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Post by Dr. Phazon Mon 14 May 2012, 10:16 pm

"AHA HA HA!" laughed phazon as the flash of light faded away. "I've absorbed Sexbot 18! finally! Now I am complete!" The h-warriors could only look on in horror at the scene and from the large amount of perversion levels they could since from Phazon. "Unreal!" shouted David, his legs shaking from the strain of trying to stand. "Oh no David, this is all too real!" laughed Phazon again before he began flexing his limbs. "yes, this body is truely perfect, even better than I thought it would be!"

Rain glared at Phazon, "That's enough talk. You may be a bigger pervert than before but but now we'll fight. I'll show you the true power of a sexian princess!" She began to yell loudly, and rocks floated up into the air. "BEHOLD THE TRUE POWER OF A ASCENDED SUPER SEXIAN!" electricity cracked around Rain as she powered up to Super Sexian 2, and a glowing aura of perversity surrounded her. "I let you absorb the sexbot, now let's see that challenge you promi- UGH!" Rain was cut off as Phazon quickly elbowed her in the gut, faster than anyone's eyes could fallow.

"No way, I couldn't even follow that!" "What!? How can he be that fast!" "I didn't even see him move, how is that possible1?" the h-warrior shouted, all surprised. They could feel how perverted Phazon had become, but they hadn't realized that he could grope that fast. (auther's note: i know I said he elbowed Rain in the gut before but I didn't realize I wrote it different here until I finished and I didn't want to go back and change it. so just pretend he groped her instead)

"Heh, you're a fool, Rain! I've become more perveted that you could ever imagine!" Phazon chuckled at the awed look on everyone's faces. "Why so surprised? I'm now complete, I have reached my full evolution! A perfect being! Now that I have absorbed Sexbot 18, I AM PERFECT!"

Rain growled angrily at Phazon, having caught back her breath. "You're nothing!" she pulled out her whip and quickly snapped it at Phazon, who was smiling. Suddenly his grin dropped as he quickly caught the tip of the whip in the air. "Enough games, Rain." he quickly pulled on the whip, yanking it out of Rain's hands before catching it. He looked at it for a moment, before grunting and shooting it with an eye lasor, vaporizing it. "Toying with you now will be no fun. But don't worry, I have an idea."

What's that, Phazon?" asked Anno. "It's simple. A tournament.We will have a tournament, with all the perverts of this whole planet allowed to participate. Showed anyone be able to beat me, that will be the end of it." Phazon chuckled to himself. "But we all know that's unlikely. When I win, I will destroy this planet and everyone one it." Everyone gasped at Phazon's announcement. "WHAT!?" they all shouted.

"But don't worry, I am not so unkind as to not give you a chance." continued Phazon, smiling again as he looked at all the h-warriors. He then held up a finger "You will have one month. Use it to recover and train, become as perverted as you can. "

David shouted out at Phazon "One moneth!? How will we become that perverted in just one month!?" Phazon continued, saying "I think it's fair. I will have to fight every challenger on after another with no rest. And only one of you needs to defeat me." With that, Phazon began to fly off. "So long h-warriors. See you in a month. I hope you'll be able to keep things from boring me too much!"

After that, he shot off, and soon was gone. "Grr..." growled rain. "That...!" she started angirly, before punching the ground. "Making a fool of me like that!" "Rain, I told you not to do it!" shouted Vine, only to get a glare from her mother/father (Author Note: i'm not sure what Rain should be in this. I guess she'd be Vine's mother, since she is a girl, but it just seems weird, I dunno. her being father would be weirder though!). "That doesn't matter anymore." said Moe, looking back at the glare she got from Rain. "all that matters is that it happened and Phazon absorbed Sexbot17, and Sexbot 18. We're going to have to stop him."

"But how can we do that!" said David, sounding hopeless. Not just hopeless, but also sad. 'Sexbot 18... she's gone now, just like that...'

"He's so perverted now! You could feel it just as much as me! There's no way we can stop him now! Even Rain didn't stand a chance!" continued David. "David! Stop it!" yelled Scorpion, putting an end to David's ravings. "Moe is right, all we can do now is train, train more and harder than we ever have before. We'll have to become as perverted as possible in this next month." He looked off to the side, knowing even as he said it that it might not even be possible. "That's all we can do. All you can do. What would 18 what you to do?" David sighed, "You're right".

"Alright then, we'll have to start training as soon as possible. Everyone, get rested, and then start training. we'll just have to be sure we're strong as possible when Phazon's Tournament starts. and hope that's strong enough." As Moe said that, the screen began to fade to black, and the chapter ends. What happens next? will the H-warrior be able to become perveted enough to stop Phazon in his new, Perfect Pervert form? You'll have to wait to find out, because I'm not telling until the next chapter!!!! Ha, sucks for you! But no don't worry, I'll have the next chapter out as soon as possible. oh yeah and be sure to review!
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