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Sailor Moon MST 1

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Sailor Moon MST 1 Empty Sailor Moon MST 1

Usagi: Hey, hey, guys! Come look at this!
Minako: Oh? What is it Usagi? *tries to peek over Usagi's shoulder*
Usagi: I found this really cool site and you'll never believe it Mina-chan but they have stories of us in it!
Minako: People are writing fanfiction about us?! I have got to see this.
Ami: I'm not sure I'm comfortable with people writing about me...
Makoto: *slaps Ami's back playfully* Come on Ami, it's all in good fun. What's the worse they could do anyway?
Ami: *mutters* You really shouldn't be tempting fate Mako-chan.
Usagi: Hey Rei-chan, aren't you going to join us?
Rei: No, not interested.
Usagi: But Rei-chaaaaan, it won't be fun without you. *pouts*
Minako: Yeah, Rei. Or is it that you don't have the guts to read fanfiction about yourself?
Rei: *glare* Fine, move over Mina and lets get this over with.
Ami: Uhm, so what are we reading, Usagi-chan?
Usagi: Ooooh, this one has a cool title, let's read this one! *clicks on it*

New Destiny,New life
Author: Ryui and Gokuru-chan  PM
Usagi is betrayed by everyone but Ami what will she do!!! Chapter 3 uploaded! GOKURU:::yay!!!
Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction K - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,187 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 03-29-03 - Published: 03-01-03 - id: 1255169

Makoto: I take back what I said, let's go bake cookies instead.
Usagi: Awww, come on Mako-chan! I'm sure it won't be that bad. I bet you guys just got brainwashed or something like Mamo-chan does occassionally!
Makoto: Well, I guess if that's really the case it won't be so bad...
Ami: *sighs in relief that she isn't one of the betrayers*

AN: Kawaii Usagi is no longer writing stories she has given me permition to change tilte and edit story. I don't own Sailormoon or DragonballZ so don't sue me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rei: *raises brow* Kawaii Usagi? I'd hardly call Usagi cute.
Usagi: Poo, meanie Rei-chan! You didn't have to say that.
Ami: I don't think they were talking about our Usagi-chan. Uhm, but I'd have more issue that they spelled title as tilte and permission as permition.
Minako: What's Dragonballz? I thought this was supposed to be about us!

"Why would you do this to Usagi" yelled Luna, "why is it so wrong to have a relationship with mamoru-san" Makoto yelled.

Makoto: WHAT?!

"How will Chibi-Usa be born? Do you relize that you have destroyed the possible peace we would of had" Ami yelled, The three other senshi were shocked at how Ami acted. "That is it I can't believe you guys, the thought make me shutter in betrayal" Artimes yelled. "I have had enough, as leader of the inner senshi I declare you three: Minako said pointing at Luna, Artimes and Ami "Are removed from the inner senshi for ever" Minako yelled.

Minako: WHAT.

"you can't do that" Ami yelled, "and why not" Rei yelled "because we quit" Ami yelled picking up Luna and Artimes then stomped out.

Ami: Mako-chan, Minako-chan, are you two okay?
Usagi: C-calm down Mako-chan, it's okay. I know you'd never do that to me. 
Makoto: *puts down the chair she was about to break* Sigh... alright, Usagi. I'm calm now. You don't have to worry.
Rei: Minako?
Minako: *bites her thumb while mumbling* What kind of idiot does this person take me for? To kick Ami or Artemis off the team for something Mamoru and Makoto did? When I'm famous, I'm suing the pants off this author!
Rei: Idiot, its just a fanfic. Ignore it.
Minako: You seem awfully okay with this, Reiko.
Rei: *shrugs* I haven't had a reason to get upset. 

Usagi hid in the bushes and Though... *** I remember seeing Mamo-baka with Minako on his motercycle I knew where they were going but then i refused to believe that.

Minako: .... Is this implying what I think its implying?
Rei: I believe so.
Ami: You're looking a little ill Minako-chan, are you alright?
Minako: I am not! I think I'm gonna be sick. Mamoru?! That dork?! No offense to you, Usagi-chan, but I wouldn't touch Mamoru with a ten foot pole. 
Usagi: I know Mina-chan. *pats Minako's back* 

Then there was the day I went to Mamo-chan's apartment and when i opened the door i heard moans and looked and I saw Rei-chan and Mamo- Baka on the floor of the couch making out.

