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Over-the-top Demon Hunting RP thingy

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Over-the-top Demon Hunting RP thingy Empty Over-the-top Demon Hunting RP thingy

Post by AnnoR Thu 17 May 2012, 12:59 pm

Basically, um... it's over-the-top, there's demons, and the characters hunt them.

All that's really decided so far is that it's really over-the-top, it takes place in modern times, there are some demons who are good, and physics need not apply in fights. So, um, yeah.

So, um, yeah, bios!

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Over-the-top Demon Hunting RP thingy Empty Re: Over-the-top Demon Hunting RP thingy

Post by KSPAM Thu 17 May 2012, 4:35 pm

Name: Mephistopheles a.k.a The Dealer King
Age: Undetermined, as in, I haven't thought of one. Likely very, very old
Gender: Female
Appearance: "... Don't look at me like that. I only wear this to make deals."
Personality: Teasing, cunning, and manipulative, not to mention greedy as hell. Unlike most demons, Mephistopheles actually likes humans. They entertain her to no end, which is why she's more than willing to help them hunt demons if she can get away with it. Keeps her clientele satisfied and opens up a few spots in Hell's corporate ladder. What's not to love? Also, two things she hates are being called out on her outfit (like she said, it's only for making deals, dammit), and being called Mephistopheles. According to her, it's just a title, and she'd rather be addressed as "her" or "you" than "Mephistopheles".

Abilities: Aside from your standard demon fare like super strength and speed...
  • Teleportation

  • Telekinesis

  • Immortality (excluding methods specifically designed to kill demons, and even then, some of the more garden-variety methods may not work)

  • Wish-granting (but only if someone makes and agrees to a deal)

Weapons: Nothing
Bio: A fairly high-ranking demon, and the one in charge of making and managing deals with Hell. Has been a frenemy of humans for a long time, and continues to love them despite their attitudes towards her.


Name: Aster
Age: Unknown, and she's not likely to tell.
Gender: Female
Appearance: "The fuck are you looking at?"
Personality: Sour, and embittered. She's easily irritated, and drunk practically 24/7. Says she's done with the demon-hunting business, and that she's retired, but she'll easily be pulled back in with some sweet-talking. Capable of acting like a mother or a mentor but don't expect her to be nice about it. Swears a fucking lot and she's goddamn proud of it.

Abilities: Very, very fast. She's not exceptionally strong, but compensates with speed. Incredibly experienced in demon-hunting, and can handle just about any kind of demon provided she's not exceptionally outmanned or outgunned. A master of firearms.

Weapons: Two large-caliber machine guns loaded with blessed explosive rounds bathed in holy water which she usually keeps on semi-auto and fires like hand-cannons. They also have integrated grenade launchers filled with iron shrapnel washed in holy water.
Bio: Once called the greatest demon-hunter to ever live, she mysteriously exited the bizz a few years back, and hasn't been heard from since. While rumors abound as to what happened to her, the truth is she's been living in Wherever-this-RP-takes-place since, and wants nothing to do with demon-hunting.
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