skills.

Abilities: Morgan is a natural shapeshifter, making whatever Merlin has done look like child's play. Aside from that, she has a long, long history of using magic, though her forte has always been indirect action and enchantments rather than the raw power others are known for. To supplement her meagre direct offensive talents, she has... rather a lot of the stuff wielded by Arthur's knights. Whilst devoid of the strongest of them all, this means that she has a lot of options for smashing things.
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Urban Fantasy RP: BECAUSE WE SERIOUSLY NEEDED MORE RPS GUYS - Page 2 Empty Two Evil Organizations

Post by Simply David Tue 31 Jan 2012, 3:00 pm

Felt like doing this as a bio. It covers each section of information regarding them rather neatly so it works IMO.

Name: Evangelium von Geheimnissen (German. Literally: Gospel of Secrets)

Age: 112

Gender: N/A

Race: Human

Appearance: By all appearances, they seem to be a fairly benevolent organization, ran by a group of old men and women who don't seem to age quite as quickly as others. They have a building in Gesundheit as their main source of operations.

Personality: On the surface, they have set up such a brilliant persona that they tend to get new recruits often. They go around, punish those who would reveal magic or break the general laws of magic, or break any particular law they made up. This includes performing operations that would not reveal magic, but might turn people into zombies for experimentation. They have a strong moral persona and they train new recruits rather heavily, resulting in a decent core of witches and wizards who can perform excellent craft. Necessary, you see, as the culprits who would do wrong are difficult to take down. However, they still don't have very many members. Not even as many as 100 throughout the entirety of the Gospel of Secrets, and over 50 of which are still low level.

However, the leaders, known as Magistrates, have a different hidden agenda. (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT) Of course, they've done a well enough job of hiding it that nobody suspects a thing (Well, maybe some conspiracy theorists but even they're rare since the organization is still small).

Their true goal is the eventual control of the entire world. The process in which they plan to do this is simple: Gather as many miracles under their control as possible, and gather as much influence as they can. Germany is just one country, and even here they don't have enough influence that one could call it control of the country. Especially considering that, as one of the main points of magic, everyone keeps to themselves and magic in general is a secret.

So, while they may be known to the general magical community in Germany and the surrounding countries, they really have no power yet.

Brief History: In the year 1899, they gathered on December 31st for a turn of the century ritual. Through this ritual, they created a [omitted]. They gazed upon their work in happiness, and at the stroke of midnight, declared their group the Magistrates That Uphold the Gospel of Secrets.

For the next month they invented ways for their organization to work, and decided on many things. Over the years they attempted to build influence, but the secrecy of magic is something that is difficult to overcome, especially when they work under the guise of wanting to keep that secrecy upheld as a law.

Abilities: Each Magistrate has at least one Miraculous Existence, Artificial or Natural, that they use to their advantage. The Disciples are trained and powerful, working kind of like assassins and go out to gather more miracles for their superiors. The Soldiers are recruits who don't even know the true goal of the organization, working to uphold the standards of justice that the organization pretends to want. The Magistrates watch the Soldiers for any signs that they might be worth adding to the Disciples. As the soldiers are the main footmen of the organization, they have decent magic skills but nothing incredible worth mentioning among them.


Name: Cult of the Black Snake

Age: Thirty Years

Gender: N/A

Race: Human

Appearance: They hide themselves, and work completely in secret; they gain members through secret means, gathering people who have been deliberately searching for a cult to join. Seems there's some sort of "Magic" going on. Not even every member believes in magic, and even those that do have yet to see proof of the 'magic' the leader is capable of, beyond what could easily be explained as parlor tricks.

Personality: They have the persona that gives the impression of a passing fad type of cult, or some group gathered to pretend they have a higher purpose and perform illegal activities. So far, they've been harmless, but considering their goals there's no telling if someone might get hurt...

Brief History: About sixty years ago, a man was born with a unique kind of spirit. Through his body, Orochi, a terrible being of ancient Japan, was able to communicate and interact with the living world. While this has happened before, each previous holder of such a spirit died too young to accomplish anything.

Over the course of his life, this man gathered friends that would help him in his goal of reviving Orochi. They worshiped Orochi like a God, and in a way even this man was worshiped. Once they established what they had to do, they gathered more followers that would help them in their goals.

In general, all of the followers gathered at this point were only people who were looking for something to do, or studying the occult. They generally have no qualms about even performing rather heinous acts, though not all of them are lacking in morals and will probably give up and leave the second they find out some of the things they're willing to do (Having only thought the whole thing was some sort of game until that point). Some also seem to lack the understanding of what Orochi will do when he's revived, and are unwilling to kill anyone but maybe hurt a few people along the way and it won't be so bad.

Due to foreseeing this lack of loyalty, each member swears a sort of "Vow" that they won't leave or so they shall die. This vow is said to be magically enforced, and signed with blood, spirit, and ink. Once they make the decision to leave, they are subjected to a magical venom that will send them into painful convulsions until they die; police will think they were bitten by a snake.

Abilities: Nobody in the entire cult has any kind of magic aside from the leaders, and therefore hold knives and, very rarely, guns.

The leaders all pull power from Orochi, including binding souls to contracts that are agreed to, and poisonous sorts of alchemical potions. They use the poisons on the various weapons they use.

The leader himself channels Orochi himself, and has absurd physical ability. Specifically, when channeling Orochi during combat, he will move like a snake with enhanced reflexes and speed, and bite and strike with poisonous fangs and claws, as well as breath fire though he can't keep that up very long at all.

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