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Yuuka Reads a Random Fanfic Part 3

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Yuuka Reads a Random Fanfic Part 3 Empty Yuuka Reads a Random Fanfic Part 3

Hello again~ So little Patch has kindly agreed to let me finish up this whole blogging thing while she wakes up her cute assistant! ^.^ Thankies~ Heh, never knew Patch could move so fast. She must be really worried. About Koa, obviously~

Anyway, this next story includes me! Doing bad things! To Wriggles! I don't like this one!

'Yuka' is the name of this one, and I feel I should point out my name is spelled with two 'u' letters because it shows just how much better I am than most~ Or something about translation rules, whatever.

"Seriously!" Yuka paced in between the flowers. "Where is she?" She got even more frustrated.

>Implying I cannot find who I want, when I want~

"Yuka! Guess what!" Reimu ran to Yuka.

"Why are you so late?" Yuka said while she glared at Reimu.

Hahaha, context~ I assume Reimu was held up by the stage 4 boss?

"I was talking to Marisa." Reimu said confused. "Why?"

Wow, I was right? Hee hee, I'm such a genius~

"You're an hour late!" Yuka pointed at the clock, and turned around.

Since we are outside, and I don't install clocks in my flowers, the only clock I can think is being referenced is my lovely pocket watch~

Which I only wear when I'm sleeping.

"I'll be right back…" She walked towards where Wriggle always was. "Wriggle~" She said her name in a sweet, slightly menacing voice.

Oh hey, Wriggle's here~ Wonder how long she was being randomly ignored until now?

Wriggle looked up. "What Yuka?" She said while slightly moving away from Yuka.

Yuka took out her parasol. "Want to play?" She sweetly smiled at Wriggle.

I love playing with Wriggle. Especially hide and seek. Surprise Hide and Seek is even more fun~

"No!" Wriggle went behind Reimu. "Help me Reimu!"

"Yuka leave Wriggle alone!" Reimu looked at Yuka.

But what's wrong with playing? :-(

Yuka looked at the white flowers in the garden. "Do you want your blood to become water for my flowers?" She looked back at Reimu. "I can make that happen."

But I wouldn't, because these flowers don't need blood for sustenance. I also don't want to kill Reimu. She's cool. Though I can't deny I could most definitely make it happen~

Yuka walked forward a few paces, and pointed her parasol at Reimu, clearly showing she was ready to fight.


"Yuka you never beat me before, an-" A beam shot right past Reimu not allowing her to finish, and causing her to move away from Wriggle.

"Reimu, I told you to save me! Not almost get killed!" Wriggle didn't notice Yuka walking towards her until Yuka tapped on her shoulder with her parasol.

>Implying I would send a lethal beam of energy anywhere near someone keeping Gensokyo up. Or anywhere near cute and innocent children.

"Pay more attention~" Yuka hit Wriggle with her double spark. "When you don't I win~" She put away her parasol. "Even when you pay attention I win."

I'll just assume I brought out my double to brutally hurt someone who did nothing to incur my wrath. Really now, that was even more random and mean than what happens in this story, which at least pretends to have a reason~

"Oh Yuka wont attack me!" Reimu shouted.

Yuka smiled at Reimu evilly. "I will now." She let her flowers attack Reimu and smiled. "Told you~"

"Ow, ow, ow! God Yuka!" Reimu said when Yuka had the flowers let go. "That was mean!"

Couldn't agree more~ No idea why I was waiting around for Reimu, unless I really wanted to bully two people at once. Honestly now, I have much better hobbies these days~


"Mean?" Yuka looked at Reimu sceptically. "I'm always like that~" Yuka walked towards Reimu. "Now aren't I?"

Can't say that I am, no~ I just prefer teasing.

Reimu moved away. "Tha-that's not good!" Reimu moved away from the flower beds.

"Oh It's not?" Yuka smiled at her calmly, slightly laughing. "Looks like Reimu's scared~"

I feel like this Reimu is completely alien to the one I know. Much like how this 'Yuka' character is clearly not the real me~

Reimu tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground. "I'm not scared!" She said even though her voice was shaking.

I don't even grow trees in my Sunflower Garden, so why I have tree roots I'll never know. I blame that Hanako girl~

Yuka held her hand out to Reimu. "Here." She looked at Reimu, her red eyes coldly shining.

Reimu got up and ran away. "Bye!" She dissapeared around the corner.

Not exactly sure what kind of corner my garden could have. Or what I'm really saying~ This story makes me want to keep reading!

Yuka shrugged and turned around. "Such a idiot..." She said to the flowers.

Oh? In the unlikely event I decided to attack everyone, running away is oft-considered the greatest idea ever~ At least, that's what the rumours I occasionally extract hear off say.

