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Fight Scene Practice Thread

Simply David
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by Simply David Sun 22 Apr 2012, 7:56 pm

Here, you can write out a fight scene. Any kind of fight scene at all, within certain rules to be explained of course. This is so you can try and wow people with your writing skills, or rather so people can tell you various aspects of your fight scenes that might need changing. However while you can add story to your fight or pull your fight from a story, you will only be writing fights here.

You can write any character from anything, including OC's and Canons. They don't have to make sense, though if you don't want to be critiqued on sense-making you'd better put a disclaimer on that. Don't put the critiques in this thread, please, as I do not want any spamming here. Chatbox will suffice for discussing what people have written here.

Now the rules:

  1. No character bashing, no exceptions. I don't care how widely hated the characters in question are, if it can be viewed as bashing the character then it will be deleted.
  2. No plagiarism. Well, while you can take characters and abilities and whatever, this obviously only refers to the actual scene you're writing.
  3. When critiquing, be POLITE! This is part of the forum's rules to begin with. Unless the person is being offensive in what they wrote, you are only supposed to be critiquing for the purpose of helping them. As in, grammar, what the character might have actually done in the situation, realism, etc.

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Simply David
Simply David

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by Simply David Mon 23 Apr 2012, 2:01 am

(Apparently I ended up rambling, wow. Anyway enjoy, though I cheated an image in for Akainu, just deal with it. Razz)

A man stepped forward onto the battlefield. It was a destroyed landscape already, having suffered through bombs and space-launched lasers. It seemed that the man was looking for something on the field that lacked any bodies, but had a great many weapons left about.

As the landscape stretched far as the eye could see, Akainu didn't seem very interested in all that. Rather it was very clear he was looking for something among the destruction that crippled what very well could have been a large expanse of greenland... and then a nearby tank fired off and hit Akainu square in the chest, blowing a massive hole in him.

He grunted, "Ugh, what do you think you're doing," Akainu's body had turned to lava where the blast had hit, and it slowly reformed back to his body and clothing while making a bubbling sound, while his arm changed into lava in preperation for an attack. Akainu's eyes were set, he would destroy this foe in one blow.

The tank fired another shot at Akainu, an attack he dodged by simply moving to the side. He threw his arm towards the tank, and the stream of lava from his shoulder hit the tank and easily blew it to bits. The explosion only created another hole among many upon the wasteland, as a figure appeared to be running sideways from the tank. The figure picked up a gun and fired it at Akainu, three individual shots.

The heat of Akainu's body was hot enough that it would melt bullets as they reach him, making it impossible for any such weapon to even harm him. Therefore it was no shock that when the bullets hit him, he was very surprised. More than that even, he was bleeding. "Haki imbued bullets...? No, magically enchanted upon firing. This man has a very different way of attacking," Akainu didn't have time to think much farther than that however as he began dodging the shots fired at him, making use of his Haki to know where it would come from and simply avoiding the shots by moving or turning to lava.

The figure could tell these slow shots would never work before tossing the rifle at Akainu before quickly running and grabbing other weapons. The supply of weapons from the battlefield didn't seem likely to let up, as the figure would grab swords or axes or spears before hurling them at Akainu, never letting him get close.

Among those weapons, only one spear managed to hit him, piercing his shoulder, and freezing over his arm, "Guh," Akainu pulled the spear from his shoulder, and created so much heat that his body finally began working properly again. When he looked up from this, he noticed the figure had taken the wheel of a jeep, and was driving it at him.

"Fool," Akainu said, reaching forward to destroy the vehicle like he did the tank, blowing the jeep to bits. However, the figure inside had intended on this, "NOW TAKE THIS!" The figure cried out as they stabbed at Akainu's head. Akainu only moved to the side, however, avoiding it and grabbing the figure in his hand by their stomach.

"That was the foolish move of one who does not follow justice. You will now die in your lack of justice, praying that the lords above grant you peace in the afterlife," His arm bubbled up and the face of the figure revealed itself, as long flowing white hair fell down around her and touched the lava, singing and burning up to the head. The woman's face was that of a smile, however, even as her torso burned away and her body melted until it was gone.

"Foolish woman. Why would she interfere here?" Akainu wasn't even sure who she was, but spared her no further thought. This was why he was caught off guard in the end, as a sword found it's way through his heart...

"The arrogance of those who believe in your sort of justice, Admiral Sakazuki, is what I thrive upon. Now pray to YOUR gods, that you be given peace in the afterlife that I shall never meet," the voice of the woman was eerily happy, a scratchy yet mocking tone. The sword froze up and froze all of the admiral's body before he fell to pieces to the ground.

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Simply David
Simply David

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by RolePlayingRoxas Tue 24 Apr 2012, 7:09 pm

Play this if you support Heitaro, or This song to support Shuji!


Above the still lake waters that rested near a shrine in Tokyo, two figures floated, the ease of their postures suggesting this was a normal thing, flight. To be fair, it kinda was. For youkai, at least.

"Any reason you called me here when you're supposed to crawling back to your hell hole?" The male sighed, arms folded. The female, long-since gotten used to his comments, merely smiled.

"Soon, but there was one thing I wanted to finish up first."

Heitaro raised an eyebrow.

With a dramatic pointing gesture, Shujiko announced in an equally dramatic and grandiose fashion, "Heitaro Kurofuchi! I, Shujiko Ishi, challenge you to a battle, here and now!"

"Don't wanna."

Shujiko blinked, looking defeated. A second later she recovered. "Sorry, I'm laying down the Gensokyo law! You've got no choice!"

Heitaro sighed and rubbed at his forehead. "You can't even make going home a peaceful action, can you? I feel sorry for the girls you're stalking."

Shujiko blushed.

"Also, I don't do the danmaku thing, remember?" Heitaro added.

The brown-haired youkai merely shrugged. "Fine, no spellcards. Let's just fight, already!"

Another sigh from the male, "Why?"

"Because I can just sense how epic it'll be!" Shujiko exclaimed, excitement burning in her hazel eyes. "I just know... you're the person who can turn a fight into the scene I always dreamed off!"

"Following in your 'father's' footsteps?" Heitaro asked sarcastically. Letting his arms fall to his side, he added resignedly. "Very well then, I'll kick your ass back into your cruddy home."

"How'd you know my home was cruddy?" Shujiko asked, sounding more impressed than insulted.

"...Yep, totally won't miss you."


Both combatants flew at each other, throwing a fist towards their opponent. The strikes connected, forcing a brief struggle to overpower the other, before Heitaro swung his body around, kicking at Shujiko's head. The female youkai quickly ducked, quickly rising into a spinning uppercut, but Heitaro had already retreated to avoid. As Shujiko quickly forced herself to a stop, Heitaro rushed forward for a shoulder tackle to her torso.

Luckily enough for the brown-haired girl, she managed to raise a leg and stop the hit with her knee. Grunting at the pain that hasty defence caused, Shujiko raised both hands, brought them together, and attempted to strike an overhead blow on her adversary. Heitaro merely caught the attack in his own hands.

"You're not taking this seriously." The male noted with an edge of disappointment in his voice. "Silly Shujiko."

Before Shujiko could respond - or even kick him - Heitaro swung her downwards, towards the lake. As Shujiko yelped and attempted to regain control, Heitaro concentrated ki energy in his leg, before quickly descending after his foe.

Spinning wildly, Shujiko finally righted herself a foot away from the water's surface. Looking at her reflection in the pool of water, she grinned confidently, failing to notice Heitaro's attack until she was sent to the lake's bottom.

As the water reacted wildly to the powerful force the male youkai had smashed into it, he sighed once more. For all her bluster and bragging, Shujiko wasn't exactly tough. Persistent, yes, but it looked like he'd end up having to fish the idiot out before she-

The water erupted below him. Surprised, he rose higher and watched, expecting a counter-attack. Nothing really came.

"You wanted serious?" Shujiko spoke from behind. Taken aback, Heitaro quickly spun, kicking out. His leg was grabbed by the now-blonde Shujiko, who was now exuding a pale, yellow aura. "Looks like you got it."

"...You watched way too much of that stupid show." Heitaro noted wearily.

Then it was his turn to fly through the air.
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by AnnoR Tue 24 Apr 2012, 7:10 pm

Emiya Ayaka, the child swordswoman known as Archer, panted. The invasion force was finally being beaten back. Around her lay the bodies of many dead minions of the Riders. Zombie-like beings, monsters, even human soldiers, all lay dead or dying. Kanshou and Bakuya were dripping with the blood of the fallen invaders. This world... it would be safe. The civilians were evacuated from this area, the invaders were routed. Their ships were even pulling back. They'd suffered heavy casualties, it was undeniably a victory. Even with the deaths on the side of the Wings... they'd won it.

Archer allowed Kanshou and Bakuya to dissolve away, and fell to her knees, panting. She needed a break, she'd exerted so much energy in fending off the attackers...

The communications device in her ear suddenly crackled to life.

"Something huge just entered orbit... it's tearing right through the defense-aaaaaaaaaaagh-*"

Archer's head snapped up. And there it was. The massive ship that had been brought under the fold of the Doomsday Riders, the huge dreadnought that had previously only been heard of in rumor and myth. It was strange, it didn't really look like a ship. More like a vast, huge mechanical squid. The tentacles outstretched in front of rest of the ship, and Archer could only watch as a huge laser tore out from within the tentacles and sheared clear through one of the defending ships, and crashed to the planet below. Even from here, she could see it gouge a long glassy gash in the earth, rending a scar into the planet. The Riders... if they couldn't take the planet as their own...

The had sent Sovereign to destroy it.


Their defenses couldn't do anything against the huge ship... and now, the damn thing spoke. The robotic voice rang out, from no where else but the ship itself.

"Your annihilation is your destiny. Yield to your destruction, for attempting to resist is futile. Submit."


Archer stared up at the ship. None of the wings with the firepower to destroy that thing where here... and they wouldn't be able to arrive in time....

Sovereign continued to descend, opening its arms. It was close, now... Heading right for her.

... To hell with this.

Archer stood, panting. Her energy reserves were low, but she could do this. She knew she could. There was nothing in her arsenal that could take down a ship like that... save for one. A blade normally wielded by something vast, a huge mechanical suit. That was the one thing she could trace, the one weapon to counter this threat.

"Toresu on..."

Sovereign's laser was charging once more. Archer stretched one arm to the sky.

"God Grade... Blade Works!"

From the hilt, which formed in her hand of pure energy, sprung the rest of the sword. A great disk formed near the base, and still the sword formed. Already, it was so, so much larger then Archer, a massive hilt. And still the blade formed. A slowly spinning golden disk, surrounded by more golden, spiraling designs. And still, the blade grew. The massive sword formed and formed further, and finally, it was complete.

God Grade was massive.

The huge sword was bigger than Sovereign itself.

Sovereign shifted its aim, attempting to shoot the sword itself now.

"Like hell I'd let you!" cried Archer.


Archer swung the massive blade down. It tore clear through Sovereign's barriers, the invisible defense system shredded like tissue paper. When it struck Sovereign itself, it just obliterated it. The dreadnought's limbs twitched as it was ripped asunder, the last moments of its existence punctuated by an explosion that tore the air. Fragments of Sovereign scattered across the battlefield, and God Grade burst into fine particles the moment it had finished destroying the ship.

Archer panted, gazing up at the sky.

"Tch... even the ship was an idiot..."

And with that, she slipped into unconsciousness. She would awaken later, but for now, she had over-exerted herself to the point of complete exhaustion.

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by Ragna the Saviour Tue 24 Apr 2012, 7:33 pm

He rushed forward. Regardless of his surroundings, regardless of who opposed him, he only had a single target. The glowing girl above the lake. She was annoying, she was persistent, maybe that's what made her annoying but nonetheless, she was his target.

A blur.

A single flash.

He closed the distance between the two with a fist out. The air broke with a sonic boom. Shujiko gripped it with all her strength. The single blow meant to knock her out was intercepted. "GGhhh..." she struggled, even with her Will State active. "Ahhhh!" she brought up a leg. It came in an upward arc. She didn't have much choice, it was either this or break away from the attacking Heitaro.


The air broke once again. Heitaro intercepted it with his own knee. "You wanted a fight, right?" a sly smile.

"Mmmmggh..." she groaned. It was either stress, or her trying to force the kick back. Maybe both. "ALRIGHT! AAAAHHHHH!" one hand lit up with energy. It was improvising, but she still did it. One swing of her arm and a large light filled Heitaro's vision.


An explosion.

"S-shit!" Heitaro didn't see it coming. Well, he couldn't see because the light devoured his vision. Couldn't see, couldn't dodge, couldn't react. A direct hit from the energy blast. The force behind it sent Heitaro flying paralell with the water below. Soon he came into contact with a tree. It fell over the instant he made contact.

He rolled on the ground while on his side. He stopped just before impacting the cliff located three meters behind him.

Shujiko smiled. She hit him, yeah, she hit him. Now it was time to do some more damage. "Alright, time for the SHUJIKO BOMBER!" a creative name for a creative attack.

She brought both hands forward and let the energy fly out in a wild onslaught. One went into the sky, the other in the water, and some into the air. They didn't have a specific target, but that was the idea.

"What the hell are you doing?" Heitaro wondered as he ran toward the shore. Once reaching the edge of the water, he leaped into the air and flew forward. He was a blur.

He closed in on Shujiko who... probably had no idea where she was aiming. "This is too eas-..." he stopped mid-flight.

