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Post by Dr. Phazon Tue 20 Mar 2012, 9:01 pm

Long ago, in a land both strange and dangerous, there lived a tribe of people. These people lived a hard life, barely surviving against the terribly powerful monsters that threatened them every day. It was not happy, but it was life. Though they lived in fear, they lived nonetheless, and for this they were thankful. It was only three times each year that a day would begin with eager excitement instead of fearful dread. Those were the three days of the Festival of Time, where the people gathered together to dance and be happy for the last year and pray for the next. For these three days, everyone wore a mask that made themselves. The mask was suppose to represent their "true selves", and they wore them so that they could draw the strength needed for the next year from these "true selves".

"Are you ready?" "It's time for the festival, isn't it?" "We're finally old enough to join everyone else this time!" "Have you carved your mask yet?" "Of course!"

The Festival of Time was also a coming-of-age for the young ones. It would be the day they finally were to carve their masks and show that they were ready to join the elders. This year, five children were coming of age. Four of the children chattered excitedly, as they all pulled out the masks they had carved for themselves the night before. Soon, the clock would strike midnight and the festival would begin.

"Oh, hey. Look..." "Here he comes." "Hey, where's your mask? What does your mask look like?"

"I don't have one. I didn't carve a mask."

When the first day of the festival began, everyone put on their masks. They all begin to dance and be merry, enjoying the celebration. All except for one little child. A child who never understood how the others could be happy during the festival when their lives were so miserable.

"You don't have one?" "Ha, of course you wouldn't." "Yeah..." "Why didn't you carve a mask? You need one, you know..."

"I don't need a mask to be my true self. I wear my real face every day..."

No one would celebrate with the little child. He told them all he wore his real face every day, but no one would listen to him. No one even paid him any heed at all. He was ignored from sunrise to sunset.

"No one would even look at me..."

The next day, child decided to put on a mask. So he smiled. But no one paid him any heed at all. He was ignored from sunrise to sunset.

"It wasn't enough... They must not have noticed it. I'll make a real mask then, one they'll have to notice..."

The child spent the night making a mask. Masks are meant to be the face of your true self. But he wore his true self every day: every day his face had a frown, because every day was sad.

"If it's not my true self, then I'll make a mask that looks like something else."

The third day was the day of the ceremony that would signal the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. If he had a mask that everyone could see, then at least he would still be able to participate in the ceremony. But...

No one paid him any heed at all. He was ignored from sunrise to sunset.

When they tribe's elder passed over the boy without a word, the boy could bear it no longer. He fled the from the village, left its walls behind. But in doing so, he left behind the relative safety that his home had brought. He only made it a few steps before the savage monsters of the outside were upon him, and he breathed his last.

A few days later when the village's hunters returned, they brought with them not only a fresh kill but also the only remains of the boy- the mask he had carved on the eve of the final night of the festival. The mask was filled with feelings of loneliness so strong that even those near it felt alone. Truly, the spirit of the boy lived on in his mask.

But for all the loneliness it brought, the village did not discard it, because in the moment that the village's priestess saw it, she knew that the loneliness held in that mask was so strong it could perhaps be turned useful. The nature of loneliness is to be isolated and forever away from others. With such powerful loneliness as was in the boy's mask, a spell could be weaved which would seal away the terrible monsters that brought such fear to the village.

This spell that sealed the monsters away from the world was only the first of many that the people of the village would cast with the boy's mask. But for all the good that the mask did them, no one ever saw that the boy was still inside. The boy was ignored, just as before, but this time for a hundred years. Time enough for loneliness to turn into despair and then despair into malice.

Time enough, even, for that malice to turn into wrath. And when that wrath was finally unleashed on the world, Majora would make sure that the people suffered as he had for so many years...

Wrath's History
That Majora's Mask RP David wanted

I'll forgive you if you skipped that bit up above. I get a bit wordy with intros on occasion. Just forgive me for how lame it was and we're even. Anyway, lameness aside, I wrote a fair bit but I haven't really explained what this RP is actually even about. In Majora's Mask, it's said the the titular mask was once used by an ancient tribe for their hexing rituals, but that the mask's power became so great that it had to be sealed away. That sealing away of the Majora's Mask is the plot of this RP.

The TL;DR version of the above story is that Majora made a mask, died, got his spirit sealed in the mask, and then the mask was used for casting a big spell that made all the monsters of the world disappear. Then for a hundred years the mask was used to cast spells and perform rituals, absorbing magical energies each time until Majora was strong enough to manifest as a really POed demon.

With his return, Majora has brought back all the monsters that had been sealed away. But the magic from the broken seal had to go somewhere, and it ended up filling the masks of several members of the tribe. As a result, when they put on their masks, they gain powers. So those people decide to try and go take care of Majora, and then that's this RP. There's probably going to be some bosses or some dungeons or something like that along the way, but whatevs. We can sort that out later, but for now I think I might have already typed your ears off.

Anyway, skeleton:

Mask's Appearance:
Mask's Power:
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