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Verge Break: The Missing Link

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Verge Break: The Missing Link Empty Verge Break: The Missing Link

Post by Ragna the Saviour Thu 16 Apr 2015, 1:33 pm


Worlds that share the same sky.
Worlds breached by a boundary never meant to be crossed.

A man with ambition known as Black Shadow carried out his plan. The desire to create a world in his own image with his own ambitions. He carried this across worlds with a new army at his beck and call. Strange, black monstrosities known as the 'Verge' ate away at what separated the worlds. They didn't just stop there, no, they continued on until those worlds were submerged in the Abyss. Even the 'homeworld' of the malevolent Black Shadow wasn't spared. Only a few managed to survive, with one being Black Shadow's Arch-rival, Captain Falcon.

Filled with grief, despair, and sorrow - the ex-racer went on a conquest for vengeance. He was going to bring down the maniac even if it cost him his life. 

He thrust forward, chasing him through the devoured worlds until he finally found him. But this time he wasn't alone. He managed to rally allies from the worlds that he's attacked. Falcon didn't know how or why, but that didn't matter in the end. The only thing that mattered was that Black Shadow was stopped. 

Falcon fought as hard as he could but ultimately failed. He managed to escape with his life miraculously in tact.

That's when he knew that he had to do the same. 
He had to amass a group to perform a counter-attack. He went back, looking for any survivors of the 'Verge' attacks. Some he even crossed roads with on his travels as they were searching for the same thing - an end to the onslaught. 

After getting this group, Falcon planned the next attack and acted. 
The war was going to end now.

Ground Zero - The Fateful Day

Destruction rains down.
Fires erupt from the bellowing castle. It stands there as a testament to its power. To the helplessness of the heroes who dare to stop it. The group created - no, united under a single banner to defeat the darkness that plagues their many homeworlds. No leader leading the charge, no one to call them to order. Chaos fighting against chaos with seemingly no hope to pull them through. Yet they try, they continue to fight against the hordes and hordes of monsters that bar their path to the true target. Those that they held a grudge against that joined this dark organization that presides over the 'abyss'. A blue F-zero car driver fought his arch nemesis that held a commanding position. A girl in a red hood sought out a fellow with a cane. Many others came for a similar goal. 

The group of Falcon, Ruby and Kuro stormed the large black castle to save one of the 'keys' under the name of Ilyasviel fon Einzbern. Other groups were to stop the manifestation of strange black creatures that manifested outside of the fortress.

One man in particular isn't fazed by the intimidation. Frankly, the opposite - his blood seems to be pumping. Who was this man?

"CAPTAIN FALCON!!!" a roar from a man dressed in complete black. He threw a fist out, completely coated in dark energy straight at the named man. 

The 'Captain' performed a back handspring, completely dodging the attack. 

"You can't STAND against my dream!" he laughed while thrusting forward. This time it was a punch from the opposite hand! 

"FALCON..." the man in blue tilted his head to the side to let the dark giant's blow graze his helmet. "PUNCH!" red flames coated the hero's fist in the shape of the named bird. It formed from nothing, striking straight at the enemy's center. 

"GGua!" blood flew from his mouth. He grit his teeth, letting the red soak into his chin and teeth. "Not again!"

An eye for an eye, a punch for a punch.

"GGgggh!" Falcon lurched forward. "H-hua!" he grunted while throwing out another punch. Black Shadow pulled himself back to avoid the hit completely. 

"Falcon, you don't have the resolve!" a strong grip pulled the Captain's head into powerful knee. Blood drew an arc in the air from the impact. "THE POWER!" another knee, this time knocking the blue hero on the ground. "OR THE DRIVE TO STOP MY DREAM!" an ax kick striking the back. 

"Huff," he breathed in. There was no way that the good Captain was going to let this evil through. "Black... Shadow," he placed both of his hands on the ground to support his weight. Slowly he rose to his feet.

"KNEEL!" another kick.

Back face down on the ground.

"I won't..." Falcon forced himself up again with any strength he could muster. "LET YOU WIN!" flames built up in one of his arms. He threw it up as an uppercut. Black Shadow grabbed his arm before it even made contact. 

"You didn't seem to hear me the first time, so I'll repeat myself-" 

A knee to the face. 
The helmet flew off.
A punch to the stomach.
Crimson spewed from the mouth.
A hand around the neck and a thrust into the air.
A slam into the ground after being caught in mid-air.
Dark energy blasted out like a shockwave upon impact. The floor crumbled like paper, causing the two fighters to fall straight through the floors below.
One, two, three, four, five-... they traveled fast and hard, even through the 'ground floor' where a majority of the fighting had been taking place.

