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Tower of Baal (Fate/stay night RIP OFF~)

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Tower of Baal (Fate/stay night RIP OFF~) Empty Tower of Baal (Fate/stay night RIP OFF~)

Post by Ragna the Saviour Thu 22 Dec 2011, 8:38 pm

Alright, essentially this is for a Fate/stay night rip off revolving around different properties. No, there aren't any classes and instead you get weapons! Yaaayy... but those weapons have special abilities and are pretty much the catalyst for summoning your Servant/Familiar/whateveryouwant to call it.

The instance of this war mostly revolves around Touhou/Madoka/Fictional/Original Characters in general. This is due occurrences in the previous war. The previous 'war' was fought with dragons, soldiers with chaotic magic and pretty much all the more 'serious'.

The Tower of Baal - The tower rises every one-hundred years in an attempt to rid of the world of the built up Natural Magic that plagues the world. Nine legendary items are dispersed to nine magic users to fight for a single wish. The Tower of Baal has granted wishes before and will do so this time for whoever is victorious.

The rules for this war as follows:

1. Souls are Bound - Your soul is bound to your Servant and depending on the relationship, if the Servant is killed, you could die too. The closeness of the relationship effects the backlash you receive upon the Servant dying... for examples:

1)Hate: If you hate your Servant, dandy, when they die you receive little to nothing negative in return.
2)Dislike: If you disagree, that's fine but in the end you even care the SLIGHTEST about them you receive a cut in magic, maybe 1/4th.
3) Acquaintances: You receive a cut in magic of 2/4ths
4) Friends: Cut in 3/4ths
5) Close Friend: You lose all of your magic.
6) Lover: You die.

It goes on like that and the closer you are to the Servant, the stronger they become since the flow of magic increases. Awesome, no?

2. Servant Changing - If the Master dies before the Servant, the Servant can stay in the world as long as they can find another master quickly. If they grab the weapon and give it to someone suitable and that person floods the weapon with magic, they can stay in this world as they've found a new Master.

3. Summoning - Summoning works pretty much the same as it does with anything. Get the weapon, make a magical circle, and summon. HOWEVER, the weapon can react to a strong desire in the person and summon a Servant immediately. It's magic, don't have to explain much.

4. Power Distribution - The war is fought on MOSTLY equal terms, if someone terribly powerful is summoned, their magic can't be greater than the Tower will allow. For example, if Yukari Yakumo is summoned her ability to manipulate borders will be LARGELY inhibited.

Alright, getting down to business... the Tower of Baal is only accessible to the last surviving three members of the war. Once the three victors are decided, the Tower will appear in the sky. The last three will enter the tower and race to its depths to claim their prize.


Alignment: (Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, etc.)
Stats - (Same as F/sn, E to A+)
Magical Energy:
Skills: (Just make your own, a maximum of three. Be as creative as you like and be fair. E - to A+)

Last Word(s): (Pretty much a Servant/Familiars Noble Phantasm and special attacks. E to A+ as usual. No more than three.)


Weapon Contract: (What weapon this user has)
Abilities: (Be fair. There's no 'just' way to use magic here as there are white mages, black mages and such here so... be fair.)

================Weapon Contracts====================

All nine weapons that are used for summoning Servants and what not:

Dual Blades of the Full Moon, Nebra
Weapon Ability: Nebra has the ability to manipulate the surroundings, forming different illusions to fool the enemy.

Sword of Five Heavens, Goujian
Weapon Ability: Flame based attacks, can be used for healing.

Sword of Bonded Curse, Tyfring
Weapon Ability: Caused blood lust in the user, drives them to insanity. Can absorb souls to gather strength.

Thoth, the Book of Infinite Knowledge
Weapon Ability: Offers amazing magic to even the weakest magic user. Powerful spells consume a lot of mana, enough to endanger the users life.

Daupnir, Golden Brace of the Gods
Weapon Ability: Gives the wearer luck and allows them to get their way. Hypnotism. Weak healing magic (creation).

