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Maid RPG Scenario: Runaway Princess RP Thread

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Maid RPG Scenario: Runaway Princess RP Thread

Post by NazrinTsunMouse on Mon 22 Dec 2014, 5:26 pm

When one comes to the town of Faymont, they would not expect to come across a mansion, especially one as palatial as the residence near the coast. Why someone of such wealth would move here was baffling to the townsfolk. Was it for anonymity? If so, they were doing a rather poor job at it.

Regardless, the mansion was somewhat shrouded in mystery. No one knew what went on there. Well, no one but the servants and its masters.

What these servants were currently doing were up to them, but if they were looking for the Master, they would find him library reading. If they were looking for their new guest, they would find her fiddling with the radio, a relatively new invention that filled the princess with curiosity and wonder.


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Re: Maid RPG Scenario: Runaway Princess RP Thread

Post by GenericSpider on Wed 24 Dec 2014, 1:57 am

As Virginia walked into the room; she noticed the princess playing around with the radio. She hadn't really had any time alone with her since she'd come to the mansion; so this might be her only chance to find out more about her. 

She took a step towards the girl; and gave her best smile. 

"Why hello there," she said. "I haven't had the chance to introduce myself. My name is Virginia Robinson," 

She took the girl's hand. 

"And you are downright cute," she said, winking at her. "How would you like a grand tour of the mansion?" 

(Roll for "Seduction" from Cunning. (6) x 4 =24)

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Re: Maid RPG Scenario: Runaway Princess RP Thread

Post by Simply David on Mon 29 Dec 2014, 3:34 pm

Sarah was walking through the hallways with a small platter, which held a tea pot and a set of small cups. The tea was steaming out of the pot, showing that it was only just made.

"I hope the master enjoys the tea..." Sarah worried aloud to herself. She approached the door to the library, gave a soft knock to alert him of her presence, then opened the door and made her way in.

While her walk wasn't the most graceful to behold, she still came off as a proper maid, "Hello, Master Baxter. I've brought you some tea, if it pleases you," she gave him a very genuine smile as she began to set the tea on a tray right next to him.


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Re: Maid RPG Scenario: Runaway Princess RP Thread

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