From the water below it came forth. Dozens upon dozens of white lights. The scattered beams that left Shujiko's hands came forth. Their target was near, and Shujiko only smiled. "GET HIM!" she yelled. On her command, they moved in for the kill.

The youkai of the hollow only sighed in self derision. He screwed up, but he could still get out of this.

"Ahhhhh..." he remained stationary. He breathed in.

One second and he was toast.

A single second.


Kicks, chops, pokes, all of it happened. The force at which they occured.

A shockwave out of each and every movement.

"ATATATATATATATATATA!" one ki blast knocked away, two, three, four, ten, eleven, all of them exploded without hitting their target.

Two dozen, three, four, and then it ended. Each blast that Shujiko fired haphazardly was destroyed.

Shujiko stood there for a moment, still hovering in the air above the water.

The lake below reflected the image of a fatigued Heitaro. He breathed in and out, but he still assumed his fighting position.

"Let's continue...!" he then charged forth, ready to continue.
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by AnnoR Tue 24 Apr 2012, 9:35 pm

Archer ran. They'd hit the Celestial Quay, they were going right for the Council. She was trying her best, but she'd been delayed. The Riders' minions were everywhere, and fighting through them had cut down on the time she had to get there. The immense stairway that lead to the Council Chamber didn't particularly help, either. She gritted her teeth, and kept running. The doorway to the chamber was just ahead... the light on the automatic doors flashed green as they swung open to let her through, and...

A dark figure stood before her. Slowly, he withdrew his strangely white, luminescent blade from the corpse of a dying council member. The circular room, the peaceful view into space seeming ironic now, was littered with the bodies of the dead... but not all of them. Some of the council had escaped notice. The cloak was unmistakable, and when the figure turned... fiery red hair, a beard, gray-blue skin... ebony armor with gold trim...

It was the Rider of War, King of Evil, Ganondorf.

Archer gripped Kanshou and Bakuya tightly. Even if some of the Council had escaped, he had slaughtered so many of them. The 'child' gritted her teeth.

Ganondorf laughed.

"Hahaha... once again, you come to face me..." the dark man spoke, grinning as he looked down at the white-haired girl. "After your failure to slay me the first time, even with strongest of your abilities, perhaps it is best to just let me kill you so I may slay the remainder of your idiotic council."

Archer shifted her feet, going into a fighting stance. Her expression was full of defiance, eyes trained carefully, not on Ganondorf himself, but on his blade. The memories of her first fight with the King of Evil, how nothing she traced had any effect on him, rose unbidden in her mind at his words. Nothing could even so much as pierce the man's skin, it took hitting him in the chest with Broken Phantasm and knocking him clear off a cliff to defeat him, and that hadn't even scratched him. But... there had to be some way.

"You're a fool, and all that confidence will only lead you to your death," she retorted, eyes remaining focused on the white blade Ganondorf held. "It's incredible that an idiot like you made it this far. It's by luck alone that you killed so many of the Council... and for killing them, I'll end it here."

Ganondorf laughed again, throwing his head back. His booming laughter echoed through the Council Chamber. "Bold words, for a little girl."

Then, without warning, he threw himself forward. Archer shifted her stance and raised both Kanshou and Bakuya, swiftly parrying, before moving, attempting to strike at Ganondorf's side. However, the man was stronger, and his next block knocked Kanshou away from her. Without missing a beat, Archer switched her now-free hand to Bakuya and barely managed to block his next strike.

His fighting style, it was all about power. All the strength of his blows, everything, there wasn't really any strategy there. If she could find out how to hurt him, and then use his lack of real strategy against him... An idea rose in her mind. Perhaps...

On Ganondorf's next blow, she blocked with only one hand on Bakuya. In her other hand, she focused... and a crimson spear formed. A weapon that was unblockable, it would always hit the heart, no matter what.

"Gae Bolg!"

She lashed out with the spear. Ganondorf, preoccupied with trying to break through her defenses, was unable to strike her before the spear stabbed into his chest.

There was a moment of dead silence. Then, the dark man started to laugh. With another loud peal of dark laughter, he swung his blade once more and knocked Bakuya away, before outright punching Archer. The sheer force sent her small form across the room, and she slammed into the wall.

Ganondorf reached up, and took the spear from his chest. He looked it over.

"I'm invincible, didn't you realize?" he asked, his tone mocking as Archer struggled to get to her feet. "The triforce of power protects me from all harm... this cursed spear is nothing before my might!"

With that, her hurled Gae Bolg directly back at Archer. Her eyes widened, and she threw up one hand.

"Rho Aias!" she cried. The purple petals of the shield sprung up from her hand, and the spear failed to pierce them. Archer struggled to her feet, as the petals fell away and dissipated. She panted. Nothing could harm him, not even skewering him through his heart... nothing. But that didn't mean she would give up. She would fight him until she collapsed from exhaustion, if she had to.

Caliburn, the precursor to Excalibur, formed in both her hands.

"There must be some way to kill you, you bastard," she replied, her eyes narrowing, "And I'll find it."

She charged. Ganondorf parried. Their blades clashed. For a while, it went on like this, Archer would find herself gaining ground, only to be worn down by the sheer power behind Ganondorf's strikes. And even if she managed to strike him, nothing harmed him. Not a single drop of the King of Evil's blood had been shed. Skidding back, Archer lunged.

Ganondorf struck.

Archer felt the blade cutting into her side. He had missed impaling her, but he had cut into her flesh. She could feel the blood trickling from the wound, as she stumbled and fell to her knees. The pain... No. No. She'd felt worse, but the injury... even with her ability to heal faster then a normal human being, it was a deep gash. A hideous wound. She felt her side, and the raised her hand. It was covered in blood.

And then Ganondorf's armored boot struck her in the chest. With a cry of pain, she rolled and tumbled across the ground, coming to a halt and lying still, on her stomach. Archer coughed, and blood splattered on the ground beneath her. She would need time to heal, and she couldn't do it in this fight... But she wouldn't give up.

"You're still defiant, even now?" Ganondorf asked, "There is nothing you can do. You will die, and I shall slay all that remains of your pathetic council. Perhaps, if you give in now, I will end your worthless life quickly."

Archer weakly grinned.

"I know a bastard who used to be like you," she replied, pausing a moment to cough, "He treated people like nothing but trash. His ways have changed. I always thought he was an idiot, but I guess he's smarter then you."

Ganondorf sneered. "I've endured your insults long enough. It is time to silence you."

He began to approach, the white blade he wielded glowing as he closed in on Archer's trembling form. What could she do against him? Nothing she did hurt him, he truly was invincible. Nothing could hurt him, nothing in the whole multiverse...

The memory arose seemingly from no where. The time Archer had spent in Hyrule... the tablets bearing the those distinct designs... the form of that blade in the pedestal. Realization struck her. The Master Sword, the weapon to beat all evil, the blade destined to strike down even those who held the bearer of the triforce of power.

Archer laughed.

Ganondorf raised an eyebrow.

"Laughter? In the face of death? Perhaps your injuries have driven you to madness."

Archer struggled to a standing position, still dripping blood from her side. "I've just realized how to kill you."

"With what?" Ganondorf asked, now amused, "All of your weapons are nothing, merely petty trifles in the hands of a child. Do you expect to wound me with a toy sword, now?"

"Tch. I told you that kind of attitude would get you killed," Archer replied, outstretching one hand. "Blade of Evil's Bane Works!"

The blue hilt formed first. It was relatively simple, without much ornament aside from the inlaid gem. Then the blade itself formed, the pristine silver metal retaining something of a slight glow. Soon, the Master Sword had fully formed in her hand. She raised it, now gripping it in both hands, to point at Ganondorf.

The dark man's eyes widened in shock. "That sword! But that... that's impossible!"

Archer's grin widened.

"Even if you survive one blow from this weapon, King of Evil," she declared, "An infinite number awaits you!"

She charged. Panicked, Ganondorf swung his blade and blocked her initial strike. He was instinctively on the defensive now, trying desperately to block each blow that Archer struck. Even in spite of her wounds, Archer had renewed vigor. Each strike was fast and powerful, aiming for every spot that Ganondorf left open. The King of Evil made a desperate attempt to strike...

And Archer sliced clear through the glowing white blade. She struck again, a now frantic Ganondorf barely managing to block. He attempted to slash...

The Blade of Evil's Bane cleaved right through his right arm. Ganondorf howled in pain, blood squirting from the severed stump of his arm.

Archer didn't hesitate.

She struck.

The Master Sword struck his armor and went straight through. Flesh, bone, it was nothing to the enchanted weapon. The very tip pierced Ganondorf's back from within, running him completely through. The King of Evil gasped in pain.

Archer let go of the blade, and stepped back.

Ganondorf's corpse fell to the ground. The Master Sword dissolved away, leaving nothing but the dead man's corpse.

Archer panted, standing over the body.

She had won.

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by VineStar Wed 25 Apr 2012, 12:02 am

Again, the world once more decides to take up arms and to wound each other. Such was another page in the blood drenched history of mankind. This particular battle was a skirmish on the borders of Empyrea, the floating island that sits upon the Sky Ocean, miles above the lands of Arad. In this isolated continent, a civil war was taking place.

Clutching at a metal eating tin, one lone woman sat on a tarp situated near a natural rock shelf, resting in the shade it provided from the rays of the hot afternoon sun. Quickly shoveling packaged rations into her mouth, the scout then peered through telescopic lens at the mass of black in the distance, dust clouds in their wake.

Military coups were one of the worst thing ever. Originating in the Lawless District, the opposition steadily attracted all kinds of ruffians and outlaws into their arms, the officers no better than their decidedly less intelligent cutthroats. As if that wasn't enough, they had the gall to capture the Royal Princess... Such an act was unacceptable.

Flashing a steely and an entirely cold smile, the officer pressed a button on her remote. A split second later, multiple explosions could be heard roaring in the distance. Tons of falling rock and debris fell down upon the horde, ending a great many lives with their great weight. Now in disarray, the black behemoth almost broke into fragments if not for the shouts of superior officers and their threats of great violence to come to deserters.

At that moment, things went worse for the rebels. A multitude of pings emanated, and many officers were struck down by hidden snipers perched in their earthen hollows set in the canyon. The act was like cutting the string holding a bundle of straw together. Personnel screaming and trampling one another to escape deadly harassment, they barely noticed dozen of war maidens descending into their midst. The person who caused the initial assault came out of hiding as she peered at her handiwork with sky blue eyes.

"My princess... We shall get you back." The Gunner breathed out as she too descended into the panicked horde. Falling feet met target's shoulder, and another member of the lawless ones returned to the earth. Springing off from her cushion's crushed body, she unleashed a steady stream into all those near her with twin autoguns, the bullets tearing through cloth and flesh with abandon.

Slowly though, opposition arose. Against the ring of hundred foes surrounding her, she deftly dodged return fire. Those that reloaded fell to her limbs that crashed into their temples and necks. Constantly, ever quickly, she blurred to a different target. She was Empyrean, and her life dedicated to its monarch. Her life was nothing, and she would at the very least open the way for her retrieval.

Tiring of wasting energy, she simply snapped her fingers. Dozens of small automatons appeared out of the dimensional rift, marching steadily towards their targets. Smiling faces beheld sinister meaning as bullets bounced off their chassis as they ever slowly grew closer. And then, more explosions. The smell of burnt hair and meat filled the air as blossoms of flame erupted and became a ring of fire around the woman. Solemnly, the Gunner breathed in the horrid scent. It was the smell of war, and it once more wafted about her. It was something she wouldn't forget.
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by Ragna the Saviour Wed 25 Apr 2012, 12:53 am

The battlefield. Riddled with corpses. Tainted with the air of death. The first she's seen it. Her golden eyes take in the sight of the fallen soldiers. The noise of steel meeting steel, the final moments of those who've passed on. They met violent, bloody ends as.. this was a battlefield.

This was it, the end of the road for so many.

It was awe inspiring, at least for her. Faust, an unnatural existence born from a far away land. Her golden eyes, her long golden hair. She wore a long red-coat who's tail flew in the wind. It extended down to her legs if it wasn't a victim to the dancing winds. Black, trimmed armor under the coat. Black boots and a skirt that fell just beneath her knees.

It was an image of a strong warrior, a strong and powerful knight. She was strong, but certainly not worthy of the title of 'knight', but her dress said otherwise.

"Alright," she sighed, "Let's get this started." and with those words, she leaped down. She stood on a high cliff overlooking the battlefield. Once she met the rockface, she continued on her run. The speed was unnaturaly, inhumane. She was a blur. Her body cruised across the ground.

In a flash of light, two blades appeared in each hand. One white, one black. The weapons used by the magical girl Faust, although one wouldn't consider her a magical girl. More like a magical warrior, for a more certain definition.


Both blades cut the air. A cross and one enemy had been defeated.

Swish. Swish. Swish.

Three more cuts. Screams go off simutaenously as more and more fall.

Swish. Swish. Swish. Swish.

The air breaks. Instead of four slashes, in reality, there were two dozen. That's how fast the girl had been. She wasted no time exterminating them.

She didn't know, she didn't know where, but she had the urge to kill. The urge to destroy.

"Phew..." Faust looked to her blood-stained swords. She smiled wryling, turning her gaze to meet the girl nearby. "HEYYYY!" she yelled.

Hopefully she got her attention.

These enemies... they didn't satisfy her.

This craving.. it had to be satisfied one way or another.

