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That zany crossover RP - Character creator for OC's

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That zany crossover RP - Character creator for OC's Empty That zany crossover RP - Character creator for OC's

Post by Simply David Thu 15 Mar 2012, 1:40 am

The only OC's in this should be ONE per player. They will be the one "summoning" the claims to the world, and if they die all the claims die until further notice. (In other words, the Jupiter Nurses that I mention in the RP thread)

Now, put simply, the character should be an ordinary human. You can choose how surprised they are at the sudden appearance of all their favorite characters and stuff, and maybe even have them convinced they can control who shows up. You can do just about anything here, I'm not too worried.

Another thing is, this RP is the spiritual successor to three other versions, each time the person "summoning" the characters was the RPer, basically, as a character (Except maybe a bit different as you write yourself out). So, if you want to do that, it is highly encouraged. Even if you do, we won't recognize each other in the RP immediately (Nor will we have known each other even online in the RP, ideally).

Another thing in the previous versions, everyone knew about every other Claim-er, and they were even known by the various NPC random extras that populate the planet. In this RP, that will only happen over time as things occur with characters doing things.

Now, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the chatbox, or if I'm not around please put your question in this thread as I do have work so I may not be around for a while, which may not be in time!





Location: (As specific as down to the city, which means you may not want to use your own real world address) (This is only for where you start. Once you start moving, it's also a reminder of where you're from)

Personality: (Meh, optional)

Misc.: (If I forgot something, just dump it here~)

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