Usagi: Rei-chan would never do that!! And neither would Mamo-chan! Stupid author, Rei-chan doesn't even like men! So bleh!
Minako: Damn right she doesn't!
Rei: ....
Minako: So what was that about not having a reason to be upset?
Rei: I regret everything. Ugh... I'd kiss that idiot blonde over Mamoru. He's like a brother to me.
Usagi and Minako: *look up at Rei with wide eyed expectancy* 
Rei: *turns away from them and coughs* I... I was talking about Jadiete.
Minako: Sure you were, Reiko~

Then At Mako-chan's house was the same thing***. 

Makoto: *fist clenched and shaking* I'm not like that. I wouldn't betray a friend. 
Ami: Mako-chan... *places a hand on her shoulder* We know, please don't take anything this author writes to heart.
Makoto: Ami... I...
Minako: As cute as Mako-Ami flirting hour is, we have a fic to finish! 
Ami: *blushes* W-we aren't flirting...!
Makoto: Why do you want to finish this garbage?
Minako: We might get a clue where this author lives!
Usagi: Wait... does this mean Mamo-chan cheated on me with three of my best friends?! Mamo-chan wouldn't do that to me! Stop making him and my friends look like a bad people!

Usagi sobbed in the bushes when she felt tapping on her shoulder, she turned around to see Luna, Artimes and Ami looking down at her. " you heard didn't you" Ami said Usagi nodded. "Ami can you sleep over at my house I was going to have Minako-chan, so can you come" Usagi asked "sure" Ami said.

Ami: I probably should have mentioned this before, but the prose, dialogue, and just general writing leaves much to be desired. N-not that I don't think they can't improve with practice!
Minako: You're too nice Ami. This person should never write ever again! and I'll make sure of it!
Makoto: Count me in too!
Ami: You two... don't do anything rash...

As Usagi and Ami were playing games and studied Usagi asked "Ami, I was thinking..." "about what?" Ami asked "about going to another dimension to be reborn with no memories of here and I want you to come"Usagi said.

Usagi: I can do that?
Rei: Of course you can't, you idiot. At least, I don't think you can?
Ami: I'm unsure of this myself, to be perfectly honest.

"Ami understood how Usagi was feeling and nodded. Usagi summoned the crystal and said " Silver Crystal please grant me my wish, Since Mamo-Baka has Ruined our future let Chibi-Usa be born to me In another dimension by another man"

Ami: That doesn't make any logical sense. Without Mamoru-san's genes or the experiences Chibiusa had growing up in Crystal Tokyo, there's no way she's be born the same Chibiusa-chan.
Rei: You expect logic from this fic?
Usagi: Yeah, Ami-chan, even I know that's a pretty silly thing to expect.

The crystal glowed in responce Usagi's abodomen glowed and then the glowed died down. "Silver Crystal grant me my next wish and send Luna, Artimes, Ami,and me to another dimension to be reborn" Usagi said as the crystal cracked in two and were absorbed into Usagi and Ami's heart. The two girls and cats glowed and their souls were sent to a nother dimension, Their bodies on the floor lifeless.

In another Time, Space, and Galaxy a new life was beginning.......

Congratulations! Ms. Son it's a girl!

Minako: Who's Ms. Son? And who's a girl? I don't understand.
Rei: I have a feeling this is where that Dragonballz thing comes in.
Makoto: I'm just glad we reached the end of this filth. Can we go now? I think I need a shower. 
Minako: Wait! There's more at the bottom. 


Gokuru: Story story short kan-lin lin Kan-lin:I know I know Gokuru Gokuru:What what do Gokuru do to to get get more chapters Kan-lin lin Kan-lin:I need 10-15 reviews to post up the next chapter Gokuru: Kay kay!!!!! hey hey everybody body review so so Gokuru can can read next next chapter Pleeeezze Kan-lin: Good bye til next time, now say bye Gokuru

Gokuru: Bye bye remember review view so Gokuru can read more

Minako: 10 - 15 reviews? You'd be lucky to get 1! And even luckier if its not criticizing this terrible story!
Ami: Actually Minako-chan... look back at the top...
Rei: Tch, some people have no taste.
Minako: This was such a waste of time. I wanted to read stories about the wonderful and beautiful Minako-chan! Not some idiot pretending to be me.
Makoto: Finally, it's over. I don't want to look at another fanfic for as long as I'll live.
Usagi: I'm sorry, guys... I thought it would be fun.
Makoto: *ruffles her hair* Don't worry about it, besides the getting angry part. It was kinda fun.
Usagi: *smiles* Then let's do the next chapter now!
Everyone else: NO!
Usagi: Just kidding~ <3

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