The only person on the battlefield, the only person worthy was right before her eyes. She'd go mad if she didn't go toe-to-toe with her. She'd certainly go mad...
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by Rain Wed 25 Apr 2012, 11:25 am

Steam rose from the body on the ground, quivering as the black rain evaporated before even reaching the flames covering their body. Male, female—it was hard to tell through the flickering golden sheath. Not that it made much difference; they'd never really stuck to one. Neither had the lanky figure striding away from them, at that.

“Get back here, bastard!”

Rolling their eyes, the raven-haired figure spun around, coat flaring around them. Male, for the moment—he appreciated the reach, “Quiet yourself, dog, and enjoy the honour. No-one else gets to watch the end of everything but us.”

Still trembling from their earlier defeat, the taller of the pair pushed themselves to his hands. Female hadn't gotten him far... and as much as he hated looking like his bastard of a cousin, differentiated only by the roughness of his own features, he was right about one thing: reach helped, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Thousands of years, and you do this for no fucking reason?

A flicker of irritation passed across the shorter as he dragged the more bestial man to his feet, hoisting him aloft without any sign of strain. Their coats almost matched—almost. There was a silver lining to the previously defeated male's coat. Some sort of joke? It wasn't a very good one, “Centuries chained up in that temple's dank basement, Abaddon. Centuries of getting to hear every schoolgirl's stupid prayers and senseless whims. Maybe you should have considered I'd be a little antsy after getting out, hmm?”

Abaddon was tossed aside, his opponent inspecting the healing burns and hopping onto the crumbling pillar he had chosen to use as his viewpoint on this plateau. In the distance, a golden ring of fire could be seen eating up land and earth; divine destruction incarnate roared closer with every passing second.

A sword was thrust through the watching male from behind. Like every other injury before it, there was no permanent damage. The blade of congealed blood and fire gained a dark hue and exploded, flinging its wielder back once more. Pointless, utterly pointless—he should know by now that nothing could ever kill the embodiment of something as innate and fundamental to creation as destruction.

“Why won't you die!” the taller of the men snarled, stumbling to his feet again and throwing himself across the furrow of earth he'd just ploughed. For a second, the coat fluttered around him and he sped up. It still wasn't enough; Abaddon's foe spun around with a black blade in hand and almost carelessly parted head from body.

The head was tapped with one boot, rolling it back to its proper resting place, where it promptly reattached, “You're a persistent pest, you know. Fine, then, I'll stop holding back, just for you.”

The black coat boiled and writhed, painfully shaping into six wings of strangely crystalline darkness shrouded in tainted smoke. A brief grimace was all the indication that it wasn't the most pleasant experience to be undergoing... and then the surge of power hit. If all the trees in the area hadn't been turned to ash in the first round of fighting, the force of magic now present would have obliterated them in an instant.

Abaddon staggered back, eyes widening as he fought the urge to fight fire with fire. Powerful as he was next to an ordinary person, his cousin completely dwarfed that and rendered it moot. If he tried to rely on raw power, he would be annihilated in an instant. The plan, he had to stick to the plan... get Phantasm there (such a tasteless name) too involved in his games, then use the rose. He should never have left his workshop unguarded. Arrogant bastard.

That meant surviving the next few minutes, though, and hoping that the ring of fire—now a visibly-shrinking dome—didn't reach them before there was a chance to strike. The casually-fired bolts of lightning—from his wing-tips, no less—were just a taster of what was to come.

“Dodge, dodge, dodge... you're a bore, dog; I thought bringing you to the end of the world would get some fun reactions. A taste of old times, if you will,” Phantasm said, composure slipping and almost growling at the end. He really didn't like to see his fun ruined, “Maybe something you can't dodge, then?”

A cage of golden threads formed themselves about Abaddon with a single gesture, closing in as Phantasm's fist clenched. Reflexively, red eyes widened. This... if he didn't break it somehow, he was damned. There was only one way he had available to break something like this, and it was one use only.

Off came the silver-lined coat, thrown to the threads to break a hole. On contact, it shimmered, forcing the 'bars' to bend and buckle into a man sized hole, and then collapsed in upon itself with a cracking noise. Yet another hole in reality to patch up, if he survived... and looking back there right now wouldn't be a good idea.

Phantasm was cackling, now, “Not such a good idea to so intimately bind your true power into a fragile object, now, hmm? Sure, you got to blend in, and gained a nice fucktoy for a couple of decades... but was it really worth such an easy loss of power?”

Keep to the plan, keep to the plan, the taller of the immortals reminded himself. Flying into a rage now... he'd just get himself killed, not get vengeance. Keep to the plan... keep to the plan and he'd get all the revenge he ever wanted.

The dome was less than a mile from the battling pair, now, and burning through the clouds that had been disgorging the vile rain for so long. The whole plateau was bathed in light, aside from the ominous blotch in one patch of sky. It was beautiful—but the view cost the entire world.

Abaddon continued to dodge the lazy bolts of lightning as the embodiment of destruction gestured. Black lines on the ground, forming... some sort of shape? He'd never been good with magical runes, let alone recognising them in this sort of situation. Fortunately, there was no need to: it was simply forming a gate to some dark realm of imagination; a thousand groping hands pulled him slowly downwards.

“You should have just stayed and watched quietly. I might even have resurrected your little pet for the event,” Phantasm said, his golden eyes glowing with satisfaction as he knelt and leant towards the shirtless man, “Instead, you get my pets to play with. Think I ought to slow things so you have time to enjoy it?”

Laughing, he made to turn away... and, for once in the fight, actually let his arrogance overpower his awareness. Even so, he almost reacted in time to grab the strangely rose-shaped dagger before it thrust through his heart. Almost.

“This... I had it destroyed,” he whispered, staring blankly down at the blade in his chest, “I knew such a thing shouldn't be allowed to exist... but... how?”

No explanation was forthcoming; Abaddon pulled himself out of the frozen pit and watched as the dagger lit up and the dark wings fractured. As soon as the dagger was entirely white, the wings shattered. Phantasm's power was broken, for good... and before the ritual could complete; the golden dome stopped feet away from its creator.

Maybe this would be enough. Maybe.

If not, he had to work out how to kill him...
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by Ragna the Saviour Thu 26 Apr 2012, 4:11 pm

The sky decorated in a lifeless gray. From the heavens comes a cleansing rain to the bloody streets below. It was a sign of the end. A sign of the final days of man. The Curse Zone devoured all. The souls of man brought to light in all of its glory. The glory of the damned, however. Man, woman, child, all transformed into representations of their own evil. No one safe, no one could be saved. One man stood among them all, a man with no memory. In a metal suit of armor, he fought.

His family, his friends, all killed by his own hand.

Now he stands here at the top of the ivory tower overlooking the city below. He walks forward with regrets. He walks forward with the memories of those he's loved. Up the stairs he walks until...

"Aha, Cain!" a familiar voice sounds. A man called Necrimas, the Cain has known for years, the man behind it all. "It's been too long."

Cain remains silent. He has nothing to say.

"Did you enjoy it?" Necrimas says with a smile forming on his lips.

"... ... ... No." Cain says a simple word, any more and he wouldn't be able to handle his emotion. This deep, deep hatred and this intent to kill. He couldn't submerge it without focusing his mind.

"Necrimas, brother, I want to ask why but-" the white haired girl, Opherium, speaks up as she walks up the stairs. Her body is weak, the Curse Zone draining her energy, but she manages to appear before both Cain and Necrimas

"Ah, you already know why, Opherium. You see, I love beautiful things." he starts as he walks forward, the wine swishing in the glass in hand. "I love beauty. The beauty of man, the beauty of the world, I sincerely love beauty. That's all." Necrimas pulls up his hand, making a gesture to the city below.

Decorated in blood still, he smiles. "Red is a lovely color, the color of the sunset. And even more so, the color of the soul. Oh well, that depends from person to person. This Curse Zone?" he asks, turning toward the hollow suit of armor just meters away. "It brings forth the true form of those we call 'humans' and they appear to be a little on the 'animalistic' side..." he frowns, shaking his head from side to side. "It's a shame, but art is art and beauty is beauty. Either way, this is thrilling for me."

Cain's on the edge. On the edge. He'll fall if he steps forward. He'll let loose and there's no turning back.

He'll lose it. He'll kill the man in front of him. He'll drown himself in hatred, anger, and kill the man in front of him.

"Ah, what do you think Cain? Your daughter was absolutely gorgeous." Necrimas pushes Cain further, or at least tries. One more push. One more and that was it.

Cain's daughter Marlene. A young girl with a pure smile. She had the blonde hair of her mother and the brown eyes of her father. She was only seven... only seven and she was subject to this... this man... this demon Necrimas. She wanted to go to the castle. She was Daddy's little girl. Because of him, because of this monster, she never got her wish.

"What about your son?" Necrimas pushes a bit more.

His son. The boy that was on his way of following in his father's footsteps. He wanted to be a knight, he wanted to protect people, and most of all he wanted to be like Daddy.

"Your wife? Or your brother? I remember we had drinks a few times, don't you remember?" Necrimas smiles. That smile. That smile says everything. No remorse, nothing.

Cain was Necrimas' friend. They did things together, they talked about problems, but then he does something like this. Was this his intent from the very beginning?

"Tell me something," Cain uses every ounce of strength he has not to succumb to his wish to kill them an in front of him. "Was this your goal from the very beginning?"

"Oh no, I was pushed to do this. The way everyone acted, the way everyone acts, how they treat one another, they're ugly. Greed, power, it was all so ugly. Terribly terribly ugly." for the first time Necrimas shows emotion. His face contorts as if looking and smelling something horribly grotesque. "Humans are so..." his grip tightens on the glass, "... ugly ..." his smile returns as he drops the glass.


The glittering shards of glass fall onto the ground. The wine itself splashes upon the ground.

"I merely turned them into something more suitable. Something lovely, an art. There's nothing more beautiful then nature, mind you, and to see people act like how they truly are? There's nothing more beautiful!" he smiles. It was a smile of pride. He was proud. No remorse...


... ...

.. ... ...

Opherium stands there, hand on her chest, her eyes filling with tears. "Why Necrimas... w-why? You were alone, you... this is what pushed you...? I thought you were..."

"Ahahaha, no no no no. It's not your fault or anything, actually I'd like to thank you. Because of you, I see everything so clearly!" Necrimas says as he moves his arm outward, as if readying himself for a hug.

One arrow.

It flies through the air and stabs into Necrimas' forehead. The man takes a few steps back from the impact, blood trickling down his face. "Ah... it seems you're at your limi-"

Cain gives no quarter. The suit of armor, in a blur, closes the distance between itself and Necrimas. His palm draws forward, gripping onto Necrimas' jaw.


One gesture with his wrist, Cain breaks Necrimas' jaw. With his hand in Necrimas' mouth, Cain swings the man into the air and smashes him head first into the ground.

Blood splatters. His head is crushed under the force of the attack. His skull caves in, his eyes bulge out, and that's all.

Cain punches.

He punches over and over without remorse. The roof of the tower shakes with each blow. It cracks, and those cracks spider out into another. It's a web that continues to grow.

Cain doesn't yell, he doesn't do anything but punch. There's nothing to say, there's nothing to do but kill.


Kill. Kill. Kill.

Kill this man. Kill him.

Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

Make him sorry. Make him pay. Make him atone.

This is the end he decides.

"Do you know what it feels like?" Cain finally speaks, not with anger, but with sorrow.

"Know what it feels like?" Necrimas asks as the darkness at his feet crawls up, restoring his body.

"What it feels like to love?" Cain says, his voice stopped with a sob. He can't cry, this is all he can do. "Do you know the weight of a child IN YOUR ARMS!?"


He hits Necrimas off the ground again.


Again he hits him off the ground.

"DO YOU YOU BASTARD!?" he yells. The man lets loose.

Smash. Smash. Smash. Smash.

Blood splatters each time.

"The love of my life, when our lips first met.. you took that AWAY!" again, but the ceiling breaks.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO FEEL PAIN!?" Cain lets go of Necrimas, tossing him to the other side of the ceiling.

Thud, Necrimas rolls, but then soon stands up as the shadows support him. "I only know beauty, my fri-"

Another arrow lodges itself into Necrimas mouth. He chokes, blood cascading from his mouth and down his chin.

"Never say that." Cain fires another arrow with remarkable accuracy. The sharp tip flies into Necrimas' left eye.

"Gaghh.." he chokes but continues to smile.

"Everything ruined because of your own ignorance. I'll never see my son knighted, I'll never see my daughter get married. I'll never see grandkids because of you. The woman I loved is gone, my kids, my brother... gone by my own hand." Cain walks forward. His hand reaches into his stomach, activating the magic circle placed there. A flaming sword is drawn from the circle and Cain holds it at the ready. "Nothing will protect you. Not your sister, not this world, not your own power. Nothing will protect you from my wrath, Necrimas. I'll instill fear into that blackened heart of yours. I'll show you my deep hatred for you. I'll show you the love I hold for my family and friends. I'll show you true suffering." he grips the blades hilt, pointing it toward the bloody man standing only meters away.

Necrimas says nothing, he only smiles.

Opherium watches. Her legs weaken and she's forced onto her knees. She can only watch the hollow suit of armor and black haired man face one another.

She can only watch.
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by RolePlayingRoxas Thu 10 May 2012, 6:27 am

An endless, featureless, blank white void stretched to infinity. The empty space, with seemingly no boundary, proved to be both a maddening land, and the ultimate battlefield for those who fought with deception. With imagination.

One such fighter, a brown haired man garbed in white, strode confidently, a lock of hair swaying across his forehead. He had come to find the person said to surpass his abilities. An obviously false claim, as no one could surpass him, but he might as well humour the source.

