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God's Blood

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God's Blood Empty God's Blood

Post by Simply David Sun 02 Mar 2014, 2:39 am

Hello everyone! This is going to be the official topic for all things regarding my game I've been working on!

What's it about?

My game starts out very simple, with a girl and her friend heading out to clear out a cave of monsters. However, the plot will quickly unfold as a soldier approaches you and reveals the truth behind the current state of the kingdom.

As the story goes on, there will be many twists and turns that will lead to a number of religious fanatics seeking to kill you. The game's story will touch on some deeper subjects as it goes on. There's a focus on showing the truth behind certain aspects of the world, and as the player you will be making choices that will influence the course of the eventual ending, and what Crystal decides to believe in.

However, despite going into some deep, and sometimes dark, subject matters, the characters and their personalities keep things light hearted and fun. There will always be a looming sense of urgency, but everyone is trying to make the best of what they got.

Who's it about?

The characters in your party so far:

Crystal: This green haired protagonist is your main heroine, and the character you are making the majority of your decisions for. At the start of the game she is very lazy, but seems to quickly get motivated when things get serious. As the story moves forward, her character will change depending on your actions.

Felix: He is the closest friend of Crystal, an unwilling but skilled mage that uses his own blood for magic. His goals in life are to find the truth behind his odd birth-given powers, and Crystal has spent her childhood trying to convince him to do otherwise. While he seems broody and unwilling to socialize, he is always ready to communicate with or help Crystal as the situation gives.

There's a number of characters that will also have reason to join your party as you move forward.

There are also a number of Non-player characters that will guide you, hinder you, make you laugh, or otherwise interact with you. Some are more important than others, and some become major characters in the plot. 

What can you expect in the demo?

I'm not gonna lie, there's actually not a whole lot to it. It gets you started, introduces you to the characters, and gives you the first physical trial the characters have to overcome. However, what I'm hoping you can take away from this demo is whether or not you think you can enjoy my writing style, my characters, and the gameplay. I introduce you to a number of basic things, all of which are subject to change of course. I'm hoping for feedback so that I know if I'm going in the right direction, and if you think it'll be fun to see my story unfold and my characters develop.


It's a pretty long list of people who I owe thanks to, most of which provided free resources online for pretty much anyone to use, and I'm pretty much anyone.


Enterbrain: For making RPG Maker, and providing the vast resources that make up what it is. (Also, a large number of the art credits are edits of the default stuff by Enterbrain)


Craze's Script Asylum




Yami (Or Lil' Yami)



Modern Algebra




Dekita (Extra special thanks for having made two scripts on demand for me)

Mr. Bubble


Enelvon (Special thanks for making a small script for me)


Neon Black

Seer UK & OriginalWij

Art and music:



Earth Shine Crescent Moon 










Jeff 299






Seita (For doing the mapping for my town and many of the buildings inside the town)

Granny Deb (For putting vast amounts of resources in individual threads easy for browsing! Don't think she wants to be credited but she made life so easy)

Google (lol)

MajesticFlame (Special thanks due to helping me learn the program in the first place, making one of my maps into a special parrallax map, helping me create complicated events, and so many other unmentioned things as she sticks by and listens to me complain about every little problem I run into, and helping me out when I ask)

There are a large number of absolutely amazing people online who provide free resources for use on the program RPG Maker VX Ace. To all of you, thank you. If for some reason you see someone's content in my game and they are not credited, this is an absolute error on my part and I will fix it as soon as it is brought to my attention. >PLEASE LET ME KNOW< If there is anyone on this list who did not provide content you see in my demo, that's actually just because I haven't used the stuff from them that I plan to use, but it is technically "in the project".

An interesting side note to keep in mind: This list may get smaller later on if I remove some of the stuff from my game, so, yeah.

With that, here's the downloads!

Demo version 1.01

v1.01: Fixed minor bugs involving the machete and a path to a debug map. Changed the description of one of the abilities.

The first download is the game itself:

mediafire.com download/3faog6eiihs9ygf/Gods_Blood.exe

The second download is the RTP for RPG Maker VX Ace. If you already have the RTP then you do not need to download the second link, just take the first one and enjoy! If you think you don't have the RTP, you probably don't. The actual download will be at the bottom of the page.


The following is a link that includes both of the above downloads in one, the game WITH the RTP. This is a bigger download so be aware of that, which is also why I probably won't update it as often, simply because of how long it takes to compress and upload the game with and without the RTP every single time. Currently, it is up to date with the above version:

mediafire.com download/yl3e0qjz45lk76q/God_Blood.exe

Let me know immediately if there's anything wrong with the download links, I'll fix them ASAP.

(In case anyone is wondering, no, those aren't my ads. I can't get rid of them, I'm using a free upload/download website. Sorry~)

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