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[GATE] Character Thread

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[GATE] Character Thread Empty [GATE] Character Thread

Post by Ragna the Saviour Sat 08 Nov 2014, 1:57 pm

Here's the skin and bones bio for [GATE] characters!

Name: (What are they called? If Nokalan, names are usually traditional 'Japanese' though mostly everyone uses Common Language (a universal language that everyone communicates with) Other than that specialty, all other names are free reign)
Race: (Vampire, Dhampir, Werewolf, Succubus (Females only), Human, God, Demi-God)
Age: (How old are they?)
Class: [Only if they attend the Gate Academy] (What class is your character? 'Battle' is a power meant for fighting and killing, 'Support' is a power meant to support (Hiroshi's shields) or heal, 'Personal' is a power that effects 'yourself', and Sabotage is for saboteur jobs [poisoning, slowing an enemy down, etc.]
Ability Class: (Esper, Magus or Divine)
Ability Rank: [Only if Gate Academy Student or Graduate]

  • Rank E is usually reserved for powers that wouldn't have much application anywhere - it's also referred to those that have hardly any 'oomph' with said power. [Example: The power to have objects remain at a constant temperature, the ability to SOMEWHAT control fallspeed, the ability to slightly reinforce the body, etc.)
  • Rank D is usually for powers that do have mild application but doesn't have much in the way of versatility. (Hiroshi's normal projection shield, having only the ability to conjure fireballs and being crap at every other magic, etc.)
  • Rank C is usually for powers that have more application than those in Rank D, but lack much of the power or 'oomph' that higher Rank abilities are given. Mostly depends on the user and how they incorporate it. (Gretchen's Serene Doctrination, Telekinesis, etc.)
  • Rank B is where the bridge from previous Rank to current gets bigger. Abilities here exute more control and practice. (Power to teleport short distances in sequence, heightened personal strength that's enough to blow a building out, etc.)
  • Rank A is usually where those with Wilder Talents are. Not always, though - Freya Raschal is reknowned as a Rank A who made it there with hardwork with her variety of spells she's able to craft! This Rank is for those with abilities that have a wide-variety of uses and applications both in battle and off. (Tomoyomi's Blood Hymn, Freya's Spellcrafting, etc.)
  • Rank S is a power that usually has broken limits! (Anatole's Sequential Replicant,  Tekubi's Gravity Splice, Aurelia's Ethereal Liner, etc.) 

Ability Name: (The ability is named with two words that show the powers 'purpose' and invoke the emotion that the power may convey. Of course, this isn't always the case like 'Psyker Spear'. It's usually free in how the namings are used. Exp. Roxanne's Screaming Forge, Tomoyomi's Blood Hymn, Anatole's Sequential Replicant and Psyker Spear)
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