"--!" Falcon couldn't scream. The energy ripped his body to pieces, causing his muscles to almost turn into a fine paste. However he didn't give up! "Y-you can't-!" 

"You STILL draw breath? You-"

What happened next? Falcon kicked him in the side of the head, causing their positions to be reversed. They were still falling fast, but the fight was far from over!
Meanwhile, with Ruby and Kuro...

The two of them walked through a lot filled with nothing but either unconcious or dead henchmen and robots. They weren't even a little exhausted even after all that fighting.

"He's here!" Ruby said. "I know he's here. I'm gonna make him pay! BIG TIME!"

"That torchwick guy?" Kuro replied, putting her hands on her hips. "You can take care of him. I need to find-"

"Your friends, right?" Ruby turned back with a smile on her face. "Don't worry, we'll just find them together."

That was right. Ilya and Miyu. They HAD to be here. They just had to be. If they weren't, what were the odds of finding them in the vast expanse of worlds that were now under this 'group's thumb? Plus they were kidnapped. It was doubtful any third-party was involved in something like that. "Yeah, thanks Ruby. I appreciate-"

Interrupted again?Crash.
Right there from the ceiling came Captain Falcon battling his own nemesis. They seemed to be taking the fort with them as they went according to all the debris falling through the newly made holes.

"Ah-" Kuro was going to say something. She didn't know WHAT to say to that, but she had to find something. 

"Shortcut! Shooortcut!" Ruby leaped into action. She dashed forward with her body a blur. With the build up in speed, she was able to jump straight up to the next floor through the newly made hole.

Kuro sighed then shook her head. After a quick glance back to the bodies lying about the floor, she teleported into thin air to follow after her red-cloaked comrade.
Ragna the Saviour
Ragna the Saviour
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Verge Break: The Missing Link Empty Re: Verge Break: The Missing Link

Post by Simply David Sun 19 Apr 2015, 1:44 pm

Rock Lee and Tenten had already made their way to the next floor up, having lost track of their companions. However, as luck would have it, they came across Kuro and Ruby near a large hole in the floor.

"Oi! What happened here?" Lee asked, running up to them.


"HAAA!" Jack rammed his shovel into the ground, the earth before him shaking to cause the monsters in front of him to falter, "Lapis, you good?" He checked on his friend while pulling out some seeds he would use for his next attack.

"Shocking first BULLET!" Kazuma came dashing through the monsters, wiping out a whole mass of the weaker ones, "Hah! These guys are nothing, we're gonna win!" His cockiness shone through his words.

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Verge Break: The Missing Link Empty Re: Verge Break: The Missing Link

Post by Jin Yamiju Sun 19 Apr 2015, 3:14 pm

"RASENGAN!" Naruto yelled as he fought through the horde of monsters alongside his Kage bunshins. "HINATA!!!" He yelled his beloved's name as he searched for both her and Illya in the castle. He took out a kunai and began fighting through the monsters with ease. There wasn't even a need to go into Tailed beast mode. "Hinata... Please be alright." He muttered as he began forming another Rasengan to slam into a group of monsters.
Jin Yamiju
Jin Yamiju

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Verge Break: The Missing Link Empty Re: Verge Break: The Missing Link

Post by ScorpionWins Sun 19 Apr 2015, 9:57 pm

Lapis Lazuli shielded herself with water as equally watery duplicates of herself fought back the black hordes. She moved carefully, tense, alert. Occasionally she jumped aside, or rolled. For she knew she had to avoid the tentacles.

The... thing - for she knew this could not be a human - in the jacket lashed about with tendril and claw, slaughtering monsters with ease. It didn't even blink as it enveloped and consumed the creatures with its tendrils to add to its power. She shuddered as it ate another one.


A Verge was smashed to pieces mere inches away from her head. The pink puffball with the red headband on waved to her and smiled. She smiled back. Fighter Kirby continued punching and kicking the Verge away happily, with small shouts of "hiya!" and "haa!"
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Verge Break: The Missing Link Empty Re: Verge Break: The Missing Link

Post by Jin Yamiju Wed 29 Apr 2015, 3:48 pm

Sora was attacking Verga's left and right with his keyblade. Compared to Heartless and Nobodies, these guys were a cake walk to Sora. He did a few more combos on a group before finishing them off.

Vivio was fighting back and forth while Naruto appeared to help her. "Accel smash!" Vivio yelled knocking one for a loop. She then back flipped over Naruto who came in with a Rasengan sending the rest flying.
Jin Yamiju
Jin Yamiju

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Verge Break: The Missing Link Empty Re: Verge Break: The Missing Link

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