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Post by HibirdKo Mon 29 Oct 2012, 5:37 am

Hi. (ω)

Please call me Hibird. Pleasant to meet you. I am.... a person.

Surprise! Anyways, I learned of this site while browing through Emotive Gothika's fanfiction account. I enjoy roleplaying very much, and I am a tacky grammar and punctuation perfectionist, so no worries. I know how to spell. I can even count to three. Anyways, yes, I enjoy roleplaying very much, and although I may not be brilliant and the best, I do get around. I started on a drrrchats imitation fan chat website, I have several roleplaying facebooks, and although I prefer script format, I can also do lit.

I am extremely unfamiliar on how to use sites like this, with threads, topics, discussions and the sort- it rather confuses me, and I have a hard time getting around. Do forgive me if I make any mistakes.

Alas! Wordy, much? I'll have to see for myself first how people do it- roleplaying in this format. Whether people use script or lit. If you understand what I'm talking about, I'd appreciate if you could explain to me how everything works.

Thank you.~ If there is anything else I need to do, please do tell me. As I am also unfamiliar and incredibly confused by how things like this work, the threads, this kind of forum, the discussion- it'll take me a while to get fully orientated.

Eheh. Signing off,

Hibird Ko.~


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Hibird Ko  Empty Re: Hibird Ko

Post by NazrinTsunMouse Mon 29 Oct 2012, 4:11 pm

Hello Hibird! Welcome to our humble site. If you have any preferences for types of RPs, let us know and we can point you to some active ones.

Anyway, I'm the Admin and creator of the site, NazrinTsunMouse or as I'm known on the chatbox, MajesticFlame.

Speaking of the chatbox, we have one at the top of the front page where you can discuss anything with other members of the site. If your computer can run flash, just drop in and say hi.

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