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Hetalia Character Creator and Claim

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Hetalia Character Creator and Claim

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Tue 31 May 2011, 10:33 pm

Okay so everyone joining I'm gonna assume knows Hetalia, if not then please ask me or Random about it when we're on the chatbox. Anyway claim a character or make an OC or do both. Just don't make an OC for a country that is already taken.

Name: (What is there real name? This is completely optional seeing as they won't be refered to by name)

Country: (What country are they representing?)







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Re: Hetalia Character Creator and Claim

Post by The Wicked Xen on Mon 06 Jun 2011, 11:38 am

Name: Juan Santos

Country: Philippines

Gender: Male


Personality: A Dandere type; shy and soft-spoken at first, but usually boisterous and cheerful once comfortable. He is humble and hospitable though and superstitious as well. He has a habit of giving people weird nicknames and loves drinking and karaoke. He is an artist, a farmer, and good with animals as well.

History: He was once a tribesman, making a home in the forest and living off the land, until Spain found him on an expedition around the world and took him in. He was introduced to European culture and given a new name, but though he was grateful to Spain he didn't like staying under Spain's wing. He proclaimed his independence and went to the other countries (namely America, China, Japan, and some Middle Eastern countries), learning different things from them and forgetting the Spanish language in the process. Ultimately though, he didn't stay with the other countries for long and soon became his own country, balancing western teachings with his own traditional beliefs.

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Re: Hetalia Character Creator and Claim

Post by RandomHyuuga on Wed 06 Jul 2011, 5:39 pm

Name: Alfred F. Jones

Country: America

Gender: Male


Personality: "America is a cheerful, energetic yet somewhat conceited young man who is obsessed with heroes, justice, and freedom. He has the habit of sticking his nose into everyone's business, which causes him to have difficulty making friends. He loves hamburgers and junk food, to the point of an obsession, and can even eat strange and inedible things due to inheriting England's sense of taste (or lack thereof). America is also known for not being aware of how "the atmosphere" is when he is around others (which, at one point, he was told to read it), but it has been noted that it is not that he lacks the ability to "assess the situation", he simply chooses not to. On multiple occasions it has been shown that, when calm or serious, America can become very logical, reading further into things than he usually would, and actually reading the atmosphere." (Copied from the wiki because I am lazy)

History: "America was discovered as a small child by Finland. England adopted and raised him like a younger brother, caring for him with adoration and teaching him how to be a nation. When the Revolutionary War came, America declared his independence and split from England, creating a huge rift between the two that still is present, if only less severe. As part of the Allied Forces, they manage to work together, although England often disagrees with the unusual ideas that America presents and America teases England about everything from his cooking, his style of dress, and his "old" age. They are shown to be always bickering but it is hinted the two truly care for one another." (Copied and pasted again. I'm sorry.)


Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Country: France

Gender: Male


Personality: "France is infatuated with most of the nations and is known to make blatant sexual comments at every opportunity and is very affectionate, often shown streaking or touching other nations inappropriately. He is attracted to beautiful things, which include men and women of any age (supported by statements such as "Sure, I'll settle for boys! Boys are the best!" and "This onii-san here loves pure and innocent children like you." in response to a fan not knowing the meaning of the term "tachi") and maybe even some non-human beings. He said "be gentle to the ladies and be gentle to the earth" is his motto. He's admitted to being "the dandiest among the dandies." He loves himself so much that he does not bother to remember English and considers French the "language of love." In addition, he has referred to the others as insignificant characters." (Copied.)

History: ."France was once a large nation, but after Napoleon Bonaparte had died, he was no longer good in wars and instead attracted tourists to his country with his wine. France fought over his rival England for ownership of a baby America. Despite losing the battle, it seems that France has nothing against him, seeming to treat America like a younger brother at times." (Copied.)


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Re: Hetalia Character Creator and Claim

Post by Molly on Wed 06 Jul 2011, 7:38 pm

Name: Unknown

Country: Monaco

Gender: Female


In her initial design, Monaco was depicted with brown hair and brown eyes. In her finalized design, her coloring is changed to blonde hair and blue eyes - matching France. Part of her hair is tied into a long side braid with a large hair bow, while her bangs are held back on the right side by bobby pins. She wears glasses and is described as dressing "elegantly". This can be seen in her first profile where she wears a long pink double-breasted coat with a sailor collar attached, over a white blouse with a red neckbow, a pair of white trousers, and tall brown boots. In other sketches, she is depicted wearing the blouse with a skirt. Her bow was originally colored black, but was changed to red, along with her braid becoming longer and sleeker in appearance in her finalized design.

