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Unlocked Aberrations - RP thread

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Post by AnnoR Sun 10 Jun 2012, 11:50 pm

Kameyo was... a little bit late. Not much, but she arrived a few moments after the others. So... she could assume that some of the people here were the heroes. The red-eyed man, the woman with fox ears and tails, the blonde man... She hadn't yet been informed who'd been summoned, but what the heck, it was food time.

"I'm pretty hungry after all that training," she said, settling down in one of the empty seats. Seafood... awesome! It was just the kind of thing she'd hoped for. Seafood was usually pretty awesome, really. "Anyway, so... who've we got here? Fox-eared girl, red-eyed guy, blonde guy, who're you people, then?"
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Unlocked Aberrations - RP thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Unlocked Aberrations - RP thread

Post by Ragna the Saviour Wed 13 Jun 2012, 6:27 pm

"Hehehe..." Tamamo laughed as a playful grin formed on her face. "Well-" she was cut short by a hand motion. The kitsune blinked a couple of times before taking note of what Benjirou wanted. Tamamo nodded and placed a hand on the salt-shaker. She picked it up and slid it the man's way before taking a seat. Starting a fight with Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, was probably a REALLY bad idea. "Mmm.. Arty!"

"Hehe.. Arthur." the King of Knights continued his meal in peace, trying to ignore Tamamo's own 'antics'. He hasn't known her for a day and he's trying to come up with ways to deal with her bubbly personality. "Huh?" the king pulled his head up from his meal as he heard Kameyo. "Ah, sorry, my manners." he wiped his mouth and stood up from the table. He then moved over to Kameyo, and knelt on one knee. "I am King Arthur, the King of Britain, my lady."

"TAMAMO thought SHE was your lady!" Tamamo stood up from the chair and then promptly fell onto her back.


"Ahh.. I'm Tamamo-no-Mae!... Ouch..." she rolled backward and placed a hand on her head to soften the pain.
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