"More like a child~" Medicine walked towards Yuka. "Hi."

"Oh Medicine..." Yuka looked at Medicine a little kinder then she did to Reimu or Wriggle. "How are you?"

Oh look, the anti-social, poisonous one! She's an interesting one, but I have yet to befirend her~ Wonder why we're now best buds?

I like my little word plays X3

"Good~ How about you?" Medicine said cheerfully.

"I'm ok... Just beat up a few people for fun..." Yuka said while making a sunflower apear out of thin air, and handing it to Medicine.

I generally grow flowers from the ground, not hammerspace~

"You need to stop being so sadistic." Medicine took the flower. "It's not the best thing."

Different strokes for different folks, Medicine~ Besides, it's not like I flaunt my preferences.

Yuka rolled her eyes. "Sure it's not~" She said sarcastically, now walking with Medicine towards the roses. "Well it makes me happy."

"Like I said you're Sadistic~" Medicine stopped at some white flowers. "Suzuran..." She leaned down to touch one of the petals. "So frail, beautiful and-"

Ooh, flower talk? I like that! Though to be honest, I generally don't grow suzuran. It makes my guests a little sickly~

Yuka grabbed her arm. "Poisoness, if something or someone beats you, it will be me~" She looked at the Suzuran.

"You know Yuka, you remind me of the Suzuran." Medicine looked at Yuka.

"How so?" Yuka said keeping her concentration on the flowers.

"You are Beautiful and very dangerous~"

Dunno why I'd want to beat the little youkai doll up, but I suppose this whole chapter was leading up to common knowledge :3

Welp, Chapter 3 time!

"Beautiful and dangerous you say?" Yuka took her concentration of the suzuran.

"Yes very!" Medicine looked at Yuka.

"This flower is dangerous, but I'm not as dangerous as it is." Yuka told Medicine calmly.

Oh? Don't tell me my greatest rival is actually a flower? Suck it, Yukari~

Before Medicine could answer Yuka dissapeared. "Y-Yuka!"

Silly Medicine! Since when were you under the impression I didn't have a flash step technique?

...I have a flash step?

In a cave surrounded by suzuran Yuka leaned against the wall of the home she made.

Except I live in a mansion located within Muugenkan, silly author~

"These suzuran, I'm nothing like them." She sighed and looked out to the spider lilies in between them. "This is a deadly combonation though..."

Sure, okay then. still dunno why I'm suddenly living in a cave, though.

At the mouth of the cave Reimu and Marisa were entering.

"Reimu why do I have to come!" Marisa asked frustrated.

Because you're also a main character and highly popular, silly Kleptosame~

Reimu sighed. "You insisted..."

They continued walking. "Marisa!" Alice ran after them, followed by Sakuya carrying a umbrella with her for when Remilia and Flandre decide to leave.

Oh hey, the rest of the playable roster~

"Alice, what is it?" Marisa looked at Alice questionably.

"You two left me behind!" Alice told Marisa angrily.

How they managed that merely walking I'll never know.

"Alice, they left me and my mistresses behind..." Sakuya said from behind Alice.

"Oh sorry~~" Marisa told them smiling. She continued walking and tripped on a ice crystal. "Ow! Why is there ice in a cave with flowers?"

If we could halt this hectic and gripping plot for a minute so we can recap on where we are, why we're here, and what we hope to accomplish?

"Because I need to make ice." Cirno drifted out into the open. "To fight with flowers." She floated over to them.

Sakuya knocked her out. "Such a idiot..."

Actually, you horribly mean monster, ice is rather effective at taking out flowers. Why Cirno would do such a thing I'll never know, but I think discipline works better than abuse~

"Sakuya, that was just getting interesting..." Flandre told her, starting to cry.

Oh, the character derailment...

"Flandre, she was just protecting us." Remilia told Flandre, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

From the what now?

Sakuya walked over to Flandre. "Don't cry Flan-chan" She said reasurringly while petting Flandre on her head.

"Oh well, let's keep going." Reimu said turning around. "We can keep going!" She walked the way that led to Yuka's house. "The enemy is supposed to be this way, come on!"

From this, I shall assume Reimu gathered reinforcements to attack me within... let's say, one minute and three seconds. Not bad.


When they got deeper into the cave they only saw the white suzuran covering the ground.


"Well I guess we shouldn't go on further" Marisa turned around, but Reimu stopped her.

Delve any further and you'll be running into Parsee, no doubt~

"Where do you think your going?" Reimu asked sounding angry.

"Um, home?" Marisa edged away from Reimu.

Never knew Kleptosame was such a quitter!

Yuka came into the clearing and looked at them, the flowers certainly didn't enjoy their company. At this point she didn't either.

A clearing? In a cave? Surely you jest, author?

"What are you doing?" Yuka asked.