Just ahead, a curious figure. Somewhat who looked like nothing more than a young girl playing dress up. Nine full, bushy tails seemed to erupt behind her, fanning to create an almost intimidating presence. Golden-furred ears poked from her hair as well, and the girl wore a wide, cocky grin as she watched the man approach.

He stopped. "You are the one named 'Kana', I take it?"

"Prob'ly." The kitsune replied cheerfully. "I got so many, it's a bit hard ta keep track sometimes!"

The brown-haired man raised an eyebrow. "Oh? You shroud your identity from others?" His voice was laden with thinly veiled arrogance and a sense of superiority.

"Well, call me Kana if ya like," she offered brightly. "And may I know th' name of my latest addition to the ass-kicking count?"

The man in white smiled coldly. "Sosuke Aizen. And I am afraid someone like you could never defeat me."

Kana smirked. "Why's th-"

Suddenly, blood sprayed. The kitsune's expression slowly melted into one of shock, Aizen sheathing his blade from his new location behind her.

"Because there is none who can stand above me." He replied to the collapsing Kana. What a waste of time. Well, back to more important things...

"Huh, didn't detect any illusions there." Kana's voice commented with mild surprise. "Was that all speed? Pretty damn 'pressive, I think!"

Aizen stopped, his eyes scanning the empty void for any sign of the fox. Where had that voice come from?
He turned, looking at the body. Except she stood without a single wound on her body, and not a drop of blood could be seen. But he... he had struck her. His blade definitely sliced through flesh and bone! How...

Kana smiled conspiratorially. "Guess I was right'ta take a precaution'r two! Yer a sneaky one~!"

Aizen faced the kitsune, his expression neutral. "...That was surprising. How did you escape my strike?"

"Duh. I never got hit ta begin with!" Kana exclaimed, winking playfully at the brown-haired man. "Thought someone like you could guess that much!"

Aizen's cold smile returned. "I see. I slightly underestimated your ability... however,"

Aizen drew his sword once more. "I won't miss again."

"And I won' take a hit again." Kana replied, folding her arms smugly.

Then Aizen got punched in the face.

Completely blindsided, Aizen stepped back, raising a hand to his injured jaw. Kana hadn't moved at all, and yet-
Another punch to the face, then something kicked at his stomach. Grunting, Aizen swiped with his sword and leaped back, trying to figure out what had happened. Kana still hadn't moved, and only watched with open amusement.

"...Ah." The renegade captain realised what she was doing. Impressive indeed...

He reached out with his spiritual pressure, sensing any disturbances in the air surrounding him. He could feel it, the kitsune... she masked her presence well.

Aizen raised a hand, blocking a punch from the invisible Kana. The illusion seemed to shatter immediately, revealing the single-tailed kitsune, who wore a look of shock.

"H-how?!" She hissed, trying to wrench free from his iron grip.

"As I said, none can surpass me." Aizen replied coldly, plunging his sword into her chest.

As Kana's breathe caught in her lungs that rapidly filled with blood, Aizen mockingly described her tactic. "Your ability with illusions are indeed strong, there aren't many who could hide their physical presence while displaying themself in a different location."

Aizen removed his blade, letting the blood cascade from her wound, Kana falling to her knees.

"But nothing can escape my notice, you grew too bold." Aizen concluded. And now, you die."

Then hell appeared.

Aizen narrowed his hazel eyes. What now? Had he been tricked again?!

"Fool ya once, shame on ya!" Kana mocked , her voice filled with a sense of superiority that made Aizen frown. "Fool ya twice... well, then yer a dumbass."

The landscape had been transformed into a wasteland, charred earth and lava strewn at random all over. Trees were nothing more than lifeless sticks, the air thick and heavy with molten heat.

Kana stood atop a crevice overlooking Aizen's location, all nine tails fanning behind her. "So, let's pretend ya actually got a kill - stupid, I know, but pretendy times! - And I dragged ya into hell with me! Let's continue with our new playground!" She called, her voice amplified by... something. Her magic, perhaps.

Aizen craned his neck to look at the annoying kitsune. He smiled once more. "Tell me, do you really believe you have the upper hand?"

"Well, uh, lemme think on tha'..." Kana muttered. "Well, I've duped ya a buncha times in five minutes and I have th' high ground. How ya gonna fix that?"

"Because I have not begun to show you my hand." Aizen replied. "While you have displayed several tricks already. You cannot fool me again."

Kana laughed uproariously, doubling over and slapping her knee. She finally managed to choke out, "Y-ya think I can't?! P-Please, I could make ya think I'm a god!"

Unperturbed by her laughing nor her claim, Aizen merely replied. "Believe you are a god all you want. After all..." Aizen pointed at the giggling kitsune. "I have transcended mere godhood."

While Kana tried to bring her laughter under control, Aizen struck.

"Hado 90: Black Coffin."

Kana was entrapped in a box of darkness. Aizen watched the spear-like protrusions stab the box, leaving no angle untouched. Kana was finished now...
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Improbably Swordsman vs Absurd Gunner

Post by Simply David Sat 26 May 2012, 9:27 pm

The knight sighed, "Oi, can't we settle this peacefully?" he scratched his head, his armor clanking a bit, "I'd rather not h-"

"OH DON'T EVEN," the other man in front of the knight began to say, "say such a line to me!" His smirk went away and he made a whiny looking face, "I'd rather not hurt you! Hahahaha!" He mocked the swordsman as he reached to his side, pulling from seemingly nowhere a revolver, "You don't even get it, do you? Your PRESENCE here is what's hurting me! Now leave this town or I'm going to kill you,"

The wind blew some dust aside, the old dirt road going through the old town. Wooden structures, a saloon to the gunner's left. The people of the town had already hidden, knowing this fight to be inevitable. They stood a good hundred meters apart from each other, on the dirt road going through the center of this old, old town.

The knight gave an even deeper sigh, "Do you really think you can beat me? My sword has dealt with bigger guns," Even as he said so, he knew the answer to his question. This fool before him was a real idiot.

"And I have bigger guns," Speaking lightly now, the gunner frowned, "You... ugh," he shook his head, and his smirk came back, as did his tone, "Time to kick your ass then, huh?" He pulled the trigger, and the fight that could not have been avoided began.

It was a split moment, the bullet that would have struck upon the swordsman's eye was instead deflected by the sudden draw of the man's sword, "Don't you know this will make for a boring fi-" five more bullets, seemingly simultaneously. The swordsman frowned as those bullets were also sent into the walls of nearby buildings, "I'm starting to consider you quite the rude man, interrupting me s-" and again. Six bullets, in an odd formation that would require a separate slash for each shot. This didn't deter the swordsman at all, however, as he stepped into the bullets while deflecting them.

He pointed the rather large sword at the gunner, his frown deepening, "Fine," he said simply, sadly even. Fast as the bullets that were firing at him, he moved towards the gunner. In the time it took to reach him, the gunner pulled from seemingly nowhere two automatic pistols and began to fire them both while motioning them in such a way that the bullets he fired came at the swordsman in many formations.

As the swordsman weaved and slashed through the bullets, getting ever closer, the gunner began to lose patience. The sword was swung, the gunner crouched down, avoiding the sword as he brought a small silent shooter up and to the swordsman's heart and pulled the trigger...

"Fuckin' hell you're fast," the gunner said as he pointed a newly obtained rifle at the swordsman up on a nearby roof. The guns he used previously were scattered about the ground as he held the rifle one handed and reached with his other hand for yet another gun, pulling the trigger on the rifle to send out a smaller, therefore faster, bullet. However the swordsman simply sidestepped it, his movement leaving not even a blur.

He swung his sword from this vantage point, seemingly far too far from the gunner for the blade to reach, however... the gunner jumped back, the ground he was on and the entirety of the road all through the rest of the town now sporting a deep gash, that quickly began to fill with the sand surrounding it.

"Ugh," The gunner narrowed his eyes at the swordsman as he swung again, now more quickly, and he began to repeat this process more quickly than the automatics the gunner was previously using.

The slashes missed their target again and again, the buildings on the side of the road suffering greatly for it. The swordsman's eyes moved to the side as he seemed to notice something and jump away, landing on one of the buildings that had been decimated by his attacks. The spot where he had been standing erupted into flames as the rocket struck.

"Now even I have to ask, how'd you get over there?" The swordsman said, somewhat amused.

"You must be blind if you can't even keep up with that slow jump," the gunner said, holding a second rocket launcher and shooting it. The swordsman vanished from sight as the already damaged building he stood upon was destroyed by the resulting explosion.

The gunner's eyes widened as the sword was brought right to his neck, a strike so fast he couldn't have possibly perceived it coming, or so one would expect. The strike hit air once more, as the gunner ducked below the attack, missing it by an inch. Not even bothering with a counter attack the gunner moved out of the way of the next attack and landed several meters away.

"I have to ask you though," The swordsman said as he raised his sword straight up in the air, "What would possess you to use weapons that are slower than you?" He brought his sword down already knowing it would miss as several hundred bullets came at him from his left and he moved so as to vanish once more.

"Because, there is nothing cooler than a bullet hell," as he said so he pulled out several Gatling Cannons, and seemed to pull the trigger of each one. These guns could easily be mounted on a jet, considering their size.

"Cooler than hell? You'd think that easy," the swordsman laughed at his own joke as he simply swung his sword over and over and over and over, his strokes taking out hundreds of bullets at a time, but yet hundreds more remained. One managed to slip through and leave a small cut on his face and send the glasses on the swordsman's face flying.

"Tch," the man moved from where he stood, escaping the bullet hell with only a couple more scratches, "I thought you never missed, boy, I'm dis-" he noticed the man in front of him, "But how-"

Three. Three piercing type bullets. One to the necessary muscles in his wrists, so as to stop the blade. One to the necessary muscles in the knees, to stop the escape. And one to shatter both lenses of the glasses that the swordsman had managed to pick up but not put on.

"I don't miss, I wasn't trying to kill you. What would that get me?" The swordsman screamed in pain, his voice echoing across the town.


"SHUT UP! THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T KILL YOU! You're body attracts those monsters if you die, or attracts the hunters if you live. So I'll drop you in the desert and then you can just die there, where they won't bother us," With that, the gunner picked up the screaming and flailing man, before leaving the town and the sword behind...

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by GenericSpider Mon 06 Aug 2012, 10:07 pm

On the sands of Mars, two ridiculous opponents stood poised to battle. In one corner, stood the defender of Earth's First Martial Colony, Chef Robot Seasonizer. Piloted by a cook named Beth; and a mecha fangirl (and spaceship pilot) Sara Stallone.

With it's cooking themed arsenol; this seemingly ridiculous robot had so far smashed spaceships, trampled tweetarnian troops, and killed and cooked kaiju.

In the other corner, was Kaiju #399; who just so happened to be a giant alien space chicken. This creature would best be described as some kind of giant space chicken. Smaller than the other kaiju employed by the tweetarians; this chicken's head barely comes up to the Seasonizer's waist.

In order to make up for it's short stature, 399 had spent it's life studying space ninjutsu. Today, those skills were about to come in handy. If the humans in that mecha underestimated him; then they were in for an unpleasant surprise.


"Wow, the Tweetarians are really getting desperate," said Beth, from one of the two control rooms in their giant robot. "I don't think we even need to bother with Hell's Oven,"

"You mean Hell's Microwave," said her partner girlfriend friend love interest fellow mecha pilot, Sara. "w-we'll take this motherfucker out easily! EASILY!"

Beth sighed.

"You know, I'm proud of you Sara. You're really keeping your fear of chickens under control here," she said.


"It's ok Sara; we all have things we're irrationally afraid of!"

"I'm not afraid of anything! I am a badass and hotblooded mecha pilot! Fear is something that happens to other people!"

"That totally didn't sound like something someone in denial would say,"

Sara growled, and clenched her fists in rage. She was NOT afraid of chickens! Granted, she did have a bad experience with chickens in the past; and she certainly didn't trust the way they just stood around, eating birdseed all day as if they were just biding their time...

She shook her head. Now was not the time to argue with her partner.

"whatever, just give me the knives and we'll cut this bitch up," said Sara, not wanting to continue this conversation.

As she spoke, Sara made the mecha hold out it's hands; just in time for Beth to use her powers to make knives appear in them. She still wasn't sure how Beth was able to do that; or why said ability was limited to cooking equipment; but the power had made cooking up giant monsters a whole lot easier.

"Alright monster, prepare to be broiled!" she said, as she charged at the giant chicken-thing.

"Actually, I was thinking we could fry it..." muttered Beth, as the mecha lunged forward.

"Whatever!" yelled Sara, as the mecha's right arm slashed at the creature.

The main feature of Seasonizer that had given it the advantage in battle was it's ridiculous speed. Despite it's gigantic size; the mecha could move faster than any of the giant monsters that had been sent to destroy it.

However, the speed at which 399 leapt over the mecha, turned around, and kicked the back of it's leg made Seasonizer look like a drunken snail.

As the mecha started to fall forward, the monster jumped into the air, and landed on it's back; offsetting any attempts made by the pilots to regain their balance.

Afterwards, it stood on the mech's back, and began pecking at it's head; attempting to penatrate the armor.

"If all chickens are this badass; understand why you're afraid of them," said Beth.

"I'm...I'm not afraid of them!" yelled Sara.

The mecha leapt to it's feet so quickly that the monster standing on it's back was actually flung backwards. However, the creature landed on it's feet, and charged back towards the mecha.

As 399 charged foward, Seasonizer turned around to face it. It pointed both hands at the giant space chicken; and they began to glow red.

