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Homestuck Plays Games

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Homestuck Plays Games Empty Homestuck Plays Games

Post by Simply David Thu 25 Sep 2014, 7:00 pm

Basically put any character from Homestuck here playing any game you want played here as a suggestion! Suggestions may never be fulfilled if I can never play the game myself, but they'll be added to the list anyway.
I'll edit all suggestions into the first post! If you post more than one suggestion please organize them by character.

If you want to suggest a Co-op or VS, just be sure to say which two characters you want to do that. If you have any ideas for other types of written let's plays then feel free to suggest them and we can work with it.


Individual characters (Humans and Alternian Trolls only... mostly):

John Egbert:

Dave Strider:

Rose Lalonde:

Jade Harley:

Jane Crocker:
-Tomb Raider 2 (And maybe others) as a CO-OP playthrough with some other people

Jake English:

Roxy Lalonde:
-Harvest Moon GBA

Dirk Strider:

Aradia Megido:

Tavros Nitram:

Sollux Captor:

Karkat Vantas:
-Valdis Story: Abyssal City (RAGE QUIT)

Nepeta Leijon:

Kanaya Maryam:

Terezi Pyrope:

Vriska Serket:

Equius Zahhak:

Gamzee Makara:

Eridan Ampora:

Feferi Peixes:

Meenah Peixes:

Co-op (This includes if only one is playing but the other is there):

Rose and Dave play Five Nights at Freddy's.

VS (This is going by the rules of VS as laid out in the VS channel with Tyler and Josh):

Vriska vs Rose in _____.

Dave vs Karkat in _____.

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Simply David
Simply David

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Homestuck Plays Games Empty Re: Homestuck Plays Games

Post by GenericSpider Thu 25 Sep 2014, 9:53 pm

John: The Old Ghostbusters games. Including the Extreme Ghostbusters game. So many bad videogames to get through.

Dave: Action 52. Totally Rad (that is the actual name of an actual game).

Rose: Any game with Lovecraft elements. The first Alone In The Dark.

Jade: The scariest horror game you can think of.

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