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The Good Riddance Games

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The Good Riddance Games Empty The Good Riddance Games

Aizen falls into a frozen lake and drowns.

Day 1
Dick Roman convinces Michael of Christ to not kill him, only to kill him instead.
Pluto Nash 's trap kills Jack .
Edward Cullen cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.
Daniel McPelley silently snaps Wesley Crusher 's neck.

Night 1
Scrappy catches Billy Chapman off guard and kills him.

Day 2
No deaths occurred.

Night 2
Captain Planet stabs Jill in the back with a trident.
Pluto Nash dies of thirst.
Scrappy dies from hypothermia.

Day 3
Susy dies from hypothermia.

Night 3
No deaths occurred.

Day 4
Bella Swan beats Ebony Darkness Dementia Ra to death.

Night 4
Ichigo Kurosaki sets an explosive off, killing Jack J. Williams.

Day 5
No deaths occurred.

Night 5
Daniel McPelley sets Jerry of Christ on fire with a molotov.

Day 6
Rose Potter goes on a rampage, killing Mary Picard and Zoe Redbird.
Captain Planet shoots a poisonous blow dart into Daniel McPelley's neck, slowly killing him.

Night 6
Kratos and Ronan Beelzub fight Ichigo Kurosaki and Carlisle CullenKratos and Ronan Beelzubsurvive.
Bella Swan 's trap kills Rose Potter.
Dick Roman unknowingly eats toxic berries.

Day 7
No deaths occurred.

Night 7
Kratos kills Captain Planet as he tries to escape.
Bella Swan dies of dysentery.

Day 8
Kratos stabs Ronan Beelzub with a tree branch.
The winner is Kratos from District 8!

In a world torn between Team Edward, and Team Jacob, I have one thing to say:

Go Team Godzilla

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