"Creature! In the name of Earth, Mars, and our home nation; prepare to be ROASTED IN HELL'S MICROWAVE!" yelled Sara.

"...OR PREPARE TO BE BAKED IN HELL'S OVEN! THAT'S ALSO A VIABLE OPTION!" yelled Beth, with just a bit less conviction.

Instead of attempting to get out of the way of the incoming attack like a sensible giant ninja chicken; 399 leapt right towards the giant robot. However, before it could attack; the mecha unleashed a powerful heat beam from it's hands.

399's feathers burst into flames; just before the creature disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Sara cheered.

"Ha! From now on, chicken shall FEAR ME!" she said. "Uh...not that I was ever afraid of THEM,"

Beth, however, was scratcing her head in confusion. As far as she knew, giant monsters didn't normally disappear in puffs of smoke when they died. None of the ones they'd killed before had disappeared. In fact, there was a whole freezer full of uneaten giant monster meat back at the colony. More importantly...

"...How am I going to make delicious fried chicken out of smoke?" she asked.

"You know, we don't have to cook ALL the giant monsters," said Sara. "We could just reheat the leftovers from the last two giant monsters..."

"leftovers?! LEFTOVERS?!" yelled Beth. "HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST SUCH BLAS...hey, why is the ground shaking?"

Just as the two stopped arguing; 399 suddenly burst out of the ground behind them. Just as they turned to face their opponent; smoke errupted around their mecha. When it cleared; they were suddenly surrounded by creatures completely identical to 399.

"...well shit," said Beth. "Guess it can copy itself..."

The army of giant chicken creatures all attacked at once; lunging at the mecha and attempting to tear it apart with their beaks and talons.

"Sara, quick, do something physics defying and save us from the chicken horde...Sara?" said Beth.

Sara was, at the moment, huddling in a fetal position and muttering something about chickens coming to finish her off.

"...well, we're thoroughly fucked," said Beth.

(To be continued maybe possibly when I get around to it!)

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by AnnoR Wed 15 Aug 2012, 11:48 pm

"Why... why are you doing this?!"

Kamachi Atsuko, also known as Magical Saber, gripped the hilt of her Noble Phantasm tightly as she glared down her opponent. The girl before her was a magical girl, much like herself. She was younger(no older then ten), with eyes of an usual shade, deep crimson. Her hair was straight, very long, and finely groomed. The clothes she wore were remarkably simple, a dress that seemed to be made of flowing liquid gold. Her arms were folded tightly, and she wore a small smile on her face. Her eyes were slightly narrowed as she regarded Magical Saber standing before her. Behind the girl, dozens of golden portals, rippling in the air, had opened, with hundreds of Noble Phantasms emerging from them. The girl in gold barred her way with this display, preventing her from passing by. This... Atsuko had to get past. There was no question of it.

"You're a magical girl, just like me!" cried Atsuko, lowering Excalibur briefly and taking a step forward, "Why do you oppose me?"

"Hahaha..." the girl in gold laughed, standing before the golden void behind her with the bearing of royalty. "Magical Queen of Heroes Girugako needs not explain herself to you, Magical Saber. But perhaps, for someone like you, I could waste my breath on a reason for my actions. You see, Magical Saber, my Gate of Babylon contains all the treasures in the world. And, without question, you are a treasure yourself. It is my right as Queen to claim you!"

Atsuko stared. Claim her...? What... what did the girl mean by that...? "... Such a young girl... shouldn't be talking about such things!"

Girugako raised an eyebrow, inclining her head to one side. "You are my treasure, I may speak about you however I wish. Now, submit to my rule!"

Atsuko's expression hardened. She took Excalibur in both hands. She didn't want to hurt such a young girl... but she couldn't just wait around. "I don't have time for this!"

"You're going to resist?" Girugako's smile widened into a grin, her pupils contracting to give her an almost manic expression, "Of course, that is part of what makes you so alluring."

If I can hit her from here with my Noble Phantasm, it should incapacitate her without any permanent injury... Atsuko narrowed her eyes, shifting her foot back. She needed to end this quickly...

"Certainly, no-one can match the might of the Queen of Heroes," Girugako continued, "So ultimately, your efforts to resist are futile. Gate of Babylon!"

All at once, the Noble Phantasms behind Girugako fired. Atsuko's eyes widened, and she had the barest chance to swing Excalibur up and deflect the weapons flying towards her. This girl... she had that kind of power? All those Noble Phantasms, all in her 'Gate of Babylon'... how had she obtained them? If she could fire them at a whim...

"Ahahaha!" Girugako laughed, "Oh, I would be disappointed if it were that easy! Saber-chan, this battle promises to be entertainment of the highest grade!"

Saber stared in shock. The girl was treating this battle as entertainment?!

"You know, this world is full of unworthy rabble," continued Girugako in an almost casual, conversational manner, "Mongrels who are unworthy of even laying eyes upon me. There are few people in this world worthy of facing even a fraction of my power. I would be defiling my weapons to use them against such people!"

Atsuko's eyes narrowed. She took another step forward, raising Excalibur as she did. "It's the duty of a magical girl to protect the people! How could you talk about them like that?"

"Simple. They are mongrels, unworthy of facing their Queen," replied Girugako in a nonchalant manner, "This world is populated by these unworthy people. They litter my kingdom, and I only tolerate such things because it amuses me. But you? You are different. You are a treasure, one that I must possess. You are one of few people worthy of my true Noble Phantasm!"

That Gate isn't her Noble Phantasm?! Atsuko's eyes widened, but she stood her ground, raising Excalibur. She began charging it at once. Prana began to drawn in. It swirled up from the ground around Atsuko, curling around her Noble Phantasm. The blade took on a golden glow, its nature as a Noble Phantasm becoming strikingly apparent in that instance, as more and more prana built up. If she could just launch it before Girugako drew out her Noble Phantasm...

Girugako grinned, and reached behind herself. Slowly, she drew it from the golden void. The hilt was gold, and writing was clearly displayed upon it. The guard was some sort of strange ovular shape... and the blade... could that even be called a blade? It was black, with red markings... it looked far more like a drill then the blade of a sword.

"Behold!" Girugako declared, raising the weapon above her head, "Ea!"

Her true Noble Phantasm... there was no time to gawk at the weapon that the young girl before her now held. Excalibur had nearly reached its full strength...

Ea began to spin, the individual sections of the 'blade' whirling and drawing in some form of red energy to it, which began to whirl around the weapon. "This is the weapon that split heaven and earth! The first weapon, the power that created the world, the power that can unmake it!"

Girugako swung it down, "Now, contemplate Enuma Elish!"


Atsuko swung Excalibur down. A burst of swirling red erupted from the tip of Girugako's Ea, as a blast of light burst forth from Excalibur. The beams tore towards one another and clashed, in a flash of energy. They roiled against one another, but it was rapidly becoming apparent that Ea was a weapon of untold power. It forced Excalibur's blast back, and tore through it, the red impacting against Atsuko's body. The magical armor that served as her protection offered little to defend her from the blast. Atsuko saw stars as she was sent flying, hitting the ground with a loud thud. Pain wracked her body. That weapon... that Noble Phantasm, the sheer power it possessed...

But Atsuko couldn't give up.

"Now do you see the power I possess?" asked Girugako, "You may be worthy of Ea, but I do not desire to destroy one of my treasures. Do you submit?"


Atsuko struggled for a moment, then pushed herself off the ground, gaining her footing once more. "I'll never submit. I have my true duties as a magical girl to fulfill. And you're preventing me from fulfilling those duties. Without question, I must defeat you."

Girugako pouted, the expression on her face reminding Atsuko that she was dealing with a child. "Very well, then, I suppose it's up to me to make you see sense!"

Atsuko raised Excalibur once more. She would beat this enemy magical girl, regardless of what it took. She had to. Despite the pain wracking her body... she had to beat this 'Queen of Heroes'. Perhaps, if she could just close the distance between them... But how? If she attempted to charge, that would give Girugako ample time to use Ea, or fire off one of her hundreds of Noble Phantasms... what could Atsuko do against such power? There had to be something...

The Noble Phantasm she had never received... Atsuko wondered if it would be able to help her here. But that was lost forever, wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

"If I must damage you to make you see sense... so be it!" Girugako cried. Ea began to spin again... Atsuko raised Excalibur. Her Noble Phantasm... was it truly lost? Noble Phantasms were free to the call of their owner, they would hear it when requested. But she had no way of knowing if the Noble Phantasm she had lost would even aid her. And why would it answer now? It had never answered before... she simply would need to call its name to try. Would it answer her plight? Would this be an exercise in futility?

There was only one way to find out.

At this point, facing down Ea, Atsuko had nothing to lose. "... Avalon!"

"Enuma Elish!"

The blast of red fired.

Time seemed to slow. Then... there was a gleam. The faintest golden gleam... Which spread. And changed... the Noble Phantasm. It had answered her call. Before her, there formed a scabbard, fitted for the blade she now gripped. And then... it splintered, becoming dozens of pinpoints of light which spread over Atsuko, cagelike. What... what was it doing?

Atsuko's thoughts were answered when the blast from Ea crashed against her... and she felt nothing. She was removed from it, the blast couldn't effect her. This Avalon, this scabbard... it was a defense. Understanding suddenly flooded her mind. It wasn't just a defense. Avalon was the ultimate defense, completely removing the user from this plane of reality to protect them from all possible damage. And it had answered her need.

She didn't have much time.

Girugako's eyes widened. "You... you... cheater! Dirty rotten cheater! That's just... you're... that's mean! You can't be mean to your queen!"

The small girl drew back Ea to fire again, the sections of the 'blade' whirling. As Atsuko ran, Excalibur charged.


Atsuko raised Excalibur.

"Enuma Eli-"


Atsuko swung her blade down. The light erupted from Excalibur, and crashed right into Girugako before she could counter it. The magical girl toppled back as the light overwhelmed her, the power tearing through the defense offered by her golden dress.

Unconsciousness swiftly took her, and the girl fell to the ground. Ea faded back into the gate, which shut itself, leaving only Girugako on the crowd, unmoving.

Atsuko felt Avalon leave her. So she hadn't truly regained it... its power had answered her need, but she still did not possess the ultimate defense... She would figure out what had happened later... for now...

She walked up to Girugako's unconscious form. It was strange, now that she wasn't haughtily declaring her royal status and superiority, she looked like any other child. It almost made Atsuko feel bad for using such power to defeat her... but Girugako was a magical girl, just as she was. It was unlikely anything short of that would have defeated her. Atusko bent down, and carefully picked the girl up. If Atsuko didn't know better, she would say that Girugako was fully aware of what was happening, judging by the smile on the girl's face. She placed her against the wall. Atsuko didn't have time to take her somewhere safer, at the moment, but at least she had gotten her out of the road... she would come back and try and take her home, if she were still there when Atsuko returned. Even after that fight, she couldn't just leave an unconscious little girl in the middle of the road...

With that, she was off running. She still had her enemy to face, for the final time...
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by AnnoR Mon 27 Aug 2012, 11:12 pm

He was a killer.

Dlanor's task today was a straightforward one. There was no investigation, witches weren't involved, even. It was simply the acts of one man. He had posed as the detective, engineered a murder mystery using magical aid. He had wrapped up a group of innocent people in this plot, and then revealed himself to be the culprit. And when they were unable to escape, he killed every single last one of them. This was not simply a violation of Knox's Seventh. This was an act of pure, unbridled evil. It was more than just the act of committing murder. It was manipulating people who believed him to be the detective, and killing them just as they came to the horrifying realization that they had been tricked.

Dlanor was an Inquisitor of Heaven, someone tasked with enforcing Knox's Decalogue. And she did not tolerate such evil. When she received the order to kill the man known as Archibald Renaldo, there had been not even the slightest scrap of hesitation in her mind.

There never was.

Reaching his location had not been a difficult task. The large, stately building in Dlanor's country of birth... it was not difficult to locate. Even if this was an entirely different universe than the one Dlanor originated from, this England was much the same as the one she knew. The magicians who had constructed this building had seen to it that humans without magical ability were unable to notice it. Dlanor was beyond the ability of a human being in all respects. It was a tall, imposing structure of steel and stone, a black, mostly-windowless monolith rising above the other structures surrounding it.

Entering it, too, was not a difficult task. Nor was making her way to the top, to the place her target waited. Gertrude and Cornelia had been instrumental in disabling several defenses that had been put in place before her target's office. While they had not been beyond Dlanor's ability, it was impossible to disable multiple magical defenses at once. Now, they had returned to being invisible and intangible at her sides. At least until Dlanor needed them once again. The door before her was locked.

With a hum, the Red Key appeared in a flurry of rose petals.

Dlanor raised her weapon and slashed cleanly through the door, before stepping through as the halves collapsed to the ground. The room she found herself in was vast, and long. At the opposite end was a desk... and there, seated behind the desk before a vast window, was her target. Archibald Renaldo sat with his head rested on one hand, his expression incredulous. He was a young man, in his mid twenties, with slim features and green hair. His suit, for he wore one, was a pristine white.

Dlanor quickly registered the distance between herself and her target. She did not know the full extent of her target's capabilities, though he had been seen with a large amount of weapons, so it was important to carefully analyze their battlefield. If she were to kill the evil man that sat before her, Dlanor needed to get close.

Archibald stood.

"My wards were disabled, I knew you were coming," he began, raising one eyebrow at Dlanor. "Before I kill you, I'd like to know why you wasted your time, and your life, getting here."