It is mentioned in her official profile that the reason she grew her hair out was because she was thinking about becoming like a Grand Duchess.

She apparently has a mole somewhere on her chest, as revealed during the 2010 Christmas strips.

It was revealed in a recent blog post that she is slightly shorter than Liechtenstein.

Personality: In her official profile she is described as a smart girl who gives off a proud impression. She speaks like an old lady and her great intelligence has protected her country for ages. A young honor student fond of ballet, she is surprisingly social despite her serious appearance. She has a very anxious character; she constantly worries about world affairs and the economy. Due to her distress about what other countries are doing, she is regarded as the most agitated country in the world.
Known for her beautifully structured casino (which ironically she herself did not build), she focuses most of her energy onto tourism, house interior designing, and cosmetics.
Monaco is classified as a younger sister type to France, and she relies on him for diplomatic, military, and various other affairs, so if France ever asks her for a favor she tends to comply. However, she dislikes that he pats her on the head, feeling that it is embarrassing.

History: The Phoenicians, and after them the Greeks, had a temple on the Monacan headland honoring Hercules. The principality took its name from Monoikos, the Greek surname for this mythological hero. After being independent for 800 years, Monaco was annexed to France in 1793 and placed under Sardinia's protection in 1815. By the Franco-Monegasque treaty of 1861, Monaco went under French guardianship but continued to be independent. A treaty made with France in 1918 contained a clause providing that, in the event that the male Grimaldi dynasty should die out, Monaco would become an autonomous state under French protection.

Monaco has a tourist business that attracts as many as 1.5 million visitors a year and is famous for its beaches and casinos, especially world-famous Monte Carlo. It had gaming tables as early as 1856.


Name: Unknown

Country: Vietnam

Gender: Female


She wears an Áo Dài (a Vietnamese national outfit for women), wields a long paddle (and carries it around with her, using it for everyday duties), often with a Nón lá (leaf hat) with her eybrows being anchored by the ends, and her hair put back in a long ponytail.

Her military uniform consists of a large hat, a long coat, a belt, and pants. Similar to the modern day Vietnamese Military uniform.

A series of sketches by Himaruya and a chibi of her labeled Asia3 have also shown her to wear her ponytail in different ways, such as with flowers or with a bun. A recent entry on Himaruya's blog showed some concepts with Vietnam's ponytail.

Personality: She is described as a strong girl, also been using her natural skillfulness to make all sorts of things, as seen in Himaruya's recent sketches.

History: As early as the Paleolithic times the region that is Vietnam now has already been occupied by the early civilization of the Phung-nguyen culture. During 1200 BCE, the cultivation of wet-rice and casting of bronze have developed and the led to the advance of the Dong Son culture. Most Vietnamese considers the Hong Bang Dynasty as the first Vietnamese state. Vietnam was under the Chinese regime during the early first millennium. In 938 CE, Ngo Quyen, a Vietnamese lord crushed the Chinese forces at the Bang Dang River and attained independence. Vietnam flourished during the 15th century under the Le Dynasty and expanded south between 11th and 18th centuries to conquer Champa Kingdom and part of the Khmer Empire.

From 1859 to 1885 the country was successively invaded by French forces and eventually became part of the French Indochina. During the 1940’s the nationalist liberation movement Viet Minh emerged under Ho Chi Minh with the purpose of regaining independence from France and to defy Japanese occupation. In 1960’s the Vietnam War broke causing the US to send about 500,000 troops during the peak of the war in 1965. The US president approved a strategic air command (SAC) bombing operation in Cambodia and Laos called Operation Menu. The Paris Peace of Accords of January 27, 1973 officially recognized the independence of Vietnam as recognized by the 1954 Geneva Agreements; by March 29, 1973 all American war forces were withdrawn. South Vietnam shortly became the Republic of South Vietnam after the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975 and formally integrated with the North under communist rule as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 1976.


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