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Disgaea: Absence of Overlord

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Disgaea: Absence of Overlord Empty Disgaea: Absence of Overlord

Post by RolePlayingRoxas Tue 22 May 2012, 3:57 pm

Attention all demons, doods!
Our beloved Overlord, Bob Mc Guff'n XXIX, has recently passed away from an unfortunate case of assassination via Badass Prinny, dood. While this is a great example of prinnies not being the weak little souls everyone thinks we are, it has kind of left us without an Overlord, dood.
Fortunately, ol' Bob had a plan for just such an occasion, dood. Somehow. Like he knew someone would kill him. Why didn't he bother to find a wife and father a child? Seems much simpler, dood.
Oh right, the plan. Apparently, Lord Mc Guff'n left an emblem hidden somewhere in the Netherword, dood. Since it's proof of Overlordness (which I quite frankly never even heard of), whoever finds it gets to rule us all, dood.
I also noticed that Mc Guff'n neglected to highlight just who would be legible for this pointless hunt, so anyone could potentially become an Overlord, dood. Even us prinnies! Dood, us prinnies could become masters!
So, there ya have it, doods! Find that emblem, but not before I do!
-Argosax, former Head Retainer of Lord Bob Mc Guff'n XXIX


So, there you have it. Current Overlord is dead, so the position is open to anyone who can find this 'emblem'. Sign ups and questions go here.

A few things to note:
There is no limit to the amount of characters you can use, but make sure you don't go in over your head.
Don't be overpowered compared to other characters. Flashy, yes, but being the equivalent of a level 9999 is kind of boring for everyone. Besides, chances are you'd get some 'level grinding' done during the story.
Related to the above; if you're going to play as a canon character from the games, you might want to think up some excuse for de-powering them, just to keep things fair.


Species: Demons, humans, celestials...


Name: Alexander (Alex)
Age: 1001, appears 10
Species: Demon
Appearance: Alexander wears light, silver-tinted battle armour over his torso, with a section missing over the left shoulder for coolness points. He wears a leather gauntlet on his left hand, with black trousers and boots. Alex has jet black, messy hair - as if he never bothered brushing it after waking up - and pale, green eyes.
Personality: Alexander sees himself as a great and badass warrior, destined for fame. Unfortunately for him, he can barely even swing a sword, no matter how much training he undergoes. To his shame and humiliation, Alex's true skills lie in healing, abilities that he feels no self-respecting warrior should know. Implying that he is anything short of some destined villain will elicit tantrums and balling.
Weapons/Abilities: Alex carries a longsword, which he would have you believe could kick Excalibur's and Flamberge's asses in a fight. He also knows 'Heal'.

Name: Christina (Chrissy)
Age: 1669, appears 16
Species: Angel, Soldier
Appearance: Despite being an angel, Crissy wears relatively little white. Aside from her tunic and overcoat, her skirt, stockings and gloves are all black, as are the trailing ribbons fastened to her halo. She has cerulean blue eyes, and her light blonde hair, reaching her ankles, is often tied into a large braid draped over her right shoulder.
Personality: Chrissy loves to fight, and although she isn't mean-spirited, she has a tendency to commentate on her opponent's strength and skill, putting down their skill (or lack thereof) with brutal honesty, not realising that she's basically trash-talking her opponent. She can also be single-minded, concentrating solely on one thing for long periods of time, not processing much of anything.
Weapons/Abilities: Wields the 'Blade of Judicial Retribution', a blade with a crystalline appearance that she found lying around one day. Once upon a time, it held a terrible power, but for some reason, it's been lost, practically making it nothing more than a pretty stabbing tool. Christina also knows Fire, Blade Rush and Hurricane Slash
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Disgaea: Absence of Overlord Empty Re: Disgaea: Absence of Overlord

Post by AnnoR Wed 23 May 2012, 7:54 pm

I'm... considering joining this, eh-heh.
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