Dlanor spoke. Her voice, as it usually was on such missions bar certain... circumstances, was a stable monotone. Her expression remained the picture of neutrality, even as she regarded the man who had killed dozens of innocent people and violated the Decalogue.

"Archibald RENALDO," she began, "You have violated Knox's DECALOGUE. In your acts of murder, you engineered a mystery in which you played the DETECTIVE. This is a direct violation of Knox's SEVENTH. I have been dispatched to execute you for this VIOLATION."

Archibald inclined his head to the side, his expression becoming and amused smile. "Is that so? Well, there's no use denying it... I don't know who you are or how you learned about the experiments, but you're going to be the last person to find out. I'll make sure of it."

Dlanor brought one leg forward... and with a burst of speed, ran for her target. She raised the Red Key. With just a few more meters, the blade of red light would pierce Archibald's chest. The evil man and violator of Knox's Decalogue would be dead.

"Arsenal, create a series of directed explosives at her feet and trigger them."

For the briefest moment, Dlanor's eyes widened as a shimmer of gold left a series of circular devices at her feet...

And then her vision was overtaken by a burst of heat, sound, and light. Dlanor was thrown back by the explosion, and crashed into the wall at the opposite side of room. She fell to the ground, and lay still for a moment, mostly stunned by the sudden explosion. Dlanor rose to her feet after a brief, shocked moment. There was pain, but her body was not damaged by the blast. There were a few tears in her uniform, but there was nothing that could threaten her in any significant way.

The more pressing concern was just what Archibald had done.

A series of craters had appeared in the floor just before Archibald's desk. The magician stood there, arms folded, with a grin forming on his face. "Made of more durable stuff then I thought, are we? I'm sure you're wondering just what I did... Arsenal, create fourteen speargun turrets!"

There were multiple golden shimmers, and before Dlanor's eyes fourteen bulky cylinders, each supported on a tripod and containing a long spear, materialized in a row in front of Archibald's desk. Each of the turrets was trained on Dlanor. She hadn't anticipated this... it was reminiscent of the magic possessed by witches, the ability to simply call what the user wished into existence. Dlanor was familiar with it, but she had not been expecting such magic. She had seen Archibald using normal weaponry, that implied he did not have an ability such as this...

"Behold!" Archibald spread his arms wide, "The Arsenal of Heaven! Any weapon I desire, I need only to tell my Arsenal. It then materializes in my possession, allowing me to slay anyone who would do me harm! Foolish, foolish girl, did you truly believe you could contend with a magician of my power?!"

Dlanor's eyes narrowed, ever so slightly. This man was an arrogant fool... she could overcome this. Her body could heal. "My abilities are sufficient to eliminate YOU."

Archibald laughed. "Madness! Arsenal, cause each of the turrets to fire!"

With a chorus of dull twangs, each of the spearguns fired. Immediately, Dlanor moved. She felt a rush of air as a spear whistled past her and embedded itself in the wall behind her. Another spear careened directly for her forehead, and was met with the Red Key. The spear was slashed in half, the pieces knocked aside. A third spear crashed against the golden armor on Dlanor's left arm, and the remaining spears were eliminated with a second swing of the Red Key. As the pieces of metal clattered to the ground, Dlanor shifted her feet back into a standing position.

An expression of surprise was displayed upon Archibald's face. "More skilled then I thought, as well, to simply evade or destroy all of those spears. Very well, then, I see it will take something more to destroy you! Arsenal, create an arm-mounted laser cannon with enough firepower to destroy a military-grade tank!"

Archibald raised his right arm. A golden shimmer appeared around it, and when it had vanished it left behind a strange cylindrical contraption. It was golden, and wider then Archibald's arm by a considerable amount. The barrel ended just before his fist. Archibald grinned, and the barrel began to glow.

Dlanor almost immediately realized what her opponent was about to do. "Gertrude, CORNELIA!"

Dlanor swung her armored arm up to shield her eyes, just as her subordinates materialized in front of her. Each of them raised their arms, and then the laser fired. It was a huge beam, dwarfing Dlanor herself, and deep blue in color. It reached Gertrude and Cornelia in an instant... and reflected off of the barely-visible barrier they had constructed, tearing into the roof and out of it, into the sky. For a brief moment, Archibald's eyes widened in surprise. The laser cannon stopped firing, and vanished into golden particles. At the same time, Gertrude and Cornelia vanished as well.

"I will fulfill my MISSION," began Dlanor, taking another step forward. Her subordinates had done well, that laser could possibly have achieved crippling damage. Damage that would have allowed Archibald to make his escape.

Her target sneered. "You summoned your bathing-suit-wearing friends and made a shield, so what? A shield can't protect you from everything. Arsenal! Create a dozen spears controlled by my mind!"

A dozen spears materialized around Archibald, suspended in the air. Archibald's smile returned, and they fired themselves at Dlanor. Dlanor charged. Each time a spear drew close, she slashed through it, or evaded. By the time she had made it one meter from the desk, she had destroyed all but three of the spears and evaded the rest. Dlanor was almost there... he wouldn't be able to demand a new weapon from his arsenal at such a short distance.

Dlanor felt the cool metal of the first spear pierce her back just a few seconds before she could close the distance and impale her target. It was joined, seconds later, by its remaining brothers. One went through Dlanor's upper torso, clear through her heart and out the other side in a spray of blood. The final spear tore through her left lung. Dlanor, surprised, stumbled and faltered a moment as blood ran down the front of her body. Soon, her blood began to pool on the ground at her feet, the spears glistening with her vital fluids. Archibald grinned, a certain madness appearing in his expression as he watched Dlanor bleed in front of him.

"Ahahaha! You didn't expect that? Don't feel bad, even the most skilled warriors would not expect projectiles to curve and attack them from behind," Archibald leaned forward, towards Dlanor, "And you're just a child! I almost feel bad, killing a kid, but it's really not that much of a problem."

Archibald laughed again... and then focused on Dlanor once more, his smile fading slightly. "Go ahead and die, I want to clean up all this blood and you're taking a while. You should be dead already, anyway. What did that pierce? Your heart? Your lungs?"

Dlanor's head hung. A trickle of blood ran out of her mouth... but a catlike smile had appeared on her lips. This foolish man thought she was dying? This... malignant, evil monster of a man though he had slain an angel of heaven?!

Dlanor's thoughts moved faster. Her eyes widened, pupils contracting, as her catlike smile became a catlike, wide grin. She quickly raised her head, her golden-armored hand raising to grab the spear that had impaled her through her chest. Archibald drew back in horror.

"Y-y-you're still alive?! H-how... how are you..." he stumbled over his words.

"I am an Angel of HEAVEN," Dlanor began as she drew the spear forwards and out of her body, "I cannot be killed by such THINGS."

She took a step forward, blood dripping from her woulds. Her normal calm, collected air was gone, replaced with a manic impression of insanity. Dlanor tossed the spear aside, as Archibald took another horrified step back. "You are a VIOLATOR. A KILLER... KILLERKILLERKILLERKILLERKILLERKILLERKILLERKILLEKILLERKILLERKILLER<Die the Death!>"

Dlanor lunged forward.

"Arsenal, create a sword!"

Archibald threw his hand up, and with a shimmer of gold a simple sword appeared in his hand. His tone was panicked, now, Dlanor's maddened tone and cry had shaken him.

He barely managed to avoid the Red Key as the blade cleaved cleanly through his sword.

"<Sentence to Death!>"

"Arsenal, a gun that can kill anything!"

An ornate golden flintlock pistol appeared in Archibald's hand he raised it and pulled the trigger, the bullet firing with a crack. It struck Dlanor in the stomach and blew a hole clear through her, but she didn't even slow.

"Arsenal, create a series of impenetrable shields!"

The shields, each made of a strange, glasslike substance appeared before Archibald as he backpedaled. They were each every bit as impenetrable as he had asked for...

"<Great Equalizer is the Death!>" cried Dlanor, expression wild as she shot forward, feet lifting off the ground. Leaving a trail of blood behind her as the Red Key shattered each one of the shields that Archibald had created.

The man gave one last shocked, horrified expression before the blade of red light pierced his chest.

Dlanor's feet landed back on the ground. Her expression faded from the manic insanity of moments before back to the stoic calmness. The only sound in the office was the quiet dripping of blood.

Then, Dlanor spoke.

"Archibald Renaldo, you have been executed for your violations of Knox's DECALOGUE."

Dlanor felt a presence behind her as she drew the Red Key out of Archibald's corpse. The body fell to the ground as she turned to face... Gertrude. Somehow, she had expected this. She could see the concern on Gertrude's normally calm face as the older-looking angel drew out a handkerchief and brought it up to Dlanor's cheek, wiping a spot of blood away. Dlanor winced, trying to move her head away and failing.

"Allow me to speak. Let it be said that you have sustained serious injuries. I am aware you are able to heal, but do you wish for further attention?" said Gertrude.

"I do not require ATTENTION. I am FINE."

Gertrude's expression clearly showed that she did not agree. Dlanor had finished her mission. Her target was dead...

Now, she merely had to return to Heaven.
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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by GenericSpider Mon 28 Jan 2013, 7:03 pm

There is no fucking way I can do this! I'm not a hero! I'm not a warrior! I am completely fucking screwed! thought the boy, as he effortlessly dodged the electrically charged hammer that had just been chucked at his head.

It seemed that the only thing that he'd gotten from his training sessions with Father Johnson were improved reflexes. Said reflexes were coming in handy as he tried to drag his unconcious friend to safety.

He took cover behind the support pillar of one of the nearby roller coasters. Though he was sure his pursuer could blast through said pillar with ease; he doubted she would want to damage the city's transportation system.

His pursuer, at the moment, was a large woman with broad shoulders; and muscles to make a professional bodybuilder jealous. Her face held what appeared to be a constant, disapproving scowl. She also wore red-rimmed glasses. All of this made her look rather ridiculous; and he'd probably have a hard time taking her seriously if she wasn't hunting him down with an arsenal of mythical weapons.

Why do all the summoners I know have better summons than me? I mean, my sister can summon weapons; the brat in our group gets freakin' dinosaurs and what do I get? Tool summoning. Whoever designed the summon system...i hate them.

This, of course, contributed to his belief that he wasn't supposed to be fighting here today. In fact, Joker was supposed to do the fighting. That was why she'd come on the mission with him and why she carried that large gun around. Joker had, unfortunately, been knocked unconcious at the moment. Which was a shame, because she was a much better fighter than he was.

"Come on Joker, wake up and kick this crazy bitch's ass already!" he said, to the unconcious girl next to him.

"Come out and die already you coward!" yelled the woman. "You have no chance of survival; so you might as well die on your feet!"

"Do you by chance believe in the concept of parlay?" he yelled. If he could keep the woman distracted; he might have a chance to slip past her and...well, he'd work on that part when he got to it.

"Come withing magical hammering range and I'll show you exactly what I think of parlay," the woman yelled back. "It's only a matter of time before I kill you,"

"What makes you so sure you're going to catch me?" he yelled.

"Fool! Don't you know who you're talking to?" she yelled.

An angry bitch with a hammer. he thought.

"I don't know; who am I talking to?" he said.


"Sure, tell me your life story; I've got time to kill..." said Daniel; though he was less interested in hearing the woman's deeds than he was in buying time.


And so, for about an hour, Daniel listened to her rant; and felt himself liking her less and less. It didn't help that all of her stories seemed to be about how she'd slain whatever thing she'd deemed to be her enemy with whatever weapon she'd summoned.

It occured to him that this woman relied more on the power of her summons to defeat her opponents than any sort of skill of her own. If another of his teammates was here; they'd probably make quick work of her.


He remembered Father Johnson's training session. Father Johnson had said something about "striking with the force in your heart rather than just the force in your arms". He'd thought this was just some philosophical BS; but now he was wondering if there was more to it.

The woman prattled on.


And Daniel remembered the voice of the brat; as she'd explained to him how the dinosaur she'd summoned had managed to bite through a Greek God.

"A strong summon is useless without a strong summoner. If you put enough force behind it; those puny tools of yours could probably kill a god too..."

The woman prattled on.


It was around this point that Daniel realized that there was no getting out of fighting this woman. He needed to get past her to accomplish his mission; and he was already running low on time. As soon as this woman was done bragging; she was going to come down and attack him.

However, for some reason, he felt completely and utterly calm. He glanced at Joker, wondering what she would say right about now.

"Quit stalling, Spades. I'm getting tired of hearing this bitch brag about her meager achievements. Go kick her ass already..."

The woman continued talking.


Daniel interrupted her.

"Let me guess: you summoned one of your weapons, and killed them," said Daniel. "Man, you should really work on your storytelling skills. All the crappy fight scenes sound exactly the same,"


"Deeds? What deeds? You killed a bunch of people? Big deal! I bet you had help in every single one of those battles!" said Daniel.


"Oh, so you burned down those mostly innocent villages all by yourself? Congratulations!" said Daniel.


"You know what, I think you're right," said Daniel.

Daniel closed his eyes, and visualized the place where his summons were kept. Particularly, he focused on the chainsaw.

The chainsaw had never been that useful as a summon. Whenever he'd summoned it; the blade always seemed to be dull; and the gas tank was always empty. As the only real (as in, non-summoned) chainsaw he'd ever held had had a dull blade and empty tank; the one he was able to summon was in the exact same condition.

However; he knew this time was going to be different. This time, he would summon it properly. He called to the chainsaw from the storage space into reality.

As he opened his eyes; it appeared in his hands. He pulled on the cord, and the engine roared to life.