"I was trying to go home, but Reimu won't let me." Marisa said.

You were also intruding on what is apparently my home. Or garden. I don't know... I mean, really! A cave! Why do I live in a cave! I'd rather crash in someone's garden!

"Reimu..." Yuka stopped herself "Never mind... What are you doing here? Looking for something?"

"We are looking for someone in this cave" Reimu answered.

"Who?" Yuka was confused she never saw anyone here.

Yuuka is also confused because we were not informed of anyone entering.

"Who?" Yuka was confused she never saw anyone here.

"What? Haven't you seen anyone?" Reimu asked. "You must always be here"

Why would you assume I'm always in a cave when I clearly live elsewhere? :-( Elly will vouch for me!

"I am but I've never seen anyone..." She turned away. If someone was here and she didn't know she would be really embarrased.

Then they heard something from deep inside the cave.

"Well, now I'm simply embarrassed to the point I could die!"

Yuka turned towards it. "I'm tired of you guys playing detective."

"Hey!" Reimu hurried after her. "I was here for that!"

Yuka turned towards her "Hurry up then."

I haven't seen such riveting dialogue since... uh... the last story I read, I suppose~

Final Chapter Time! Woooooo~~~~~

Now they were all going there.

I suppose Kleptosame never made it home, then.

Yuka really didn't want them there, and would rather be with Elly her lazy gate guard. Then again at least Reimu wouldn't fall asleep, in this situation.

Wow! Let me just stop you right there! My precious little Elly is NOT lazy!

She's incompetent. Learn the difference!

They kept moving towards the noises, when they finally got there, Yuka noticed what was going on.

No one else was able to detect whatever we're looking at. Haha~

"Looks like Komachi has been sleeping instead of working" Yuka looked around the cavern, It was full of ghosts.

"Yep." Reimu pulled out a few talismans.

The fact these ghosts went unnoticed despite me living there only proves I don't actually live there!

Alice watched Marisa as she moved away from the room and decided to follow her.

Sakuya pulled out a few knives. "What are we doing?" She threw them quickly

I don't know, why don't you hold onto those knives until you decide?


"I don't know but those are some angry ghosts." Reimu said while throwing a few talismans.

They're probably angry because you're attacking them unprovoked~ That's a little annoying in life AND death!

Yuka simply shrugged and used master spark.

I approve of this action ^.^ Destroy the cave so I can go to my REAL home~

Marisa of course went to get Komachi since she was the cause of this. She found her sleeping and hit her.

Yes, of course Kleptosame would be the one to ditch the party and go find the shinigami sleeping away in the normally inaccessible sanzu river~ And in a matter of seconds, to boot! Newsflash must be soooo jealous~

"OW!" Komachi sat up. "What was that for?"

"Just for the fact there's a bunch of ghosts in a cavern you forgot to ferry across." Marisa said starting to drag her there.

"Whoops" She said starting to walk at the same speed as Marisa.

Must not be that much of a problem if all you're doing is walking~

"Whoops? All you have to same is whoops?" Marisa glared at Komachi.

Yes Kleptosame, that is all she has to same.

When they finally got to the cavern half of it was destroyed.

"What the heck are you doing?" Komachi yelled.

Killing dead people and failing rather badly at erecting a tomb, I say.

Yuka looked at her. "Fixing the problem you made." "Never mind that, I'll just ferry them across now." Komachi said, leading the spirits out.

When they were all out Reimu looked at Yuka. "No wonder you didn't know it was just some ghosts."

I dunno, you'd think I'd have noticed them when coming out to greet you in the cave that most definitely isn't my home~

"I guess." Yuka turned away moving towards the real exit.

All the other exits just loop endlessly into each other. It's hilarious to watch the despair slowly build up in their eyes~

-The next day-

"Where is she now?" Yuka looked at the clock. "A hour late again."

And speaking of loops, I guess we're back here again~

"Yuka!" Reimu ran towards her followed by the others.

"Were you talking to Marisa again? Because your a hour late" Yuka stopped herself from going over to Wriggle.

I still don't know why I have to go over to Wriggle whenever Reimu arrives o.0 She usually comes to me anyway.

"Yeah, sorry" Reimu told her, worried she would take it out on Wriggle.

So Reimu being late makes me so I angry I beat up children? This false accusation makes me so angry I think I'll go punch Koa.

Yuka shrugged. "Whatever come on." She turned around and walked away.

Reimu hurried after her, except she couldn't be beside her, Medicine already was.

So... go to her other side? Also, where did Medicine come from? Are we leaving the others behind? Where did Alice go when she followed Kleptosame? Why am I questioning this silly story?

Well, brb once again. I wanna scan Patch's computers for viruses. Also porn, because I know she has some in this thing somewhere~ Toodles!
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