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Godzingertron V Idea Dump
Plotty stuff:
The sisters....normal sisterly love, or incest subtext?
...nah, going with normal sisterly love.
Maybe throw in some guys/girls of the week. Decide the girls' orientation before bothering with this.
Make Pulse draw yuri at some point.
How they get mecha?
Mazinger Z parody origin?
Too simple...maybe mix it with other mecha origin stories.
Start story with them already possessing mecha and reveal how they got it in a flashback?
Their father built it and then got squished (much like Juuzo Kabuto). Add joke about how they immediately go from mourning him to trying out their new giant robot.
Maybe that's a bit too cynical. Want them mildly likeable.
Just up and rip off the dinosaur empire?
Maybe demons! Like, actual demons instead of the fake ones from getter.
A mad scientist maybe?
Or maybe have a bunch of random oneshot and recurring villains like Megas.
Possibly multiple factions.
Dinosaur Cthulhu as big bad.
actually, fuck that, dinosaur Cthulhu as one of the monsters of the week
Though Pulse made him look awesome. He needs wings.
Maybe evil Greek Gods as villain?
Stupid idea.
Maybe stop bothering to type down every thought and organize this damned file. Maybe not.
Other characters:
Their father. Mad scientist. Possibly dead. Wanted them to have the mecha. Has been secretly grooming them to be mecha pilots since they were young. Kind of a dick.
Grandfather. Also a mad scientist, with shades of professor Saotome. Doesn't take the girls in for some reason. Doesn't have time for them, or possibly has something against them. Responsible for building weapons for Godzingertron; but has only been able to build external weapons that are giant-sized versions of regular weapons. Wants to understand Godzingertron; but has trouble grasping it's true power source.
Fiery twin: Normally acts like an energetic ditz, but is more of a blood knight. Also more intelligent than she appears, and surprisingly skilled at improvising. Pilots the top half of Godzingertron. Makes mech punch itself in the crotch at some point during a dispute with her sister.
Cool Twin: Very good at analyzing situations, and a bit more stoic than her sister. Pilots lower half of Godzingertron; and unfortunately, the lower control room happens to be in the groin area. Possibly crushing on someone? Maybe even her sister? More work on her character as plot goes on.
Bodyguard: Female. In charge of keeping our protagonists safe; and ends up being their babysitter; and eventually something like a mom/cool big sis. Must be badass. Will gradually become closer to them as the story goes on. Might die heroically.
Monsters: Just yell random ideas at pulse, have him draw them, and pick out the ones he makes look the most awesome. Must include a tentacle-y faction in enemies as he's already drawn two things that look lovecraft-y and I don't want to waste his drawings.
Godzingertron: A powerful mech with a mysterious power source that is not at all Getter or spiral energy. Call it....something with the initials "BS".
Constantly growing stronger due to BS Power.
Self-repairing. Possibly self upgrading too.
The top and bottom halves can detach.
Will be powerful enough to jump so high that it reaches escape velocity so it can punch out an eldritch abomination attempting to destroy the Earth at one point.
Maybe some weapons, but ones it has to pick up instead of built in ones. Weapons will inevitably get smashed. All of their locations will probably be destroyed in the finale; leaving it unarmed and possibly surrounded by monsters.

(Yeah, this is how my thought process works when trying to make a story. Never did get this jumble of ideas into something coherent. Oh well, now I have a strange urge to finish this old thing. Maybe when Pulse is less busy, if he's still interested.)

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