He stepped out from the relative safety of the pillar, chainsaw in hand.

"Alright bitch, hit me with your best shot," he said.

The woman raised the hammer above her head, and threw it at him; and he swung his chainsaw. He shouldn't have stood a chance. The mythical hammer should have smashed his chainsaw to pieces; and reduced him to a smear on the concrete.

Instead, the chainsaw sliced through the hammer like butter.

The woman took a step back, and began to stutter.

"W-what the fuck? How...how the fuck did you do that? The fuck kind of chainsaw is that?" she said.

"Oh, I assure you that this is an ordinary chainsaw," he said. "I'm sure if a REAL warrior took hold of that hammer; I'd be dead right now,"

"The fuck are you talking about?" declared the woman. "I AM A REAL WARRIOR! DID YOU NOT HEAR MY DEEDS..."

"Please, spare me another rendition of your amazing feets of bullshit," said Daniel. "Sorry, I suppose I could have phrased that better..."

He smiled.

"I meant to imply that you're an incompetant summoner," he said. "Though I have to thank you for showing me what I was doing wrong. Bit silly of me to be the last of my teammates to figure it out..."

As he spoke, a magical sword appeared in the woman's hands. It was a really beautiful sword; and he supposed that in other hands; it would be a quite dangerous weapon. He didn't bother trying to guess it's name; there were loads of mythological blades it could have been.

Instead, he kept talking; taking a step closer as he did so.

"You see, this chainsaw was only sharp enough to cut through your little hammer because I willed it to be so when I summoned it to this world," he said. "Whereas your hammer was actually weaker than it should have been because..."

The woman did not give him time to finish his lecture on the fundamental nature of summoned weapons; instead opting to charge forward and attempt to slice through him with her magical sword.

However, Daniel was faster; and swung his chainsaw first. The chainsaw sliced through the magical sword as if it were made of butter.

"...well, I guess if you don't care why your summons keep failing, I've no obligation to tell you," he said.

"SHUT UP AND DIE!" yelled the woman, as she summoned another magical sword; and swung it at him.

However, he sliced through this sword as easily as he'd sliced through the last one.

She then summoned great flaming spear and he sliced through it as if it were paper. And when she summoned the bow of Oddyseus; he cleaved through it before she could even pull the string. And when she summoned the club of Heracles; he cut it into small pieces. And when she summoned the slingshot of David; it was cut down before she could throw a single stone.

And when she turned and ran, he smote her with his chainsaw.

(This was a possible fight scene from a story I've been working on. Not sure if the scene in the story will be anything like this version of it. Hopefully the finished version will have less bits of people standing around talking)

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by GenericSpider Thu 14 Feb 2013, 3:38 pm

Jerry vs Kyoko
(I was looking through the old RPs, and noticed that there were a bunch of characters I either miss RPing; or never got a real chance to RP in the first place. Here's two of them going at it...by which I mean fighting.)

It was a quiet day in the town of Maylay. It had been months since a battle between magical entities had torn apart the town; and town's team of super heroes were currently in another dimension; fighting an evil planet...or something like that.

Local nobody-turned-overpowered-asshole Jeremy Johnson was using his nigh-indestructible magical armour to bully a group of pre-schoolers. It had taken him months of rehabilitation to get over the injuries that had been inflicted on him by that damnable girl with the chainsaw. It was a miracle he'd survived really. It would take some time before he was up to his full stength; physically anyway. He'd have to start with some soft targets; and levelgrind his way back up to fighting magical heroes of justice.

"Give back our ball mister!" said one of the small children; who's basketball he'd just stolen.
"Want the fucking ball back? I'll give you the fucking ball back," he said, throwing the ball into the child's face hard enough to knock the kid on his back.

These children would make for excellent level-grinding fodder. They were like the pidgeys and rattatas of this town...cept pidgeys and rattatas were incapable of fighting back. However, he felt he should pay them back for their services as punching bags; and so he decided to give them a life lesson.

"Remember children, the strong always bully the weak. Therefore, you should spend your life doing everything possible to gain power; and don't take shit from anyone!" he said, giving the nearest child a wedgie. "And you can grow up to be awesome like me!"

At that point, the basketball in his hand exploded; momentarily convincing him that the girl with the chainsaw had returned for him; thus causing him to give a girly scream of terror manly battle cry; before holding the child up to shield himself.

"Yeah, you seem real strong," said a voice, behind him.

He turned around to see a girl with short brown hair; holding what appeared to be some kind of drill/lance. His first thought was immediately that he was facing some new magical warrior. The girl, however, barely looked like a threat. That oversized drill-thing was most likely her only weapon; and he doubted that it could pierce his armor.

He dropped the kid; a meatshield would hardly be needed. He was going to defeat this new character; and reclaim his title as a major villain in this story. So what if he'd been beaten by a bunch of girls; and his evil masters had been slain. So what if his enemies had taken fifty levels in badass since then. None of that mattered. Now was his time to kick some ass.

"Prepare to die little girl!" he said. "My name is Jeremy Johnson! I made the people of this town quake in their fucking boots; and tore apart their protectors! Who dares face me?"

The girl pointed her drill at him dramatically.

"My name is Kyoko Inugami. I don't really know you. Prepare to die," she said. "Wait, before we start, I have to ask: Do you accept the danmaku rules?"

"The dan-what-now?" said Jerry. However, he didn't bother waiting for her to explain. If he didn't like whatever rules this brat was talking about; he'd ignore them. "Actually, sure, whatever. Lets fight already..."

The girl flew into the air; and he followed. He couldn't wait to tear the foolish girl to shreds. He planned to take it nice and slow. Noone who insulted him would get a quick death.

His train of thought, however, was interrupted when thousands of drill-shaped magical blasts were fired at him at once. Knowing he had zero chance of dodging the attacks; he quickly created a portal to the dimension he referred to as "fuckerville". The blasts flew harmlessly into the portal; leaving him unscathed.

He decided then and there that killing her slowly wouldn't do. No; he was going to create a portal to F-ville and toss her into it. Then she'd know real suffering. Then she would...

His train of thought, however, was interrupted once again when the girl began to speak.
"Spell Card: Penetration Crossfire!"

Before he could wonder why she was yelling something that sounded like the title of a rather odd porno; several portals opened up around him. Before he could make a move to dodge; thousands more of those drill-shaped energy blasts were fired at him from all directions.

The attacks seemed to go right through his armour; causing him quite a bit of pain as each one struck. When the barrage ended, however, he found that he was still intact. Apparently the magical blasts had been designed to inflict pain rather than actually damage him.

"Huh, looks like i already won," said Kyoko. "You really suck at dodging,"


"No need to be a sore loser," said Kyoko. "By the rules of danmaku; hit you a certain number of times; therefore, i won. And therefore, I'm right, and you need to go appologize to those children..."

"Fuck danmaku rules and fuck you! You're dead bitch!" yelled Jeremy, as he charged at Kyoko.

Before she had time to react; he punched her in the face with his metal gauntlet; then grabbed her by the throat. A portal opened behind her.

"Welcome to fuckerville. Hope you enjoy your stay," he said, tossing her into the portal.

The portal closed immediately after she went through it. The dimension he'd just sent her to was inescapable; there was no way she'd be able to get out.

Or at least, that's what Jerry thought before a drill lance slammed into his helmet hard enough to send him flying towards the ground. He landed in the middle of the parking lot; leaving behind a small crater.

As he got back to his feet; he looked up to see Kyoko standing above him; and looking rather pissed off.
"You know what happens when you throw a dimension inugami into another dimension?" she asked, pointing her drill at him.
He didn't give her time to answer that question; instead creating another portal to F-ville; and firing it at her. He couldn't bring himself to believe that this girl had escaped from an inescapable dimension. It must have been some kind of one-time fluke. Surely she wouldn't be able to escape again.

However, Kyoko was apparently not done doing impossible things for today; as she simply aimed her drill at the portal and...well, drilled right through it. She didn't seem to realized that she'd drilled through a hole in time and space itself; effectively making a hole inside a hole. Or at least, didn't seem to care. In fact, she seemed much more concerned with unleashing her fury upon the foolish mortal that had recently pissed her off.

At this point, Jerry decided that it was time to run the fuck away. In fact, he turned around and began to do so. He didn't get far; however, as the girl quickly fired one of those danmaku blasts of hers into the back of his knee; effectively causing him to trip and fall on his face.

"...the answer, in case you were wondering, is 'she escapes and then introduces a drill to your anatomy in new and painful ways," she said, as she raised her drill for the killing blow.

"B-bring it on you bitch!" he said, somewhat halfheartedly. He closed his eyes, and waited for her to finish him off. The killing blow; however, never came.

"Oh shit, I'm late for dinner. Well, it's been fun; but I have to go. I'll kill you later. Bye," said Kyoko, before suddenly disappearing.

Jerry briefly wondered what the fuck had just happened; before deciding that it didn't matter. He was alive. He'd made it. He'd gotten off scott-free; and would continue to terrorize the townsfolk for another day. Or so he thought, before he Kyoko suddenly reappered in front of him; and aimed a drill at his face.

"Heh, forgot I could travel through time too," said Kyouko. "So I've got plenty of time to finish you off..."

"W-wait! Please don't kill me! I'll do anything! ANYTHING!" said Jerry, sobbing uncontrollably as he spoke.

"Anything, you say?" said Kyoko. "Does that armour come off?"


Several minutes later (from Kyoko's perspective, anyway); Kyoko returned to her aunt Kaori's house. Wearing awesome magical armour.

"...Kyoko, what the hell?" said Kaori.

"I am not Kyoko, I am the magical knight Inugami Mask! And I challenge you to a danmaku battle!" said Kyoko, dramatically pointing at Ariane.

"...why would magical armour help you with a danmaku battle?" said Ariane.

"it won't, but it looks damned cool!" said Kyoko. "So are we going to fight or what?"

And so, the two sister's began their battle once more. And Kyoko once more had her ass handed to her. But had awesome magical armour this time; so there was that.
The End.

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by GenericSpider Sat 16 Feb 2013, 8:21 pm

(Jane is from the School RP, among others. "Cruncher Cuchulain" is from Creatures of The Night.)

It was evening in the dorm rooms of Whatwastheschoolcalledagain High, and Jane was currently in the middle of a debate with her love interest very close friend Fuyumi.

"...and while I concede that professional wrestling is indeed fake; it should still be considered a valid form of art because of the many sacrifices that went into producing it," Jane concluded.

"...all I said was 'How was your day?' ," said Fuyumi.

"So, wanna go to wrestlemania with me?" said Jane, smiling hopefully.

Before Fuyumi could answer; the conversation was interrupted by the door at the end of the hallway being kicked down so hard that it actually flew towards them. At the end of the hallway was a freakishly muscular man with a black mask.

"Holy random plot twists; is that Cruncher Cuchulain?" said Jane.

"I have no idea who Cruncher Cuchulain even is," said Fuyumi.

"DID SOMEBODY SAY WRESTLING WAS FAKE?" yelled the man, who I should mention had a minor Irish accent.

"I did; but I was making a point about how it should be respected as an art form," said Jane. "Wait, how did you even hear that outside?"


"W-wait, won't you get in trouble for beating up a random school-teacher?" said Jane. "Cause I don't want you to miss wrestlemania.

Fuyumi turned to Jane.

"Jane, lets call campus security. They'll taser him, and escort him off of campus. There's no point in putting this guy in the hospital..." she said.
"Oh come on, it's a chance to fight against Cruncher Cuchulain!" said Jane. "Besides, I won't hurt him so badly he has to miss wrestlemania..."

"I'm not worried about wrestlemania," said Fuyumi. "If you get into a fight with this guy in the middle of the dorms; the students could get hurt..."

"Fine. Hey! Cruncher, mind if we take the fight somewhere else?" said Jane.


"I know this is an incredibly inappropriate time for fangirling but I WAS JUST THREATENED BY CRUNCHER CUCHULAIN!" said Jane. "Ooh, should I tough talk him back? I'm a great trash talker!"

Jane, however, did not get her chance to trash talk Cruncher back; as he used the time she was talking to charge acrossed the hall and tackle her. Or at least, he would have tackled her if she didn't suddenly step to the side; allowing him to fall on his face.

"That tackle was a bit amaeturish for you," said Jane. "You crossed that room pretty damned fast though. Have you considered taking up sprinting?"

Cruncher Cuchulain, however, quickly managed to get to his feet; swinging his arm at Jane as he did so. Jane narrowly avoided the strike by jumping backwards. However, something was wrong. For a moment; she could have sworn his arm was suddenly about a foot longer; covered in silver hair; and ended in a rather sharp looking set of claws.

She shook such thoughts out of her head. His arm looked normal now. If he was some kind of shapeshifter; why would he suddenly return his arm to normal after using his abilities?

Of course, such thoughts returned to her head when she looked down and noticed the front of her shirt had been sliced open.

"Goddamn it; looks like today's fanservice is on me..." she said. "Look, I could get into some real trouble if I get into a fight here! Can we PLEASE take this outside?"

Cruncher Cuchulain moved towards Jane; a bit more cautiously this time than before.

Fuyumi, however, got between them.

"Please don't fight my friend. She has class in the morning," she said. "We have trouble getting substitute teachers to come near this place..."


"...did you just threaten our students?" said Jane.

Fuyumi, meanwhile, stepped to the side. She knew she could take this guy; but had decided to let Jane handle him. Jane would be more marginally more merciful.

