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Rejected Mystic Eyes

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Rejected Mystic Eyes  Empty Rejected Mystic Eyes

1) The Mystic Eyes of Bucket Tool: eyes with the ability to change the colors of things.

2) The Mystic Eyes of Cleansing: eyes with the ability to remove tough stains.

3) The Mystic Eyes of Funk: eyes with the ability to make anything incredibly funky.

4) The Mystic Eyes of Fanservice: eyes with the power to make clothing disappear.

5) The Mystic Eyes of Fan Disservice: eyes with the power to burn an image of a naked Matou Shinji into the mind of a target that can never be removed.

6) The Mystic Eyes of Meido: eyes with the power to turn anyone into a maid.

7) The Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception: eyes with 20/20 vision.

Cool The Mystic Eyes of Contemplation: eyes with the ability to question their existance and purpose on this earth.

9) The Mystic Eyes of Derp Perception: eyes with the power to percieve whether or not someone is, in fact, an idiot.

10) The Mystic Eyes of Mysticalness: Eyes that don't really do anything; but are, in fact, undeniably mystical; and thus drain the user's mana.

In a world torn between Team Edward, and Team Jacob, I have one thing to say:

Go Team Godzilla

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