Aition, the Axe of Origin
Weapon Ability: Incredibly powerful weapon that can manipulate earth and nature. It's capable of shattering a building with a single swing. Must be flooded with magic to even wield it(the more magic it's flooded with, the lighter it becomes).

The Bow of Eternal Hope, Gandiva
Weapon Ability: Allows insight to the user of possible success. Powerful magic porojectile instrument.

Lance of Judgement, Ascalon
Weapon Ability: The lance has the ability to pierce and cut through magic, no matter how strong or powerful.

The Sphere of Dark Mystery, Enalma
Weapon Ability: Grants telekinetic abilities to the wielder. Telepathic message relay, stuff of the sort.

Ragna the Saviour
Ragna the Saviour
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Tower of Baal (Fate/stay night RIP OFF~) Empty Re: Tower of Baal (Fate/stay night RIP OFF~)

Post by Ragna the Saviour Thu 22 Dec 2011, 10:04 pm

Name: Okami Amaterasu
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: DOG FORM Tower of Baal (Fate/stay night RIP OFF~) Okami-the-movie-20070112041935217

HUMAN FORM Tower of Baal (Fate/stay night RIP OFF~) 92861647

Personality: Ammy is mostly a happy go lucky pooch/girl that plays with everyone and everything. She feeds animals when it isn't even convenient for her, she helps out villagers when it's needed. This is all to be expected from the goddess of the Sun.

=Human Form=

Strength: B
Edurance: B
Agility: C
Magical Energy: C
Luck: B

=Wolf Form=

Strength: A
Edurance: D
Agility: A
Magical Energy: B
Luck: A


Transformation (C) = Amaterasu possesses the ability to transform from her wolf form to a more human state and vice versa. Requires sufficient mana to use.

Element Control (B) = Due to being summoned by the tower, her brush techniques have been considerably weakened but are in a more 'convenient' form. Amaterasu can bend the elements around her (Lightning,Water,Fire,Ice,Grass) to attack the foe or guard against attacks.

Sun Recovery (A) = When she fights in the sun, Amaterasu can gather energy from solar rays in order to heal wounds or become stronger during battle.

Last Words:

Reflector of the Sun God, Solar Flare (A): A multicolored shield wielded by her past incarnation Shiranui. The shield is capable of blocking most attacks directed at Amaterasu. Upon calling its name, a torrent of rainbow bursts forth to incinerate the foe before her.

Blade of the Darkened Skies, Thunder Edge (B): A blade surrounded by a fierce culmination of lighting. The blade can whirl up a powerful thunder storm in the skies or blast a large bolt of lightning from its tip to attack the foe.

Rosary of the Absolute Cold, Tundra Beads (C): A pair of rosary of cold that can be used as both a defensive and offensive weapon. Amaterasu can surround herself in an orbit of beads to defend or extend them out to attack the foe head on.


Name: Agatha Vang
Weapon Contract: Sword of Five Heavens, Goujian
Gender: Female
---Height: 4'9
---Weight: 134 lbs
---Hair: Black, long hair that stops just below the back. Kept straight and out of her face.
---Eyes: A piercing black in contrast to her pale face.
---Face: Some scratches on her cheek and above her forehead.
---Attire: Typically wears a white shirt with

Personality: Agatha is generally an air-head, not aware of her own surroundings. She's easy to get along with if you talk to her but getting along with her and having a subject to talk about are entiretly different things. She doesn't hold friends well just for that reason.

History: Agatha wasn't always the best mage. Her father didn't force the lifestyle upon her like her mother did. She just felt it was something she could do as a 'hobbie' and that's what she did. She did it as a hobby. Her family's speciality relied solely on the manipulation of wind into small, thin blades to destroy the target. That's pretty much what she did, some boring life controlling wind. Now that the Tower appeared she wants to prove herself and that SHE can be a great mage or something.

===Burst Wind, Air Blade - As stated Agatha has the ability to form the surrounding wind into thin knives/blades to pierce the target repeatedly. It kind of hurts.
Ragna the Saviour
Ragna the Saviour
Princess of Dicks

Posts : 413
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