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Dog Days: Vanguard!!!

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Dog Days: Vanguard!!! Empty Dog Days: Vanguard!!!

Post by Ragna the Saviour Tue 07 Aug 2012, 4:12 am

A world where demons and humans coexist, where wars are nothing but fun and games. A world of eternal peace, prosperity and dreams. That's what it was like now, but then. There was blood. People died, anger rised and the flames of hate consumed the land.

That was the dark history of the world called Flonyard. Now, in the present, built on the bodies of their ancestors, a world peace reigns. The only thing to attack this peace are what are known as Beasts, or Demons. There are groups that specialize in the sealing of such beasts, but that's a story for another time. This story is one of joy, one of despair and one of sorrow. Now, let's get to it!


A large pyramid of rock sits upon a floating isle high above the mainland. There are Earth Gods that resemble fish that run around it in excitement. They leap about, having a good time under the shining sun. There, in the center of the ivory structure, is a pink glowing circle made of magic. In another world, the circle has opened up, awaiting the hero to enter Flonyard.

"Huff...huff..." Millhiore, the princess of Biscotti, ran up the steps as fast as she could. Her tail wags left and right in excitement that she just can't help. She ran faster, nearly tripped over her own feet, but she still stood.
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