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  1. Dr. Phazon
    Sat 27 Nov 2010, 10:33 pm
    Message by Dr. Phazon - Phazon's Deck
    Here's the current decklist. It's an aggro deck themed around evasive or out-right unblockable creatures. I'll hope your research on aggro has come along a bit since before and not bother to explain it. The main point is that this deck is like an upgrade to the first deck I ever made. As such, it carries sentimental value. The original deck sucks and I want to make it better. I've just never made this sort of deck before, really. So I don't know if I'm doing it right.

    Creatures (30/30):

    Zephyr Sprite x4
    Cloud Sprite x4
    Nightshade Stinger x4
    Inkfathom Infiltrator x4
    Dauthi Horror x4
    Dauthi Warlord x4
    Inkfathom Witch x4
    Dauthi Marauder x2

    Non-Creatures (10/10):

    Scare Tactics x2
    Chorus of Woe x4
    Syphon Life x4

    Land (20/20):

    Ancient Ziggurat x4
    Secluded Glen x4
    Darkslick Shores x4
    City of Brass x4
    Thran Quarry/Watery Grave x4
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