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Sailor Moon MST 2

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Sailor Moon MST 2 Empty Sailor Moon MST 2

Usagi: Okay guys, I made doubly sure this one has absolutely no betrayals or anything like that so can you pleeeaase read it with me?
Minako: As long as it's about me, I'm up for it.
Usagi: Don't worry Mina-chan! You're one of the main characters!
Makoto: One of? Who's the other ones?
Usagi: Rei-chan, of course!
Rei: Oh joy.
Ami: Well, as long as this one isn't too bad...

Fire Of Love
Author: xXStupidTurtleXx  PM
Summary: Rei had always had feelings for Mina but never told her because she feels this love is bad, but also Mina has always had feelings for Rei she has never confessed because she fears rejection. But the weird thing is Rei is the only person who Mina cannot sense her feelings even though she is the Goddess of Love.
Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Minako A./Mina/Sailor Venus, Rei H./Raye/Sailor Mars - Chapters: 2 - Words: 734 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 09-22-13 - Published: 08-31-13 - id: 9648214

Rei: Well, I'm out.
Minako: Come on, Reiko. It's not that bad.
Makoto: *snerks* Oh man, maybe I can learn to like this fanfiction thing afterall!
Rei: *shoots death glares at the both of them* I'm only going to keep reading to make sure you don't get any weird ideas from it.
Minako: Moi? Take love advice from third rate fanfiction? Puh-leeease. 

Warning Rated M for Coarse Language, Violence and Sex Scence

Minako: I always knew Rei had a sixth sense but I never knew she had a Sex Sense too!
Rei: Don't make me kick you out of my house, Minako.
Usagi: Rei-chan, you have a sex sense?! Why didn't you tell me?! All those times I could have asked advice about Mamo-chan!
Rei: U~sa~gi~~~~! 
Ami: *sighs* At least the misspelling isn't as bad as the last fic.

I do not own Sailor Moon

Chapter 1

Rei's Pov

"Mars Fire IGNITE!" I screamed as I attacked the Youma. "Love and Beauty Shock!" Sailor Venus yelled out as her attack hit the Youma.

Makoto: Wow, what an engaging fight scene. I feel like I'm really there.
Ami: The narrative is rather lacking.

The Youma fell to the ground and as it slowly turned to dust. I got out my communicator. "It's all good guys, we destroyed the Youma"

Usagi: 'It's all good'? When did Rei-chan start using slang?
Rei: I don't and I haven't. This is just an obvious mischaracterization of me.
Minako: I think I may like this Rei better, she seems like less of a stick in the mud.

"Alright, good work guys. Oh by the way we are a having a meeting tomorrow, cya guys then" Serena responded. I shut the communicator of and put it away.

Makoto: Who the heck is Serena? 
Usagi: I wanna know too!
Ami: I'm guessing Serena might be Usagi? It does sound suspiciously close to Serenity.
Usagi: Then why didn't they just call me by my name?!

"Rei do you want to grab a bite to eat" Mina asked.
"Yeah okay, let's go" I replied.

Makoto: And I thought the fight scene was great, just look at that dialogue!
Minako: See? This Rei even agrees to go out to eat with me without putting up a fuss! 
Rei: I don't put up a fuss. Unlike you, I just have responsibilities to take care of, I don't have time to just do whatever I like.
Minako: Excuses, excuses~

We started walking to the Arcade we always go to because they have a food court in there as well. Mina sat down at a table first and I went to go order our food. By the time i came back with the food I saw some guy next to Mina, gee that made my heart boil. Some guys always hitting on her I fucking hate it so much.

Minako: Aw, is Reirei getting jealous~ I always knew you were the jealous type.
Rei: As if, I don't care about romance. And I definitely wouldn't care about who you of all people were dating.
Usagi: *whispers* I think Rei-chan is in denial.
Minako: *whispers* She totally is.
Ami: *whispers* Stop teasing, Rei-chan, you two.
Makoto: *whispers* Lighten up, Ami. It's all in good fun. I'm personally getting a kick out of this.
Rei: You realize I can still hear you, guys.

"Mina a brought the food" I announced as i got closer to get her attention. "Oh hey thanks Rei, oh yeah Rei this is my boyfriend, Miki" She replied.

Makoto: Didn't know you were into mice, Mina.
Ami: *giggles*
Minako: Psh, Miki is obviously that blue haired cutie from Utena.
Usagi: Mina-chan, I don't think it works like that. 
Minako: It does if I say so!

 ' boyfriend...fuck me,

Minako: Going by the summary, I probably will!
Rei: And I will be loathing every minute of it.

 i feel like shit, i can't believe she has a boyfriend'.

Rei: Yeah, because Minako hasn't dated a bunch of guys in the past. Why is this other me such an in-eloquent idiot?

"Nice to meet you I'm Rei" I said smiling. But on the inside my heart felt broken.

Makoto: The emotion in that scene, I think I'm gonna cry.
Usagi: Really?
Makoto: Naaah. That fic was a lot shorter than I thought it would be.
Ami: It may be for the best. I do admit the writing left a lot to be desired. 
Rei: I'm glad nothing actually happened. The thought of me doing anything romantic with Minako sends chills down my spine. Now that it's over we can move on to something less disturbing.
Minako: Pst, Rei-chan.
Rei: What?
Minako: There's another chapter.
Rei: Fuck me.
Minako: If we're lucky, I will be~

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