Cruncher moved past Fuyumi and prepared to charge at Jane again. Jane, however, surprised him with a roundhouse kick to the face. However, the kick didn't do much more than surprise him...well, that and put Jane's foot where he could easily grab it. In fact, he did just that.

He grabbed Jane's leg, and threw her back wards. Before she even landed; he rushed forward, and prepared a body slam. However, as he fell towards her; he noticed too late that she was grinning.

As he fell, a portal opened in front of him; and with no way to stop himself, he fell right through it. It closed right after he passed through it; preventing him from climbing back through.

"Uh, Jane, where did you dump him?" asked Fuyumi.

"The roof of the school," said Jane. "I don't want anyone to see me cut loose,"

"...just try not to blow anything up," said Fuyumi.

"Thank you for being ever so concerned for my well-being," said Jane, grinning at her. "You know, I might fight better if I get a kiss from a fair maiden to fire me up..."

"Well, good luck finding a fair maiden," said Fuyumi, walking away.

"I've found one, but she's not making it easy," said Jane, before opening a portal, and stepping through it.

It was not, however, a portal to the roof. She had to make some preparations before she fought a possible shapeshifter...


Minutes later, a portal opened up on the roof; and Jane stepped through it. She wasn't quite wearing the same outfit as before. Instead, she'd switched to the black trenchcoat and fedora from her vigilante days. She'd also included the mask...though not out of a need to hide her identity as much as thinking the mask just completed the whole ensemble.


"Courage? I've never bothered with something so useless," said Jane.

"I'd ask for an autograph; but I don't think I want it anymore..."
She drew a pair of machetes.

"I think stuffing you and sticking you by the fireplace will make a much better keepsake," she said.


"So, are you seriously going to speak in all-caps for our entire trashtalking session?" said Jane.


"Come get some, mangey," said Jane.

Cruncher charged towards Jane, his arm once again changing to become more wolf-like. He thrust the arm forward at her; and she just barely managed to sidestep the blow; slicing his arm with her machetes as she did so; though not quite deep enough to slice the limb clean off.

She then turned her legs; and swung her other machete at the Cruncher's face. However, in the split second it took her to swing the blade at his face, his head changed it's shape into that of a wolf's head; and he managed to catch the blade in his teeth. The teeth; however, were much stronger than that of a normal wolf; as demonstrated when they tore the metal blade right off the machete.

She noted that his arm instantly returned to normal the moment that his head changed. However; that didn't stop him from using that arm to elbow her in the gut with enough force to send her flying backwards; as well as causing her to fly backwards.

She hit the ground, bounced; then used the momentum to roll in the air and land on her feet. As she was doing so; Cruncher returned his arm to normal; and moved the wolf-like traits to his left leg. He then used said leg to propell himself into the air; aiming for where he expected his Jane to land.

In mid-air; he returned his leg to normal; and transformed his arm; which he then swung down at Jane's head.

Jane barely managed to avoid the claws by stepping backwards; causing him to burry his arm to the elbow in the roof. As he attempted to jerk the arm free; Jane created another portal; reached into it, and pulled out a baseball bat.

"HOMERUN, JERKWARD!" said Jane, cheerfully, as she whacked him in the face with the baseball bat; hard enough to break it.
However, this only seemed to piss him off.

"Right, you're probably used to head injuries..." she said, before tossing asside the baseball bat; creating another portal; and pulling out an axe.

"But ya know, I'm feeling generous. Why don't I help you get out of that hole so we can continue fighting. This might sting a little,"

She swung the axe down at him. However, Cruncher used his free arm to catch the axe before it could strike her shoulder; then kicked her in the stomach. As Jane stumbled backwards; he suddenly remembered that he had shapeshifting abilities; and quickly returned his arm to normal; allowing him to easily remove it from the hole.

He then got to his feet and walked towards Jane. She attempted to throw the axe at him; but he simply caught it; morphed his arm back into 'wolf-form'; then chucked it back at her with several times the power.

Jane, however, was prepared for this; as she created a portal between herself and the axe; and the axe flew inside it. Cruncher realized what she was doing about a second before the blade of the axe imbedded itself into his back. As he screamed in pain and attempted in vain to get the axe out of his back; Jane created a portal, reached into it, and pulled out a pie. She quickly threw the pie into Cruncher's face; causing him further discomfort.

He managed to wipe the pie off of his face just in time to see Jane rushing towards him with a katana. He reflexively swung his arm at her; but she sliced it off before he could use it again. Before he could swing his other arm at her; she jammed the katana into his chest; piercing one of his lungs.

She then jumped backwards to avoid counter attack.
As he attempted to pull the katana out of his chest; Jane created yet another portal. This time, she pulled out a flail; and ran towards Cruncher while swinging it in a circle. Just as he was beginning to get the katana out; she slammed the end of the flail into his jaw hard enough to shatter it. As he fell backwards, she created a portal behind him; and he fell through it.

The first thing he noticed as he fell through the portal was that he was now falling; and the ground seemed to be quite a long way down. The second thing he noticed as he managed to swing his body around so that he was facing downward was that he seemed to be falling towards the roof of the building they'd previously been fighting on.

The last thing he noticed was that the woman he'd been fighting seemed to be aiming a rocket launcher at him. His last thought was a follows: Have to admit; this is definately how I would have chosen to go.

Then he exploded.
"I have to admit..." said Jane, as she put down her rocket launcher. "...that I will never find a more awesome way to kill someone. If I'm ever in a video game, THAT will be my fatality,"

At that point, the blade of her katana landed in the roof of the building; about an inch away from her foot. Somehow, it was completely intact; though the handle was conspiciously missing.
"Huh, well that's a relief. that katana was fucking expensive..." she said,

She then picked up the blade, and began gathering the remains of her weapons. She then used a portal to return to her old warehouse; and leftbehind both the weapons; and her ridiculous super hero outfit. The students didn't need to see her in that old thing. As far as they were concerned; "Ms. Doe" was just an ordinary teacher who happened to have weird portal-generating powers. And she would like it to stay that way.

(Best fatality ever? You decide.)

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by GenericSpider Thu 12 Sep 2013, 2:13 am

(from a somewhat horror-ish thing I'm writing)

Sara walked down the street, and the car followed her. She could tell that the drivers were working for them. They were the ones that took her off the street; and gave her food and shelter. They were also the reason her right arm was covered in bandages. The reason it hurt so much. The reason she almost wanted to risk cutting it off.

She had to warn the others somehow. But she couldn't head back to base; and pulling out her cell phone might motivate them to risk grabbing her in a public area.

If they were sent to catch her specifically; then the agency probably hadn't sent someone entirely human. They would be freaks. They would not be people she wanted to take on with one arm. If she forced a confrontation; she'd be up against monsters.

She'd need to be a monster to fight them. On the other hand, she might be able to kill them. Or force them to kill her.

Let me out.

No. Letting it out was not a good idea. On the other hand, she didn't see many other options. Also, her fear had partially awoken the thing. It was still in the dark though. It couldn't wake up fully though. Not without light.

Come on! I'm sure whoever is scaring you right now is delicious! I'd only have a quick nibble on them and go right back to sleep. Sure beats the alternative.

The thing made a valid point. There was no way in hell she was going to let them screw with her or her friends again. She would have to stand and fight.

She made a right turn into an abandoned alley, and pulled out her knife. She heard the doors of the car open, and close. She then heard a voice.

"Excuse me, Subject 909? I think it would save you a lot of trouble to just come with us. Me and my friend here are prepared to..."

She didn't give them a chance to finish talking; instead using the knife to cut the bandages off of the palm of her right hand. As she pointed the palm of her hand in the direction of the nearest agent; she realized that she already knew what they were prepared to do.

"Die," she said.

An eye appeared on the palm of her hand; and for a moment, she could see through it's eyes. Through the eyes of the monster inside her arm; everything looked like food. However, there was only one thing it was interested in eating right now. She fought down the sudden urge to just let her arm do what it wanted.

The agent quickly pulled out his gun and fired it at her. He moved much faster than a normal human being ought to be able to; she supposed he must have been augmented some way. However, it didn't matter. Nothing was fast enough to kill her while the beast was out.

The moment the bullet was close enough; an invisible force pulled it towards her exposed palm. Rather than blast a hole right through her arm; the bullet was absorbed; and then fired right back at the agent.

The man fell to the ground; most likely dead. The thing in her arm rather quickly lost interest.

Can't you let me eat one living being? You could learn so much if you'd just let me eat one. Speaking of which, the other one is doing a thing...

Sara momentarily lost control of her arm as it jerked to the right in search of the other agent. She would have been more worried about this; had she not noticed something that worried her even more.

The other agent was now aiming a weapon that looked like it had been borrowed from a bad science fiction film. It was must likely some form of electricity-based-weapon.

Oh fuck. Energy-based weaponry. I hate that. Do you have one of your Earth-lifeform plan thingies to get close to this douche?

She did, unfortunately, have a plan. Since the weapon hadn't been fired at her yet; the agent must not have been ready to fire it at the moment. And so, she did the only thing she could think of.

She yelled loudly, pointed her hand at the weapon, charged forward; and prayed that she was right about it needing to charge.

(Yeah, I think my fight scenes need more work. As well as my attempts at horror-comedy.)

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Fight Scene Practice Thread Empty Re: Fight Scene Practice Thread

Post by GenericSpider Thu 23 Oct 2014, 12:01 am

(This is sort of a prequel to Chainsaw Nun. Featuring a younger Mother superior and the previous holder of the holy blade)

In the vampires eyes, the nun was moving very slowly. Though she was certainly moving very quickly by human standards; she just couldn't compete with his supernatural speed and agility.

Which made it all the more embarrassing that she currently had him in a hold; and was about to slam him head first into the table. This is around the third piece of furniture he's been thrown into in the last minute. He had no idea how a human had become strong enough to toss him around like a ragdoll; but it didn't matter.

His wounds are already healing; and the woman will eventually tire enough that he can break free from her grip. This thought comforts him little as his face goes through the table and he feels his skull crack. 

However, at that moment he realizes the woman has let go of him; and quickly gets to his feet. She is a fool if she thinks there's any chance she's going to get a hold of him again. He looks around for her; prepared to rip her to pieces the moment he lays eyes on her.

However, that's around the time a chair hits him in the back of the head. The chair shatters to pieces from the force of the blow. He turns around to face the nun.

"Did you really think a single wooden chair would be enough to..." he starts to say; before he sees the pointy piece of wood moving towards his chest.

He makes a hasty retreat; making as much distance the makeshift stake and his heart as he can. Though the blow wouldn't have killed him; it would have left him unable to move. This would have allowed the nun to finish him off at her leisure.

On the other side of the bar, she grins at him.

"You're just a wee bit stronger than the rest of your brood," she said, taking a step forward. "Should make it all the more fun to mash your face in,"

"You'll pay for your attack on the Ruthven coven!" he declared. "I'll slay you and bring my your head to lord Ruthven myself!"

"Yes, yes, you sure love your clichéd dialogue," she said. "Listen, can we wrap up this fight? For once I'd like to wrap up a mission before SHE shows up..."

"There's more than one of you?" said the vampire, surprised at the alarm in his voice.

"That chainsaw wielding pain in the ass isn't with me!" yelled the nun. "She's my arch nemesis; and she's always showing off with that stupid chainsaw...."

As the nun began to ramble about this "nemesis" of hers; the vampire realized this would probably be his best opening to attack.

He rushed across the bar in about half a second; and reached for her throat. It would have taken all of one motion for him to tear out her throat with his nails. Unfortunately for him, she doesn't give him the chance to make that motion.

While the nun isn't gifted with supernatural speed; she has very good reflexes. Just as he's close enough to tear out her throat; she holds up a small cross. 

He's stopped by a sudden pain; as if his eyes have just burst into flame. He is distracted only for a moment; but that's just enough time for the nun to grab him by the face and slam his head into the ground.

She does all this without stopping her rant; as if the attack was a mild annoyance at best.

"...and she was just sitting on a pile of chopped up wendigos, grinning like she fell out of the smug bitch tree and hit all the brances on the way down! Can you believe that?" 

As the nun talks, she casually drives the stake through his heart. The fight is pretty much over at this point. He can't move with the stake through his heart; and she won't likely have a hard time finishing him off. Worst of all, however, is that she's still talking.

"...but not this time! This time she's gonna show up expecting to make a big heroic entrance; but all she'll find is a bunch of dead vampires!"

It's as if this woman has nothing to talk about except for this supposed "rival" of hers.  In fact, she speaks quite a bit about the woman's appearance; as if she's been staring at her long enough to memorize every detail.

"...so what if some big super special holy chainsaw of righteous bullshit chose her to wield it or some shit? I'm the better fighter by a long shot! And once she shows up, we will have such an epic duel!"

Oh will you shut the hell up about your girlfriend and kill me already!  he wants to say; but can't.

Fortunately, the woman's rant was interrupted by another voice.

"Jamie, please don't tell me you've been making that poor undead hellspawn listen to your rants," 

The vampire couldn't turn to look in the direction of the voice; but he assumed it was the 'rival' that the nun mentioned.

"No! I... uh... left him alive so he could forever bear witness to the OUTCOME OF OUR FINAL DUEL!" declared the nun.

"...gee, another duel to the death. I'm ever so surprised," said the other woman. "But I need to do something before we end this once and for all,"

The vampire heard the sound of an engine starting up. Before he could begin to wonder what the sound could possibly be; he suddenly felt something hot and sharp cutting into his neck.

After that, he didn't feel anything.

In a world torn between Team Edward, and Team Jacob, I have one thing to say:

Go Team Godzilla

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